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  1. John Kowalski

    Research Storage

    Here are some files I found on the McClaughry's Blog. Declassified CIA Documents: https://mikemcclaughry.wordpress.com/the-reading-library/cia-declassified-document-library/ Number 29 on the list is the Director's Log, from 1951. It is a report of events occurring in different countries that are of interest to the CIA director such as propaganda, Otto Skorzeny and the Korean war.
  2. John Kowalski

    Well...it happened

    Pinging John.....? I did not say that because I have not read that book. Have heard about that book, has it been released yet and what is the title?
  3. John Kowalski

    Research Storage

    Michael: Just began reading this thread. Really enjoy reading all the original source material. It's a really good idea. John
  4. John Kowalski

    Winnipeg Airport

    Why Winnipeg? Still do not understand why they would pick this city, of all places, to hold a meeting. The purpose of the meeting is unclear to me, anyone have any idea how it relates to the assassination?
  5. John Kowalski

    Winnipeg Airport

    I found this report about a man, whose name is redacted, who reported to the RCMP that he saw an ad in the Winnipeg Free Press about a meeting textiles meeting at the Winnipeg airport. The meeting was to be held on February 13, 1964. The RCMP confirmed that the ad had been placed in the newspaper on 3 separate dates but decided not to investigate who placed the ad even though this lead was connected to Kennedy's assassination. First link is the RCMP report and the second one is the story about the airport meeting published in the Winnipeg Free Press on May 2, 1964. https://archive.org/download/RCMPWinnipegArticle/RCMP%20-%20Winnipeg.pdf https://archive.org/download/RCMPWinnipegArticle/RCMP%20-%20Winnipeg%20Article.pdf
  6. I wrote a story about my ordeal with Library and Archives Canada that is published on Kennedys and King. It includes a quote from Harry Bloomfield, Louis Bloomfield's nephew who also wants the archives to release the papers. https://kennedysandking.com/news-items/john-kowalski-sues-over-release-of-louis-mortimer-bloomfield-papers
  7. Have no idea why they are withholding the documents from me. Can only assume that someone from Bloomfield's family asked the archives to do this or maybe it has something to do with the 2017 document release.
  8. What I expect to find are more letters from Bloomfield to his clients. Doubt that there will be a smoking gun in any of his letters because if there was something incriminating he would have removed it from his papers prior to donating them.
  9. Paul: No, Mae Brussell's assertions are all false. She writes about him operating a cabal of assassins and the FBI's Division V. There is no evidence to support this. Her beliefs about Osborne are the same as those espoused in the Torbitt Document. This document makes all of the same assertions and more. It also says that Louis Mortimor Bloomfield, the man whose files I am attempting to access, also worked with Osborne and his assassins. The Torbitt Document also claims that Osborne participated in the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968 even though Osborne died in 1966. John
  10. Hi: Another story has been written about Library and Archives Canada's refusal to grant me access to the Bloomfield files. I have sent a "Notice of Application for Judicial Review" to the Federal Court of Canada whose responsibility it is to rule on decisions made by the federal government. A local online Ottawa based newspaper called "BlackLocks Reporter" monitors the Federal Court of Canada and found my request for judicial review. One of their reporters interviewed me and wrote a story. The story is below. John Friday, March 2, 2018 Feds Seal Alleged JFK Files Library & Archives Canada has permanently sealed records donated by a Canadian lawyer allegedly linked by conspiracy theorists to the JFK assassination. The order appeared to breach a Federal Court ruling that archivists could not hide the files in perpetuity. “What Library & Archives Canada is doing is fueling more conspiracy theories,” said John Kowalski, an Ottawa researcher. Kowalski filed a Federal Court application asking that a judge compel archivists to release the records. “It makes people wonder, what is there to hide?” Kowalski said in an interview. “Was there any connection to the assignation? Was there involvement in criminal activity? Was there any connection to the CIA? By holding back these files, it just arouses my suspicion and that of others.” Louis Bloomfield, a prominent Montréal attorney and co-founder of the Canadian branch of the International Law Association, in 1979 donated 31 boxes of personal records to Library & Archives Canada for release 20 years after his death. He died in 1984. Bloomfield from 1967 was targeted by unsubstantiated press reports he was an agent for the Central Intelligence Agency with knowledge of the Kennedy assassination. “I investigated the allegation and concluded it was without foundation,” the late Liberal MP Ted McWhinney (Vancouver Quadra), wrote in 2001. “A lucrative cottage industry has developed in the United States based on wild rumours.” Researchers in 2006 won a Federal Court ruling Philipps v. Librarian & Archivist of Canada that there was no justification to withhold the files. Justice Simon Noël noted Bloomfield received tax credits for his donation under the Cultural Property Export And Import Act. “Once the term of 20 years is complete, the power of controlling access ends,” wrote the Court. However, archivists in a February 21 notice said the files would remain sealed forever since they contained confidential information. “On the advice of Department of Justice lawyers, Library & Archives Canada has closed in perpetuity records subject to client-solicitor privilege,” said the agency. Researcher Kowalski has sued to quash the order. Kowalski said records he’d accessed to date included unusual 1959 correspondence from Bloomfield to an exiled president of the Dominican Republic regarding political events in Cuba. The U.S. National Archives last October 27 released 2,800 archival records on the assassination. Some 300 files were sealed due to privacy concerns for named individuals still living, officials said. Bloomfield’s name does not appear in any records. Library & Archives Canada does not comment on litigation. By Jason Unrau
  11. Gary: Google translate did a decent job of translating the article. Archives can be slow, I requested Bloomfield's world war 2 records and was told that I have to wait 10 months. Never heard of William Sucher and the former International Firearms Company, Montreal, Quebec. How do they fit into the JFK story? John
  12. John Kowalski

    The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    Michael: The program can be found on YouTube. Search using the title below. The JFK Files : The Murder of a President - The Fifth Estate
  13. John Kowalski


    CBC's Fifth Estate has aired another interesting documentary. This time it is about the CIA's experiments that wer e carried out in Montreal in the 1950s. Brainwashed : The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/
  14. John Kowalski

    Bloomfield Papers

    David, Paul: The drug network would be a good place to look for assassins because this business is controlled by people who have no qualms about eliminating their rivals. Money laundering also is a necessity for drug dealers who need to clean their money using corrupt banks and front companies, and who else uses these methods, the CIA.