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    HELSINKI by train Oct 15 - 16, 1959

    This is a scan from a guidebook to Finland published in 1964. On page 37 it lists "Principal Hotels." Besides the Klaus Kurdi [note spelling] and Torni it lists a youth hostel, the YMCA. The latter would certainly have been a more logical choice for someone who was supposedly living a marginal existance. It would be interesting to find a price quote for the lavish Kurdi and Torni, but it isn't easy to find old guide books from this period.
  2. Fascinating document, thanks.
  3. Rob Couteau

    Time-Life And the Fiftieth Anniversary

    Great summation of assassination conspiracies past and present (I mean your piece, not the magazine's). When a major news corporation pulls a stunt like this, you have to ask what better proof is there of a continual cover-up conspiracy. I mean, a high school student with access to the Internet could have written a better piece than what Time-Life concocted. They obviously made a very careful and concerted effort .... to avoid the truth. But then Time magazine has a long history of being the official mouthpiece of the Establishment.
  4. Rob Couteau

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    Well said, Jim, and all too true. I guess one thing I was referring to was the autopsy. I'm surprised that they didn't manage to keep Noguchi away from it in the first place. Although they certainly prevented his in-depth testimony from appearing. And Noguchi made it pretty clear from the start that things didn't add up. Is there any evidence that Dulles played any sort of role in the RFK hit and / or cover up? I'm not as familiar with the RFK plot as I am with the JFK plot.
  5. Rob Couteau

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    Paul raises an interesting point - why was this operation so sloppy as compared to the JFK assassination?
  6. Rob Couteau

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    Also on 6 June, RFK Jr was interviewed about the murder of President Kennedy; and, referring to the recently released files, said that the "stuff that has been dribbling out is information that tends to connect the CIA to the assassination one way or another," adding that, after all this time, Americans "should know and should have access to that information." http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/06/06/robert-f-kennedy-jr-reacts-donald-trump-keeping-jfk-assassination-documents-hidden-until
  7. Rob Couteau

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    Interesting idea, Paul. Glad to hear that Lisa got such a big boost.
  8. Rob Couteau

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    The next thing you know, the Post will be running a full-length feature on you on the front page. Then we'll know for sure that we're dreaming, or suffering a mass hallucination.
  9. Rob Couteau

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    More from the Washington Post expose on the RFK assassination: The Bobby Kennedy assassination tape: Were 13 shots fired or only 8? by Tom Jackman https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/true-crime/wp/2018/06/06/the-bobby-kennedy-assassination-tape-were-13-shots-fired-or-only-8/?utm_term=.e3dda18958ee
  10. Rob Couteau

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    What a great idea - the anniversary of the first lunar landing is coming up on July 20 ... perfect timing.
  11. Rob Couteau

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    I never thought I'd live to see the day. I wonder where Jeff Bezos, the Post's owner, stands on the assassinations.
  12. Rob Couteau

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    The Post quoting Lisa Pease is tremendous progress. I'm also looking forward to her book and have pre-ordered it on amazon.
  13. Rob Couteau

    The Warren Commission And Their Ego

    I agree, Evan. To quote from from Jim DiEugenio's new book which quotes novelist Walter Scott: "when we 'practice to deceive,' we sometimes build a tangled web that is difficult to navigate." Also, I doubt that the Warren Commission anticipated the new digital technologies that would eventually take all of this research to a new level. The more time that goes by, the more ridiculous their lies appear to be. But it will take a lot more work to show the public how much of what happened was tied to Kennedy's anti-colonialist foreign policy. I think that represents the next step.
  14. Rob Couteau

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    Another piece by Tom Jackman in the Post: Did L.A. police and prosecutors bungle the Bobby Kennedy assassination probe? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/true-crime/wp/2018/06/05/did-l-a-police-and-prosecutors-bungle-the-bobby-kennedy-assassination/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.fbdc810478f9
  15. Rob Couteau

    Consortium News: The RFK case by Jim DiEugenio

    Nice work, Jim. And what a pithy quote from RFK Jr: "Robert Kennedy’s death, like the President’s was mourned as an extension of the evils of senseless violence….What is odd is not that some people thought it was all random, but that so many intelligent people refused to believe that it might be anything else. Nothing can measure more graphically how limited was the general understanding of what is possible in America.” As if the U.S. govt was only capable of exporting terror abroad and not at home!
  16. Rob Couteau

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    And the article even cross-linked to this gem from 1977: "Lengthy Mind-Control Research by CIA Is Detailed":https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1977/08/03/lengthy-mind-control-research-by-cia-is-detailed/d6acdd69-4da3-4da8-8fdd-303a937ca327/?utm_term=.d1bd0fe291d7
  17. Rob Couteau

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    And they even mention the name of the Devil himself, Allen Dulles. Wonderful to see this paragraph featured in the mainstream press: "Beginning in 1949, as the Cold War was heating up, the CIA under Allen Dulles launched a project called “Bluebird,” later called “Artichoke” and then “Project MKUltra,” a series of experiments on unwitting people to see if their minds could be manipulated by drugs, torture or hypnosis. Colleges, hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies participated in the project, records revealed in the 1970s showed, with the CIA hoping to be able to manipulate foreign leaders and other important figures, or program others to commit acts of espionage. In Canada, some subjects were kidnapped off the street, and in the United States, some people died of drug overdoses, the CIA later admitted. LSD was administered to some subjects, and professors at Stanford and UCLA participated in MKUltra, records show."
  18. I can't help be wonder if Gibson played any part in Richard Wright's suspicious death on 28 November 1960, given what we know about Gibson today. Wright's work with Indonesian artists and intellectuals also takes on a new dimension given what we know about Allen Dulles's machinations in that country.
  19. I like this idea, Paz, what did you have in mind?
  20. Hopefully all this will inspire a new generation to begin questioning things once again.
  21. Yes, three cheers for our Italian partner, Paz! This is really excellent news. RFK Jr's book arrived in the mail today and I took a quick look in the index under "C": was pleasantly surprised by all the entries under "CIA".
  22. Rob Couteau

    Desperate Measures in the Congo

    Nice find, many thanks for this, Michael.
  23. What a scumbag! I never liked her, but now I have even more reason not to. Thanks for posting this, Jim.
  24. Super, thanks!!! Watching it now ... I love Len's work.
  25. Thanks, Jim. Would love to read it, but this link doesn't work - is it correct? BTW I just noticed that Roger Katz, one of the witnesses at the Ambassador Hotel (whom you've mentioned at K&K), added a comment below Newsweek's story on RFK Jr. He writes: "Bobby Jr is RIGHT! I was nearly killed myself that night! I had just turned 21 and Bobby was my first vote. As a Camapign worker I was at the Ambassador Hotel and was in the Embassy Room and nearly fatally shot at the Pantry door(s) when Bobby was shot. I saw a bullet hit the ceiling in the Pantry and then a bullet hit something metal next to my head under a foot from my face the sparks shooting across my face. An FBI Agent confirmed the strike on the door hinge but the LAPD dismissed his observation. Most of those who were ACTUALLY there have long known the real shooter was Thane Eugne Ceaser a rent a cop who's clip on tie Bobby ripped off (and is clealy seen next to his right hand on the floor) as he fell mortally wounded! Ceaser worked at Lockeed and in a department run by the CIA! He lied after the event about the fact he owned a gun that matched the weapon used to kill Bobby. Years later the gun was found and Ceaser's lie exposed. The Truth was known 50 years ago but covered up. Roger Katz Ventura California" http://www.newsweek.com/robert-f-kennedys-jr-thinks-sirhan-did-not-act-alone-fathers-assassination-946078