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  1. Gary: Google translate did a decent job of translating the article. Archives can be slow, I requested Bloomfield's world war 2 records and was told that I have to wait 10 months. Never heard of William Sucher and the former International Firearms Company, Montreal, Quebec. How do they fit into the JFK story? John
  2. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    Michael: The program can be found on YouTube. Search using the title below. The JFK Files : The Murder of a President - The Fifth Estate

    CBC's Fifth Estate has aired another interesting documentary. This time it is about the CIA's experiments that wer e carried out in Montreal in the 1950s. Brainwashed : The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/
  4. Bloomfield Papers

    David, Paul: The drug network would be a good place to look for assassins because this business is controlled by people who have no qualms about eliminating their rivals. Money laundering also is a necessity for drug dealers who need to clean their money using corrupt banks and front companies, and who else uses these methods, the CIA.
  5. Bloomfield Papers

    David; The notes also reference the recruitment of people involved in narcotics. Any guesses as to what was recruited?
  6. Bloomfield Papers

    Paz: Have some questions about the video. There is a document called the "Permindex Project" do you or Michele have a copy of it? Do you have any other documents that describe the activities of Permindex - CMC? Really like to see them because Bloomfield's papers do not provide much information about the operations of the organization. Do you have a copy of the document that proves the De Lorenzo was bribed by CMC-Permndex? The video mentions people connected to Permindex-CMC that are never mentioned by Bloomfield. Can you provide me with the list of board of directors of both CMC and Permndex?
  7. Bloomfield Papers

    In less than a month 1968 documents will be available for viewing.
  8. Bloomfield Papers

    I would be interested in knowing the connection between Permindex, CMC and Gladio.
  9. Bloomfield Papers

    Gary: Thanks for the info.
  10. Bloomfield Papers

    Here is a letter I found in the Dulles papers that are online at Princeton University. It mentions that Aileen Bronfman wanted to work for the CIA. The Bronfman's are a wealthy and well-known family in Canada. I recall seeing at least one letter from Bloomfield to Bronfman. Letter mentions possibly employing her at "Radio" but maybe they employed her as a domestic contact as well, just like Shaw. https://archive.org/details/BronfmanCIA
  11. Bloomfield Papers

    Jim: I agree, he was definitely a player and he knows a lot more than his papers reveals about his activities. He participated in these deals but I doubt that he initiated or took a major part in directing them. The wealthy and the CIA and others created Permindex and CMC. Bloomfield's role, based on what I have read of his papers, is that he acted as an advisor to these organizations and that he was also their errand boy.
  12. Bloomfield Papers

    Paul and Paz: The deal that was made with the archives after Maurice took them to court is that documents will be released that are 50 years or older but I have noticed that some files have been released that are less than 50 years old. I have reviewed all files that have been released up to 2017. Here is a description of all files in the Bloomfield collection at the archives. https://archive.org/details/BloomfieldFindingAid_201712 Here is a list of dates when the files will be released. https://archive.org/details/BloomfieldPapersFileOpenDates