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  1. Please how can i raise/get funds to attend international international conferences. I have search for online travel grants to no avail, i have tried to raise funds online by every means and hardly got any, whereas i ambitious and really wish to attend them so i can come back my community in Cameroon positively. I currently have two conferences abroad for which i am soliciting travel grants. Please can anyone be of help?
  2. Good day everyone, i am writing in view of the climate change conference of parties (COP23) which will take place in Bonn Germany in November which i really love to attend but cannot afford. I have tried to raise funds, applied for scholarship opportunities and even reached out to some organisations to raise funds to no avail. I believe deep down in me that generous people like you will help out an ambitious and motivated youth like myself. It has been my dream to attend this summit for three years now but i have never been able to secure funding. I have a M.Sc. in Environmental Science and this conference is directly relevant to my domain and what i want to do in the future especially as an environmental activist. Please help me attend this summit by supporting me financially so i can represent my country. Thanks
  3. Introduce yourself here

    Hello everyone i am Diana from Cameroon. I am a holder of a M.Sc. degree in the environmental sciences. I love reading and motivational speaking and i have skills in recycling plastic bags and bottles.