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  1. Rich Pope

    Main Street

    Question...I have read many people say it was impossible for the motorcade to reach the highway if it continued down Main Street. I'm trying to find pictures online that proves this to be true. And...I'm having difficulty. Any help? Thanks, Rich
  2. Rich Pope

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    David, When I post about JFK, I now go based on what I read in the 1963 box my father left. Now, if you want to discuss extraterrestrials, that's an altogether interesting topic. As I've posted on this forum under a different heading the government classifications are as follows: 1. Confidential 2. Secret 3. Top Secret 4. Top Secret/Codeword (SCI) 5. Restricted Data/Formerly Restricted Data Many people believe the President of the United States has the highest security clearance. However, Congress, the President, the Vice President, and Supreme Court Justices do not have security clearances. That's why when former President Eisenhower learned his efforts to investigate extraterrestrials were being stalled, he was very upset The following quote was his response, "We called the people in from MJ-12, from Area 51 and S-4, but they told us that the government had no jurisdiction over what they were doing…. I want you and your boss to fly out there. I want you to give them a personal message…. I want you to tell them, whoever is in charge, I want you to tell them that they have this coming week to get into Washington and to report to me. And if they don’t, I’m going to get the First Army from Colorado. we are going to go over and take the base over. I don’t care what kind of classified material you got. We are going to rip this thing apart.” --President Eisenhower Initially, there were four technologies we received from the one EBE still alive at the time: 1. Microwave Technology 2. Fiber Optic Technology 3. Micro-Processor Technology 4. LASER Technology But why would an advanced civilization be interested in Earth? Our nuclear tests. Believe it or not, the extraterrestrials that visited earth in the late 1940's didn't have nuclear technology. They did have more advance weaponry, but nothing that would be considered a weapon of mass destruction. The CIA, under the program Operation Mockingbird, was able to produce volumes of disinformation for public consumption. It's sad that intelligent people refuse to sift through the bullxxxx of the CIA and to really grasp what took place back in 1947 - forward. When you speak over cover-ups, look at SETI. It's designed to make us think we are searching for extraterrestrials using radio waves. It's the most expensive public misdirection in world history. Rich
  3. Rich Pope

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    It came from Spielberg himself.
  4. Rich Pope

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    No, that's not what I'm saying at all David. You mentioned MJ-12 and aliens, and I commented on Stephen Spielberg's science fiction movie. None of this has to do with JFK. I never said it did. There's no need to "sigh". I thought you were changing the subject, that's all.
  5. Rich Pope

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    It's interesting that NASA wrote Steven Spielberg a 20 page letter, asking him not to make Close Encounters of the Third Kind. If they spent that much effort to dissuade Spielberg, he must have been onto something.
  6. Rich Pope

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Michael, That's my own personal dilemma. I either destroy the contents of the box my father left for us and just move on with life, or I post the contents and face a backlash from not only JFK researchers and authors, but government officials. For me, it isn't an easy decision. Rich
  7. Rich Pope

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Cory, I would say JFK was struggling with this..."to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know." So the question arises...what was JFK holding onto but felt the public should know? We all know JFK was an incredibly bright individual and it seems that when he put his mind to a problem, he had a good chance of solving it. But what if JFK's issue was a moral dilemma? Something that would shake the very foundations of our society? Something so secret, it was two levels above Top Secret?
  8. Rich Pope

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Paul, I can tell you 100% that Monroe, Pinochet, Bobby and JFK were all killed over the same "secret". Monroe wanted to go to the press. Pinochet kept a diary which James Jesus Angleton feared contained the "secret". Bobby persuaded JFK to reveal the "secret". JFK alluded to it in his famous speech where he said, "“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.”
  9. Rich Pope

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Paul, The part of the box that terrified me wasn't who the shooters were or where they were positioned. What shook me to the core was "why" JFK was assassinated. That information is what changed my father from a fun-loving, joking individual to a quiet, cautious person whose motto became, "Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut." After reading the contents of the box, I fully understand why. And since JFK spoke to Marylin Monroe about things he shouldn't have, and because he also shared with his brother things he shouldn't have, both Monroe and Bobby had to be eliminated. You can add Mary Pinochet Meyers to the list as well. JFK wasn't talking to these people for pure conversational pleasure. He was trying to solve a specific problem and all of these people were incredibly intelligent and JFK trusted all of them to stay quiet. JFK was searching for an answer.
  10. Rich Pope

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Shooting from the 6th floor of the TSBD...Shooting downward and away at a moving target with a tree blocking the view would be quite a feat of marksmanship. I doubt many could pull-off a shot under such conditions. One man for the government supposedly made the shot after several attempts. He, however, used a tripod to stabilize the rifle. That's cheating.
  11. Rich Pope

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Thank you, Cory. You're the first, if the not only person that wished me well after my accident. I greatly appreciate your kind words. Rich
  12. Rich Pope


    Many people are interested in how the government classifies documents. More specifically, what those classifications are. The standard classifications that can be found online are: 1. Confidential 2. Secret 3. Top Secret There are, however, several levels above Top Secret as well. The highest level being: 4. Top Secret Codeword (SCI) When Bill Clinton entered the White House, he attempted to find out information about JFK and the assassination. In theory, the President should be allowed to see any information he/she wants to. However, in practice that's not the case. The job of President is temporary and unfortunately for us, former President Clinton was unable to get any further than your average JFK researcher. Rich
  13. Rich Pope

    1963 Box

    I received the box labeled, "1963" today from my oldest brother. After reading the contents, it's time for me to "go dark". I am no longer interested in debating or discussing the assassination of JFK. My hands are shaking as I type. My only thoughts are whether or not to destroy what I have or to save it in such a way that no one will have access to it without my consent. Please don't attempt to contact me further through this forum or through social media. There's too much at stake. Sincerely, Richard Pope
  14. I only believe CIA documents that contain the National Seal of the United States watermark. So, I would have to see the paper held up to the light before I formed an opinion about it.
  15. Rich Pope

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    No, the subject of cryptos is not settled. Some like ZR/Rifle might be deliberate, but what do yo make of QJ/WIN? For every crypto you claim is deliberate, I can find two that are random.