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  1. The first time I heard this, I thought it sounded rehearsed--like they both knew they were being taped. The eager beaver Hoover works to get out the facts and Johnson does that old 'you're more than the Director, you're my brother' bull. What's really interesting, of course, is what the hell either of them meant. How could Connally "be in the way" of a shooter from behind?
  2. Michael LaFlem on C. D. Jackson Biography

    "No serious historian can deny that the Soviet Union, however repressive and internally corrupt it truly was, actually saved Europe from fascism." The above line is taken from that excellent article by LaFlem. It called to mind JFK's June 1963 speech about the commonality of the American and Russian people. It also focused on what I think truly happened. In the Nazi v Communist battle, the USA supported the former and even brought them via Gehlen into the US government. Prescott Bush was a Nazi banker till 1942. The power structure will always tilt towards the "power of the State" in any encounter with the "power of the people."
  3. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    I think we are on the verge of a major change in documentaries in this country. The current "Dirty Money" is just a start. That it took 30 years to even hear of a Bush connection is just yet another main stream control mechanism. I will pursue on another thread, but I think Errol Morris blew his chance with Wormwood by making a mishmash fiction/non-fiction film.
  4. Of course this is yet another look into what Jim Garrison smelled. It is also part of what Michael Piper Collins wrote about. Trouble is that some topics are just not pursued. Why that is, could give one some insight into who was involved.
  5. Few other questionable Zapruder facts. He testified to the warren Commission in July 1964 about money: Mr. ZAPRUDER - I received $25,000, as you know, and I have given that to the Firemen's and Policemen's Benevolence with a suggestion for Mrs. Tippit. You know that? Mr. LIEBELER - I don't know that--you received $25,000? Mr. ZAPRUDER - $25,000 was paid and I have given it to the Firemen's and Policemen's Fund. Mr. LIEBELER - You gave the whole $25,000? Mr. ZAPRUDER - Yes. This was all over the world. I got letters from all over the world and newspapers---I mean letters from all over the world. It was all over the world--I am surprised--that you don't know it--I don't like to talk about it too much. However, Life reporter Richard Stolley told a different story (:http://time.com/3878268/kennedy-assassination-how-life-brought-the-zapruder-film-to-light/) Stolley says that by the 25th of November, 1963, he walked out with the original film and had a contract signed with Zapruder for the Life print rights and the motion picture rights for a total of $150,000. Why did Zapruder lie in July? Stolley also claims that when he called Zapruder ( got # from a phone book) he was told to arrive the next morning at 9am with other reporters who wanted to see what he had. Stolley arrived at 8am and--it just so happens, right at that time, two Secret Service agents arrived--and Zapruder showed those 3 the film and Stolley walked out with it after making the initial $50,000 deal. Stolley complained that the other reporters were "banging on the door" to try and get in on this information, as if that were a bad thing. Also, Zapruder testified that: "In fact, I didn't have my camera but my secretary asked me why I don't have it and I told her I wouldn't have a chance even to see the President and somehow she urged me and I went home and got my camera and came back..." Doesn't that have a slight echo of the Western Union telegram that Jack Ruby had to send? Makes it seem like a "last minute" sort of thing to film it. And he just happens to be in the best position since the press corps has been placed - inexplicably - in the back of the motorcade. Also, when I visited Dealey Plaza I was unable to boost myself up onto the ledge Zapruder stood on; I was able to life my wife up to a sitting position, but getting up there is not easy. When you work across the street, how do you go home, and " at the last minute" get a camera and end up back in such a place? I think Zapruder had "some 'splaining to do."
  6. JFK vs the Liberal Blogosphere

    Well, that's one way of looking at it. the other way is that they were criminalizing what already is a crime --lying under oath. He could have fessed up; he didn't; he forced the government to come to the White House and take blood rather than fess up. The advisers around him blamed the victim; he lied to his VP and Secretary of State. If Ms. Gillibrand was so concerned about issues of sexual harassment, she shouldn't have had to wait until 2016 to voice it. She relied on Clinton connections and money for advancement and when they no longer factors, she found a feminist voice. Thanks for that info Cliff. His wife did; he traveled the country campaigning for her. She lost. Gillibrand could have spoken up during this time and called HRC an "enable" but she didn't, did she? Oh really? Thanks for that also, Cliff. Without you I might not know anything.
  7. Well, my view on JFK studies is never assume anything. Zapruder worked with de Mohrenschildts wife(fwiw). Also, my father filmed us all with an 8mm camera which he first acquired in the 1940's. If he was standing in an enclosed space, and bullets starting flying, he would have ducked. He was a husband and father, not a war photographer. The last thing he would have done, would have been to keep filming. Bruce Adamson first brought this up and my own instincts agree. I've filmed a fair amount with an 8mm camera; I can't believe I wouldn't have ducked for self preservation. Unless, of course, I knew I wouldn't be hit. Zapruder first said he "gave the money to Tippet's widow" but you find out later he gave her 25 of the 150 thousand dollars Luce & Company paid him (about 1.2 million in 2017 $). He was once employed by Luce. Zapruder, de Mohrenschildt, and Bush all have connections with Dresser Industries. The Dallas Council of World Affairs was an organization founded by Bush pal Neil Mellon; members included Allen Dulles, de Mohrenschildt, the Judge who swore in LBJ, and the Mayor of Dallas, recently exposed as a CIA asset. Later the family received 16 million for the "original film" and yet Doug Horne's You Tube presentation of a blow-up from an "original" negative shows a splash of black painted clearly on JFK's head. The number of copies made; the presentation boards made at the CIA, the withholding of an obviously touched-up film for 12 years, all make me wonder how much Abraham knew and saw.
  8. JFK vs the Liberal Blogosphere

    Well after the fact she jumped on the accuse wagon. She was appointed by a Lt Governor after the Gov (Spitzer) had to resign. In 1998 she didn't say anything. In 2008 she didn't say anything. Now, she's leading the pack of so-called "feminists" to look like she is sensitive. B.S.
  9. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    When I first read her work, I thought it was very good creative writing. A version - not as good of course - of what Gore Vidal would do with certain known facts of Burr or Lincoln. I think there is something to Mary Sherman, David Ferrie, Doctor Oschner, INCA, LHO and Estelle Edison's experience. i"m not sure if they are, or aren't, part of the Oswald project. But I doubt Ms Baker's credibility in any of it that matters.
  10. John Simkin on the new Operation Mockingbird era

    Love this term. Anything to get people thinking.
  11. Martin Hay Reviews Bugliosi Jr.

  12. thanks for this; never saw the word "assassins" in any 1963 story either
  13. How did Hosty expect to talk to Marina?

    Yes. After I read about de Mohrenschildt in Bruce Adamsons series, I returned to this chapter which I first read when it came out.The links "go back four decades." Dulles was Standard Oil's lawyer and negotiated for access to Russian oil with a Baron Sergius von Mohrnschildt. There is a brother academic and George becomes a geologist. Much overlapping in the decades following. The Warren Commission discussed George's"overlapping relationships with the Kenndy/Bouvier family, as well as the Oswald family, but never addressed any overlap with the Dulles family. Or the Bush family. The former Netherlands East Indies - now Indonesia - had a LOT of oil. So did Iraq. Rockefeller interests expressed by lawyers at Sullivan and Cromwell like the Dulles brothers, made it seem that it was in America's interest to overthrow governments in each place.One brother ended up as Secretary of State; the other as Director of CIA. Lee Harvey Oswald's buddy, George, was in a quid pro quo relationship with he CIA over a long period of time. The day he was made aware of having to testify to the HSCA, he either killed himself or someone killed him.
  14. Martin Hay Reviews Bugliosi Jr.

    I mentioned to a friend that this documentary series on Netflix - called Dirty Money - was so different than the approved documentaries we grew up on ,like 60 Minutes, which was 20 minutes-of-halfway-decent docs. Each of these first 6 episodes, put to shame most of the main stream media in the non-fiction department. Imagine if Lane, Joetsen, Buchanan, Meagher and Salandria were able to speak to large numbers within a year of a story.
  15. Martin Hay Reviews Bugliosi Jr.

    , Today, I left the following on the comments section of the Wall Street Journal of the story headlined below. Unlike the NYTimes, they let different voices speak: House Releases GOP Surveillance Memo There are only two FBI memos that interest me. Everything else is distraction. Both were written by J. Edgar Hoover. One, in 1960 he wrote of "someone else using Lee Harvey Oswald's birth certificate". (we were told they never heard of him until November 1963). The other was written by Hoover, the day after JFK's murder. It said that he "informed George Bush of the CIA" about the activities of anti-Castro groups. Now each was discovered by researchers, but never really discussed in the media. This latest one pales next to those two I think. Ever since I learned that the FBI took all the evidence from Dallas to Washington, and then returned,"officially" with more than they picked, and took it back toe Washington. Until that gets squared, all FBI stuff is held at bay by this wsj reader.