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  1. Karl Hilliard

    A Lie Too Big To Fail by Lisa Pease

    No biggie there... In '50s Texas, dead people voted for LBJ to congress and to the senate.
  2. Karl Hilliard

    Bill Decker and John Tower

    Hi Wade... Your threads and research stuff are all very interesting. However....it is all very off topic to the Bill Decker thread. Why not create a separate thread utilizing these subjects?
  3. Karl Hilliard

    More from the past on BYP

    ...consisting of a ballistics forensic urologist did it not?
  4. Karl Hilliard

    Has this been discussed?

    Anyone....where is this 'green book' mentioned in the WC/HSCA documents?
  5. Karl Hilliard

    Well...it happened

    She wrote MO a check.....
  6. Karl Hilliard

    Well...it happened

    1922 Maggie rt w/a sister [Lillian?] 1925 Maggie right, unknown lady & maybe Eddy Pic
  7. This much is certain...In their eagerness to portray Oswald as a "deranged and dangerous man", the Commission staff paraded these Russian community people through with no other objective in mind. They were not witnesses to anything violent or the authorities would have surely been notified. If it hasn't been mentioned before, I have notebooked a text from the testimony of Robert Oswald. Very strange...... Quote Mr. JENNER. For the purpose of the record, would you read the first three words and the last three words of the page to which you are making reference? Mr. OSWALD. "Sunday, January 13, 1964. Jim advised that"---- Mr. JENNER. That is on the first line? Mr. OSWALD. Yes, sir. The last line is "told her this story." Mr. JENNER. All right. Proceed, sir. Mr. OSWALD. We had a discussion---- Mr. McKENZIE. Pardon me just a second. For the sake of the record, let me state this. A copy of this diary has been furnished to the Commission, photostated by the Commission, and Mr. Jenner has it in front of him. Mr. JENNER. I will qualify it, Mr. Chief Justice. But I didn't want to take Your Honor's time at the moment, because I do want to cover another subject while you are still here. Proceed, sir. Mr. OSWALD. What prompted my question as to whether or not Lee was ill while he was in Russia was the followup of a conversation that we had in relation to an incident that occurred some time in the year of 1963. I am not able to place the date of that purported incident. I was advised at that time in reference to this incident that on one day, that Lee was going to shoot at or shoot Mr. Richard M. Nixon, that Marina N. Oswald locked Lee Harvey Oswald in the bathroom for the entire day. Who could believe this? Robert [supposedly] barely knew that woman. Quote Mr. OSWALD. Yes, sir, in reference to Mr. Nixon? Mr. JENNER. Yes. Now, you have alluded to Mr. Nixon in testifying with respect to your conversation on the subject of illness with Marina. Mr. Chief Justice, if I may, I will read the entry on that particular date, and will wish to question the witness about it. "Sunday, January 13, 1964. Jim advised that Marina told him that Lee wanted to"--and there are a series of five dashes, followed by the letters, "NMR, also, but Marina locked Lee in the bathroom all day. This was confirmed later this day by Marina. On the way to the cemetery." Is that in your handwriting? Mr. OSWALD. Yes, sir; it is. Mr. JENNER. Would you please supply, if suppliable, what is indicated by the three dashes preceding the letters "NMR" and identify what the letters "NMR" refer to? Mr. OSWALD. If I may, sir, correct you there. There are five dashes there. And the word "shoot" was my intention to blank there. And the initials "NMR" stands for Richard M. Nixon Fantastic! I think NMR meant Not My Rear-end Quote Mr. McKENZIE. In her own words, Robert, try to reconstruct exactly what was said to you from the time you left Jim Martin's house until you went--in Dallas, Tex., until you arrived in Fort Worth, Tex., at the cemetery. Mr. OSWALD. On this subject, to the best of my knowledge, Marina said to me, "Robert, Lee also wanted to shoot Mr. Nixon." And, at that time, I believe I gave her the statement that "Yes, Jim told me about this when we were sitting in the den that afternoon." Mr. JENNER. You say you gave her the statement--you mean that is what you said to her? Mr. OSWALD. Yes, sir. And she made her statement, referring to this incident of Mr. Nixon. And then she related---- Mr. JENNER. What did she say? Mr. OSWALD. I might say this, sir. In practically the same words that Mr. Martin had told me, because he had reportedly received the conversation from Marina, within her limited English--it rang a bell to the extent that the words were close to being the same to the way Mr. Martin had related it to me. It was a very brief statement on her behalf that Lee was going to shoot Mr. Richard M. Nixon, and that she, Marina N. Oswald, locked Lee in the bathroom all day. The same Lee who supposedly bullied her and beat her black and blue? And poor Marina managed to slam him into the bathroom ..lock him in and Lee sat helpless and content in there all day? I contend that both the brother and the wife were lying their cans off. Lee [so accused] was going to gun down Edwin Walker...Richard Nixon...Abraham Lincoln...& anybody and everybody else that got in his way.
  8. First of all I remind the readers of the marital privilege clause about compelling someone to testify against their spouse. Now if one does not believe that the Feds were twisting both of Marina's arms, I would say they are extremely naive. Probably the "biggest" and and most pronounced statement of pure resounding fiction would be Marina telling the Commission that she took those back yard pictures. Those photos are a fabrication intended to frame Oswald and I don't care who doesn't agree. I was always curious...Where were those backyard pictures printed? It was demonstrated that Marina didn't even know which end of that camera was up. [It was a twin lens reflex] Does anyone find it strange that no other pictures were ever offered or produced? [Conceivably taken with that camera] Where are the family pictures? A little girl playing in the park? Family life in Dallas...Oak Cliff....Fort Worth? I have a copy of 'Marina and Lee' by Priscilla McMillan ....there is nothing [really] ....photos in Moscow [A cover photograph and you can't even see the child] No shutter bugs were these people.
  9. More http://jfkfacts.org/oswalds-wallet-planted-at-the-tippit-crime-scene/ The WFAA film...
  10. Karl Hilliard

    Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Another [shorter] version of the film...The mystery man appears @ 1:43
  11. Karl Hilliard

    Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Curious....Why would anyone photoshop the film?
  12. Karl Hilliard

    Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Larry Sneed interviewed Mr Roy Lewis [another book order filler at the TSBD at the time] for his book [No More Silence]....Lewis made the comment that Oswald 'hated haircuts'. There was a barber who came forward and stated that Oswald drove to his shop in Irving [?] on occasions maybe every two weeks. As it was determined that Oswald didn't drive, the WC Report ignores this. As another note on Mr Lewis...the WC changed his testimony and in the report states that "he could not remember anything in Oswald's hands" when he came to work on that day. Roy Lewis actually testified that "he saw nothing in Oswald's hands". Oswald's 'girlfriend' FWIW...in her book said that Lee would reluctantly go to the barber and walk out basically unclipped. I found a PDF file from 'Me and Lee". Item # 31 https://books.google.com/books?id=QgQCBAAAQBAJ&pg=PT639&lpg=PT639&dq=lee+oswald's+barber+shop+haircut&source=bl&ots=cPy3p1xCQR&sig=vlPzftnQu1qZD-x3WQLXSmHUogI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjJw7uetNfWAhVrx1QKHai-ADMQ6AEIPTAG#v=onepage&q=lee oswald's barber shop haircut&f=false https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/c5/a0/15/c5a015f13a723038ed9a7c2d906b29c1.jpg
  13. Never mind exhumations and school records [all moot now]... There was an Oswald impersonator and he was a dead ringer in appearance to the accused and part of a conspiracy. Also, it has been established that the FBI made every effort to doctor records that might point away from the lone shooter story.
  14. Karl Hilliard

    What did William Scoggins see ?

    What the Report said and what the Testimony in the Hearings said were too often not the same.
  15. Karl Hilliard

    What did William Scoggins see ?

    Bump Quickly, Ms Markham stated a couple things that interested me.... Others [I think Scoggins also] saw the killer walking from east to west down 10th St. This [if you map it] is going towards the downtown Oak Cliff area towards the Texas Theater. Where in hell was he coming from? Cars [back then] had side vents. Maybe that's what Ms Markham saw. She was scared. That translates to some people as 'screwball'. She denied talking to Mark Lane and reporters. I understand the DPD dusted for prints from Tippit's car. If Oswald's were lifted, we would certainly have heard no end to that. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4499/37221953390_cc2207409c_b.jpg