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  1. Rich Pope

    CIA Codenames

    Don't forget LBJ was GPLOGIC.
  2. Rich Pope

    Camera Equipment

    After the assassination, investigators found over $3,000 worth of camera equipment belonging to Oswald. I've been told the Minox camera was very expensive. What about the rest of the equipment? Do you think this estimate is too high?
  3. Rich Pope

    Shell Casings

    John, I can't trust something I believe to be tampered with. The Z-film, in my humble opinion, was tampered with.
  4. Rich Pope

    Marina is right : it's Lee !

    James, Are you positive that Oswald is the man who shot Tippit?
  5. Rich Pope

    CIA Codenames

    GP is anything having to do with JFK and GPFLOOR was Oswald's designation AFTER the assassination. It is used for any memo or report in which Oswald was mentioned.
  6. Rich Pope

    Shell Casings

    John, Thanks for the link.
  7. Rich Pope

    A Lie Too Big To Fail by Lisa Pease

    It can be more than one person, too. QJ/WIN1...QJ/WIN2... Etc...
  8. Rich Pope

    Too Much Static

    David, Good points. I don't know.
  9. Rich Pope

    Too Much Static

    Paul, You're right. The Joint Chiefs did want a false flag near the end of 1963. And, yes...JFK would have none of it. I'll do some digging to see if I can find out if LBJ was presented with the same offer.
  10. Rich Pope

    Too Much Static

    They didn't feel like they could wait until the next election. Time was of the essence. Russia had missiles in Cuba and the fear of WWIII was creating an urgency. Now, I have studied the idea that an Operation Northwoods type scenario was used as a reason to invade Cuba. I believe 9/11 was based on the ideas put forth in Operation Northwoods.
  11. Rich Pope

    Too Much Static

    James Angleton was convinced there was a mole leaking intelligence information to Russia. Since at the time, only a handful of people in Washington received intelligence reports, Angleton had an idea. He would place different identifiers in each report so that on the surface, all of the intelligence reports appeared to be identical when in fact, they weren't. Then Angleton checked with his source in Russia and found the person leaking the information and that person was JFK. Yes, there were a lot of people mad at JFK. We've all seen the list...the mob, big oil, military-industrial, Hoover, Dulles, etc...but JFK was seen as a national security risk when it was apparent he was leaking US intelligence.
  12. Rich Pope

    Too Much Static

    It's good to have a sense of humor, even though we spend a lot of time talking about such a serious topic. But as I just posted, JFK was a national security risk. That's why he was murdered.
  13. Rich Pope

    Too Much Static

    Look, it's easy. JFK was seen as a threat to national security. Executive action was the only option. Now you know the "why" you've been searching for. You're welcome.
  14. Rich Pope

    Too Much Static

    You're a silly, silly man.
  15. Rich Pope

    Too Much Static

    I know they work triple-time to cover up Why. I've been here and I've seen it discussed by David Talbot, Jim DiEugenio, and several others. You're not going to get the "why", ever.