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  1. Mike Kilroy

    John Kenneth Galbraith: A Hero in our Time

    Not sure how John Galbraith felt about the JFK assassination, but his son is fairly clear about his POV: http://bostonreview.net/archives/BR28.5/galbraith.html https://www.statesman.com/news/20131109/advisers-son-reflects-on-jfk-after-50-years Great article, btw, Jim. I'll be sure to check out the book.
  2. There’s been a lot of re-enactments of Oswald during the shooting. I’d like to see a re-enactment from the moment LHO gets out of Wesley’s car and: - gets the rifle in the TSBD without anyone even seeing him carrying a package into the bldg - gets the rifle to the 6th floor and stashed there with people all around without anyone seeing him - either finds a safe time and place to assemble the rifle before the shooting, or waits for the worker to finish eating his lunch on the 6th floor just minutes before the motorcade comes by and somehow knows when he’s done and goes to the 6th floor to assemble the rifle with no time to spare - somehow assembles the rifle without a screwdriver ever found I’d like to see the hilarity of someone trying to re-enact all that and make it look plausible.
  3. Thanks, Michael. I have John’s book so I’ll do some searches on McCord.
  4. I have a vague idea of McCord's possible involvement in this, Michael. Could you share a couple of good links I could review? IMO, researchers, if they are truly interested in solving this case, need to treat the American media and public like a jury. We need to provide reasonable arguments backed by compelling evidence. For me, the Helms-Phillips-Kent-Joannides connection fits the bill. You can prove all four knew about the CIA's control of the DRE and either kept quiet, lied about it or actively covered it up. And the CIA of today continues to follow their lead and withholds relevant information. That for me is incriminating and requires a full investigation.
  5. For me, the most compelling evidence pointing to the conspirators are those CIA officials who lied and covered up the agency's involvement with the DRE during the time of LHO. Richard Helms, David Phillips and William Kent all knew each other, knew the CIA was involved with the DRE during the late summer and fall of 1963, and covered up that connection and their knowledge of it. Helms personally put George Joannides in charge of handling the DRE. And the circumstantial evidence is strong that all four officials knew or were personally involved in an anti-FPCC operation in NO and Mexico City, and that this likely included the use of LHO as a witting or unwitting asset. Helms kept the WC in the dark about the agency's DRE control and committed perjury during his HSCA questioning when he said he knew of no further relevant information regarding the assassination. Helms, Phillips and Kent all kept quiet as Joannides took over as the CIA's liaison to the HSCA. Former HSCA investigator Dan Hardway does a great job summarizing the incriminating evidence against these guys here: https://aarclibrary.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Doc.-156-1.-Dan-L.-Hardway-Declaration.pdf For me, the main problem with the JFK research community is that it goes in so many different directions rather than focusing on the most compelling evidence of wrongdoing or suspicious behavior. That way the American media and public remain bewildered and confused rather than outraged and demanding answers. The tale of these four officers and their cover-up of the DRE-CIA connection and the anti-FPCC operations in NO and MC in the weeks before the assassination, as well as the decades-long refusal of the CIA to explain or release pertinent files regarding this issue, is the best evidence of conspiracy we have in this case, IMHO.
  6. That’s a compelling photo and I don’t like photo analysis zaniness either. if you scroll to the left you can see a lady and man looking behind them to their left as if they are watching the President’s car still in sight. The lady appears to have her hand on her mouth in shocked horror and disbelief. Three things: 1) Would love to know who that officer is and if he gave his testimony to anyone 2) Would like to know what the object is in front of fedora man and a similar-looking object on the vertical bridge post a little further from him 3) Very few photos of Dealey if any have captured in stark relief and poignancy the magnitude of what had just occurred. The expression on the larger gentleman to the far left says if all. And the reckless bravery of the officer is also dramatic and at least one plus for the performance of the DPD that day. Also, for some reason, this photo looks more ‘present- day’ and real than any I’ve seen.
  7. Mike Kilroy

    New document releases 2017

    I’m curious who the “highly productive agent” is that accepts no salary that they’re trying to do a favor for...
  8. Good point. Not proven in a court of law but you don’t commit felonies protecting information that’s embarrassing - you do that because the information is incriminating. My parents sat us kids down to watch the JFK funeral at the time telling us over and over again we needed to sit still and watch because it was ‘historic.’ They had no idea.
  9. Yeah maybe the American public has just been naive and well-propagandized. I wouldn’t even want to think this if the CIA hadn’t been so bold with its obstruction, perjury and dissembling over the past 5 and half decades.
  10. Didn’t see anyone post this yet. Whether you believe in conspiracy or not, this is what comes from govt intransgience on revealing intel agency secrets, especially when malfeasance is credibly suspected: http://amp.timeinc.net/time/5340472/putin-political-opponents-jfk-martin-luther-king-assasination
  11. Mike Kilroy

    Records release regarding intercepted messages

    The story is told on this Canadian broadcast starting about 3:30 in: The JFK Files : The Murder of a President - The Fifth Estate
  12. Mike Kilroy

    First Article from NY Times on Warren Report

    I don’t believe Earl Warren would buy that description of Earl Warren. Fact is we know why Warren agreed to lead the commission - LBJ told him about a little thing he learned about LHO In Mexico City that could lead the country into nuclear war - presumably Oswald’s meeting with Kostikov. Warren joined fhe commission as a duty to calm the American people with his image of integrity - not to find the truth.
  13. Mike Kilroy

    First Article from NY Times on Warren Report

    As stated previously, like a lot of good reporters, Lewis ‘got weird’ over the JFKA case. You don’t have to support a conspiracy to not write about the many flaws in the official investigation that came out over the years, including: - ignoring Ruby’s mob ties - ignoring the CIA’s lies and obstruction over its relationship with DRE during the time of LHO as well as working with the mob to whack Castro - ignoring the FBI’s laissez-faire ‘investigation’ - the lack of any independent psychiatric analysis of LHO versus the armchair ‘psychologists’ of the WC - the fact that none of the occupants of the presidential car remember the shots as described in the official investigation - the fact that at least 3 members of the WC ended up disagreeing with its conclusions - Sylvia Odio’s compelling testimony - And speaking of the law, Lewis should have been doubly pissed that the suspect was murdered in police custody and the govt saw fit to write a prosecutor’s brief with ZERO defense arguments. The MSM has NEVER taken a critical view of the official story - that fact alone should tell u there’s something strange going on. They must have felt if they acknowledged one single flaw the official story would lose ALL public support. That’s because at some level avoiding the case’s many anomalies is fundamental to the continuing stability of the country. Why that is I have no idea. But I can guess...
  14. Mike Kilroy

    First Article from NY Times on Warren Report

    Didn’t know that. Guess he never wanted to question his conclusions based in limited information from the govt - not a journalistic thing to do.