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  1. I did find it, and I also found Joel Grant's rebuttal.
  2. And, of course, during the autopsy, the brain was cut open where they did see the berry aneurysm. There was also evidence of an earlier bleed. All of this confirmed that David Ferrie died of natural causes.
  3. I've spent my whole life in sales, and I doubt i can sell my book to you. And you know what, I'm quite ok with that. Some people should NOT read my book.
  4. Good point, Francois. Some of the people here just don't want to admit that Ferrie died of natural causes and that he had a full, complete forensic autopsy. And, yes, the brain was examined.
  5. Don't believe everything Jim DiEugenio says. My article was written long before there was any doubt on NAA. And my book is quite clear on the uses of NAA.
  6. You shouldn't buy my book. It's clearly not for you. I think i would be happier if YOU did not buy it. I don't think there is a "good sales tactic" that would convince you to buy it. So, I need not waste my breath.
  7. Nowhere do I admit I was asking the wrong questions. I do not believe there was a conspiracy, but I still read a lot of conspiracy books on the assassination. And, so yes, people who believe in conspiracy should also read non-conspiracy books. But that is my opinion, and if you disagree, I just don't care.
  8. That might be true...but you won't know unless you read my book.
  9. Well, not my cup of tea. Most of your questions, I am sure you can answer. If you want to buy my book, fine. And, if not, fine too. A lot of the answers are in my book.
  10. Are you saying that if I answer those questions, you'll buy my book?
  11. I somehow missed the story of Oswald's missing tooth.
  12. Except that the autopsy was perfectly clear. Ferrie died from a berry aneurysm. He died from natural causes - and the coroner had seen the notes as well. He wasn't swayed by them.
  13. As I posted earlier, this is what Stephen Roy (Blackburst) wrote about those notes: He did not commit suicide. We KNOW that. And so, those notes are not suicide notes.
  14. Here is what Blackburst (the best expert on David Ferrie) wrote on the supposed suicide notes: Ferrie did not commit suicide and the notes were not suicide notes.
  15. From the autopsy: David Ferrie did not commit suicide. He died by natural causes. The notes that were found were NOT suicide notes.
  16. What, cause I got a name wrong? Of my god, I am human. But, what I wrote was accurate and honest. Not good enough for you.
  17. And, on page 110 of my book, I write, "Ruby did plead to be taken back to Washington D.C..." Schoenman was wrong about what Ruby was saying.... My book is completely accurate. fred
  18. E. Howard Hunt has not connection to the JFK assassination. We've already discussed the issue of the missing warehouseman earlier. We all know why Ruby wanted to go to Washington, and it wasn't to spill the beans on any conspiracy. It was to tell Lyndon Johnson about an upcoming holocaust against the Jews. fred
  19. No false statement anywhere. The information and the quotes are in my book. And, why on earth do you say I don't know the contents of my own book? fred
  20. Gee, that sort of sounds good. I gently shaded my narrative. if you have read my whole book,what are your thoughts? Or is that it, no mention of suicide notes and it's all downhill? fred
  21. There is no circular logic here. Ferrie had an autopsy and he died by natural causes. It was a berry aneurism and the Coroner found proof of an earlier bleed as well. Just read David Chandler's reports of Ferrie's condition in his last week and you know that he was a sick man. As for his so-called note, check the conclusions of John McAdams article - it may have sounded like a suicide note (and it did NOT mention suicide as I said earlier) but it was NOT a suicide note. I hate to break it to you, but David Ferrie died a natural death and we can be happy we have sound scientific proof of that.
  22. But you are wrong. They cannot be suicide notes, because Ferrie did not commit suicide. And, the notes themselves don't mention suicide. You need to read my book, and then determine if I am giving readers the full story. My narrative follows the evidence, and the evidence is clear - David Ferrie did not commit suicide. fred
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