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  1. A Sixth Floor Shooter per Hemming

    In my opinion, both Gerry Hemming and “Tosh” Plumlee are frauds. They try to bury us in half truths and details os the assassination already revealed by honest investigators to get us away from the WHOLE (real) picture or make us believe they are benevolent in furnishing vital information. And for them to appear somewhat less than murderers (actual or complicit). GabyStan
  2. Wynne and Vicki, Southland Center 1963

    Joe, thank you for sharing your recollection of some precise facts from way back in 11/22/63. It seems to me - and you’re confirming it here - that ONLY George Herbert Walker Bush does not remember where he was on that fateful day... :-( About the Polka Dot girl I cannot say much yet, since I am yet to see Part 4 of Southland Center 1963, but I’ve read this Patrick Nolan book https://www.amazon.com/CIA-Rogues-Killing-Kennedys-Assassinate/dp/1634502736 which got me into the Polka Dot lady search (with no relevant results yet) and, thus, bought this other https://www.amazon.com/Polka-File-Robert-Kennedy-Killing-ebook/dp/B01G99QICE/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1515168252&sr=1-2&keywords=polka+dot that I will read in the near future. :-) Cheers, GabyStan
  3. Wynne and Vicki, Southland Center 1963

    Michael, allow me to put this right: Mr. Johnson said he first intended to use a pseudonym, but then considered it not being thruthful to his 100% objectivity and thus used her real name, Vicki. With i, not y. Then, later on, he started reading a novel of David Atlee Philips and stumbled upon a character named Vicky. At that point he stopped reading the book for good, because he did not want that character named Vicky to interfere with the real Vicki from his story. Hope that answers your dilemma. Cheers, GabyStan
  4. Wynne and Vicki, Southland Center 1963

    I am sad to find out the e-mail address of Wynne Johnson (shared along with Part 4 of his videos) is no longer available. I wrote him a message about the videos vanishing from both Vimeo and YouTube. Sadly enough, Mr. Johnson appears not to be answering here any longer, I hope he’s OK! :-( Any idea how can those videos be downloaded for safe-keeping and maybe even sharing? Thanks! GabyStan
  5. Wynne Johnson

    Following the videos from Wynne Johnson, I’ve noticed they keep on disappearing from both Vimeo and YouTube. Worried about their further vanishing, I tried to download them, but without any success. Even as they are now, I found them very, very hard to locate, without stumbling onto a direct link to them, so I feel spreading them to more than one location, by more than one person, is badly required. No offence, but God knows what can happen to Wynne and, thus, his videos could be lost forever. So far they have enjoyed little popularity - no wonder, since they are so difficult to find. See, as I’m writting this, I made a check upon the videos again and, no wonder, found that part 1 is no longer available on Vimeo (only parts 2 and 4) and part 3 (from the link I’ve posted above) is no longer available on YouTube. Some smart xxx (intelligence?!) guys do a really fine job of making them disappear. Let us do an even better job of spreading them around... I’m first one in! P.S. A ”JFK assassination” tag besides ”Southland Center” should make them easier to be discovered by investigators.
  6. Wynne Johnson

    Excellent work, Wynne! We all appreciate your recollections' sharing with us, since it is of such great value for all JFK investigators. I am still to see parts from 3 onwards, but noticed part 3 is no longer valid on Vimeo, but instead I found it here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynx69SWrxTU Southland Center 1963, Part 3 Can you tell us here those parts of your story that you found puzzling and did not want to record in the films? I am very much interested in every piece of information you can give us, since I am convinced of your honesty about it all. Thank you! Cheers! Gabriel
  7. Introduce yourself here

    My name is Gabriel Stan and I live in Romania. Although graduated in electromechanical engineering, I work as a librarian since 2001. My „passion” is Truth and thus I went through philosophy and currently am a student of the JFK assassination and that’s how I found about this Forum. The subject is vast and my findings cover all sorts of clandestine operations perpetrated by secret organisations and services around the world - which I trully and deeply detest. By the way: I hate money! It is the worst and utmost corruptor of minds and souls. Essentially, we need so few of it to be happy... Hopefully, besides learning about information of great interest to me, I can, for my part, bring some of my findings to your attention and interest. As a seeker of truth and wisdom, my guiding motto is the socratic „know thyself”.