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  1. Rich Pope

    Thursday at Ruth Paines House

    Bart, Just keep in mind that DVP uses the Warren Commission Report as his source for many of his claims, even though the report is full of errors and disinformation.
  2. Rich Pope

    Thursday at Ruth Paines House

    Playboy: Let’s move on to the events that followed the assassination. What reason do you have for believing that Oswald didn’t shoot Officer Tippit? Garrison: As I said earlier, the evidence we’ve uncovered leads us to suspect that two men, neither of whom was Oswald, were the real murderers of Tippit; we believe we have one of them identified. The critics of the Warren Report have pointed out that a number of the witnesses could not identify Oswald as the slayer, that several said the murderer was short and squat — Oswald was thin and medium height — and another said that two men were involved. The Warren Commission’s own chronology of Oswald’s movements also fails to allow him sufficient time to reach the scene of Tippit’s murder from the Book Depository Building. The clincher, as far as I’m concerned, is that four cartridges were found at the scene of the slaying. Now, revolvers do not eject cartridges, so when someone is shot, you don’t later find gratuitous cartridges strewn over the sidewalk — unless the murderer deliberately takes the trouble to eject them. We suspect that cartridges had been previously obtained from Oswald’s .38 revolver and left at the murder site by the real killers as part of the setup to incriminate Oswald. However, somebody slipped up there. Of the four cartridges found at the scene, two were Winchesters and two were Remingtons — but of the four bullets found in Officer Tippit’s body, three were Winchesters and one was a Remington! The last time I looked, the Remington–Peters Manufacturing Company was not in the habit of slipping Winchester bullets into its cartridges, nor was the Winchester–Western Manufacturing Company putting Remington bullets into its cartridges. Playboy: How do you explain the fact that the Warren Commission concluded that the bullets in Officer Tippit’s body had all been fired from “the revolver in the possession of Oswald at the time of his arrest, to the exclusion of all other weapons”? Garrison: The Warren Commission’s conclusion was made in spite of the evidence and not because of it. To determine if Oswald’s gun had fired the bullets, it was necessary to call in a ballistics expert who would be able to tell if the lines and grooves on the bullets had a relation to the barrel of the revolver. The Commission called as its witness FBI ballistics expert Cortlandt Cunningham, and he testified, after an examination of the bullets taken from Tippit’s body, that it was impossible to determine whether or not these bullets had been fired from Oswald’s gun. Yet, on the basis of this expert testimony, the Warren Commission concluded with a straight face that the bullets were fired not only from Oswald’s gun but “to the exclusion of all other weapons.” They simply chose to ignore the fact that revolvers don’t eject cartridges and that the cartridges left so conveniently on the street didn’t match the bullets in Tippit’s body.
  3. Rich Pope

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    But on page 2 of the joint report 11-23-63 Oswald said he went to the 2nd floor to get a Coke. That makes no sense because there was a soda machine on the first floor. Why not get the soda there?
  4. Rich Pope

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    I can see it. Great pic btw. Thanks for being patient with me.
  5. Rich Pope

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    Bart, Okay. The only thing I struggle with is that Oswald liked Dr. Pepper and there was a Dr. Pepper machine on the 1st floor. Why have a Coke?
  6. Rich Pope

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    Bart, So Oswald is Prayer Man, but instead of holding a camera, he was holding his Coke and a sandwich. Is that what you think?
  7. Rich Pope

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    Bart, I'm relatively new here compared to some of you who have been around for years. So, is your viewpoint that Oswald was telling the truth when he said he was on the first floor eating his lunch when JFK's motorcade came by? Rich
  8. Rich Pope

    Number of shots

    It would be interesting to find out there was a 201 file opened on Jackie. If so, then your theory has footing.
  9. Rich Pope

    Number of shots

    Robert, I understand it is a common misunderstanding. Let me give you an example. Let's say you are someone in Russia who I believe has information the United States would be interested in. As an Operations Officer, I would befriend you, build-up trust with you and then flip you to give that information to me. That makes YOU, the agent. I'm still the Operations Officer, but the moment you give me that information and betray your country, you become an "agent" of the CIA. Does that make sense?
  10. Rich Pope

    When did the Coke Appear?

    No. Bugliosi verified there was a Dr. Pepper machine on the 1st floor. The second-floor Coke incident never happened.
  11. Rich Pope

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    I have an odd comment to make...Die hard Dr. Pepper fans, like LHO, are fanatical. No other soda will do. I've met many people like this in life. My eldest brother being one of them. At any rate, why would LHO be drinking a Coke on the second floor when he could have gone to the other machine and gotten a Dr. Pepper?
  12. Rich Pope

    Number of shots

    Robert, People who work for the CIA directly are called "officers", not "agent". So if Jackie worked directly for the CIA, she would have been a CIA officer.
  13. Rich Pope

    multiple plots?

    There was a plot to kill JFK in Chicago, then in Tampa and finally Dallas.
  14. It simply doesn't matter because the M-C they found in the TSBD was not zeroed properly. The scope was completely useless. It doesn't matter if the greatest marksman of all-time was shooting C2766, they would have not been able to assassinate JFK using that weapon.
  15. Rich Pope

    Marina ... pretty agent for LHO?

    No, I think their rocky relationship had to do with money problems. My former cello teacher, Lev Aronson was part of the Dallas Russian speaking community and they didn't like Lee at all and how he treated Marina. Marina had her own issues. She was very self-conscious about having bad teeth and was frustrated that Lee didn't have the money to fix them. Marina was opportunistic and thought coming to the United States with Lee would solve a lot of her problems. She not only faced culture shock but also reality clash.