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  1. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, This might be of some interest - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DPT9Oc0lsU&feature=youtu.be
  2. Steve Jaffe interview

    Well worth a listen. https://bbsradio.com/podcast/john-barbours-world-september-4-2017
  3. AMHINT and the Assassination of JFK

    Thanks Brian. You would be right. :-)
  4. AMHINT and the Assassination of JFK

    I'm just looking at some of the newly released AMSPELL/DRE, AMHINT docs and thought this one may be of interest. 104-171-10037. It's an April 62 status report by the DRE case officer Harold R. Noemayr. Could Noemayr be a pseudonym for Joannides? Or was this his predecessor?
  5. 104-10222-10007 in formerly batch 2 of 4 might be of interest. It's a fitness report of Thomas Keenan, Operations Officer, Mexico City from 10/63 to 9/30/64. His duties include responsibilities of station technical support including technical photo operations with a staff of 20. He was also an alternate case officer for 2 other operations including one in the LAURICLE field.
  6. Whitmeyer

    Steve, You beat me to it. I was going to suggest Castorr. :-) Castorr socialized with Gen Walker, H.L. Hunt, and Robert Morris. Morris was friends with Lester Logue. Castorr was later a member of the Maryland Reserve.
  7. Whitmeyer

    Not to derail this subject but here's the unredacted version - https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=44539&search=lester_logue#relPageId=2&tab=page It was Logue.
  8. Whitmeyer

    Here's 2 references on Logue. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=54047&relPageId=6&search=lester_logue https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=48774&relPageId=47&search=lester_logue
  9. Whitmeyer

    Steve, Geologist, oil man - Lester Logue?
  10. Desi Arnaz

    Organization Name: CUBAN INTERNAL FRONTLeader: Andres ChavesAddress: Hialeah, FLProminent members:Robaina, OranPerez, MarioHeredia, Jose LuisLlanes, JorgeVera, FelizTuya, JoseFernandez, Jorge "El Muro"Ramos NoelPulido, PedroFernandez, WilfredoClaro, ErnestoMonzon, EfrainMedina, Juan*Rodriguez, PabloSynopsis:Chavez lead a group of approximately ten anti-Castro exiles in the Miami area. Group objectives included infiltration and acts of sabotage within the island of Cuba. The group was associated to Comandos MRD, the P.P.H.C., Comandos Ignacio Agramonte and a lose group of individuals who were led by exile Ernesto Claro. Following internal disputes, Chavez became the victim of a grenade attack and was later assassinated. Chavez' homicide remains pending.
  11. Scott, not sure if you are still on the site but I saw this and said I wonder if Scott saw this. Interesting - https://glomardisclosure.com/2016/12/07/evidence-implicates-jack-anderson-watergate/#.WEhk5Qt5lwE.facebook


    Your dad is mentioned with accompanying docs just more than 1/2 down.

  12. New Book!

    Thanks Ernie. Tremendous amount of work that you put in here.
  13. I remember this right, the "Cruz" guy is Charles Steele. LHO hired him for $2 to pass out leaflets.
  14. Did somebody screw up?

    And there was a C.E. Whitman as a "School Safety Officer" - http://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh19/pdf/WH19_Batchelor_Ex_5002.pdf SCHOOL SAFETY OFFICERS 1 . Baker, M. B . 7 :30 a.m. to 4:30 P .m . 2 . Bardin, W. R. 7 :30 a .m . to 4:30 P.m . 3 . Chance, F. To 7 :30 a .m . to 4:30 p.m . 4. Davenport, R. A. 7 :30 a .m . to 4:30 P.m . 5 . Gass, A . B. 7 :30 a.m . to 4:30 p.m. 6. Horn, B. Go 7:30 a.m . to 4:30 P.m . 7. Hugging, W. No 7:30 a.m . to 4 :30 P.m. S o Jennings, J. B. 7 :30 a.m o to 4:30 P.m . 9. Jones, Jo B, 7:30 some to 4"30 P.m . BATCHELoR EXHIBIT No. 5002-Continued 10 . Whitman, C. E. .P7-m:30 some to 4230
  15. Did somebody screw up?

    I noticed that Boone refers to Grandstaff as Gramstaff in his WC testimony. http://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh3/pdf/WH3_Boone.pdf