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  1. A completely different Dallas everybody---Black mayor-- Black female Chief of Police--Black female sheriff--Black DA --Black female judge--etc. If we had been told in 1963 that this would occur..no one would have ever believed it. Joshua Brown's apartment had been [subsequently] searched and some 12 lbs of Weed was found. Also he had been previously shot for yet another drug deal gone bad.
  2. In the pictures..Don't they look like a completely different cover? It was re-done apparently. The grass surrounding was original and then it was widened [seems like] then the parking area [used to be gravel] paved with asphalt.
  3. That would rather defeat the purpose of having a drain so as the parking area would not take in standing water. I could be wrong but I believe that is Jim Garrison in that picture I posted.
  4. If this will help...The 'drain' behind the fence is actually a vault-or a large step plate door about 3X4 ft. that opens into the drain system placed when the underpass was dug out. I've been back there and it is locked. You would probably have to be someone very important to have it unlocked.
  5. It reminds me somewhat of architect Robert Cutler's stuff put into motion. He had graphically introduced something like nine or so possible shooter positions.
  6. Is this anything that can be linked or copies be posted? Some say that [was it General?] Lansdale was present in Dealey that afternoon and pictures of him were taken. Very suspicious.
  7. I didn't mean to imply promotion. I don't even plan on going. I notice that Cyril Wecht would be speaking. David Knight [Alex Jones friend?] Robt Groden and yes... Judy Baker and many I've never heard of. But I would like to visit Dealey plaza again on the 22nd.
  8. It goes to show...A picture is worth a thousand words--But a blurry one is worth millions.
  9. https://jfkdallasconference.com/ JFKConferences, LLC Doubletree Market Center, Dallas 11/21 — 11/24
  10. Did not happen in the city proper. Perhaps an area further south [near Hutchins maybe] if at all.
  11. Mrs. PAINE. That is my recollection. I am certain that I talked with him, that he was surprised that he didn't need a car. I had to tell him that he didn't need a car to take with him to take his test. Mr. JENNER. Take his initial test? Mrs. PAINE. Take his test, and suggested that he go from Dallas himself to take this test. Then he called us Saturday afternoon of the 16th to say he had been and tried to get his driver's permit but that he had arrived before closing time but still to late to get in because there was a long line ahead of him, the place having been closed both the previous Saturday for election day and the following Monday, the 11th, Veterans Day. There were a lot of people who wanted to get permits and he was advised that it wouldn't pay him to wait in line. He didn't have time to be tested. The above is from the H&L link.. Back then when I [or anyone else I knew] was learning to drive...one would first obtain a learner's permit by taking a written test demonstrating they knew and understood the rules of the road. This was required to sit behind the wheel and operate a vehicle only with a licensed person along side until a state officer would accompany the student for their driving operator's test. Is it any different now? I don't think so.
  12. I have. There is a whole lot of unsupported speculation. However there was also a lot of CIA chicanery [LSD experiments and mind control stuff] that has been exposed. I can accept that there must have been a Lee Harvey Oswald imposter who participated in framing him and I believe that Kennedy's enemies in the CIA and Kennedy haters in the Dallas police were involved. Johnson and Hoover were pleased that Kennedy was gone and gladly supervised the cover up.
  13. Willie was a dope fiend? Say it isn't so.
  14. I would certainly concur with that assessment. But why not a rope or belt? I would imagine that if a severe chop to the throat was observed [horrible bruising and such] that it would have been mentioned in the coroner's report. Besides, how could anyone have possibly known that there was actually a karate chop involved? A 2X4 would produce the same result.
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