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I'm married and have three children.  Two have graduated from college and one has completed her first semester.  I sent them to college as staunch conservatives and they returned progressive feminists.  Even though we are a white family, I often joke that I raised three, independent black women.

I have three university degrees.  I have a BSBA-Finance, BS in Education and a Master's in Administration.

My father, who was an equipment engineer for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in Texas 0n 1963, was in charge of the design and configuration of the telephony equipment at LBJ's ranch in Johnson City, Texas.  During his responsibilities of making sure the phone equipment was working correctly, he overheard many conversations between LBJ and his attorney and other people.  The WC never interviewed my father.

My mother grew-up with Lee Bowers and the two of them went to church together in Red River County.  They stayed close until Lee's death.  Before my parents met, my mother worked for Sun Oil Company (SUNOCO).  [CIA partner].  Provided corporate cover toe CIA officers operating abroad.  She later went to work for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company as a switch operator.

My cello teacher, Lev Aronson was interviewed by the WC because he had a brief conversation with Lee Oswald at a cocktail party that were common in the small, Russian speaking community of Dallas, Texas.

In the year 1989, I was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency by a man who went by the name of Robert Bell.  This wasn't his true name.  He took my father's first name, "Robert" and the company my father worked for, "Bell" and made a pseudonym.  During my first interview, I brought this up as being very clever.  My recruiter simply smiled.

At the time, the application for employment was about 36 pages long and concluded with me writing an essay on foreign affairs.  I then went to a classroom of St. Louis University and took at 6 1/2 hour exam.  All of the candidates were locked in the room for three hours, given a 1/2 hour restroom and lunch break, and then returned to the room for the following 3 hours.

Once the test was graded and my application approved (including background checks of friends, family and  references), I went to CIA headquarters in McClean Virginia for the polygraph test.  After passing that, I entered as a trainee for clandestine work in the Directorate of Operations.  

I made it through the trainee program and worked as an Operations Officer - Directorate of Operations at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

I'm a published author of a book about the assassination of JFK, written specifically for a local school district because their textbook didn't cover the assassination in any depth.  I've given lectures, collected memorabilia, and given interviews about JFK.