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  1. Big shocker! Guess what happens. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/10/politics/michael-flynn-case-appeals-court-review/index.html
  2. Worse. Trump has to become President to wipe away his entire scam riddled associates. EDNY Attorney swapped out to protect Jared, Broidy etc it looks like. It also looks like Barr has closed investigations and redacted that fact in the latest Mueller FOIA release. Sullivan is demanding to know what the basis of those redactions are since the cases appear to have been closed by... who else...? yep!! Janitor Barr!
  3. A DoJ opinion isn't law though. It's their opinion. Trump has at least as big a problem with New York State which isn't effected by a Presidential pardon. He needs to win the election to get off scott free which is why he'll cheat as much as he can to do so.
  4. Oh sure. Count on it. I don't think he can pardon himself but he could resign and have Pence do it. The problem all of them have is the pardons are only good for federal offenses. Anything states bring against them don't get pardoned. They also won't be able to ignore subpoenas or claim the fifth amendment. Once they lie in those cases (guaranteed) the whole bit starts over again. I'm sure that's why Trump commuted Stone's sentence rather than give him a full pardon. Stone can still claim the fifth. I hope the next AG goes after Barr for Obstruction. There may be some statutory immunity for his actions as AG but this greasy pile of dung really deserves it. Wait until he brings up some cooked up prosecution/investigation on Biden. Barr is so foul it's obscene. Once they try to steal the election it looks like the Supremes and NY State will be able to remove these scum bags though. Barr should realize the Supremes rulings this week are clearly a shot across his bow. I'm pretty certain the DCC is going reverse the Flynn thing too. It's no longer assumed the Supremes will rule against Sullivan either.
  5. Sure. I get that but I'm not sure that it's not better to throw the effort into PR or ads rather than a clown show with dim news anchors who will bend over backwards to be "fair". I can't remember the last time the debates penetrated enough to make a difference. They usually tend to be like showing horses but I don't think they shift votes unless somebody stumbles badly. It's a good question though. Maybe you're right.
  6. This is what it has always boiled down to. Since before day one. Money laundering. What else is he capable of? And he's probably as bad at that as he is everything else. I think it's quite possible a Biden DoJ could go after Barr for obstruction also.
  7. Yeah pretty much. I just don't see any advantage at this point. If the polls are any indication it may be better to just to let Trump self immolate. Of course the Dems are pretty good about providing fire extinguishers to their opponents so let's see. The last thing Trump would do is debate issues other than completely fabricate his responses. The debates would turn into a food fight. Friedman may be right about demanding to see the returns before agreeing. Re VP pick I'm not certain what the best strategy would be. Waiting puts the opposition into a mode where they can't attack a single candidate and those potential picks can all campaign for Biden. It diffuses the message but also the attacks. I do like the idea of the Republicans sending volleys off and wasting resources on someone who won't be the VP.
  8. I kinda think they should just see which way the wind blows. I'm not certain there's any reason to debate Trump.
  9. About 90% certain they will. And rule in Sullivan's favor to be able to order a hearing.
  10. I'm well aware. That's maybe why they up promoted the USA from that office to get a more amenable prosecutor in place. I just don't know whether DoJ can move it or not.
  11. I don't know but I wonder if they can move this prosecution, maybe to EDNY?
  12. Am I missing something or is there more to the story of SDNYs new "guy" (actually Berman's deputy "Gal" Audrey Strauss)? She's the person who signed the indictment. I get distracted by mistakes like this, if it is. None of this preempts superceding indictments left out due to plea arrangements. The abuse accusations would be more difficult to secure a conviction on btw.
  13. Jeff you protect Russia so much I begin to wonder if you're a stringer for RT or something. Who is lauding Bolton or his book? Most everyone thinks Bolton is a war monger and I don't think anyone thinks otherwise. .At least not around here. I hadn't heard the Skirpal thing is now under a cloud.
  14. Whatever happened to Trump's plan to surrender to the Taliban at Camp David? Maybe he should sign the surrender in the Oval Office instead! I think that's why Bolton quit.
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