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  1. Stephanie Goldberg

    Question - regarding new publications

    Hi! I'm a very new member of this forum. I don't see a lot of books in this forum for discussion. I am SO NOT trying to cause grief. I just want to know is there a criteria for posting new books for review here that I have missed! I've read many recent titles that aren't included here, and I don't want to violate any forum rules. Thank you! :-)
  2. Stephanie Goldberg

    Stephanie Goldberg

    General Walker has always been a huge question mark for me. I'll read the book you have suggested and let you know how the elephants are doing. Thanks for the recommendation!!! :-)
  3. Stephanie Goldberg

    Stephanie Goldberg

    Oh, that I had some brilliant, original theory, but I'm one of those people still searching for the truth. Short version - I don't think Lee Harvey Oswald shot anybody that day. I do believe there was a conspiracy that has yet to be fully acknowledged. Lately I've been making a point to read all of the stuff that says just the opposite of that. Partly because in a debate, you need to know the other side of the argument as well as your own. Mostly because I want to make sure I haven't been so devoted to my own POV that I missed something like a giant elephant standing right in front of me.
  4. Stephanie Goldberg

    Number of shots in Dealy Plaza?

    I have always assumed there were 4-6 shots, but the initial descriptions that the shots sounded like firecrackers always confused me. I do not know what firecrackers sound like to you. When I have heard them, they always sound like rapid little bang-bang-bangs to me. So if that is the case, how many initial bang bang bangs were there really? What made these people describe the initial shots as firecrackers?
  5. Stephanie Goldberg

    Stephanie Goldberg

    Hello! I'm not good at introductions, but this is what is probably the most important stuff to know about me. I have worked at a billion jobs (slight exaggeration, but not much), but now I am mainly a stay at home Grandma-to-be. I live in the Southeastern USA. I am married and have cats. (So far I don't have enough cats to qualify for the crazy cat lady designation.) I love books, music, gardening and cooking. I also love history. I remember my mother telling me that everyone remembered where they were when Kennedy was shot. (I wasn't old enough to remember for myself at the time, so heads up, this isn't my memory. I was on my mother's lap while she watched As The World Turns.) My mother faithfully followed what happened afterwards, including reading all of the Warren Commission's Report. (No, really. ALL of it.) And her interest in the subject sparked my present day interest in the matter. I am looking forward to reading and posting and learning things here with all of you! :-)