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  1. They are not weird questions, those documents are written in Italian, that is why I asked. Bloomfield's name is not included in those documents, which does not surprise me because I do not believe he founded Permindex or played a management role in the operation of CMC. Until I see a document that states otherwise, Bloomfield's role, as he described it in one of his letters, was to represent the interest of someone involved with these companies. Who this is unknown.
  2. Hi Paz: The Bloomfield court case is ongoing and I have had my first conference with the archive's lawyers, Quebec law society who have intervened in my case, and a court official. At the end of the month we will have another meeting with them to see if we can settle the issue of access to the documents with out going to court. This has been a long process but now that we have had our first meeting, there is a possibility that we can settle this issue without going to court, hopefully sometime early in 2019. On page 7 of Michele's book he states that Permindex was founded by Bloomfield, what is the source for this statement? The documents available online contain the name of different people. Do any of these documents contain the names of CMC's board of directors? Does Michele have a document that has the names of the board of directors of Permindex? John
  3. John Kowalski

    FBI shows KLEINS never got C2766

    David: Read your article about the rifle and the pistol. Excellent work. I have RCMP documents regarding their investigation of the pistol that was shipped from Canada to Seaport Traders. If you want to review them let me know and I will forward them to you. John
  4. John Kowalski

    FBI shows KLEINS never got C2766

    David: You wrote an essay about the rifle. Would like to read it, can you tell me where I can find it?
  5. Just ordered a copy as well, thank you for letting us know about it.
  6. John Kowalski

    I understand why people hate conspiracies

    The fact that there are so many theories about Kennedy's murder is not a problem. People interpret evidence differently and can arrive at different conclusions. The fact that people arrive at different conclusions has no bearing on the historical truth about what happened that day in Dallas. Whether you believe Oswald acted alone or Kennedy was killed by a conspiratorial cabal, the fact that people can't agree about what happened will not change the truth about what actually did happen.
  7. You are allowed 3 free searches but can't download but you are allowed to print. After you locate the file, on the left hand side, there is a print button.
  8. John Kowalski

    Well...it happened

    Thanks Karl.
  9. John Kowalski

    Well...it happened

    Does anyone know who Laura Meyers is?
  10. John Kowalski

    Well...it happened

    Paul: I agree, caretaker Marguerite and the real Marguerite look so different. Can't see how 3 years of aging can account for the major change in appearance in the the 1960 picture of Marguerite Claverie and the 1963 picture of caretaker Marguerite. John
  11. John Kowalski

    Well...it happened

    Jim: What evidence does the author provide for the statement below. Do you think the proof is credible? he also mentions blackmail, what proof does he provide for that? "By 1944, Aminthe Jeanne Voitier, a first cousin to the real Marguerite Claverie Oswald, may have gained possession of the real Lee Harvey Oswald from his Orphan Home. Either she kidnapped him or an agreeable exchange was made. That is doubtful, since for the next twenty years Aminthe Jeanne Voitier seemed to be blackmailing the real Marguerite Claverie Oswald, or she may have given the real Lee Harvey Oswald to another family. It is possible that the real Oswald was later adopted by mistaken identity.
  12. John Kowalski

    Well...it happened

    David: Family search has her marriage record. He was married to her in 1918. I also found a WWII registration card for a man with the same name and year of birth who lived in New Orleans. On the registration card he says that the person who will always know his address is not his wife, it's Miss May Carter 4221 St. Charles St. Harry Aloysius Carter Louisiana, Parish Marriages, 1837-1957 Name:Harry Aloysius Carter Event Type:Marriage Event Date:06 Feb 1918 Event Place:Orleans, Louisiana, United States Gender:Male Age:25 Birth Year (Estimated):1893 Spouse's Name:Jeanne Emilia Voitier Spouse's Gender:Female Spouse's Age:22 Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated):1896
  13. John Kowalski

    Well...it happened

    Joseph: That is interesting, that her sister's name becomes her middle name. I wonder how that happened. If it based on genealogical research, the person who made the family tree may have made a mistake or it could have been done deliberately.
  14. John Kowalski

    Well...it happened

    Jim: On family search there is a family tree associated with her census record and it is the same person. The"r" is a typo by the person who created the family tree. Aminthe is the correct spelling but this is the same person who died in 1965. There is also a problem with her date of birth on the US census; in 1910 it's 1894, 1920 it's 1895 and 1940 it's 1896. Did the author contact the person who made the family tree on family search?
  15. John Kowalski

    Well...it happened

    Found this on Family Search , looks like she died in 1965 and not 1981. Arminthe Jeanne Voitier 9 June 1894 – 15 May 1965 • LVFK-TWR Residence 1910 New Orleans Ward 5, Orleans, Louisiana, United States 1920 New Orleans Ward 5, Orleans, Louisiana, United States 1935 Same Place 1940 Ward 5, New Orleans, New Orleans City, Orleans, Louisiana, United States