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  1. Ruby 'wanted to be a hitman' article

    I don’t know if he was the first visitor but I remember seeing Marcello’s man in Dallas on some documentary who regularly brought Ruby food from his Italian restaurant. Like a scene from a Godfather movie.
  2. Ruby 'wanted to be a hitman' article

    Thanks, Bruce, for the fast find!
  3. A couple of years ago, I came across an article from a small community newspaper in Avon Park, Fla. that spoke with the daughter of a friend of Ruby's in Dallas. She credibly recounted their friendship and her father said that Ruby had originally told him he had moved to Dallas to become a hitman for the mob. When I went back to the link I had saved, the story could not be found. And it's not available in the newspaper's archives, either. If anyone wants to try to track it down, here's the original link: http://highlandstoday.com/hi/local-news/ap-woman-living-link-to-kennedy-assassination-oswald-murder-20150402/
  4. Lee Harvey Oswald's possessions

    Found the article: https://www.buzzfeed.com/oakton/oswalds-radio-1zk85?utm_term=.ukXw0DRnOZ#.pt3NwpyXZe
  5. Lee Harvey Oswald's possessions

    The story of Oswald’s radio is enough to send you down the rabbit hole yet again. Trying to find a great saga I read about it. As usual, ends up with researcher getting look at it and it was destroyed by FBI.
  6. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    I think I came in late for the introductions so it may have been Chesser?
  7. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    Yeah, James, my friends and family were looking for a report on all the "conspiracy nuts" at the conference. Told them there weren't any.
  8. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    Now that you mention it, James, I think the video was part of Robertson's presentation. I was confusing it with the Chesser preso. But both maintained it was two head shots I believe. And the Robertson video was the most persuasive evidence I've ever seen on a shot from the front.
  9. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    I went to the JFK Lancer conference this year and saw the presentation on the enhanced skull x-rays. I believe it was this presentation that also showed an enhanced, slow-motion HD version of the Z film. It was obvious Jackie is chasing the back of her husband's head on the limo trunk - and it's on her side. She grabs the piece of skull just before it goes off the edge and just before Hill jumps on board. An amazing act of heroism on both their parts. I too now believe JFK was shot twice in the head - one from the back and, just a moment later, one from the front. I base this on the enhanced Z film, the Jenkins/Chesser presentation, and the fact that three witnesses I spoke with all said the same thing about the sound of the shots: POW!--------------------------------POW!POW! The last two came right on top of each other, which negates the theory that one Carcano did the job. In truth, I've always questioned a shot from the front because any good conspirator trying to frame Oswald would shoot from behind. But I no longer believe that. The Dealey operation has been nearly impossible to figure out because the subterfuge started early and was fast and furious to confuse everybody. Some of it surely instigated by the conspirators and some of it was just the bureaucratic system's natural tendency to cover its arse. And we are talking about absolute experts in propaganda who ran the show. For what it's worth, here are other observations I gleaned from the conference: Buell Wesley Frazier brought up a good point - if the WC was so convinced that LHO had the Carcano in that bag, why didn't they just fit the gun back in the bag for all to see? I think he might be right - it was never done. Buell said he thinks the gun came in from the trains on the dock. That's where most packages came into the building. The owners of the Oswald rooming house said LHO was nothing like the WC made him out to be. Sociable, friendly and kind to children who loved him. Chose the room right off the dining room closest to people and activity. Two Dallas police officers lived at the same residence. The current owner and granddaughter of the original owner was 11-years-old when Lee lived there. Said her two younger brothers were fighting outside. Lee said he would take care of it. Outside she heard him say, "You're brothers and you ought to love each other. And you should never ever harm another human being." She said the incident took place two weeks before the assassination. Shocked that NOT ONE "conspiracy theory" was proffered, contrary to the media's representation of JFK researchers. Just the facts, ma'am, make of them what you will. Hancock and Simpich appeared to be closest to truth of the plot for me - when Harvey met Roselli in April '63 and Morales possibly joined them. I asked Malcolm Blunt what he thought of that meeting and he said, "You don't bring Morales unless you want to get something done. I also came with a question in my mind after hearing more about MC - what did Oswald do or learn there that he couldn't have done or learned with a couple of phone calls? Why did he actually have to travel to MC? If you believe the lone gunman theory, he traveled there to go to Cuba. But with his limited resources, wouldn't you call first? MC from NO by bus had to have been and probably still is a major undertaking and highly uncomfortable to boot, I would guess. Why not call the Russian and Cuba consulates? He kinda did anyway, allegedly. One more thought I came away with: The CIA is always claiming its files can't be released due to reasons of "national security." The only national security issue they're concerned with is the dissolution of the social contract between the American people and their government, IMHO, and what that would mean to their considerable hold on secret, unaccountable power.
  10. Helms' Lies and Obstruction of Justice

    Thanks, David. I have seen that doc but not in a while. The strange part is, of course, Oswald showed up on the DRE's radar screen in August and there are no more reports like this until mid-1964, I believe, after WC investigators visted NO. Joannides appears also have been promoted to head of psyops for JMWAVE, if I'm understanding this doc correctly. I should add that DDP is Helm's office - Deputy Director of Plans.
  11. Helms' Lies and Obstruction of Justice

    Blakey mentions that Helms' Dec '63 appointment of Joannides in his open letter. I don't know what the primary source doc but I assume he does as Chief Counsel. Would like to see it as well.
  12. Helms' Lies and Obstruction of Justice

    For me, the only way this thing makes any sense is a cabal at the highest echelon of the CIA. My summary is: David Atlee Phillips ran Oswald. Angleton oversaw 'Oswald' spook games in MC to possibly pin the assassination on the Russians, Cubans or both. Or scare away any serious investigation by introducing Kostikov. Helms oversaw NO with the help of Joannides to create proof of Oswald's commie bona fides for mass media consumption post-assassination. Harvey and Morales managed the dirty work at Dealey. Dulles did clean-up.
  13. Helms' Lies and Obstruction of Justice

    True, Paul. I believe RFK had told the agency to fire Harvey after he ran a raid on Cuba during the height of the Cuban missile crisis. Just another insubordination by CIA.
  14. Helms' Lies and Obstruction of Justice

    There does seem to be one. Maybe it all wouldn't look so bad if the CIA had been upfront with the WC that the DRE members in NO were CIA assets, instead of lying about it for decades. But then even Earl Warren would've smelled a rat and dug deeper to find the truth. And who meets up with CIA assets and the FBI in the same day? Jason Bourne and LHO, apparently.
  15. Helms' Lies and Obstruction of Justice

    Thanks, Jim. I consider that high praise indeed. David - i think JURE was the more liberal Cuban exile group that the CIA did not want in power if Castro was ever taken down. Could've been an attempt to link them to the assassination instead of the DRE in case the pro-Castro/KGB assisted cover story failed or if the lone nut cover story failed as well. I try to look at the bigger picture mostly. And what I have surmised is that Joannides is the model of subterfuge and obstruction - the CIA man who knows the most incriminating information is put in charge of liaisons to the investigations (Helms - WC, Joannides - HSCA), in charge of internal investigations (Angleton), or simply sits on the investigating body (Dulles - WC). If you're part of the conspiracy, what better way to protect your arse and maintain your cover.