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  1. John: interesting story and how she found out about his departure is worth investigating.
  2. Jim: Thanks for the info. Coup D'Etat in America mentions her connection to Harold Isaacs who was connected to a CIA front organization. The fact that she is wandering all over the world on a teacher's salary could indicate that she was a domestic contact just like Shaw.
  3. Does anyone know if any research has been done on the alleged intelligence connections of Dorothy Murret?
  4. What "La Red Avispa" could mean is that communism represented by red is going to sting represented by wasp their adversaries in the Miami anti-Castro community.
  5. Hi John: It is an English translation of "La Red Avispa". Don't know why that Spanish phrase was chosen as the name of this group.
  6. Netflix has a movie called the Wasp Network which is based on real events. Miami anti-Castro Cubans attempt to de-stabilize Cuba in the 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union. Cuban government sets up an intelligence network made up of "defectors" whose objective is to infiltrate the anti-Castro Cubans and report back to Cuban intelligence. It's the 1960s all over again and except this time they are trying to disrupt Cuba's tourism business by bombing hotels.
  7. As I mentioned in an earlier post I had spoken to Tina Tippit-Brown about the called she received in 1963 about LHO and her call to the FBI. She told me that she had made notes about the call but she could not access them as she was settling her late husband's estate. Called her today but she did not answer. Spoke to someone else who I believe is her granddaughter. She told me that this is a bad time for their family and that she would give my message to Tina asking her to call me back.
  8. Robert: Does this book elaborate on the newspaper sources for Permindex's funding, does it say how they found out about the J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation involvement with this company?
  9. Ignatieff is an interesting person given the circles he moved in. No doubt that many investigative agencies have files on him.
  10. Had a look at the tiles included in this scan and found "Commission of Inquiry Concerning Certain Activities of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police". This reminded me of a scene from the movie "JFK". Jim Garrison goes to Washington DC to meet with Mr. X aka Fletcher Prouty. During this scene someone said, and I am paraphrasing here, "that was a real barn-burner." In Canada, one of the activities the RCMP were accused of was barn-burning. After the Commission concluded its investigation the Canadian government transferred the RCMP's responsibilities for foreign intelligence to the newly-created Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
  11. Jim: When will your documentary be released?
  12. Bart: Thanks for the files. Does Malcolm plan to write a book based on his research and do you know if he has any Marguerite Oswald and Clay Shaw documents?
  13. I agree. Her employment and training records have to be located, if they exist at all. Someone she worked for as a practical nurse has to be found and interviewed. This will be difficult as many are most likely deceased by now.
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