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  1. Joannides

    Thanks for this, David. I went to Dan Hardway's article in the third link and then tracked down the memo he cites where Helms promises the DRE a new CIA liaison that he will personally appoint and manage. Here is a link to that memo: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=18923#relPageId=1&tab=page (Memorandum for the Record, Mr. Helms’ Conversation with Luis Fernandez Rocha...., RIF 104-10170-10022) For me, this memo should be of incredible interest and meaning for assassination researchers. In it, Helms, the second in command of the CIA, tells the Cuban group: o Helms will essentially manage them through his intermediary - the soon-to-be-chosen Joannides - who will report directly to Helms. o Helms expresses intense interest in continuing the agency's the group despite the fact the US policy toward Cuba was then unknown and might be disagreeable to the DRE when a decision was made. o Helms also told the group's leaders that whatever that policy was, they would have to maintain it under strict confidence. He was concerned about a new policy toward Cuba being spread among the exile community. o Rocha stated that he could not guarantee the DRE would be able to continue the relationship for a change in U.S. policy toward coexistence would differ from what the DRE believes is a duty to their country. o Rocha gave Helms his "word of honor" he would inform his contact or Helms when the DRE felt they could no longer cooperate with the Agency because of the difference in what the believed in and U.S. policy. o Rocha claimed they were still anxious to cooperate with the Agency, and it was "foolish to think" that without Agency support they could continue their present level of activity. He in fact stated that "80 to 90 percent of their activity would cease" if Agency funds were discontinued. This would be "suicide," and according to Rocha, this he did not want provided a satisfactory arrangement could be reached. o Helms also tell the DRE that if they appear on TV, they should immediately contact him or the liaison. o Helms again assured Rocha of his continuing personal interest in this relationship. He wanted Rocha to deal with his Agency contact in Miami with this in mind, but he warned Rocha that although this is the case, he did not want the DRE running "end runs" on their contact on matters they can deal with in Miami. Rocha said he understood. Ten months later, Oswald interfaced with the DRE in New Orleans, securing TV, radio and print coverage. Joannides maintained a personal residence in NO. After the assassination, Helms serves as the liaison to the Warren Commission and never tells them the CIA coin-operated the DRE. During the HSCA hearings, with Joannides serving undercover as the agency's liaison to Congress (and with the CIA maintaining the agency broke contact with the DRE in 1963), Helms is asked: MR DODD: Are there other things that you can recall that might have had relevancy–things of importance, to the Warren Commission’s investigation of the assassination of an American President. Mr. HELMS – Well, I don’t know of any others. I can’t think of what they might have been, but then we might have been guilty of some other errors of omission, I don’t know. None come readily to mind. This didn’t come readily to mind at the time. [source: http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/jfkinfo2/jfk4/hscahelm.htm[mcadams.posc.mu.edu] To my mind, Helms' blatant obstruction of justice to the WC, and obstruction and perjury to the HSCA, is THE smoking gun of the Kennedy assassination. More documents released would be nice. But the problem with the assassination is that everyone gets distracted and pulled off into different directions based on the minutiae of the case. The document releases have served as more shiny objects for the media and public to ooh and ahh over, and get misunderstood usually. But we don't need more than the above. Helms' obstruction is the thread that leads to everything else. Why is the second-in-command of the CIA withholding critical evidence on the assassination of the president from the WC and HSCA? We need a full investigation into what is described above if we want to get to the bottom of what truly happened, how and why, IMHO.
  2. Buell Wesley Frazier

    Spoke with Buell at the JFK Lancer conference. He told me if the WC was so convinced Oswald brought the Carcano in that bag they allegedly found in the TSBD, why didn't they just try fit it back in the bag? Maybe the WC did. But I never saw it.
  3. Never saw the Wanted Notice on Oswald with the flash cancelled.... how the hell isn't that in every history book? If not initial suspects, the FBI and CIA should have at least been under immediate investigation following the assassination... even if behind closed doors by Congress. When you add Oswald's threatening note to the FBI and "Comrade Kostin" letter to the Russian embassy two weeks before the assassination, what else do you need to at least pin criminal negligence on these agencies? Some heads should've rolled, conspiracy or not. And Congress and DOJ should've got to the bottom of why both of the above documents happened at all.
  4. It’s a really good interview and summary of Morley’s book. That said, I think the implications of Angleton’s surveillance of Oswald went past Rockwell. If you look at the goals of Cointelpro - of spying and messing with ‘dangerous’ leftist groups and individuals - then LHO was a perfect candidate for their close monitoring and harassment. Yet somehow this guy who rings every alarm bell you could - defector, traitor, FPCC supporter, meeting with head of KGB assassination program in MC, falls through the cracks and kills the president. In some ways not even falls thru the cracks, he appears to be assisted in his activities and travels or at the very least used for an intelligence purpose. Makes the conclusions of both the WC and HSCA look like a joke.
  5. Carcano Rifle

    Yes, according to the Warren Report that I excerpted above. It’s my understanding authorities never found a screwdriver in the ‘sniper’s nest’ or anywhere else on the sixth floor. So the WR surmised he used a dime - or a ‘ten-cent coin as a tool’. For me, the problems in assembling the Carcano in the TSBD has never been fully detailed. Where does LHO do it? He couldn’t assemble it anywhere but the snipers nest without risk being seen carrying a rifle. So he must drop the bag of parts and screws behind the boxes. But he has no clue whether employees will be on the sixth floor, and indeed one account has a fellow employee there until 12:15 eating a chicken lunch. That’s just 10 minutes before the motorcade was scheduled to appear, which gives LHO that amount of time to get in the snipers nest, rip open the bag and assemble the Carcano that he hadn’t even touched for months. One screw dropping and rolling out of sight and the president isn’t killed. Seems like an awfully high pressure situation to pull off for the alleged assassin.
  6. Carcano Rifle

    That would be great. Thanks.
  7. Carcano Rifle

    Rich - Would love to know how long it takes to assemble the rifle with a dime. The WR claimed their firearms expert could do it in 6 minutes. In fact, the WR infers that Oswald had to dissemble the rifle in the Paines garage that night without beIng detected. To its discredit, the WR doesn’t make it clear it’s be well nigh impossible for the rifle to be disassembled in a rug without losing screws or other parts in its travels.
  8. That's what I thought as well from the start of this series, too, Pat. The series was dim-witted and wrong on many counts, but the positive impacts probably outweighed the negatives on helping the American people get the full truth of the assassination.
  9. Well said, Jeff. Interesting that such 'radical' observations came from two establishment media representatives.
  10. Who can figure out the History Channel’s “JFK Declassified” series? Its own history falls perfectly in line with all the other inexplicable shenanigans surrounding the JFK case itself. Earlier this fall, two episodes of the 6-part series were aired and then the series disappeared. No explanation was given even as many people contacted the cable channel to find out what happened. No one responded, either directly, on the History Channel site or on the cable channel’s social media. The episodes started appearing overseas and in Canada and interested U.S. viewers had to read written descriptions of the remaining episodes. Then, as abruptly as it disappeared, it showed back up on the History Channel with back-to-back airings of the final four episodes, looking for all the world like they wanted to bury it but still fulfill some contractual obligation. There was no promotion or explanation. Luckily, I just happened to see that the episodes were airing that night and recorded them. Not to say it was any great shakes as a serious inquiry into the assassination. Jim DiEugenio’s site did a fine job of taking down each episode here: https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-reviews/jfk-declassified-tracking-oswald-part-6 But despite it’s many failings, I kind of enjoyed watching JFK Declassified. Partly because it was the first documentary I saw on the case that actually filmed at the locations where key events took place – the likely CIA surveillance room overlooking the entrance to the Russian embassy in Mexico City, the training camp at Lake Ponchartrain, an anti-Castro Cuban safehouse in Dallas, etc. And while the producer and show host, former CIA man Bob Baer, did his best to keep his focus on Castro as the likely culprit, if you watch the show informed with the facts of the case, it was amusing to watch Baer tie himself in knots to keep from casting aspersions or suspicion toward the agency. And there was the “first” that I’ve seen in any assassination documentary -- a CIA man admitting that LHO understood “tradecraft” by the way he conducted himself. Then last week, without any notice again, another episode appeared, this one focused on Baer riffing on the new document releases. And this is where things got interesting. While Baer spent most of the hour heading down the same old worn path that the Russians, Castro or combined evil Commie forces killed the president, in the end he doesn’t seem too convinced of that scenario any longer. He reads the now fully released Nov. 24 Hoover memo distributed two hours after LHO is murdered – the “public must be convinced…” one. As usual, he mischaracterizes Hoover's statement as new, but it does get Baer riled up. Here’s some of his reaction to the memo (or something to this effect): “He should be screaming ‘I need to know the facts on this guy!’ “It’s not appropriate for the head of an investigative body to be shutting down the investigation.” “This is a political response to a criminal act.” “It’s basically an order to all FBI agents and field offices not to investigate. It’s a cover-up.” Baer then gives Hoover a pass and says he is reacting this way to avoid nuclear war. But then another memo is released that shows Hoover barely reacting to LHO being killed and saying they had told DPD the FBI had received threats against the alleged assassin’s life. Baer reacts: “The FBI should’ve been there protecting LHO. After learning of the threat, they didn’t send agents to protect him. The FBI did nothing pro-active. It’s almost a relief for the FBI that LHO isn’t around. Because they can write the whole case off. They want him dead. Everyone wants him dead. They easily could’ve kept LHO alive – they chose not to.” “The FBI and CIA did not seem to care. It’s either colossal incompetence or an organized cover-up. Since 1963, we’ve been kept in the dark about who killed JFK. 54 years later we’re starting to get real evidence. It’s certainly not a lone wolf.” “Now the intelligence community is pressing the POTUS to withhold files. There’s always the possibility it’s not to protect sources and methods - it’s to protect themselves.” “It’s embarrassing what they knew.” When asked what he’s looking for in the next releases, Baer says, “The FBI’s connection to Jack Ruby. What the FBI knew about Jack Ruby and his connections to mob. Why are they trying to hide it?” The FBI’s “connection” to Ruby? Never heard of that line of inquiry before. After seeing this episode, I’m not sure what Baer’s game is. He seems sincere in his passion to solve the assassination mystery, at least in his own mind. But he also makes huge factual errors, never points to CIA malfeasance and obstruction, takes credit for breaking news that has been known for years, and constantly pushes the Castro did it line with Russian help theory. Most times, he just seems to be sent to muddy the waters yet again for the public. But those last few minutes of this episode make me think he’s a witting or unwitting part of an operation to create a “soft landing” when the final files are released. In other words, narrow culpability down to a few scapegoats in the intelligence community from decades ago and help the agency escape permanent institutional damage. Anyway, if you want to see the episode, you can find it here: http://www.history.com/shows/jfk-declassified-tracking-oswald/season-1/episode-7
  11. Oswald Hitchhiked

    Not sure if this has been noted on this forum before but I never knew it - Oswald hitchhiked. Long before the days of Uber, people would hitchhike as a mode of transportation. I know my dad did in the 50s to travel across Ohio to see my mom. Hitchhikers were a fairly a common sight in the post-WWII era. Ruth Paine mentions Oswald hitchhiking in her WC testimony: Mr. JENNER - Did any conversation ensue as to how he had, by what means he had come from Dallas to Irving? Mrs. PAINE - Yes. He then said that he had hitchhiked out, caught a ride with someone who brought him straight to the door, a Negro man. Mr. JENNER - To your door? Mrs. PAINE - Yes. To whom he said that he had been away from his wife and child and he was just now getting home, and the man kindly brought him directly to the door. Might explain how Oswald got around at times when no other explanation is plausible.
  12. For me, that was the most enlightening and compelling presentation of the conference.
  13. How the FBI lost the rifle's fingerprints

    Thanks for replying, David. I've ready a few books that attempt to make it 4-6 bullet sounds. But after speaking to 3 witnesses personally, each with the identical description and based in different areas of Dealey, I'm going with that. So saying there were only 3 is somewhat anti-CT. I think the WC and DPD have supporting witness testimony that backs it up - 3 shots, two coming on top of each other at the end. Did Oswald have a dime on him when arrested? So you think he dropped his bag in sniper's nest when he came into the building and then later put it together with a dime with the clock ticking there? I'd love to see a re-creation of someone putting together a working Carcano with a dime in a few minutes. At least one writer I've seen said he couldn't do it.
  14. How the FBI lost the rifle's fingerprints

    David - I've always wanted to ask the lone nut theorist - where and when did Oswald assemble the rifle? There was no screwdriver found in the 'sniper's nest.' I never heard of any screwdriver being found on the Sixth Floor. He HAD to assemble it on the 6th floor but there were people up there until as late as 12:15 - 10 minutes before the motorcade was due to pass by. He couldn't assemble it on another floor and bring it up to the 6th. The Carcano also broke down into about 9 different parts as I recall with screws. Was all that stuff rattling around in the "lunch" bag that Wesley Frazier said in no way was big enough to even carry the disassembled rifle? (And Wesley made a good point to me personally at the recent JFK Lancer conference - did the WC ever place the disassembled Carcano back in the bag that was found themselves to see if it fits instead of badgering him to say it did?). And one more thing - the majority of witnesses said the shots came Pow!......[long pause].........Pow!Pow! How did the Carcano, which the FBI said takes at least 2.5 seconds to recycle, manage those last two shots that were nearly on top of each other?
  15. Max Holland Says Enough!

    The glaring"fact pattern" of CIA lies, subterfuge and obstruction around the assassination points to an agency cabal to me featuring Harvey, Phillips, Morales, Helms and Angleton with Dulles playing clean-up. Would love to see any additional info from Malcolm, a dedicated fact-based researcher. The facts of the actual shooting are so in dispute because of the rush to judgment on a lone shooter behind the president, and the FBI mangled so much evidence and clearly never investigated any other possibility, the "best evidence" to my mind are in the "document forensics" that Blunt, Newman, et al do. I think it would be great to put together a clearly presented, brief declaration of where the facts stand on agency guilt with links to real documents that gets sent to every single media person every single time they cover the assassination. I've done that in my own way with several reporters and did get some positive feedback, but no breakthrough stories, of course.