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  1. Does anyone have a copy of Clay Shaw's military records?
  2. Jim: The corporate link is dated 2006. That may be him but Fred told me that he is retired, I think from the computer business. The company named in the article is in Toronto and he lives in Ottawa. He may be involved in private business activities but don't believe that he is a corporate board member of that company.
  3. Micah: C2C Journal is not Litwin's blog. It is an online magazine that has articles about a variety of subjects. He is only a contributor to this magazine.
  4. Jim: A few months ago I was working on Marguerite's connection to William Dobkins. I obtained copies of files pertaining to Dobkins from Marguerite's papers that she donated to Texas Christian University. Her papers included a receipt book for her work as a practical nurse. The receipts indicated that she would sometimes stay overnight at a client's home. Did not see Beulah's name in the receipt book but maybe she hired Marguerite. Her husband, John Bratton, died in 1965 and his death certificate stated that he had medical problems for 3 years prior to his death. Marguerite may have staye
  5. Jim: Once again thanks for the info and thanks to John A for responding. This is an interesting story so I did some research on her and her family. Buleau Bratton had a daughter named Betty who is named on Commission Exhibit 1873-G as Lee Harvey Oswald's sixth grade home room teacher at Ridglea West Elementary School in Fort Worth during the 1951-1952 school year. According to the 1940 census, Buleau, her husband and daughter were living with Walter and Margaret Williamson and their daughter and grand-daughter. Census says that Margaret was born in the US and her age was 53 whi
  6. Jim: Did Buleau Bratton say how she became Marguerite's roommate? Did she meet her through a mutual acquaintance or did either she or Marguerite respond to an ad for a roommate? Did she say at what address and when they lived together? Was it Marguerite's or Buleau's place? Was Harvey living with them as well and if yes did she say about him?
  7. Jim: You mentioned in a post that Harvey's mother had someone living with her who said that she overheard Marguerite speaking German. Do you know this person's name? Lee's mother also had someone living with her. The 1940 census indicates that she had a lodger named Ann Burrougher who was born in 1918. Could not find anything about her on Ancestry. Do you know if John researched this person?
  8. Saw a documentary called Three Identical Strangers which is based on the true story of three identical triplets who were separated at birth as part of an experiment to determine the impact of nature versus nurture on human development. They were raised in three different homes, one blue-collar, one middle class and one affluent, and these homes had different parenting styles. One of the them enrolled in college and noticed that people were addressing him by a different name, which was the name of one of his brothers who attended the same college. Publicity about them reached the third bro
  9. Hi Robert: Welcome to the forum. ONI's possible connection to H&L is an interesting hypothesis. Eckdahl enlisted in the US Navy reserve in 1917 and was stationed at the Experimental Station New London Connecticut. While there he worked on submarine detection. Being in the naval reserve and working on experimental naval equipment may have brought him into contact with Office of Naval Intelligence who would be interested in or may have sponsored this work. In 1919 he departed for Shanghai in China. At that time it was an international settlement controlled by various countrie
  10. John: interesting story and how she found out about his departure is worth investigating.
  11. Jim: Thanks for the info. Coup D'Etat in America mentions her connection to Harold Isaacs who was connected to a CIA front organization. The fact that she is wandering all over the world on a teacher's salary could indicate that she was a domestic contact just like Shaw.
  12. Does anyone know if any research has been done on the alleged intelligence connections of Dorothy Murret?
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