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  1. John Kowalski

    Spy Wars 2018 -- San Francisco

    Are there any other videos from the March 2018 conference?
  2. John Kowalski

    Excellent Translation of Michele Metta Permindex Docs

    NATO's secret armies: operation Gladio and terrorism in Western Europe by Ganser, Daniele.
  3. Do not ask the front desk at an archive ask an archivist. An archivist can tell you if the restriction was imposed by the donor. If the donor imposed it then there is probably very little that can be done about it. If it was not imposed by the donor then you may be able to do something about it. My fight with Library and Archives Canada was won because the archives had imposed a restriction that was not imposed by the donor.
  4. John Kowalski

    Library Archives Canada Lawsuit

    Translated both documents and both use the word "proxy" in reference to Bloomfield. Proxy means acting for someone else. Bloomfield did not own any shares in either Permindex or CMC, he was acting on behalf of certain shareholders, whose names are unknown.
  5. John Kowalski

    Library Archives Canada Lawsuit

    The archives have confirmed that they are going to update their access restrictions for the Bloomfield collection by January 11. At that time all researchers will be able to access all of the documents, except for the 92 that they are subject to privilege. Will visit the archives in January 2019 to review the Bloomfield collection to ensure they gave me all of the files. After that I will have one last teleconference where I will close the case.
  6. John Kowalski

    Library Archives Canada Lawsuit

    Your welcome.
  7. John Kowalski

    Library Archives Canada Lawsuit

    Yesterday I went to the archive's lawyers office to get copies of Bloomfield's documents. Received 2 CDs containing more than 2,000 documents that the archives previously refused to release to me. They only held back 92 documents because they are deemed to be protected by solicitor client privilege. The archives provided me with a document called a "privilege log", which is a list of names of people to whom letters are addressed to, none of the names on this list are important. Have also asked the archives to update their restrictions on access to the Bloomfield collection so other researchers will be able to access them. After this issue is settled, I will probably settle the case.
  8. John Kowalski

    Robert F. Kennedy jr.

    Who prepared the statement?
  9. John Kowalski

    Robert F. Kennedy jr.

    Will be looking forward to reading it, in the mean time there is Lisa's new book. Do you know if she interviewed him?
  10. John Kowalski

    Robert F. Kennedy jr.

    The interview was on ABC on The Alec Baldwin Show." The link is below, the RFK episode is not there but may appear soon. The interview covers 2 topics, his new book and his father's assassination. You will certainly like it. https://abc.go.com/shows/the-alec-baldwin-show/episode-guide
  11. John Kowalski

    Robert F. Kennedy jr.

    Robert F. Kennedy jr. was interviewed recently by Alec Baldwin. He asked Kennedy if he knew who killed his father, and he replied that he is pretty sure he knows who was responsible. He would not say who it was, and said that there should be another investigation and that Sirhan Sirhan should be paroled. Any comments about his knowing who was responsible? Does anyone believe that he could have been able to find out who the conspirators were? Mark Lane made a similar comment at the 2013 Pittsburgh JFK conference. He said that he knew who assassinated Kennedy but could not reveal it because of some legal issue.
  12. John Kowalski

    Library Archives Canada Lawsuit

    Paz: What do you mean by respect? Do you believe that I am not being respectful to Michele after all of the work he has done?
  13. John Kowalski

    Library Archives Canada Lawsuit

    Paz: Metta says he was the founder of Permindex. He states this a number of times in his book. Being an investor is not the same as founding the company. There are also other investors in the company, does that mean that they are founders as well? If he was an investor in the company Metta should have stated that instead of saying he was the founder. A founder of a company is someone who created the company, it was the founder's idea that the company should have been created. This is not the case. Metta offers no proof in his book that Permindex was Bloomfield's idea. And again, if he founded the company, why is he not on CMC's board of director? I am also getting tired of your rants. Your responses are defensive and angry. You need to calm down.
  14. John Kowalski

    Library Archives Canada Lawsuit

    I can assure you that he was not a founder. I checked the documents that Paz said were CMC's board of directors, Bloomfield's name is not on it. If he founded the company, he would be on its board of directors. I also have a copy of the Financial Post's "Directory of Directors" for the years 1957, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962 and 1963. This directory is list of business men and the companies they are directors of. There is no reference to either Permindex or CMC for Bloomfield in this directory. This belief that Bloomfield founded this company has never been supported by actual evidence.
  15. John Kowalski

    Library Archives Canada Lawsuit

    Have not asked him for this info. Has anyone else asked for it?