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  1. Roscoe White

    I'm still asking and anyone is welcome to offer their opinion, if Lee Bowers saw two gentlemen behind the fence of the grassy knoll, two men that he considered to be strangers because everyone else he saw he recognized, who might these two men be? Any thoughts? And again, Paul...Just because YOU don't have the answers to certain questions, doesn't mean someone ELSE doesn't have the answers. Even Lee Bowers had much more information that he chose not to share with the government, but he did share with friends and his pastor before he died. Maybe you think there is a correlation between how many books you've read or how many years you've studied to how much truth you really know. I'm sorry to break it to you, but life doesn't work that way. My father hadn't read one book about JFK because he didn't have to. He heard it first hand as LBJ talked to many different people. He knew the names, the locations of the shooters, the person who delivered the final head shot and everything else. To be honest, he probably regretted ever hearing those things. But, like I said...life doesn't work that way. Let's take Carlos Marcello and Santo Trafficante for example. Wiretaps were instrumental in gaining information pertaining to the JFK assassination. We have the confessions of New Orleans Mafia Godfather Carlos Marcello confessing his involvement in the JFK assassination on several occasions. We also have conversations which reveal Florida Mafia Godfather Santo Trafficante expressing involvement in the assassination, even making a deathbed statement to his attorney, Frank Ragano. What about conversations that took place between Santo Trafficante and Miami businessman, Jose Aleman, in 1963, shortly before the assassination: Trafficante: "Have you seen how his brother is hitting Hoffa...mark my word, this man Kennedy is in trouble and will get what is coming to him." Jose Aleman: "Kennedy will be re-elected". Trafficante: "You don't understand me. Kennedy's not going to make it to the election. He is going to be hit". Afterwards... Jimmy Hoffa: " I told you they could do it. I'll never forget what Carlos and Santo did for me". Carlos Marcello: "When you see Jimmy, you tell him he owes me and he owes me big. I had the little son-of-a-bitch killed, and I'd do it again...I wish I could have done it myself". And after Giancana was murdered, Trafficante said, "Now there's only two people alive who know who killed Kennedy, and they ain't talkin'". Trafficante on his deathbed to his attorney: "Carlos xxxxed up. We should have not have killed John. We should have killed Bobby." This is just a small sampling of all the wiretapped conversations we have.
  2. My theory on who fired the fatal shot

    I'm new still but please let me offer some advice...Let's be kind to each other. Everyone is attached to their own ideas and they have personal ownership in them. Even when you challenge a person's ideas and not the person directly, you can still hurt their feelings. Even the smallest amount of sarcasm in the form of an emoji or in the form of words can sting. Every mother who ever said the phrase sticks and stones was wrong. Words, no matter how well concealed, can hurt.
  3. Tommy, I have. Please allow me to clarify. The local school district wanted me to write a book for the 8th grade students because their textbooks didn't cover the assassination of JFK. Their book did mention he was assassinated, but it doesn't go into detail. So, I wrote the book for them (at their expense) and it is used in the classroom to supplement the textbook. My future goal is to write a book geared towards adults which will be much longer in length and contain more details adults could keep track of. That's one of the reasons I enjoy this forum because everyone knows so much in terms of minute details. So please allow me to ask again. E. Howard Hunt mentions a French Gunman on the Grassy Knoll. Is there a possibility of that person being Lucien Sarti? Thanks, Rich
  4. Thomas, Thanks. So when E. Howard Hunt mentioned the French Shooter he wasn't referring to Lucien Sarti? He's a Corsican assassin as well. Rich
  5. Thomas, Please forgive me. I don't know who Soutre or Metz are. I don't know who Mr. T is and I don't know who Igor is. Could you help me out with this? Rich
  6. When did the Coke Appear?

    Doesn't anyone find it odd that the President of the United States is driving right in front of your building and you are not outside with everyone else watching or taking pictures? I'm sorry but this simply doesn't make sense. And according to Marina Oswald, her husband admired Kennedy. He liked his policies. I truly believe that Prayer Man is Oswald taking pictures with his Imperial Reflex camera. If you aren't willing to go that far, then may Oswald was eating his favorite lunch (a cheese sandwich) and watching the parade from just outside the door. I find it difficult to believe that Oswald was on the first floor and didn't buy is all-time favorite soda, Dr. Pepper and came to the second floor to buy a Coke. The only reason he would do this would be if the Dr. Pepper machine wasn't working or was out of Dr. Pepper.
  7. Roscoe White

    Lee Bowers wasn't highly educated however no one questions his testimony. Only a fool would question Lee Bower's testimony as he is the most important witness to what happened on and behind the fence of the grassy knoll.
  8. Thomas, You're right! A person doesn't have to write a book to prove what they know. This forum is a rough place at times, if you present something and try to back it up with facts and sources, people still hammer you to death because they disagree with you. I would be interested in knowing what your thoughts are about something. On the day of the assassination when Lee Bowers, whom I consider to be the best witness to multiple shooters in Dallas, as he had a bird's eye view of Dealey Plaza from a high spot looking down toward the grassy knoll, reported seeing one" middle-aged" man who was "fairly heavyset" wearing a white shirt and dark trousers. Bowers also reported seeing a man in his "mid-twenties" wearing either a plaid shirt or plaid coat. These men were the only two strangers in the area. Do you have an opinion as to who these two men might have been? Rich
  9. Thomas, If you read Joseph McBride's book, "Into the Nightmare" you will see on pages 221 and 222 that GDM and the Paine's were the handler's for the Oswald's. What books have you written Thomas? Please, let me know so I can purchase them and read them. Thanks in advance.
  10. Rich Pope

    Okay...My copy of "Into the Nightmare" by Joseph McBride just arrived today. I guess I didn't realize this book is 675 pages long. It will be a while before I can comment on it.
  11. If you have an extra 2,800,000 laying around, you can purchase LBJ's ranch house located at 377 Shiloh in Johnson City, Texas.
  12. GDM was a CIA asset and Lee Harvey Oswald's handler.
  13. Let me offer some information. The people who work for the CIA are called, "Officers", not "Agents". If I'm in clandestine services and I turn someone in Russia to give me information for money, I'm the officer and the person I turn is the agent. And that's my entire job, turning people to give me what I want. If the person is poor, I can offer money. If the person is socially awkward, a pretty girl can usually get the job done. Maybe the person has a sick child. Then offering free medical treatment in the US for important information will work. The trick is finding what the person needs and then making a deal.
  14. Rich Pope

    Paul, Thanks for the questions and your explanation about the WC. My father's vantage point was listening into phone conversations between LBJ and Edward A. Clark, as well as LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover. There are other conversations with different people as well. Because my father oversaw the installation of the telephony equipment at LBJ's Ranch in Johnson City, Texas, it was his job to make sure the system was highly secure and working properly. The only thing I'm not sure about is....was my father just curious or was he asked by someone in the government to listen in and then report what he heard. Something very odd was after my father died and we started going through his things we found all sorts of stuff. For example, the combination on his brief case was 007. He had a stock certificate in a frame hanging on the wall when Southwestern Bell became a stand-alone company after Divestiture. He had stock number 007. Not stock number 001, or 002 like you would imagine. And even though he had several firearms, his favorite was a Walther PPK. I'm sure you recognize this as the famed handgun of James Bond. Paul, you really would have liked my father. You're both very intelligent and you probably could have spent hours talking about the assassination and comparing notes. Rich