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    Hi, I've been lurking here since shortly after the EF's inception. I've never attempted to join before, partly because of how heated things have been here at times, and also because I was intimidated by the presence of serious researchers here. I have to admit that I have little to offer. I'm not a researcher, merely a concerned and interested citizen. Although I grew up in Dallas, I never really gave much thought to the Kennedy assassination until my wife insisted I watch Stone's "JFK" with her. She had been a film student and was impressed by the technical aspects of the film. I'd read Posner's "Case Closed" (don't laugh) prior to this, but after seeing the film decided I needed to look more deeply into this subject. The first things that I was exposed to at this point, all contradicted Posner, and when compared to his claims, made sense, whereas his ideas and explanations quickly crumbled. There's a lot of noise in the signal with regards to this subject, so I probably have more questions for those with deep knowledge than I have anything else. I did spend close to ten years reading almost nothing but JFK assassination literature, but for whatever reason, I can't claim the depth of knowledge and understanding possessed by many here. Thanks