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  1. Heard back from my contact at DPF, he will be able to help us but not now. He will be available in early February. At that time I will ask everyone to tell me what they want reviewed and will pass this request on to him.
  2. Paul: You make a good point about Grossi being an informant. If he was informing on someone they would want to hide this and his connection to the FBI. Grossi’s prison record, which is posted on this thread, has an entry for the time period in 1944 and it states “juvenile delinquency” while other entries show what crime he committed. The source for this entry is the FBI. Looks like they are trying to hide something about this crime. This is speculation on my part but when I was researching Albert Osborne aka John Howard Bowen I discovered that he worked with juveniles while working with the Camp Fire Council. He helped create this organization in the 1930s in Knoxville, TN. It’s goal was to provide activities for young boys who would otherwise might get into trouble with the law. Could Osborne have been the person who mentored Grossi in his teens and then got him the job at JCS? If he was this person, this connection would be too much to ignore.
  3. Jim: No, they are 2 separate people. Albert Osborne was born in England in 1888 and served in the British Army before emigrating to the US in 1914. Grossi is US born. Osborne took the identity of a man named John Howard Bowen who was born in the US in 1880. Wrote a story about Osborne The Dual Life of Albert Osborne which is published on Kenendys and King. I was able to find a picture of the real John Howard Bowen and this is included in my story. Grossi had many aliases, one of which is John Bowen. Grossi's Leavenworth prison record is below. It has a lot of info about him, his family and other connections. https://archive.org/details/johngrossiprisonrecord
  4. Jim: Just contacted the poster and will let everyone know what his answer is. Not sure how knowledgeable he is about the Tippit call so I explained the event to him. He has posted on David's H&L thread on Deep Politics. If he agrees to go to Madison we can all make suggestions about which boxes and file folders to review. I can make a list for him that would include everyone's suggestions.
  5. John B and Jim: There is a person on Deep Politics forum that lives about a one hour drive away from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Has anyone gone there to look at their papers, if not I can contact him and ask him if he would be interested in making copies of these letters. Had a look at the Blair papers finding aid, there is a lot of correspondence and a family history as well. A box and folder list should be made for anyone who plans to review the papers.
  6. Paul: When I was researching my Osborne story who alias was John Howard Bowen, I did some research on career criminal John Caesar Grossi who worked with Oswald at Jaggers-Chiles-Stoval. Was interested in Grossi because one of his many aliases was John Bowen. Ordered a copy of his prison record from Leavenworth prison where he was doing time for auto theft. James Earl Ray did time at Leavenworth in the 1950s but am not sure if they were there at the same time and knew each other. His prison record indicated that he mailed a check to F. Ryder at 305 E Cason St. Irving Texas. The 1954 Irving City Directory shows that Homer Ryder lives at that address, and the the 1940 US census states that Homer had a daughter named Fleta and son named Dial. Looks like there is a connection between the bogus rifle work and Oswald's friend at JCS. I tracked down Grossi's son, John Bowen and interviewed him. He continues to use the Bowen name even though he knows his father's name was an alias. He did not have much contact with his father as he lived in Canada while Grossi remained in the US. One thing he did tell me was that Grossi, who was also a talented commercial artist, got the job at JCS through someone, whose name he does not know, who had tried to help Grossi abandon his criminal ways in his teens. 1940 United States Federal Census Name: Homer R Ryder Respondent: Yes Age: 43 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1897 Gender: Male Race: White Birthplace: Illinois Marital Status: Married Relation to Head of House: Head Home in 1940: German, Richland, Illinois Street: Claumont RFD 1 Farm: Yes Inferred Residence in 1935: Rural, Richland, Illinois Residence in 1935: Rural Richland Illinois Resident on farm in 1935: Yes Sheet Number: 8B Number of Household in Order of Visitation: 152 Occupation: Laborer House Owned or Rented: Rented Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented: 5 Attended School or College: No Highest Grade Completed: College, 1st year Hours Worked Week Prior to Census: 40 Class of Worker: Wage or salary worker in private work Weeks Worked in 1939: 16 Income: 370 Household Members: Name Age Homer R Ryder 43 Magdalena Ryder 38 Fleta Ryder 16 Issa Phene Ryder 13 Marcella Ryder 10 Mardella Ryder 5 Fern Ryder 3 Dial Ryder 2
  7. Jim: Am not suspicious of Ramaz but John B suggested that Harvey may have attend this school and this is why I suggested locating their yearbooks or ask for a student list. You make a good point about the Gardos being communist would most likely not send their kid to a religious school but I sent them an email yesterday asking for this info anyways. If they refuse to provide info about their students they may provide guidelines for requesting this info from a school.
  8. It he reviews these papers maybe they can be uploaded to this forum so we can review them. Correspondence can provide many new leads and names of people previously unknown.
  9. John B: i agree. Began doing research just before the internet access was available. Would visit the local Mormon church and order documents from their microfilm records. Also wrote many letters that took so long to get a response. Like the computer much better and it has made genealogical and historical research so much easier.
  10. John B: The Kellock-Taschereau Commission recommended that all people working for the Canadian government be required to have a security clearance. The government implemented this policy and everyone now has to have a security clearance done by CSIS.
  11. This is off topic but the Kellock-Tashereau Commission was created after Soviet cipher-clerk, Igor Gouzenko, who was employed at the Soviet embassy in Ottawa defected in 1945. He left the embassy with 109 documents that proved that there was a Soviet spy ring operating in Canada, the US and Great Britain. Many arrests followed his defection. There is info about him on the web and I also wrote a story about him that was published in a community newspaper in Ottawa where Gouzenko was living with his wife and child when he defected. Contacted the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, which is Canada's CIA, many years ago and asked if I could see the documents and as I recall they either said no or denied having them, but I had to try. Link to my story is below. There was a film made about Gouzenko's defection called The Iron Curtain. https://archive.org/details/gouzenko
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