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  1. I read on facebook that Nancy Pelosi was an Intern for JFK. Is this true?
  2. I just made the picture public. Sorry for the restriction.
  3. Here is the photo! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v5YagxMc6CcyH-2S8HCc8YayqejkCwcj/view?usp=sharing
  4. Here is a link to the Marie Muchmore film. You can see a puff of smoke there as well. So, Puff of smoke on the Nix film, and on the Marie Muchmore film on the same step. Then there is a photograph of the same step with cement covering what looks to be a bullet hole. You decide if it had anything to do with the shooting that day.
  5. On the steps of Dealey Plaza, where Emmett Hudson and two others watched the president pass, you can see a puff of smoke in the Nix film right after the head shot to JFK. In the Marie Muchmore film, you see the same puff of smoke on the same step. If you go to Dealey Plaza, on that very step, you can see the a circle on the side of the step has been covered with cement. Has anyone seen this?
  6. Thanks, do you know of any oral history reports of her?
  7. This is a list of members and associates. No one there looks similar to Harold Doyle or the man to the left of Sturgis. Is there another list of members? https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKinterpen.htm
  8. Does anybody have any film or text interview of Marie Muchmore?
  9. Did Dr. Shaw state that a full bullet was stuck in the left leg of Connally or part of a bullet? Did anyone ever ask Dr. Shaw for clarification?
  10. I found the video - The man on the left most person to our left of the person that looks like Frank Sturgis. Starts at the 16 second mark. That person looks like Harold Doyle. Is there a way to find out the people in this video?
  11. No, It is a picture of a group outdoor talking. It was in some Italian documentary. I am looking for that picture.
  12. I was perusing a facebook group and a picture of Operation 40 group members was posted. The post said that an Italian documentary found it. One of the picture shows a person that looks eerily similar to Harold Doyle, one of the tramps. Does anyone have any idea where to get access to a site that has pictures of operation 40?
  13. I misspoke. I would not get special permission to see the 1st generation copy. I need special permission if I wanted to distribute the copy that I received from them.
  14. I have contacted the Sixth Floor Museum to ask for a 1st generation copy of the Nix film. The film that they have posted on the website seems to be enhanced. It has horizontal lines across the nix film throughout. In simple terms they said no and I would need special permission to see the 1st generation copy. My question is why would they put an enhanced version of the Nix film for public view when it does not accurately reflect what occurred that day. Does anybody seem to know anyone there? Can we get them to put a version that is not enhanced?
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