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  1. Well, because of my Chilean roots, I know very well what Kissinger is able to do. About RFK Jr, yes, that’s why I would love to see him in the White House. I like what he’s doing to protect the environment. I think he has the right strength in his blood and in his brain
  2. Thanks Jim. I did not know about that tape disappearing. All in all, I am not surprised
  3. I believe she should be POTUS, in 2020. Maybe, she could get RFK Jr. as her mate. By the way, he wrote and declared that JFK assassination was not a lonely nut work http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2261263/JFK-assassination-Robert-Kennedy-speaks-death-uncle.html
  4. Very interesting, thank you. Jim is for sure an excellent choice. He is one of the best researchers on JFK assassination, absolutely. About that, do you know this documentary? It is by Metta, the Italian journalist and researcher who discovered that Gelli was recruited by Angleton. That’s why, before, I stressed that, for sure, there wasn’t this news in Morley’s book. Metta owns the Centro Mondiale Commerciale papers. CMC was a mask for the CIA. Clay Shaw, the one Jim Garrison investigated, was a CMC member. What Metta also discovered is that CMC has deep connections with Angleton and with the so called Strategy of Tension
  5. Yes, especially since two fundamental friends of Gelli, who immensely helped him reaching the head of P2 were part of Centro Mondiale Commerciale
  6. Not the recruitment of Gelli, Rob. That is not in Morley's book. It can not
  7. Angleton recruited Licio Gelli, the P2 head, during WWII, and saved Valerio Borghese
  8. Absolutely wonderful. Sergio Leone made the best of them, IMHO. Thanks, also, to a very young Clint Eastwood, by the way. Giù la testa is my preferred, with a terrific Rod Steiger and an epic history of love, friendship and betrayal. C'era una volta il West has an astonishing Fonda. Nice to meet you, Anthony
  9. Anthony, well, far more than a bit. Once again, congratulations, and thank you. By the way, what's the title of that film, please?