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  1. Jenkins said that the scalp held all the bones in place in the top front of the head. He also stated that the brain had damage to the rear right part of it. This would explain a gaping hole to the top of the skull after his scalp was opened up. Bone pieces was everywhere.
  2. Keyvan Shahrdar

    Danny Arce testimony

    There is a street between the TSBD and the grassy knoll. It sounds that he was across the street, not exactly to the front of the building and west of it. It makes perfect sense to me.
  3. Keyvan Shahrdar

    Danny Arce testimony

    Here is a Mary Moorman photograph straight from NBC. She tried to sell her photo, but no buyers. In the pergola you can see a man in the breezeway behind Abraham Zapruder. Mr. Zapruder in his first TV interview thought that he was in the direct line of fire. In the nix film, you see two shots from that area. There you have it, Arce was saying the truth. Here is the transcript of Mr. Zapruder's first interview: https://www.jfk.org/the-collections/abraham-zapruder-film/zapruder-interview-transcript/ Here is Mr. Zapruder's testimony - Mr. LIEBELER - Yes. Mr. ZAPRUDER - Yes--after the shots--yes, some of them were motorcycle cops--I guess they left their motorcycles running and they were running right behind me, of course, in the line of the shooting. I guess they thought it came from right behind me. Mr. LIEBELER - Did you have any impression as to the direction from which these shots came? Mr. ZAPRUDER - No, I also thought it came from back of me. Of course, you can't tell when something is in line it could come from anywhere, but being I was here and he was hit on this line and he was hit right in the head--I saw it right around here, so it looked like it came from here and it could come from there. Mr. LIEBELER - All right, as you stood here on the abutment and looked down into Elm Street, you saw the President hit on the right side of the head and you thought perhaps the shots had come from behind you? Mr. ZAPRUDER - Well, yes. Mr. LIEBELER - From the direction behind you? Mr. ZAPRUDER - Yes, actually--I couldn't say what I thought at the moment, where they came from--after the impact of the tragedy was really what I saw and I started and I said--yelling, "They've killed him"--I assumed that they came from there, because as the police started running back of me, it looked like it came from the back of me. Mr. LIEBELER - But you didn't form any opinion at that time as to what direction the shots did come from actually? Mr. ZAPRUDER - No. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/zapruder.htm Here is Bill and Gayle Newman TV interview minutes after the assassination: Here is Bill and Gayle Newman TV interview years later: Here is Mr. Bill Newman's testimony: Q: How many shots did you hear? A: I heard at least three. I often thought of four, but I can't clearly say there were four shots; I can clearly say there were three. Q: Do you have any impression as to the direction from which the shots came? A: Yes, sir. From the sound of the shots, the report of the rifle or whatever it was, it sounded like they were coming directly behind from where I was standing. Q: Now would you push the microphone aside and step down to the aerial photograph and identify that general area, just the general area from which the sounds came. A: In my opinion, the sounds of the shots sounded as if they had come from directly behind me (indicating). I was standing near this light standard here, and I thought the shots were coming from back here, and apparently everybody else did because they all ran in that direction. http://www.jfk-online.com/wnewmanshaw.html Here is the Nix Film - https://youtu.be/r1MsfIYd1iI Look at the shelter around the 5-second mark. A shot is fired from the third window and there is another shot fired from the walkway behind Mr. Zapruder and Ms. Sitzman. You can make the video show in slow motion, you will see it better. Click the gear, then speed. Select .25 as the speed. It is hard for some of you to grasp, but there is film evidence, photographic evidence of shots fired from the pergola. Mr. Zapruder's interview and testimony and Bill and Gayle Newman's interview and testimony, both stating that the shots came from the pergola. At least two shots came from the pergola where one gunman is seen in the Mary Moorman photo and in the Nix Film.
  4. Keyvan Shahrdar

    Warren De Brueys

    They spoke about this spook already. If we need know the information we needed when he was alive, he would have no where to hide. He clearly went to a government sanction surveillance of Oswald and he lied about it.
  5. Keyvan Shahrdar

    VInce Palamara - Why is there a SS agent

    Yes, I would agree with you. O'Donnell was an ally of the Kennedy's. His behavior in the motorcade is odd.
  6. That keeps ducking up and down on the follow-up car before the assassination? Who is this agent? @Vince Palamara
  7. Keyvan Shahrdar

    JFK Autopsy Photo decoded?

    IMO the diagram marked on the night of the autopsy fits better with a "slightly below the EOP". Have you noticed how there is no gaping hole in the skull
  8. Keyvan Shahrdar

    JFK Autopsy Photo decoded?

    No, those are from third sources. Listen to the audio in the video. I personally have a hard time believing anything documentation from the era. Even though those doctors signed reports, it does not mean that is what they said. Again, listen to the audio, look at the photographic evidence, make your own interpretations. The assassination of JFK was a coup d'etat by elements of the U.S. government and you are reading the very documents that the conspirators created specifically for you to read.
  9. Keyvan Shahrdar

    JFK Autopsy Photo decoded?

    Micah, I prefer to listen and read information from the horse's mouth, not from third parties and opinions.
  10. Keyvan Shahrdar

    Warren Claude de Brueys (1920 - 2013)

    This document is interesting, Orest Pena states that FBI agent Warren de Brueys knew Oswald very well. Mr. Pena was a bar owner at the time in N.O. and an FBI informant. Mr. Pena also states that Mr. de Brueys followed Oswald to Dallas. Mr. de Brueys denies that he ever laid eyes on Oswald and that he never followed Oswald or went to Dallas before the assassination of JFK. He states that he was assigned to Dallas after the assassination to help. He does state that he had heard of him because of his arrest in N.O. But Oops! After the document release, there is a document that states FBI agent Warren de Brueys was sent to Dallas on a special assignment on October 25, 1963. FYI - Oswald moved to Dallas on October 3, 1963. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32176315.pdf If Mr. de Brueys was alive today, he would be the talk of the town in Mandeville, LA and he would have some explaining to do.
  11. Keyvan Shahrdar

    JFK Autopsy Photo decoded?

    Was Dr. Humes lying when he said exactly that the bullet entered below and to the right of the EOP? Have you heard the video I posted here? Dr. Finck was there and he never contradicted Dr. Humes. Listen in starting at the 17 minute mark of the video.
  12. Keyvan Shahrdar

    JFK Autopsy Photo decoded?

    Hi Rick, I would not think so. I am of the opinion that JFK was hit from the back below and to the right of the occipital protuberance. If you feel the back of your head, you will feel a bump. Now go about a centimeter lower and to the right. Imagine any type of bullet striking you there from the sixth floor of a building on a downward angle. That bullet hit JFK before the head shot that caused all that damage. The X-ray shows that the rear entry was that low. Dr. Humes testified that the shot entered that low. No way that bullet exited the top of his skull. The bullet that caused the damage to JFK's skull came from the Pergola, right behind where Mr. Zapruder and Ms. Sitzman were. I would agree with you that bullet was a frangible round.
  13. Keyvan Shahrdar

    JFK Autopsy Photo decoded?

    Then that is not what Dr. Humes described without hesitation. He described a the point of entry was located below the occipital protuberance and to the right and furthermore, since there is a parietal foramen to the left and to the right of the sagittal suture and above the lambdoidal suture, there is no indication of the sagittal or lambdoidal suture shown in the photograph. The occipital protuberance would be directly below the sagittal suture and the protuberance would be centered with the suture. Also, let's bring up two more undeniable facts: 1. The dynamics of a full metal jacket bullet in a downward angle entering the skull below and to the right of the occipital protuberance would not magically change direction and exit on the top of the skull. 2. The JFK's X-rays show no damage to the parietal or occipital area of the skull. There does however seem to be a coronal suture, that would align in parallel to the scalp folder over the face of the president. Are you suggesting the the JFK x-ray of his skull is fake, yet the autopsy photographs are real?
  14. Keyvan Shahrdar

    JFK Autopsy Photo decoded?

    Micah, So if the scalp is dissected to the left as you content, and using the (not so) parietal foramen as a point of orientation, this means that his hair would have been shaved off because the lower left portion of the photo shows no hair. Furthermore, the hair shown in the top of the photo would be significantly longer because that would be the top of the scalp. Dr. Humes stated without hesitation that the point of entry was located below the occipital protuberance and to the right. The entry hole is a oblong hole in the skin and in the skull. I don't know about you, but the occipital protuberance would be clearly seen in this photograph if this was in fact the parietal foramen. Dr. Riley's assumption is not correct.
  15. Keyvan Shahrdar

    JFK Autopsy Photo decoded?

    Micah, If you look at the two images above, in the picture that depicts the top of JFK's head with hair. You can see the temporal bone pushed inward causing an outward bulge to the right temporal area of his skull. In the open skull photograph, you can see the temporal bone sideways in the right temporal area of the skull. The scalp is classically dissected with the front covering JFK's face, not dissected sideways as you contend. Also, all of the autopsy photographs that day are taken in a landscape orientation. You want the reader to view this photograph in a portrait orientation and to have an exception to all the other photographs taken that day. Furthermore, have you heard the audio of Dr. Humes and the other doctors? They have a hard time understanding these images and recollecting the actual autopsy, understandably because they got interviewed fifteen years after the fact.