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  1. John was my mentor. He was so passionate and giving not only with his time but with his massive collection of photographs, correspondence and information. You're so right, he hung back in the shadows. I'll miss him always! (Attached - Cover of his book from 1993)
  2. John R. Woods II passed away in December 2019. He had amassed an archive of over 3000 images which he would share with anyone who showed interest. He communicated with Harry Livingstone, Harold Weisberg, Gaeton Fonzi and even provided security detail for Bradley Ayers. John challenged the legitimacy of Oswald's palmprints on the rifle and got the Miller Funeral Home pictures and Oswald autopsy pictures released. He always told me, "Dealey Plaza has been picked apart, the answers lie within the [Cuban] exiles."
  3. Thank you, Paz! Look forward to chatting more on here and on Facebook!
  4. https://jfkinvestigators.wordpress.com/2016/02/24/jfk-investigators-identification-project/
  5. http://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/brundrett/63/ D. ELIZABETH JEANNE BRUNDRETT (BETH) bornmarried HAMLET H. DAVIS Jr.(Snooky) bornThey have two children:a. JON DALE DAVISb. MICHAEL WAYNE DAVISa.JON DALE DAVIS (BUTCH)bornmarried MELANIE LEVERETT.They have two children:(a) MORGAN ELIZABETH DAVIS born(b) JOHN LEVERETT DAVIS (RETT) bornb.MICHAEL WAYNE DAVISbornEJACK MILNER BRUNDRETT (Buba) born died March 1, 2001married BILLYE BRYANT They had four children.a.FRANK GARLAND BRUNDRETT.b.BRYANT BRUNDRETTc.MARK BRUNDRETTd.ANGELA BETH BRUNDRETT bornmarriedGARY JOSEP
  6. Paul - I posted a picture of him above. The description on the picture is incorrect... he was the Chief Investigator from Henry Wade's office for the Jack Ruby trial. Here is his obituary: http://obits.dallasnews.com/obituaries/dallasmorningnews/obituary.aspx?n=hh-davis&pid=16495828
  7. Here is the identification for #6! His name is Bob Edwards and the gentleman behind to the left is H.H. Davis from the District Attorney's office.
  8. My name is Jessica Shores and I live near Atlanta, Georgia. I have a Masters Degree in Business Education from Auburn University. I worked in Corporate America training sales for 6 years and currently I am an extremely busy and active stay at home mom (who’s really not at home - more like “stay on the go” mom). I’m late to the research party so I have plenty to catch up on. What got me interested in the JFK assassination was a random chance meeting at a Walgreens photo counter with one of JFK’s pallbearers. Within 5min, I was hooked. It’s taken a while to weed out the disinfo and misinfo
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