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  1. Interesting doc on the CAC and the coordination between the Army and CIA. Shackley, Chief, talked in glowing terms of the two Army officers assigned to work with him. That would be Bradley Ayers and Edward Roderick. Shackley also wanted one Seal team to train the exile Cubans.
  2. Alfonso Rodriguez was more than just Director of Training. He was Bill Harvey's Special Assistant for TFW in 1962 and later Desmond Fitzgerald's Special Assistant. He was initially assigned head of the autonomous Cuban operations. He was originally tasked with the Split the Regime project.
  3. Bob Shaw also signed off on this. He was Chief of Cuban Operations 4/63- 4/65. Al Rodriguez, mentioned in the Newman thread was DCOS 56-58. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=46762#relPageId=2&tab=page The guy that set up the original telephone taps (LIFEAT) was Charles Anderson. Anderson also handled the mail intercepts - crypt LIBIGHT. In 1963 Anderson was working on the AMROD project. It is described as - CIA program designed to split the Castro regime, with a special focus on the Soviet-aligned Vice Minister of Defense Joaquin Ordoqui. One operation planted false papers on Cuban Cultural Attache Teresa Proenza to make it look like Ordoqui was a CIA agent who had betrayed the Soviet missile buildup in Cuba to the Americans. In 1964 Anderson became the Case Officer for Manolo Ray taking over from Al Rodriguez. Both were working for SAS/SO along with Henry Hecksher, Seymour Bolten and Nestor Sanchez. Small world.
  4. Greg, Here - https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=105733&relPageId=4
  5. And to add a little more on this. Manolo Ray was never a fan of the CIA and never towed their line. The CIA promised him $50,000 a month if he would pretty much do as they say. In September 1963 he signed a cooperation agreement with Alpha-66 and SFNE. This was shortly before Angel, Leopoldo and Oswald visited Sylvia Odio stating that they were members of JURE. As John Newman has shown, both of these groups were under ACSI/Army Intel as of 9/62. Does this mean Ray and JURE were now with ACSI? Probably. Again as Newman has shown, the Inter-agency Source Register (ISR) that is used by US Intel agencies to keep track of assets had Veciana(Alpha-66) and Eloy Gutierrez-Menoyo(SFNE) working with ACSI. The ISR listed Ray as working for another intl agency as of 12/63. The CIA via the Rex had been caching arms for Ray/JURE Sept and Oct '63. Posada "joined" JURE in 12/63 after resigning his commission, or so the record reflects.
  6. Steve, It's interesting that Posada was active Army until 1966. In 1963 he was at Fort Benning with quite a few Cubans that ended up as part of the AMWORLD project like Felix Rodriguez, Luis Sierra, and Jorge Giraud. Posada was a member of JURE from 12/63 to 2/65. JURE/Manolo Ray were part of the "autonomous" operations being run by the CIA's Special Affairs Staff (SAS/SO) under Desmond Fitzgerald's Split the Regime project. AMWORLD/Artime was being run by Henry Hecksher. The JURE leg was being run by Alfonso Rodriguez and the AMLASH/Military officer coup was being run by Nestor Sanchez. (Rodriguez was later questioned as to why he showed the Zapruder film during a CIA training class when he became director of training.) Back to Posada. Posada was recruited by CIA? ACSI? both? to run a training camp in Florida in early 1964. He was to train small groups of anti-Castro Cubans (JURE) to infiltrate Cuba along with Manolo Ray by May 26, 1964. Ray was to declare a new provisional government with backing by the US Government. This never occurred due to the ever happening "boat trouble." The camp was originally set up by Rogelio Cisneros, Silvia Odio's friend.
  7. Sure do. These are the training instructors. Zamka = Morales, Reuteman = Shackley and Darguzis = Ayers and Masengill = Cal Hicks. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=21347&relPageId=5
  8. Quintero and Artime were trained by Ted Shackley, David Morales and Bradley Ayers in Jan 1964 to name a few.
  9. Pic of Rodriguez (CIA crypt AMJOKE-1), Rafael Quintero (CIA crypt AMJAVA-4) and Manuel Guillot aka Monty (CIA crypt AMBRONC-5). Guillot was captured and put to "the wall" by Castro. Carl Jenkins checking on their whereabouts after the BOP.
  10. Ron, The one and the same Felix Rodriguez.
  11. Here's a bit on what Jenkins was doing for Cuban ops prior to the BOP. He worked with Col. Glenn "Rocky" Farnsworth training the early MRR/AMHAZE group. Farnsworth served with future Director of the CIA William Colby during WWII. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=16045&search=farnsworth#relPageId=170&tab=page
  12. Brendan, There is some good discussion here - And here:
  13. Gordon may indeed have been Gordon Campbell. I'm still not sure if Gordon Campbell was a real name. Here's Brad Ayers description of Gordon Campbell. Ayers trained Artime in Small Unit Operations as part of Paramilitary Operations for the AMWORLD project.
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