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  1. Jim: Had another look at the Blair papers finding aid. Most of their documents pertain to their political activities. There is a lot of general correspondence and family correspondence that have not been examined but based on what we have already read, including the 100 pages copied by my DP contact, it is doubtful that we will find anything. However, if everyone wants to look at these files, I will ask the Wisconsin Historical Society to give me an estimate.
  2. John B. Am always glad to make a contribution to this very important thread. Contacted Jack Dempsey's Tippit's ex-wife, Tina Tippit Brown on LinkedIn and also sent her a letter. She still lives in the same home that she and her husband lived in when they received the call. Still no response from her but will update everyone if she does respond.
  3. Have uploaded the Blair papers to Internet Archive. The documents include information about the Gardos family and Blair family genealogy. https://archive.org/details/mss234fredandmarykeithblairpapersbox5folder232pages
  4. Yes it does, this material is biographical, there is info about where his family came from but nothing about Gardos. There is a file about Gardos but he did not have time to copy it. I have contacted Wisconsin Historical Society about copying the Gardos file and will update you when they get back to me.
  5. I was wondering why you were spending so much time with discussing H & L with people who will never ever accept John Armstrong's theory.
  6. Some of the Blair papers have been copied. My contact did not have time to copy everything so he will return another time and copy some more. https://archive.org/details/blair-papers-folder-1
  7. I have been researching the Tippit family to see if I can get more info about the Tippit call. Found Jack Dempsey Tippit's former wife on LinkedIn. Will update you if she responds.
  8. John: I asked my contact not to read each file because this is time consuming. It will be faster if he copies all documents in each file. Not sure if he is going to pay to have them copied I believe that he has a camera and will copy each page. Thank you for your financial support, will update you if he does not copy all files.
  9. John: I gave him a list of files and folders to copy. These files focus mainly on family history and genealogy. Do not want him to look for specific names, instead want him to copy whole files. This is a lot easier to do than reviewing files looking for specific people. He said that he had limited time to work on the files so I sent him the list below and told him that the files are listed in order of priority. box 1 folder: Biographical Material, 1923-1979 - approx. 100 pages box 4 folder 1: Biographical Clippings, 1928-1972 - approx. 20 pages box 4 folder 14: Blair Family Genealogy - approx. 10 pages box 5 folder 2: Gardos, Grace Blair and Emil (sister and brother-in-law), 1964-1980 - approx. 20 pages box 1 folder 2-4: Correspondence, 1941-1979 - approx. 400 pages box 4 folder 3a-3b: Correspondence, Miscellaneous, ca. 1943, 1947, 1957-1980, undated - approx. 300 pages box 2 folder 7: Legal Cases, 1946-1947 - approx. 30 pages
  10. There is a Lord Edward Montagu in Shaw's telephone book. He was bisexual and went to jail for this in 1950s. He also has an estate called Beaulieu in Hampshire. During WWII it was used a school for training spies.
  11. Would not be surprised if he was connected to the FBI. Read Levenda's book and those Apostolic connections would be a good cover for people doing work for the FBI or organized crime because they would not be under suspicion because of their connection to a church. Albert Osborne was another fake priest but I never was able to connect him to Anglin of Levenda's "Wandering Bishops."
  12. You make an interesting point about the nickel story, US could have bought as much nickel from Canada as they wanted but if they had already invested in a nickel plant in Cuba they may have wanted to recoup their investment rather than shut it down and lose money. More research must be done on Shaw's alleged trip to Montreal. Ferrie had a contact in Toronto, Earl Anglin James who was a fake priest and ran a diploma mill. Not sure why he contacted him but he was probably trying to get a fake diploma. The other story circulating on the web is that Ferrie and Martin were investigating him. Over a year ago I made a FOIA to obtain his file, they told me that it will take 18 months years before I receive it.
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