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  1. I know, and that's what I stressed. Metta's article does not talk of Rabin. It talks about Peres brother
  2. The Italian newspaper L'Antidiplomatico published today a worldwide exclusive, by Michele Metta: inside Centro Mondiale Commerciale-Permindex in Rome, there was not only Clay Shaw but also Gershon Peres, brother of Shimon Peres, President of Israel from 2007 to 2014. http://www.lantidiplomatico.it/dettnews-esclusivo_ad_gershon_peres_fratello_dellex_presidente_israeliano__stato_membro_del_cmc_il_centro_occulto_della_cia_legato_allomicidio_kennedy/6_22228/
  3. We are talking of an Israel President bro inside the very same CMC Clay Shaw was part of. This is not coincidence, Ron, nor a joke, unfortunately Metta talks of things like Dimona, and a CMC member named Crocco, whose brother was a personal friend and collaborator of a Jew scientist connected to Israel nuclear development. Besides, Crocco's brother was recruited by Donovan ... There is a lot, lot more, in the article, like this
  4. Yes. Absolutely. Metta's article talks about this too. Besides, there are a lot of other links between CMC and Israel that Metta found inside the Italian papers, and that he stresses in this same article
  5. Jim, thank you. Anyway, I doubt he would be happy to discuss it
  6. Thank you very much, Kathy
  7. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    No surprise for me
  8. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    Thank you
  9. DPF down here too. Writing from Italy
  10. Very well said, Jim About that:
  11. Strategy of tension

    On Strategy of Tension and how much it has to do with JFK Assassination
  12. Thank you very much, Ray. You are very kind. Cheers
  13. Hi, I highly recommend this documentary. It not only talk about Lemnitzer, but goes far further
  14. Does someone please know how to embed YouTube videos? I have very important stuff to share about, but I don't know how to do it
  15. Souetre picture 632-796

    Tambroni, a very important Italian politician in the 60s, was in deep contact with OAS. His son-in-law, Franco Micucci Cecchi, was a CMC-Permindex member. Besides, Tambroni was Prime Minister of a Gabinet directly involved in an international Masonic pact (USA and Italy) against JFK. The mind behind that pact was Gigliotti, a CIA man and a very important Freemason. The trip to Italy Gigliotti made to obtain this anti-Kennedy pact was signed, was paid by Pièche, the aforesaid CMC member
  16. Souetre picture 632-796

    Yes. That bio ignores he was a CMC member, though
  17. Souetre picture 632-796

  18. Souetre picture 632-796

    Steve, the CMC member Pièche is the key
  19. Excellent Translation of Michele Metta Permindex Docs

    A very complicated one. Metta is working on it. I can say, for now, Trujillo had very good reasons to be very upset