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  1. That video is still around [not surprisingly] showing the path of the bullet entering Kennedy's neck perfectly at dead center cervical. Which even if that was the accurate placement would still leave the question as 'theoretical'. "The single bullet theory is not just a theory...." Did he read what he wrote? Even pro deep state wiki still lists--- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-bullet_theory What is 'very powerful' is the belief in not the impossible..but in the most unlikely. The issue being what I call reverse ballistics. There was only one gunman therefore the theory must exist as a fact.--- "Get your facts first, then you can distort them however you want"-- Mark Twain. Alene Specter did just that because there could be only one gunman. The problem was that the wounds had to be moved around also to make the theory even remotely possible. That complication was explained away by just simply ignoring it.
  2. I did not realize that Commission Documents were not included in the Warren Report. And here I have the 26 volumes on CD! I am really not a member of the MMF so I don't know how I obtain the link but I have been using it for years. After so much viewing in one sitting it will expire and ask for a membership but it hasn't for awhile now. CD 206 has the Oswald diary. I will look for such a thread here because I believe that the Oswald diary is a fraud.
  3. 420 pages long. CD 206 ---- https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10673 Page 73 in particular.... https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10673#relPageId=78&tab=page
  4. We don't really know what Callaway saw-- but he most certainly was not a witness to the Tippit shooting.
  5. I was still wondering about CD 871? Years ago the Garrison inquiry had listed it along with many other *unreleased documents. As far as I know...the HSCA did not release them either. Interest from the general public has all but completely waned concerning JFK. The use of a publicized modern image recognition study might spark things up a bit again. "Speculation" won't do anything anymore. * http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/G Disk/Garrison Jim/Garrison Jim on CIA/Item 07.pdf
  6. I am bumping this topic because I am still not aware of any recent facial recognition study of all the Oswald pictures that are available. The HSCA reported that a team of expert photo anyalists scrutinized [all?] of the photographs in question and decided that they were in order and not faked or doctored in any way using computer investigation techniques. However...this was 1976 technology--- https://history-matters.com/archive/jfk/hsca/reportvols/vol6/html/HSCA_Vol6_0006a.htm There are Oswald photographs that are contained in CD 871. They were listed as Secret [for some reason] and were they ever released? Anyway... I can't find them [google] and would like to have a glance at why these were classified [for some reason]--- Anyone have a link to these? Has anyone used 2020 facial ID technology? If not ...Why not? There is a company that might do this called Skywalk Security here in Dallas but I would like to have a senior co-investigator to approach anyone with this request. It might prove fruitful--Who knows?
  7. Roger Stone was apparently convicted of lying to people who lie every day ...all the time ...constantly..
  8. Apologies if this info has been posted before--- Brewer 'heard'? Impossible. I have listened to and timed the available recordings of the major Dallas radio Nov 22 broadcasts WBAP WFAA KBOX KLIF [available on line] and reports of the shooting of a Dallas policeman were not made until after 1:50 PM Dallas time. Oswald had already been confronted at the theater! Therefore Johnny Brewer could not have heard about Tippit's shooting before 1:30 [the time he said he saw 'Oswald'] Now, the myth has morphed into...Brewer had heard that a cop was KILLED before he followed his suspect. Brewer was made a hero for doing absolutely nothing except lying and then keeping his mouth shut. http://jfkfiles.blogspot.com/2011/11/johnny-calvin-brewer-man-who-helped.html
  9. I'm not even an expert at asking questions but I do have one offhand ....What ever happened to the rest of the pictures on that roll of film? I mean anything--baby pictures...family in the park...flowers around the house...a couple of Marina even? The public was asked to believe that Oswald wanted his wife to come out and take some really incriminating photographs and where were they developed and printed? Mindful that when she testified...she didn't know how many pictures she took or even how to operate the camera.
  10. A completely different Dallas everybody---Black mayor-- Black female Chief of Police--Black female sheriff--Black DA --Black female judge--etc. If we had been told in 1963 that this would occur..no one would have ever believed it. Joshua Brown's apartment had been [subsequently] searched and some 12 lbs of Weed was found. Also he had been previously shot for yet another drug deal gone bad.
  11. In the pictures..Don't they look like a completely different cover? It was re-done apparently. The grass surrounding was original and then it was widened [seems like] then the parking area [used to be gravel] paved with asphalt.
  12. That would rather defeat the purpose of having a drain so as the parking area would not take in standing water. I could be wrong but I believe that is Jim Garrison in that picture I posted.
  13. If this will help...The 'drain' behind the fence is actually a vault-or a large step plate door about 3X4 ft. that opens into the drain system placed when the underpass was dug out. I've been back there and it is locked. You would probably have to be someone very important to have it unlocked.
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