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  1. Officer Whites true position on the west side of the triple underpass as the presidents car went under the tracks above... Mr. BALL. Did you see the President's car come into sight? Mr. WHITE. No, sir; first time I saw it it has passed, passed under the triple underpass. Top right hand corner of this image, dark pants dark shirt white police hat...
  2. So David, can i outline what i think your saying here, please correct me if i get this wrong........ You believe that the Gov was hit in the chest from the front between Z225 and Z242? Due to the Gov's body position at that time... That would mean the pergola on the north side of Elm to Zapruders immediate left and rear was a firing position or the small concrete wall to Zapruders right and front only 25 feet away was a firing position? These two spots are the only areas allowing cover for a frontal shot to the Gov's chest at that time and since no shooter was ever seen, they h
  3. Its over Biden will win, but the next 12 weeks trying to get DT out of the white house is going to be monumentally entertaining. Can he legally barricade himself in and refuse to leave???
  4. I just went back and read patrolman JC White's warren commission testimony...he was stationed on the overpass with patrolman JW Foster. Foster was standing with the railway men above elm st. White was stationed that day on the western side of the overpass the opposite side to stop people coming up onto the overpass...the only way to do that was climb up to the right(southside) of commerce st. Or the left side of elm st. (I remember stairs over that commerce side but i dont think they are its the facade of the wall looks like stairs). This was the opposite side of dealey plaza... it puts white
  5. Hi Chris, now take that photo 3 or 4 feet to your right away from the overpass wall, just on the other side of the new second fence, the small metal and concrete 2nd wall wasn't there in 63. Then take another photo at the start of commerce from over the new 2nd fence looking down to south knoll. If the cop in 63 spent anytime 5 feet back from the overpass wall and above commerce st, you would have been visible at the start of the south knoll side of the overpass.
  6. Hi Micah, The 2 cops were told to keep people off the overpass, the north knoll cop allowed the railway workers to stand there because they had been working on the tracks in that area during the morning. No one was photographed on the overpass on the south knoll side on Nov 22nd. So the cop on that side of the overpass did his job. A spotter or blocker would have drawn the attention of the cop to come over and investigate, you can see from the aerial shot you couldnt be behind the start of the overpass wall and not been seen from someone standing behind the commerce st section up
  7. Taken Nov 25th 1963. Tell me again how someone standing 3,4 or 5 feet back from the overpass wall above right side of main or left side of commerce couldnt see the start of the overpass wall south knoll end. Tell me how none of the 15 people on the overpass including 2 cops would not see someone with a rifle running back across the tracks towards the trinity river to get away. The trees were babys back then, the parking lot was open and visible, only parked cars provided cover....zoom in , please take a good close up look.
  8. For you guys plotting graphs and trajectories, the only problem with firing from the spot at the 1min20 mark to the 1min40 point in the video was a shooter standing,crouching or laying there would of been clearly visible to 2 policeman and over a dozen other citizens less then 30 to 45 metres away. Its a straight line of sight from the 30 second mark of this video down to the 1:40 min mark. If your going to have a southside shooter that no body ever see's you cant put them in a spot 15 people only metres away could see them. But never did. A police officer was stationed at each end o
  9. So commission exhibit 350 shown above in David's post, which was taken between 1am and 4am Saturday morning November 23rd in the white house garage has to be fake! If you believe a frontal south knoll shot was fired thru the windscreen and struck the president. Or option 2: the photo accurately shows that no thru and thru hole existed at 1am to 4am, on the 23rd November 1963. That a bullet struck the inside area of the windshield, was fired from the rear of the vehicle when on elm street... If 350 is accurate we now have evidence that the bullet struck the inside of the windshie
  10. Here is my problem with Evalea Glanges statement, in some photos and film from the Parkland emergency bay parking spot you can see white coat wearing people standing back against the far wall inside the bay 15 to 20 feet from the swing door entrance into the emergency room. Evalea says in that interview thats where she came out to view what was happening. Those people are also at least 10, 15 to 20 feet from the front bumper of the limo. As the Secret Service then spends the next 15 to 20 minutes cleaning out the limo, getting out and putting the bubbletop on the car, they and local poli
  11. Does anyone have any information on Vicky Mayne? Did she ever discuss what she saw in her families( Hester) photo lab on Nov 22nd 1963? Many Thanks, Adam.
  12. Wow thats spooky....Friday Nov 20th, 1959 the clock began ticking. Vince, thru all your research do you have any opinion on SS chief Rowley ? As a man and regarding his work during 63 and 64 at the white house? Many Thanks for your time in advance, A.J
  13. I have many problems with the south knoll thru the windshield first shot(or throat shot). The zapruder film at 156-160 has been damaged/spliced, Rosemary Willis stops her happy jog along and behind the limo in her tracks and looks back and upwards over her right shoulder to the upper floors of the TSBD. Other witnesees state a shot hits the road beside the car and kicks up debris during this earlier stage along Elm St. Others have suggested the first shot went high and left over the limo, perhaps striking the manhole concrete and embedding into the grass on Elm St. There are enough statem
  14. And now if we can find any footage or photos of that, Joseph you can write a movie script... I have always considered what may have happened had the Dallas assassination attempt failed in Dealey Plaza that friday. What if he and Jackie made it back to DC that weekend. The following monday the courts may have ruled on LBJs involvement in Billy Sol Estes activities and publicity and media coverage may have made JFK ask LBJ to resign. Weeks later LBJ so enraged may have leaked stories of JFK's womanizing and had Hoover supply him with some photos or tapes he could leak to the press
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