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    Forensic investigations of cultural origins

    Well, I was not trying to draw attention to that site, because the story has been around in the media from 1962 onwards based upon a family genealogy published in 1958, and that is the problem - it was before JFK became president. The news archives are full of information about this alleged marriage and now several books make reference to it.
  2. What is the current thinking about Jones Harris who seems to have begun the "LHO" was on the steps comments? At first he confused BL with LHO, but I get the impression he believes in the two Oswalds theory. Comments on Jones Harris credibility?

    Thanks. That is a strange web site. I have Clifford's book plus a lot of contemporaneous newspaper stories, because it not only became an issue early on, but it came back to life again later. Now I am tracing a strange story involving the National Enquirer who invented the myth that Radio Caroline has been named after the niece of Bobby Kennedy in order to entrap him in a budding international scandal beginning in March 1965, and again in November 1965. The idea was to get Bobby Kennedy to make a recorded broadcast on behalf of Irish freedom during St Patrick's Day 1965, which would be directed personally at Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Bobby Kennedy fell for it and made the recording (I have a copy of it), and it was introduced by National Enquirer freelancer Robin Leach (later of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" TV fame). A daily scooped the National Enquirer and exposed Radio Caroline as a "pirate" sender that Wilson was trying to shut down. Bobby Kennedy's people went into overtime with rage and killed the story. I am currently writing a book about this called 'Caroline, Bobby and Jack'. The feedback was that it was a shame to drag a 6 years old girl into Jack's sex life because it would mean that Caroline was born out of wedlock since Jack's marriage to Jackie would be bigamy. The claim being that Jack never divorced is first wife.
  4. What is your current interpretation of the questions originally raised in 1964 by Jones Harris?
  5. For various reasons I am interested in Jones Harris and Joan Mellen. I originally posted this elsewhere and it received no attention. Jones Harris is one of the first people to poke holes in the Warren Commission report, and after talking with him, I discovered that he does not have a high opinion of Joan Mellen who wrote 'Our Man in Haiti'. I am curious about that book because of what it does not say about the involvement of Don Pierson from Eastland, Texas, even though the affairs of Don Pierson are entangled with everything from the Bay of Pigs to the aftermath of de Mohrenschildt and al Fayed.
  6. Was John F. Kennedy married before he wed Jackie, and if he was, was he engaging in bigamy? The reason I am interested is because of events in 1965 that impact Caroline Kennedy, who, if the story is true, would have been born in Catholic eyes, "out of wedlock". I have seen Photostats of the genealogy book and I have read how Joe Kennedy is alleged to have destroyed all evidence of the alleged earlier marriage. I would like to know what hard facts currently exist about his earlier marriage.

    Hi Denny. Thank you very much for the links to a timeline I have not seen before. Because my interest in this subject comes from a different chain of events covering the same time period, this is very useful. It is not a duplication of my own chronological study, but complimentary to it so that I can overlay one on top of the other and expand a universal timetable. One thing that does leap out is the notification by unnamed US sources listening in on August 26, 1961, to unnamed KGB sources regarding the resumption of USSR nuclear tests in the atmosphere. I would like to know the source of that interception and the origin of the source being intercepted. If that information can be fleshed out it could give credibility to a book by Charles W. Weaver called 'Triple Double Cross'. I met Weaver in the 70s as part of my own investigation into another matter which at the time seemed unrelated. Weaver for his part never drew a connection to the murder of JFK until he wrote that book - shortly before he died as a result of illness. For his part Weaver attributed parts of the book to Jones Harris, especially the Chinese interest in developing a nuclear weapon, and the book claims that JFK toyed with the idea of taking the Chinese program out of commission with a preemptive attack. It is mainly due to Weaver's book that I asked to join this forum. The book was privately published and stocks were wiped out by Hurricane Ike. Because so few exist, and because the book is not well written, the few that exist are being sold at a very silly price. I had to pay of $200 to get a copy, and I expect others think that they are sitting on a goldmine as a result. However, I doubt that there are many if any others out there who share my interest in what Bill Weaver wrote. So thanks again Denny, you have certainly spurred things along.

    Andrew, the reason why I have not participated in this kind of forum before is due to the slagging that often takes place. I am not into party politics or denominational religion. I have indirectly been the beneficiary of pointers from people such as Gary Murr - who I am pleased to see is a member of this forum, and I know that Gary has been very methodical in his approach to this subject. I would therefore prefer to see more comments like his, and less of the ying-yang of rival theorists.

    I have Joan's book 'Our Man in Haiti' and I am amazed by what it manages to avoid covering within the scope of the same time and space as her main subject. At least one of my contacts who has quite senior in years and versed in the JFK assassination period, does not like her work at all. It is difficult for me to understand why. Although I have complaints about her omissions I would like to know what other readers have to say about this book.

    Jones Harris is still alive and he is the person who began the questions about whether Lee Harvey Oswald was standing on the steps of the Book Depository the moment that Kennedy was shot. This raised the question of how LHO could be in two places at once. Then it spawned the Billy Lovelady controversy. From there we ended up with two people: Lee Oswald and Harvey Oswald. What is the current strength / weakness of this form of speculation?

    Gary, on the book schedule. I am currently working on several research lines which is why I began this thread. One has to do with the mv Mi Amigo as a CIA ship. After all these years I have managed to locate an original source that I am now in contact with. That ship connects directly with the JFK assassination timeline. Another line has to do with the rebranding of Radio Caroline on board both Mi Amigo and Fredericia being 'inspired' in 1963 by Caroline Kennedy. In fact that story did not emerge until March 1965 and was not promoted until November 1965. I have already published a feature article in a British regional newspaper about this ''rebranding', which, if Joan Mellen's reporting in her book 'Our Man in Haiti' is correct, and I have previously obtained and read the same sources she used, then the hand of the CIA was at work here as well. Our mutual friend that I previously mentioned who brought you to my attention, has also turned up a lot of new material about the Akuarius II, to which I then added the discovery of a radio transcribed broadcast by Castro naming the ship as one that had recently (1970s) carried out a raid resulting in death and injury. With all that in mind we should compare notes to assist each other, before publication, in order to avoid either of us publishing confusing or contradictory statements that undermine the work of each other. There are enough of those books out there now. Lastly: have you any views on Joan Mellen and Jones Harris? Jones Harris does not seem to like either Joan or Mark Lane. Jones appears to be a subscriber to the "two Oswalds" theory of Lee and Harvey. What is your opinion about that?

    No that's that not me Gary, in fact the organizers of that event are some of the people who hate me and what I am doing bursting their bubbles. But some were there like George Saunders, the main radio engineer on the Mi Amigo who also did initial work on correcting mistakes on the Fredericia, George is a good friend of mine, and so is retired academician Mike Barraclough who was also there. Unfortunately the main body of the anorak crowd is drenched in absolute rubbish. As for the Olga Patricia, it was heavily involved with Don Pierson's Tortuga Freeport venture scuttled by Baby Doc. See: http://http://foundthreads.com/12.html In the 70s I was sharing an office with Don's son and one day a man came in and introduced himself. "I'm Bill Colby". Yes, that Bill Colby, retired. He had been retained to try to get redress for Baby Doc killing the Freeport venture. With de Mohrenschildt in the picture, it is another reason why the universal timeline is a must, but none of those events were ever brought up in context of Don's operation. Don originally offered the OP to Papa Doc as a broadcasting school and broadcasting station, but this morphed into the Freeport venture on Tortuga. Meanwhile the ship went through a series of major Federal court cases and ended up as a raider using a multitude of names on a flip board name plate slung over the bow. Fidel denounced it by name as a CIA ship in a Radio Havana broadcast - a transcript of which is available in English at UTA. That's when the US Justice Department waded in and caused it to be chopped up and converted into the Earl J. Conrad Jr as part of the Haynie/Zapata fishing operation. I am also putting a book together ('Yesterday Never Happened'), and I would be happy to exchange data relating to the latter days of the OP/LF/Akuarius II.

    Hi Gary! You don't know me personally, but I know of you and you were very, very, very instrumental in getting me to take a second look at what I was working on! The intermediary was a very good friend of mine who I won't mention here, because he is not on this forum and for a long list of reasons he has told me that he does not want to get involved in the more controversial aspects of my research. But you originally contacted him with a declassified CIA document from the Mary Ferrell archives. He passed it on to me because I was the one who gave him the documents on his web site that caused you to respond. Those documents came from the archives of Don Pierson who gave them to me in 1985. This is a very convoluted story, but my friend had been following my interest in the Olga Patricia and at one point in 1985 I made the only audio interview of Don Pierson. At that time I did not know anything about the secret history of the Olga Patricia. But when I asked Don about the involvement of John Tower, he made a silent motion and told me to stop the recording which was being made in his living room with my wife and his wife sitting on the couch behind us. Don, who I considered to be a good friend having gone into business with him, then said if I ever asked him that or a related question again, it would be the immediate end of our friendship. Only later did I discover that Tower's manager and personal pilot was Pierce Langford III of Wichita Falls, Texas who had put the financing together for Don's radio ship project! The strange thing is that we discovered that Lloyds Registry of Shipping had been tampered with and the Olga Patricia was listed as the Olga Princess. Don said they were sister ships. Only much later did I discover that the ship that became the Akuarius II had reverted into the hands of another anti-Castrol group whose head was the local rep for Collins Radio. This man was shot in his Miami home while watching TV. But in between its life as Olga Patricia / Laissez Faire and becoming Akuarius II, it has also become entwined with Papa Doc and the de Mohrenschildt saga. But that is not all, another offshore radio ship called Mi Amigo is also threaded through this same story and during this same timeline, which is why I wonder why none of this material has been fused together. Delighted to hear from you. Check out this video relating to my current research project: http://yesterdayneverhappened.com Mervyn

    Hi Michael - for almost 30 years I drove by the grave of Lee Harvey Oswald, and I also drove over the spot where John Kennedy had a chunk of his brains blown out. I observed the Japanese tourists with cameras taking pictures, but I did not join in. Since 1966 when my first freelance feature was published in a British newspaper, I have been trying to document and then unravel the real story about government control of the electronic media in the United Kingdom. In 1971 a major recession in the UK caused me to move to North America, and for most of the ensuing almost 40 years, I lived at various locations in Texas where I came to call one of the pioneers of British sponsored commercial radio broadcasting from off the coastline of England - one of my friends. He eventually gave me his archives. Moving on, a series of events placed the time and space of my own investigation on top of the time and space occupied by the JFK assassination, and the period leading up to it. My research also became entangled with other people who were researching using the same time and space - to study the JFK assassination. I do not believe in parallel universes. Therefore the investigations of other people then became of interest to me when their preoccupation with time and space was superimposed upon my own study of time and space involving the same individuals. In other words, human beings cannot be in two places at once. I therefore have subscriptions to various newspaper archives which I use on a regular basis. I joined Mary Ferrell's site and I do make use of it. I have a library that includes books by Larry Hancock and Joan Mellen, because they wrote about the same people, things, time and events that I was already studying. I also contributed to a series of academic articles - in addition to the newspaper articles I have written. My trek has been quite coincidental and an audio representation over the years on broadcast media has been a part of it. I began this thread to encourage participation in compiling a universal timeline which does not at present exist. https://mervynhagger.academia.edu/ http://foundthreads.com http://pebbletheatre.com/project.html http://yesterguide.org/20.html https://www.mixcloud.com/mervyn-hagger/