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  1. Zach Jendro

    Lee Harvey Oswald's possessions

    Unfortunately, the link seems to be broken? I checked it out on the Wayback Machine... this is not the same device. His Soviet radio had a different entry in the early inventories. It seems there were two electronic devices and the author of the article has either confused the two or somehow their story has been melded into one.
  2. Zach Jendro

    Lee Harvey Oswald's possessions

    Sedalia (Missouri) Democrat of April 9, 1969. Read the website... all of the information is there.
  3. Zach Jendro

    Lee Harvey Oswald's possessions

    Dear Paul, Thank you for your response. To answer your posts by the number: 2. RE: Marina lying. New York Times. Sept. 14, 1978. Article by Nicholas M. Horrock. "She (Marina) admitted under questioning that because of what she called ‘brutal’ pressure by the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents who questioned her after the assassination she had deliberately lied in some instances, but she said Wednesday that what she was saying now or what she had said in her book was the truth.” I covered where the camera came from in the article. It has no provenance as being owned by Lee Oswald. Period. When you take into consideration that Marina admittedly lied, anything she had to say should not be considered to be accurate, about any subject. 3. Please take no offense to this, but I would suggest you take a harder look at the Red Cross, the same organization which gave Oswald his stipend while he was in the USSR... which was not some kind of Soviet organization, as the Warren Commission stated. Please read the website for more information on this topic. 4. It is not that he tried to join underage that is the mystery, but that he had a powerful New Orleans attorney named Clem Sehrt who assisted in the procurement of a phony birth certificate. Once again, I would hope that you would read the writings. 5. Most of the items in Oswald's possession were photographed, sir, but as I have documented in the writing, the microfilm of these photographs was not handed over to the DPD in a timely manner, as promised, and it is unsure if they even got a complete collection, as it took them decades to return all of the photographs. Also, not all of the items were photographed, including the American Bakeries pay voucher and the Cox's Department Store box top. 6. It is not common for someone to have a counterfeit bill. And for that person to be an accused murderer. And for that counterfeit bill to disappear. You are trying to tell me that the fact that Oswald evidently had a counterfeit bill on him is not important? Are you aware of the counterfeit operations which involved the Cuban exile community? 8. As I explain in the article, defense contractors did do background checks on their employees in 1963. In fact, many employers did. This wasn't the Stone Age. JCS was handling classified military materials. You think they just hired people off the street and didn't bother to check such things? That is kind of hard to believe. Also, why didn't the IRS look into it? He was receiving pay with an incorrect SSN. It isn't quite so easy to dismiss these things.
  4. Zach Jendro

    Lee Harvey Oswald's possessions

    Do you have any additional information about it? I can only assume it was a radio. He also had a Soviet made radio but these were two separate items.
  5. Zach Jendro

    Lee Harvey Oswald's possessions

    Hi Gary, my wife and stepchildren are Canadian. My wife is a JFK researcher, also, but she is not on the forum. I live in Ontario part of the year until my immigration is sorted out. Nice to meet you and thank you for the nice welcome!
  6. Zach Jendro

    Lee Harvey Oswald's possessions

    Micah, do you not understand that counterfeiters were passing dollar bills with the same serial number as the bill that was supposedly in Oswald's possession? Do you know what the odds of having two bills with the same serial number are? There are over 3 billion different number and letter combinations. You think that is a coincidence?
  7. Zach Jendro

    Lee Harvey Oswald's possessions

    Here is the quote from the article: "According to a note found among the inventory paperwork concerning Oswald’s possessions, the accused assassin had halves of two one-dollar bills in his wallet. Both of these items have disappeared. Many observers, including researcher John Armstrong, have felt that these fragments were to have been used as some form of signal for a rendezvous, a sort of spy ID. (The above-mentioned Cox’s box top has also been theorized to have been such a device.) While evidence for these fragments are scant, it is known that, as reported in the Sedalia (Missouri) Democrat of April 9, 1969, counterfeit $10 bills (1963 Series) were passed in Sedalia which featured the same serial number as one of the Oswald bills (F38355215A). This strongly indicates that Oswald may have been involved in some way with (or possibly investigating) a counterfeiting operation at the time of the assassination."
  8. I would like to discuss a research project I have been working on for the past couple of years concerning Lee Oswald’s possessions and what they mean. I had started to become a bit frustrated with my own research as I continued to go further and further down “the rabbit hole” and I decided to pull everything back in to focus. I decided to view this case as a crime, rather than a conspiracy theory. I figured the best way to understand the crime was to look at the physical evidence owned by the suspect. I had decided to examine how it was gathered and analyzed, first of all. Then, I wanted to look at the items to see what kind of story they told. I believe this research has uncovered some new leads which have not been fully explored. Some of the topics have been discussed, but deserve to be reexamined. I am hoping that some of the members here can shed some light on some of these subjects. A short and incomplete list of some of the topics: 1. The search for evidence about Oswald’s trip to Mexico. How was it that the bus ticket (the strongest evidence which supported Oswald in Mexico) appeared in Marina’s brown suitcase six months after it had already been searched, particularly during a time when the Warren Commission was scrambling to place Oswald in Mexico? There was a distinct pattern of important pieces of evidence appearing out of thin air after thorough searches. Also, Lee had a bar of Mexican soap at his boarding room, as well as some other small items from Mexico. I know he said he had been in Tijuana (I assume he meant while he was in the Marines) but it is really interesting that he had a bar of soap as that is something that people generally do not keep as a keepsake for too long and he didn’t really have many keepsakes at Beckley. 2. The Imperial Reflex camera has no real provenance, other than it came from Robert Oswald and turned into the WC in March 1964. There really is no evidence that Lee even owned it, other than Marina’s word, which should not be accepted at face value since she admitted that she lied to the Commission due to threats from the FBI. In fact, during her HSCA testimony, she would not even positively identify it. 3. What is the connection between Oswald and the Red Cross? The Red Cross had assisted Lee in getting his hardship discharge in 1959. The Red Cross was the organization which also gave Lee his living expenses in the Soviet Union. Lee sent his mother to a Red Cross office to attempt to gather funds to return home. Then, the State Department got intervened immediately as a result of this transaction. Finally, Oswald mentioned the Red Cross by name in the “Walker Letter” as a place for Marina to get help if he got arrested. This organization was lurking in the background since Lee was in the military and played some pretty important roles. The Warren Report lied about the role of the Red Cross in the USSR and when one looks at the history of that organization, it is pretty apparent that it has been used a s cover for espionage activities. This needs to be examined further. 4. The story of Oswald’s birth certificate is really important. Too much to talk about here, but why was a Marine recruiter pressuring Marguerite to get Lee to forge his birth certificate to join the Marines below the standard enlistment age? What made Lee so important and different than any other kid? Also, it seems the recruiter was already discussing sending him to Japan at that early stage. This is just the tip of the iceberg for this mystery. 5. Most intriguing of all are items I call “mystery items” which have never been fully explained, such as an “electronic device of an unknown nature” which had a broken brown plastic case. It was entered into inventory after the DPD picked it up at Beckley and was never seen again. What was this device? 6. The two dollar bill halves supposedly in Lee's possession. The serial number of one of the bills matches exactly with counterfeit bills which were passed in Sedalia, MO. This is too big to be a coincidence. Was Lee involved with some kind of counterfeit operation? 7. A mess pass made out to “Sgt. Oswald” for the Zebra NCO club in Yokohama, Japan, which was a club frequented by NCO’s from Atsugi. Oswald was not a sergeant... how did he get this pass and why did he have it? He should not have even been allowed in the club and this corresponds with other reports of him going off base to the various social clubs. What does this all mean? 8. Oswald worked at Jaggars with someone else’s Social Security Number. This was the only instance of him working with an incorrect SSN and it just so happens that it was at a facility which dealt with classified military materials. Are we truly to believe that Oswald was allowed to work at JCS, a military contractor while the Cuban Missile Crisis was going on, without any kind of a background check AND with an incorrect SSN? I have never posted here before. I don’t believe this is breaking any of the rules as I am not selling anything. If this is improper, I apologize, but I really would just like this material to be examined because I think there are some new leads here. The link to the website is below. Thank you very much for your consideration. https://debunked.wordpress.com/the-possessions-of-lee-harvey-oswald/