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    Beto's Bobby Vibe

    Or Ocasio-Tulsi, or Ocasio-Sanders, or Tulsi-Sanders
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    Beto's Bobby Vibe

    I do prefer an Ocasio-RFK jr. ticket
  3. Glad to announce that thanks to Bart Kamp's invitation the Italian journalist Michele Metta will be part of the next Canterbury's DPUK conference. Metta will show his documentary, based on his book CMC. The Italian Undercover CIA and Mossad Station and the Assassination of JFK
  4. Keep on with your believes, Mr. Kowalski. By the way: there is a thing called Google. It is not well known, I know, but from now you know it exists and you could even find out it offers a service of translation. For free, by the way. And yes, Italian is one of the languages it can translate from. Incredible, isn't it? Got it? Thanks
  5. Or, maybe, weird questions. For example: Metta documents are from the CMC BODs, so of course those names in the documents Metta put online are in the CMC Board of Directors ...
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    A question to David Lifton

    Surprise coming about that, probably
  7. Paul, for a series of reason, I do not see the problem. First of all, this document does not say: "Souètre contacted the CIA in order to kill JFK, and the CIA said no". Got my point?
  8. Well, you are going to be amazed ones again, then, since Metta's book recently published, "CMC. The Italian undercover CIA and Mossad station and the assassination of JFK", offers something NEW on this case too!
  9. Ditto. I add that the Italian investigators were absolutely sure Souètre was in Dallas at the time of the assassination. Besides, as Metta explains in his book, there is a declaration under swear made by Guido Giannettini. Giannettini was deeply connected to the Italian Strategy of Tension and, at the same time, an agent of the Italian espionage and a prominent member of both OAS and Aginter Press. This is the English translation – it was never translated into English before – of the Italian document containing that Giannettini's declaration, once more from Metta's book:
  10. Paul, sure. Pages 126-128, chapter's name is THE OAS AND THE KILLING OF JFK. Notes showing the sources are – they are footnotes – those from 268 to 271. Notes in the book are just progressive, and not chapter related, as you for sure already noticed.
  11. Oh, and let me please add that the first 60 pages of Metta's book are literally full of an impressive amount of other astonishing revelations than "only" what I already explained. Just like the whole book, by the way
  12. Hi, Robert, let me please say that your phrase is a little weird. In fact, in the first 60 pages, Metta's thesis is absolutely coherent. He examines Italian documents; documents that show that a secret pact did exist to destroy JFK no matter how. A pact involving the CIA, CMC (and, consequently Mossad), the Italian Freemasonry and the Freemasonry of the USA. In a subsequent phase, also SIFAR, the Italian intelligence at that time, was involved in the plot. This is even weirder from you, since in a private conversation we had here time ago you wrote me: In that documentary by Metta, of whom I am a collaborator, as people here perfectly know, Freemasonry was continuously cited. No trace, in that private conversation we had, of any kind of objection against the presence of Freemasonry. In any case, Freemasonry is so far from being a Ralph Kramden's Raccoon club, that a POTUS must be a Freemason. And in fact, one of the Italian documents Metta's book is based on clearly states that the powers that be found totally unacceptable that JFK could become President of the United States just because he was not a Freemason. On the contrary, Frank Gigliotti (sorry, he had an Italian surname, I do hope it is not a so overwhelming problem for you, Robert), that was a really powerful CIA agent and, at the very same time, a really powerful Freemason, is the pillar of this secret pact. It is the very same Gigliotti who wrote to Nixon saying that Freemasonry would have not left any stone unturned in favor of Nixon's victory against JFK. By the way, it is funny you have all this problems about Italian names, since you were an actor for the Italian director Sergio Leone. All in all, you should learn that the problem is not that Metta's book cites Italian people. The problem is you should finally learn a little more the Italian History, because it is an extremely important key to understand who and why really killed John Kennedy.
  13. Paz Marverde

    Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate and the CIA

    Let me please add he gave a really wonderful, and important interview to my friend Michele Metta. You can read it here: https://medium.com/@pazmarverde/a-conversation-with-shane-osullivan-c059aa736d56
  14. Paz Marverde

    Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate and the CIA

    Hi, Shane. How are you? Really happy to see you here. Haven't already read this book, but I can for sure recommend Shane O'Sullivan as an absolutely excellent researcher
  15. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/jfk-presidential-salary/
  16. Paul, as I said before – did you read it? – this French was not only the perfect guy, with his disinformation, to feed Angleton's paranoia, but thanks to Italian documents, there are now on him really extremely important new revelations in Metta's book. Have you already met this section of Michele's book, Paul?
  17. It was, of course, a statement that the blind Angleton loved to hear. There is a lot more about this, in Metta's book
  18. There are effectively very important revelations about him in Metta's book
  19. Thank you very much for your kindness. Really happy for your decision. Mathias: not only there is a link between Permindex and Propaganda Due, but the new CMC papers that Metta was able to find clary demonstrate that there is far more than this. In fact, these documents show that among the CMC members were the very same Freemasons that put Gelli at the head of P2 and that CMC Board of Directors meeting place was the very same place where P2 was born. Impressive, isn't it?
  20. No, Mathias, sorry. Thank you very much for asking. But the paper book is really well done and its content is so impressive, new and important, that you will be absolutely happy to have it on your bookshelf