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  1. Which one, please?
  2. Jim, I do thank you too. Well, the most important right of all is to defend the truth
  3. Ron, Thanks indeed for your kind comment. Well, I notice a coincidence: the ones using a bad language here are the same almost always avoiding to give evidence of what they say
  4. In the past few days, I saw people here saying the solution to this Forum's problems is to give more space to the most astonishing theories on JFK assassination. The more a theory is astonishing, the more it has the right to be here. On the other side, I saw people saying just the opposite: the more a theory is near to what the WC said, the more it has the right to be here. What about, instead, an obligation to give evidence of what someone says, just like Jim DiEugenio, John Kowalski, Paul Brancato, Steve Thomas, David Josephs and others already do every day? It would be so simple ...
  5. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    David, I'm frankly astonished someone here is criticizing you instead of criticizing the one every day, all day long insulting you and your excellent work
  6. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    David, thanks as always for your interesting, constructive post. You are among the ones here making to visit this Forum a worth effort
  7. The Future of the Education Forum

    The problem, here, is Mr. "With all due respect". The one that now is pretending to have finally found the peace in his heart and the ability to avoid to be a t-roll. We could call him also Mr. "KGB mole", if you prefer, or Mr. "I am here to derail whatever post accusing you to be a Putin mole". Period
  8. Max Holland Says Enough!

    Yes, Jim, but always "with all due respect"
  9. The Future of the Education Forum

    Agree with you, David
  10. An Open Message to Michael Clark

    Yes. Ad nauseam. Ditto