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  1. Mike Kilroy

    Kent Biffle and the Oswald phone calls

    Releasing the source that told authorities about a reporter calling Oswald in Russia would effect the ‘internal’ security of the US - WTH does that mean?
  2. Mike Kilroy

    John Newman reports on a Lansdale document

    I think that’s a meeting ‘on’ Cuba Michael.
  3. Mike Kilroy

    John Newman reports on a Lansdale document

    And Alpha 66. And directing the CIA.
  4. Mike Kilroy

    John Newman reports on a Lansdale document

    And Bill Harvey, fhe insubordinate head of fhe ZR Rifle program, is also in the loop.
  5. When you think about it, how b@llsy is it to declare your suspicions about the CIA and that your family ‘had a problem’ with the agency on national TV? When your dad and uncle were major political figures that you think the CIA had a stealthy hand in their murders? I’ve heard the Irish say ‘God hates a coward.’ Then the Almighty must be very pleased with RFk Jr right now.
  6. Excerpt from review: “...the book is imbued with the spirit of the eloquent, romantic Irish-Catholic rebels whose fighting spirit and jaunty demeanor the Kennedy family has exemplified. RFK, Jr. tells his tales in words that honor that literary and spiritual tradition.” Bingo!
  7. Mike Kilroy

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    Maybe we are finally entering an era where the assassinations will receive honest analysis by the MSM rather than their lockstep agreement with the government first begun with their unquestioning support of the WR. Maybe.
  8. Just looking at the photo of LHO passing out flyers above and considering this ‘lone nut’ was: - promoting a group heavily infiltrated by CIA and FBI with a founder that wanted to turn CIA in ‘62 and officially did in ‘64 - which we just found out about in 2018 - promoting a group that would be targeted by the CIA for a propaganda operation outside the US a few weeks later (with LHO heading for Mexico two days after the CIA alerts the FBI) - only receiving publicity because he somehow found and provoked a response from the NO chapter of the DRE, a group that its founders had told Helms would not exist without continuing assistance from the CIA - messing with an anti-Castro group that Helms, second in command of the CIA but ostensibly in bureaucratic control, had re-committed the agency’s support of and hired a direct report - George Joannides - to manage it in Dec ‘62 - interfacing with a group that Helms, Joannides and others in the CIA would conspire to obstruct several federal investigations from learning about the agency’s sponsorship and control of the group. Later the agency would lie on paper to the records release board about having any knowledge of Joannides. - not only interfacing with CIA assets but requested and received a one-on-one meeting with an FBI official - all in a single day But the US intel community maintains to this day they had nothing to do with LHO but also didn’t see him as a threat, even though their DRE propaganda assets in NO stated that exact sentiment in a PRESS RELEASE shortly following their interactions with LHO. Please. Just please. How much horseshyte do they expect us to swallow?
  9. Mike Kilroy

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    Maybe America is waking from a dream... Not even a scintilla of all the mayhem the CIA did has been revealed yet, IMO. The true history of the Cold War and the use of communism to reach these bastards’ imperial goals, and their control over American society and govt. remains to be written. Now if the Post could investigate all the potential CIA suspects in the JFK case that RFK Jr. points to in his new book, that’d move the ball forward. They can start with why Helms PROVABLY lied and obstructed justice with WC and HSCA.
  10. Ditto again, Steve. This is what makes the most sense to me as well.
  11. Agree with this as well. I always felt whoever was behind the assassination wanted a war.
  12. That’s the cleanest and clearest version of an assassination conspiracy I’ve seen. Makes so much sense considering who the conspirators likely were, the available evidence and who they wanted to blame it on. It’s interesting to note that if you look at all of what we know LHO said in custody, the one thing he offered freely and repeatedly was his membership in the FPCC. It could be he felt if he stayed with the mission, he’d be OK.
  13. It was mind-blowing for me to see RFK Jr point to all of my usual suspects - Helms, Harvey, Phillips, Morales - but really only report what they did and said, and how the CIA behaved overall before and after the assassination. RFK Jr. never directly accuses anyone but they are in the book as blinking red warning lights to what looks much closer to the real story of the assassination than what the WC with all its blinders (self-imposed and otherwise) would ever know or relate to the American people.
  14. Of course the media focuses on the more sensational news of RFK Jr.’s meeting with his father’s convicted assassin. What they ignore is what RFK Jr. makes clear in his new book - that the Kennedy family now agrees with longtime JFK assassination researchers on who the prime suspects are in the case - high-ranking CIA officials like Helms, DAP and Bill Harvey.
  15. Though objectively it should be big news, I ain’t holding my breath!