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    Oswald's Wallet

    Howdy. I was reading in the National Archives that Lee Oswald left his wallet in the dresser drawer in Marina's room at Ruth Paine's house. However, a local TV newscast showed footage taken by the local ABC affiliate WFAA on that date more than 50 years ago. In the film Dallas police captain Pinky Westbrook can be seen handling a wallet at the scene of Tippit’s murder. It appears to be the wallet of the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. So, who's telling the truth? Rich
  2. Rich Pope

    Oswald's Real Target

    In an attempt to have this discharge reversed, Oswald wrote to then Secretary of the Navy Connally on January 30, 1962, stating that he would "employ all means to right this gross mistake or injustice." Connally had announced two weeks before Christmas in 1961 that he would seek the Texas Governorship. I imagine that by the time the letter reached Connally, he didn't want to deal with the request and just passed it on to his successor. However, instead of writing a letter to Oswald explaining what his intentions were in handling Oswald's request, Connally sent this...
  3. Rich Pope

    Oswald's Real Target

    By early 1962, Oswald was disenchanted with Soviet life and wanted to return home. He was now saddled with a wife, Marina, and a child, and he knew that someone with a ninth-grade education, who had spent time in Russia and had an undesirable discharge on his record, would have few prospects in America.Oswald wrote a heartfelt plea to Connally, a fellow Texan and the head of the Navy Department, the civilian overseer of the Marines. In poignant terms Oswald asked Connally to redress what was a transparent miscarriage of justice. What he got back a month later, in February 1962, was a classic bureaucratic brushoff. The dismissive letter arrived in an envelope with Connally's smiling face on the front, bursting from a Texas star and announcing his bid for the Texas governorship. So Oswald wrote his letter BEFORE Connally was governor.
  4. Rich Pope

    Oswald's Real Target

    I've always wanted to view Lee Oswald as completely innocent of everything that happened on 11.22.63. However, I have a gut feeling that Lee might have been on the 6th floor but instead of shooting at JFK, he might have been shooting at Texas Governor John Connally. Any thoughts on that? Rich
  5. Rich Pope

    Letter to Connally

    It has been suggested to me that the letter Lee Harvey Oswald sent to John Connally was sent after Connally became the Governor of Texas. I have no idea why this misinformation is being floated. Lee Oswald sent the letter to Connally when he was still the Secretary of the Navy. In addition, the shells that were found on the 6th floor of the TSBD were laying neatly in a row, no more than an inch apart, all facing the same direction. Yet the weapon that was found was a 7.65 Mauser and the shell casings didn't match the caliber of the rifle.
  6. Rich Pope

    Let's Use Only Established Documents

    Hi. Now we come to opportunity. We've seen many had the motive and the means, but what about the opportunity? Since President Kennedy's parade route was constantly changing and both Dallas newspapers were publishing conflicting parade routes, the only people who had opportunity are the ones who were in control and had authority over the parade route. These people then passed the information onto the shooters who could then get into position. Otherwise, everyone else didn't have a clue where the president would be driving.
  7. I'm convinced IF Oswald shot a rifle that day, he was trying to hit Connally. Oswald respected JFK and had no beef with him at all. It is interesting to note two things: 1. LBJ wanted Connally in HIS car, not riding with JFK. Maybe it was because Connally might get hit with gunfire. 2. Before the shooting started, LBJ ducks down in his car. Why? Because he knew what was going to happen. Rich
  8. Rich Pope

    Let's Use Only Established Documents

    Good Afternoon! So, after motive and means we are going to think about the key words "plausible deniability". This is critical because if the assassination were successful, there must be no way to pin it on one person. This is why all of the people who wanted JFK dead and had the means to contribute in some fashion to the assassination, had to be in it together so that the trail of evidence would never lead to one person. There are interviews on Youtube of people who say there were probably at least 30 people who were part of the assassination conspiracy. Now we all know after the fact that many of these people were expendable and there were plans to get rid of them so that only a hand-full of people truly knew most if not all of the details. But that's beside the point. Plausible deniability is the key. Not all of the people involved in the assassination knew all the components. Information was compartmentalized and on a need to know basis. But there was that last meeting at Clint Murchison's house which included: 1. J. Edgar Hoover and his lover Clyde Tolson. J. Edgar Hoover was going to be forced into retirement but LBJ made him FBI Chief for life. 2. The two Brown Brother's of Brown Harriman 3. Cliff Carter 4. John Connally. Lee Oswald was on the 6th floor of the TSBD shooting at him for not upgrading his military discharge status. 5. Senator Joseph Yarborough 6. Joseph Civello 7. Earl Cabal 8. John McCloy 9. Carlos Marcello 10. Jack Ruby 11. Richard Nixon 12. H L Hunt 13. Malcolm "Mac" Wallace. LBJ's person assassin who was an expert marksman. 14. LBJ. Was facing 4 felony counts. Becoming president would stop those investigations. 15. H.L. Hunt This information is collaborated by LBJ's Mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown who was at the party, along with others.
  9. Rich Pope

    Let's Use Only Established Documents

    Good Morning! Okay. Having established that Lee Harvey Oswald didn't want Kennedy dead, and providing a short list of people who might be angry enough to want JFK gone, let's look at who had the means. 1. LBJ - While LBJ had a motive to want JFK dead, did he personally have the means? Yes. His means was Malcolm "Mac" Wallace who we know through previous endeavors, was LBJ's personal hit man. On 22nd October, 1951, Mac Wallace went to John Kinser's miniature golf course. After finding Kinser in his golf shop, he shot him several times before escaping in his station wagon. He stood trial and jury they found Wallace guilty of" murder with malice afore-thought" Other crimes LBJ possibly committed through the use of his personal assassin Mac Wallace: 1. The killing of Henry Marshall 2. The killing of George Krutilek 3. The killing of Ike Rogers and his secretary 4. The killing of Harold Orr 5. The killing of Coleman Wade 6. The killing of Josefa Johnson 7. The killing of John Kinser 8. The assassination of JFK 2. Allen Dulles - Allen Dulles had many people in the CIA who were furious with JFK for the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the firing of Dulles from the CIA. Dulles had the means through these loyal, angry CIA officers and contract agents. 3. General Edwin Walker - Walker was a right-wing nut job. He controlled much of Dallas including many in the Dallas Police Department. He had means through his loyal, angry followers. 4. Sam Giancana- The head of the Mafia had hundreds of foot soldiers and shooters who would follow any order he gave. 5. Big Oil in Texas - They had the motive and their millions of dollars provided them the means to hire killers if they wanted. Who didn't have the means? Lee Harvey Oswald. Here's a guy with a 9th grade education. He did have radar training in the marines but this didn't translate to the jobs he was trying to get to support his family. Did he have a gun? Sure. In fact, he had two. But he couldn't drive a car, had no driver's license and was a terrible shot. While in Russia, he went hunting for bear with his friends, using a shotgun, he couldn't even manage one single kill. His Russian friends made fun of him because he was a terrible shot. When trying to assassinate General Walker, Oswald couldn't even mange to hit him standing just outside his window. The documentation? His Marine shooting score card shows he passed by 1 point.
  10. Rich Pope

    Let's Use Only Established Documents

    Gentlemen, We're getting ahead of ourselves. Remember, the question was who was angry enough at JFK to want him dead. Not who would actually go through with it. And my point was that according to documents (Oswald's address book), he didn't want Kennedy dead. Even though I mentioned some people who were angry enough to want JFK dead, I was really focusing on Oswald where we do have documentation. We're taking baby steps here. As you will see in my next post.
  11. Rich Pope

    Let's Use Only Established Documents

    Paul, The entire book can be viewed here: https://www.aarclibrary.org/publib/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh16/pdf/WH16_CE_18.pdf However, page 17 has been torn out. We have to decide whether or not we believe Secret Service officer Mike Howard who discovered the book. My point is that there were several people who were angry enough to want JFK dead and Oswald wasn't one of them. His wife Marina told investigators that Oswald actually admired Kennedy and his policies. In other words, he liked Kennedy. I would like to offer several names as people who were angry enough to want JFK dead. I'm not saying these people had anything to do with his assassination, just angry enough to see him assassinated. 1. Allen Dulles - JFK fired Allen Dulles, CIA director over the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Allen's pride was hurt and many of Dulles' supporters in the CIA were angry. Over the final months of the JFK presidency, a clear consensus emerged within Dulles’s sinister network of financial, intelligence, and military associates: Kennedy was a national security threat. 2. General Edwin Walker - In October 1959 Major General Walker was appointed commander of the 24th Infantry Division in Europe and stationed in Augsburg, Germany. In April 1961 Walker was accused of indoctrinating his troops with right-wing literature from the John Birch Society. With the agreement of President John F. Kennedy, Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara relieved Walker of his command and announced an investigation into the affair. Kennedy was accused of trying to suppress the anti-Communist feelings of the military. Walker resigned from the army in protest about the way he had been treated. He was livid over JFK's policies and actions. 3. Sam Giancana- Kennedy was having an affair with Giancana's girlfriend Judith Campbell Exner. Joe Kennedy had convinced the mob that if Kennedy won the election, the Mob would have a friend in the White House. Giancana had the election in Illinois rigged so that Kennedy would win. Judith Exner recounts how she drove bags of cash to Giancana as a pay-off to have the election rigged. Yet, after his election, Kennedy appointed his brother Robert as Attorney General who cracked down on the mob. For example, in 1960 alone, 350 mobsters were indicted, 138 of them convicted. Crime boss Carlos Marcello was arrested and deported but eventually made his way back to the US. FBI wiretaps make it clear Giancana simmered with rage against JFK. 4. Vice-President LBJ- Although LBJ disliked Kennedy, he wasn't angry enough to want him dead. However, he wanted him dead none-the-less. LBJ was the subject of four major criminal investigations involving government contract violations, misappropriation of funds, money-laundering, and bribery. LBJ wanted Kennedy dead for different reasons. If JFK were out of the picture, LBJ would become president and could put a stop to these investigations. 5. Big Oil in Texas- Kennedy wanted to end the Oil Depletion Allowance which would have cost Big Oil in Texas millions each year in profits. One such millionaire, Clint Murchison owned about 500 different companies and controlled just about everything and anything in Texas. There are several others who were angry enough to want to see JFK gone. My list is far from complete. My point is clear, lots of folks wanted JFK dead for various reasons. And again, Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't one of them. It's one thing to hate a person. It's another thing to want to murder him. If anyone has any other names of people who were angry enough to want JFK dead, please post them. This list was only meant to be an example. Rich
  12. I propose we start a brand-new thread and move through this step-by-step and methodically. My first questions is this...Who was angry enough at JFK to want to kill him? I would argue that there were many people who were angry enough to want him killed. However, the only thing I can prove is that Oswald did NOT hate JFK and want him killed. Oswald kept a small address book and on page 17 it lists four people Oswald openly stated he wanted to kill. 1. Texas Governor John Connally. 2. Richard Nixon. 3. General Edwin Walker. 4. FBI agent James Hosty. 1. Texas Governor John Connally - The grudge got started in January 1962. Oswald was in the Soviet Union, where he'd gone after being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. When the Marines learned he wanted to defect, Oswald's discharge was summarily downgraded to undesirable. Oswald was angry and for good reason; his actions after his discharge had nothing to do with his three years as a Marine. By early 1962, Oswald was disenchanted with Soviet life and wanted to return home. He was now saddled with a wife, Marina, and a child, and he knew that someone with a ninth-grade education, who had spent time in Russia and had an undesirable discharge on his record, would have few prospects in America.Oswald wrote a heartfelt plea to Connally, a fellow Texan and the head of the Navy Department, the civilian overseer of the Marines. In poignant terms Oswald asked Connally to redress what was a transparent miscarriage of justice. What he got back a month later, in February 1962, was a classic bureaucratic brushoff. The dismissive letter arrived in an envelope with Connally's smiling face on the front, bursting from a Texas star and announcing his bid for the Texas governorship.In the months after Oswald's return to America, his worst fears were realized. He did, indeed, have serious trouble finding and holding jobs in Texas. According to the testimony of Russian emigres in Dallas who knew him during this period, every time his discharge came up in a job interview, Oswald froze, and his blame of Connally deepened. 2. Richard Nixon - For this, I'm going to need some help. All I know is that Richard Nixon was in Dallas the day of the assassination, attending a convention in his role as a lawyer for Pepsi Cola. I have yet to find a reason WHY Oswald would want him dead. 3. General Edwin Walker - Oswald did try to assassinate General Walker at his home. Oswald left a note for his wife Marina letting her know what to do if he was ever arrested. That night, he came home and described how he shot at General Walker. The note was finally located when Ruth Paine delivered it to Marina in a Russian language book. 4. James Hosty - Oswald definitely did visit the Dallas Field Office (FBI) a week to two weeks prior to the assassination of JFK, looking for Agent Hosty, who had recently visited his wife Marina. When told that Hosty was not in, Oswald left a note in an envelope which was unsealed.The note contained some sort of threat, but accounts varied widely as to whether Oswald threatened to "blow up the FBI" or merely "report this to higher authorities." Hosty's questioning of Marina Oswald was seen by Lee Oswald as harassment and he wanted it to stop. People testified to the letter although Hosty was ordered to have it destroyed. We know it existed. Rich
  13. Paul, There are four things in terms of technology that we did get from extraterrestrials. 1. Optic Fiber, 2. Microwave Technology, 3. Laser, and 4. The technology that enabled us to manufacture micro processing chips. You might have noticed that a lot of alien visits came at the time we were testing atomic weapons. It caused great alarm and that's why we were visited quite often.
  14. I believe the space race was not really a contest to see who could reach the moon first, but rather it was a way the US could demonstrate that it had the capability of putting a rocket into space signaling to the Soviet Union that we were capable of putting a warhead on an ICBM. If you study the history of the United States and it's ability to successfully launch rockets, you will notice we were horrible and lagging terribly behind the Soviets. I don't believe we put a man on the moon due to the Van Allen Radiation Belt. NASA was aware of this problem and the US actually detonated an atomic weapon to try to punch a hole in the belt. As it turns out, it was a miserable idea because all of the radiation from the blast got absorbed into the radiation belt itself, only making things worse.