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  1. Zapruder, Sitzman, and the jiggles of Z Frames 313 & 330

    I concur with David that in the Darnell frame, Mr. Zapruder and Ms. Sitzman are not standing on top of the pedestal and it was filmed well after the Altgen #8 image.
  2. Most JFK researchers have seen Zapruder frame 313 where it shows a headshot to JFK's right temple area from an Assassin. Most people assume that was the last shot taken by the assassins. In analyzing the Zapruder film, there is a jiggle right after Z-frame 313 and Zframe 330, confirming that a shot was taken after Z-frame 313. There is also film and photographic evidence that shows two assassins shooting from the pergola right behind Abraham Zapruder and Marylin Sitzman to their immediate right. This is the Mary Moreman photo. Take note where the Newman's are standing. You can see Mr. Zapruder and Ms. Sitzman. To their right, you can see an assassin peeking out of the pergola with a rifle ready to shoot at Gov. Connally. In the top two windows, you can see the image of another assassin. You can also see a smoke trail right behind Zapruder and Sitzman at the 32-second mark of the Groden copy of the Nix Film. The Dave Wiegman film shows a frame with two puffs of smoke floating towards the motorcade and on top of the Newmans right after the assassination. Senator Yarborough smelled gunpowder while he was riding in the Vice Presidential car of the motorcade. This is Mr. Zapruder interview with WAFTV right after the assassination. He stated he heard a shot or two and he saw the presidents head "open up". This is Marylin Sitzman's interview shortly before her death in 1993. She died of cancer at age 53! There are two pronounced jiggles in the Zapruder film, one starting right after Z-frame 313 and the another starting right after Z-Frame 330. Clearly, Mr. Zapruder was startled by those two shots; that is what the Zapruder film evidence shows. Ms. Sitzman in this interview denies that there was a shot right after frame 313 even though film and photographic evidence shows that there was another shot there that startled Mr. Zapruder while he was filming. What concerns me the most is video and film evidence that seems to show Ms. Sitzman putting her hands over Mr. Zapruder's ears before the two assassins behind them started shooting. For Ms. Siztman to state what she stated in that 1993 interview, 30 years after the assassination, she must have been concerned for her life!
  3. Zapruder, Sitzman, and the jiggles of Z Frames 313 & 330

    "The Jimmy Darnell film shows a frame with two assassins right after the assassination and before Zapruder and Sitzman got off the pedestal they were standing on" - To me it appears Zapruder and Sitzman are no longer on the pedestal in this photo, they are back in the pergola. Hi David, The shot after Z-frame 313 hit Governor Connally by the shooter in the pergola.(One of the Tramps - Harold Doyle)
  4. Betzner makes sudden appearance

    Ron, Thank you. unfortunately there is no hi-res picture of the Hugh Betzner photo there. I can see what looks like two faces in the two lower windows of the left side of the pergola in this image. https://www.jfkassassinationgallery.com/displayimage.php?pid=12617&fullsize=1 Wish I had a better quality photo. Keyvan
  5. Betzner makes sudden appearance

    Ron, Thanks for the update. Have you seen a hi-res copy of the Hugh Betzner photos? Keyvan
  6. Betzner makes sudden appearance

    Mr. White, Do you have a hi-res image of the Hugh Betzner image? If not, do you know where I can obtain one?
  7. The Finger Finally Points to Pentagon Chief Lemnitzer

    Thank You, Steve. It is worth mentioning in the typed transcript of WH's notes he wrote - 5. Cover: planning should include provision for blaming Soviets or Czechs in case of blow. In my opinion, if these elements were involved in the Assassination of JFK, there was a concerted effort to have Russian ties to LHO in Dallas; Mexico City, Mohrenschildt(Russian), Ruth Paine (Spoke Russian), Ruby(Russian), Zapruder(Russian). Seems that pointing the finger at Russia was in the cards.
  8. The Finger Finally Points to Pentagon Chief Lemnitzer

    Steve, Thank you. Is there a version of this handwritten note that is not redacted? There seems to be a block redacted in the top middle. Keyvan
  9. The Finger Finally Points to Pentagon Chief Lemnitzer

    Steve, Concerning your comment about Corsicans rather than Mafia, Is there a handwritten note from Harvey? Since looking at the photo of the three tramps, focusing on Harold Doyle who seems to have the imprint of a butt rifle on the left lapel of his Jacket; I tend to believe that American Patriots loyal to Lansdale or Lemnitzer were the foot soldiers who assassinated JFK. FYI - This cropped image of Harold Doyle is from the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. You can visit the site and see for yourself - http://emuseum.jfk.org/view/objects/asitem/search@/4/title-asc?t:state:flow=51855fef-d40f-4b0c-9eda-bbfd661f7596 Harold Doyle, according to Win Dankbaar's post, was an Army veteran.
  10. Did Dave film more than just the smoke?

    Ed, Do you have a copy of the Wiegman film with the sprocket area showing? I am interested in the area of the pergola (shelter) area where Zapruder was filming. I want to see if there is a gunman in that pergola as the Mary Moreman picture shows the image of a person there. In the Darnell film a person can be seen in the pergola moments after the shooting.
  11. Does any have or know anyone that have the Wiegman film frame by frame with the images between the sprockets?
  12. Russian link is interesting. I am a contrarian, so I see it through different eyes. I look at the players - Marina Oswald (Russian), Abraham Zapruder (Russian), George Sergius de Mohrenschildt (Russian), Ruth Payne (Speaks Russian), LHO (Lived in Russia) If the Russians wanted to kill JFK, they sure intended to let the world know that they did it! My opinion on this is JFK was killed by a military operation organized and managed by the Pentagon pointing the obvious - Russia did it story. The USA did everything to dupe Russia and Cuba into killing JFK. I strongly believe the USA wanted to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia in 1963 because we had a strategic advantage against them. http://prospect.org/article/did-us-military-plan-nuclear-first-strike-1963. The killing of JFK would give the USA the perfect excuse to do so. My gut feeling is that all these Russians around Oswald were setup to be patsies; Officer Tippett and Ruby mucked it all up for the Pentagon. Oswald was probably supposed to have been caught red-handed most likely in Mexico, Cuba, or Russia. If the Russians were involved, Marina Oswald has received a golden get out of jail card. Russians did it or not, she knows what occurred and by whom. I love the story of how Marina did not know anything about what was going on with LHO.
  13. The following links is a first source Robert Hughes film from the Sixth Floor Museum. There you can see what seems to be a muzzle flash from the second or third floor of the records building. http://emuseum.jfk.org/view/objects/asitem/search@/5/title-asc?t:state:flow=c6555756-4319-4fb5-a1e1-943865bd0058 This muzzle flash seems to coincide with Zapruder film frame 227 - Seems to show JFK getting hit in the back of the head, no exit wound from this bullet. Wonder if this is the magic bullet that came out of his head after JFK's head got blown off? - Any one have any comments on this? The following are YouTube links of individuals firing a Mauser and seeing a muzzle flash
  14. Here is the testimony of Amos Lee Euins - http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/euins.htm He believes there were four shots. Before the motorcade passed by he saw what he thought was a pipe in the sixth floor window. My understanding is that he heard the first shot, looked up in the window and saw Oswald shoot the second, third and fourth shot.
  15. Found it at the Sixth Floor Museum - http://emuseum.jfk.org/view/objects/asitem/search@/4/title-asc?t:state:flow=f7e1908d-3c99-4e36-acf5-9c6a405c0408
  16. Chris, I am looking at your film clip that you shared with us. Why can we see the frame in between the film sprockets at first then we can't?
  17. Hi Cory, I do want to throw this in your conversation with Ron. There where twelve Harley Davidson motorcycles in the motorcade - three advance motorcycles, five lead motorcycles and four presidential motorcycles. http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/M Disk/Motorcade Route/Item 15.pdf 1. That's plenty of noise there as you probably know that Harley's are loud. 2. There is a witness who states that he heard a shot where the presidential motorcade would be if there was a shot from the records building. Chris Davidson provided this link of a witness who stated as such - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwrExtVD005OS2NpTzhwUmpYNlE/view
  18. Mary's Polaroid, no shooting there

    Keyvan>> In my opinion and from my research, the shot that blew JFK's head seems to come from the pergola, the second window from the top. If you look to the left of Mr. Zapruder, there seems to be a person standing and hiding half of his body in one front entrance to the pergola. See attached photo. This shooter, who I believe is Harold Doyle, shot Governor Connaly in the back.
  19. The following is a first source image of the three tramps from the Sixth Floor Museum. http://emuseum.jfk.org/media/view/Objects/3714/16877?t:state:flow=61f0798b-ab9e-48d1-b07b-6c4f1fc9f7d6 Is that a imprint of a rifle butt in the left lapel of Harold Doyle? Any comments?
  20. Moorman Photograph

    I found this link with a photograph of the Moorman Moore B&W photograph. In the pergola there seems to be a person standing to the viewers left of Mr. Zapruder and Mrs. Sitzman. Does anyone else see this? Does anyone know where to get a first source copy of this image? Any comments?
  21. Chris, thanks for that clip. I just reviewed the Bell film and was not able to locate the people clapping at the records bldg while JFK passed by. If there are shots from that window, then those group of people would be involved. Seems that the window in question has one person for sure, maybe two people. The shadow shows something that looks like a rifle, then again it can be anything.
  22. David, you really think that is a burned out area of the frame next to a window where we see something that looks like movement in the window of the records building? Reason I ask is because to me, it does not look like a burned frame. I am looking at other muzzle flashes and I think this one seems to look like one. BTW, do you know what type of rifles the Dallas PD used in 1963? http://emuseum.jfk.org/view/objects/asitem/search@/0/title-asc?t:state:flow=48b5834e-30b5-4481-9804-48a89c0a222a - This is a link of the Bronson film, look at about 14 seconds into it, you can definitely see some movement in the second or third floor of the records building. Looks like rifle starting to take aim.
  23. Thanks for pointing that out. What do you think of that flash? Do you know what type of rifles the Dallas PD used in 1963?