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  1. Hello Paul. I realize this is rather a prolonged delay in responding to your question, but Brandsetter collides with De Vosjoli and they both come together under the guidance of Jones Harris in the Bill Weaver book called 'Triple Double Cross'. It is supposed to be a novel - fiction, and yet it is based upon Weaver's life and experiences as they concern Radio Nord off Sweden, and which I have now linked to Colonel Stig Erik Constans Wennerstrom, a Swedish spy for the USSR who was exposed in 1963 and sentenced in 1964 to 20 years imprisonment but was released after 10 years. All of this is wrapped in the story of Olav Palme who was later assassinated (by whom?) in 1986. I noted that de Vosjoli 'fled' to join Brandstetter following the Cuban Missile Crisis. So, how does Brandstetter link to McLendon-Murchison's Dallas of 1963? - Mervyn
  2. Hi Paul - in answer to your question, no, I have not read his book, but then, this entire subject is on the periphery of something I am investigating which collides with it. Hence my question about Ruby, but also and especially about McLendon. What do you know about McLendon with regards to this topic, especially since he is tied to David Atlee Phillips? Mervyn
  3. Paul, you are not the only one who disappeared and it seems I get notifications from your posts. Your theory that Walker was involved begs a question about Ruby and McLendon. Is there a connection? - Mervyn
  4. Pam, I was trying to keep this very basic with my original questions. Based upon the fact that the bubble top was not bullet proof, have any tests been carried out on that bubble top to show what would happen to it if a bullet was fired at it from any direction and knowing that the distance from the gun (or guns) that fired the bullet (or bullets) had to be at least a minimum distance from the target. The minimum distance being any distance encompassing any location suspected of being involved with the shots being fired? Mervyn
  5. Pam, then what answers have been provided in response to the action by the SS? What would have been the result if it had not been removed? Mervyn
  6. Hi Pam. I posed the question to discover what would have happened if the bubble top had not been removed. It seems that there was a possibility that it could have deflected the bullet. It would certainly have made a noise. Mervyn
  7. Michael, as usual you are twisting words. I asked two questions when I began this thread. That is all. If you are confused, and you appear to be either confused or trying to pick a fight with me over words, then forget my comments to others in reply, and only respond to my original questions. Mervyn
  8. Hi Evan. From what you and Pam have stated the bubble top would have placed an obstacle in the path of the killing bullet which may or may not have found the same target point. It would have created a noise factor that was not present due to the removal of the bubble top. Mervyn
  9. Michael, I began by asking two related questions. No conclusions. No speculation. I asked questions. Others added the "may or may not" part in reply. Therefore, based ONLY on my two questions that began this thread (nothing to do with as LHO guilty or not guilty), and the fact that JFK was killed by a bullet to the head in Dallas while sitting in his car, others said that maybe and maybe not that a bullet would have hit JFK in the manner that it did. What I added was that the added noise factor, while keeping in mind that an obstruction has now been placed in front of the shooter, would have alerted the driver that something untoward was occurring. So no speculation, and no assumption. Just questions asked by me and answered by others. The question is unrelated to LHO. Mervyn
  10. Hi Mike. You make a statement that LHO "did not do it". That is your opinion based upon no demonstrable evidence. It is a theory held by some. You could not take that into a court of law because an army of people would disagree with you. If you read what I wrote, you will see that I posed two questions. It was answered by others who stated that bullets may or may not have hit JFK. Mervyn
  11. Hi Evan. You hit the nail on the head. Without that bubble top removed, a bullet of the type that hit JFK in the head might have hit him, or it might not have hit him. But the sound of ricocheting bullets hitting the bubble top would have given the driver a chance to step on the gas and get out of harm's way. It seems to me that it was essential to remove the bubble top for a good chance of killing JFK. Mervyn
  12. Hi Mike. I am not assuming anything. The fact of the matter is that JFK was shot in his car. That is the only fact you have. Everything else is speculation in which LBJ might have been shot, or Earl Warren might have been shot or anyone else anywhere might have been shot. But the only fact that exists is that JFK was shot in his car in Dallas. So my point is, if that bubble top had not been removed then all of the rest of the speculative ideas would be null and void, if he was not shot when he was shot and where he was shot. Who shot him is another matter. Mervyn
  13. Hi Pam. So if it had not been removed then there could not have been a guarantee that aimed shots would find their mark? Mervyn
  14. Question: Was the bubble top bullet proof? If it was, or even if it would have only deflected bullets from their original trajectory, then it presents a problem for a premeditated conspiracy, unless the conspiracy included the person who ordered its removal and possibly the person who removed it. Follow-up question: What if the bubble top had not been removed?
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