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  1. Darrel, A lone flash without supporting evidence I can see as being an artifact of the film. A shot was fired from the window. I don't know how they shot from there and neither do you. The fact is a shot came from the window, therefore, a shot was fired from the window however improbable it may be. When you have: 1. The Mary Moorman photo showing a person in the pergola and the windows showing something other than nothing. 2. The Nix film showing two shots from the same area in the Mary Moorman photo where we see a shooter and something in the windows. 3. When Mr. Zapruder and Mr. Newman both stated in national TV minutes after the assassination that the shot came from the pergola. A lone flash is more than an artifact of the Nix film. A image of a gunman in the Mary Moorman photo is more than a blob. Why do people believe hearsay of people trying to sell books but completely discount hard film and photographic evidence of shots fired from the pergola?
  2. I would not have thought that you would have. People have pre-determined decisions of what occurred. It is hard to believe fact when it stares them in the face. I have attached the sourced Mary Moorman photo from NBC here. I have circled in red where the gun man is. The Nix film also shows two shots from that location. One of the shots from the exact location where the gunman is is the Mary Moorman photo. Mr. Zapruder said in national TV that the shots came from right behind him. Mr. Newman said in national TV that the shot came from the pergola. I can understand being skeptical if the photo showed an image and the Nix film did not show a shot. But, the photo, the Nix film and two first-hand eye witness testimony that the shots came from the pergola. I find the evidence to be overwhelming that where shooters in the pergola. As for the windows and the height, all I can tell you is that a shot was made from there. I don't know how, but the proof of a shot is undeniable. Therefore, somehow the shot was taken from there.
  3. Paul, I have to disagree with you. The fact that 1) There are yellow markers on the street curb, 2) There are two gunmen in the pergola, 3) The car slowed down to a crawl. All three points combined make a strong case - William Greer was told to slow that vehicle down in order for JFK to get assassinated.
  4. Kathy, People are always skeptical because this was done in plain sight. I circles where Mr. Zapruder and Mrs Sitzman are as well where the shooter is next to them. It is visible in your copy of the Mary Moorman photo. See attached link. I bet you are still going to say that you do not see it or that it is a blob there. I can't help you see what you don't want to see. I hope that you realize it is there. You can also look at the same spot of the NBC sourced image that I uploaded earlier in the thread. It is much more visible there. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rpLYn4rzjqcyWtzD7vZP2sPND_Dt0ADf/view?usp=sharing
  5. "You have no idea what you're talking about. " - Is not a conversation.
  6. The Nix film is not useless, it is not too grainy and fuzzy to make out anything. It clearly shows two shots from the pergola. Watch the video I posted. No body knows who are the two men in the grassy knoll, People stating names is all hearsay from researchers trying to sell books. Hired gunmen do not care if they hit Jackie, they were there to kill JFK and if anybody else got him, that is collateral damage. There is no proof that a shot came from the storm drain. Rich, I learned not to believe a single word that any one says about the JFK assassination unless you can see it. I have shown you proof of two shots from the pergola. Watch the video, I read your link, so I expect that you will watch the video.
  7. Hi Paul, I am just evaluating facts in Dealey Plaza at the time without taking into account what anybody said or says that was there. All I know is: 1. There are gunmen in the pergola that took two shots, one to JFK's head, the other to Gov. Connally. There are photo and film evidence that show this facts. 2. There are two yellow lines painted in the curb of Dealey Plaza, one before the pergola, and the other after the pergola on the driver side of the limo. You can watch the Zapruder film to see that this is fact. 3. William Greer slowed down the limo to a crawl so much so that SS Clint Hill was able to run from the follow up car to the limo. You can watch the Zapruder and the Nix film as this that this is fact. I am deducing because of the facts presented that Greer slowed the limo down between the first yellow line and the second yellow line so the shooters could kill JFK.
  8. Where is the proof of shooters in the storm drain? I have never seen any evidence of such, only hearsay from researchers. The reason Greer slowed-down the limo to almost a complete stop is because there are two gunmen in the pergola. You should watch the above video instead of saying it is garbage. There is proof of two gunmen in the pergola: 1. The Mary Moorman picture shows two people in the pergola. Here is a sourced copy from NBC. It shows gunmen in the pergola. 2. The Nix film shows two rifle shots from the pergola. - Here is a youtube video of the Nix film that is not enhanced. Enhanced versions delete important information. 3. Abraham Zapruder stated in national tv and on his WC testimony that the shots came right from behind him - Here is a News interview with Mr. Zapruder minutes after the assassination - 4. Bill Newman stated in national tv that the shot came from right behind him. - Here is a NEWS interview with Bill Newman minutes after the assassination. 5. Secret Service men testified that the shot came from the grassy knoll area. Here is Paul Landis WC testimony. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1135#relPageId=773
  9. What is garbage? Sourced film and photographic facts that you can see or hearsay of people trying to sell JFK books? I would really like to have a conversation about this.
  10. Rich, Johnny Roselli just had words to say according to others. There is photographic and film evidence that you can actually see with your eyes of two gunmen at the concrete pergola.
  11. I am not insinuating anything, I am stating the reason why he retired from the Secret Service, according to the Washington post. I got that statement from Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Greer Now, you are insinuating that I am insinuating that Greer retired from the Secret Service because of Ulcers he got from assassinating JFK, as if it was a bad thing. BTW, you may want to use a different word other than "insinuating", because maybe you want to say that I am implying that Greer retired from the Secret Service because of an ulcer he got from assassinating JFK. insinuating /inˈsinyo͝oādiNG/ adjective 1. hinting at something bad in an indirect and unpleasant way. "dirty, insinuating laughter" 2. using subtle manipulation to maneuver oneself into a favorable position. "a sneaky, insinuating move"
  12. I am not insinuating, that is the reason he gave for retiring from the Secret Service.
  13. John, I don't doubt it. Mis-guided patriots. I wonder if that is what they thought through death!
  14. I wonder how that conversation went? "JFK is a national security issue. He is getting too close to Russia. He will get us all killed in a nuclear war. He has to go. We have a plan in place, all you have to do is slow the limo down. Can we count on you?"
  15. I did not know about the yellow-painted sections. I reviewed the zframes. They are there. How callous!
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