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  1. Adam Johnson

    Robert F. Kennedy jr.

    I love the Hoover/fish tank story from the Baldwin episode
  2. Adam Johnson

    Shirt bunching experiment (SBT)

    Here is the FBI report
  3. Adam Johnson

    Shirt bunching experiment (SBT)

    Yes, I was aware that the business shirt was cut for forensic testing to be done. My issue is the size of the hole the bullet made in the Shirt, Jacket and Tie. In the supplementary report they are clean crisp small holes, in the close ups yes we see scissor/scalpel cut lines but the most important thing to me is the business shirt close up with one inch graphic ruler displayed beside the hole.....if you look at the size of the hole disregarding the cuts or pieces removed the hole would be 1/4 inch in diameter or probably a little less then a 1/4 inch .........1/4 inch equals 6.35mm, the projectile from Oswald's rifle was 6.5mm in diameter. The bullet hole thru the Tie is even smaller and elongated in shape, which leads me to believe the bullet fragmented when striking the president and passing thru his body. I believe that only a smaller fragmented section of the bullet went thru the president and exited his throat cutting its way thru his shirt and tie. An FBI report from 11/26/63 corroborates that theory. The FBI report also gives exact measurements for the location of the entry wounds on the clothing.
  4. Adam Johnson

    Shirt bunching experiment (SBT)

    Here now are images of JFK's suit jacket and business shirt wound entry points in the National archives.....anyone see anything different?
  5. Adam Johnson

    Shirt bunching experiment (SBT)

    I have some major issues with the evidence regarding JFK's clothing. Images taken for a supplemental report prepared in Dec63/Jan64 are shown below of the jacket bullet entry and then of the business shirt entry. You will need to zoom in to get a closer look at the actual entry points and the shape they leave in JFK's clothing. These images were taken within a week of the 11/22/63. The exact date is not known by me.
  6. Adam Johnson

    Bush not in Dallas- He is dead

    Sorry Pamela, At the moment i cant easily place the source of that photo..... i have around 250 photos in a file i have collected over the past 12 to 15 years and many i had on a floppy disc and had to transfer to CD then to new laptops a while ago....i will try and find the source for you......might take a few days. Thank you for all your efforts and comments regarding the assassination over the years. Here's another photo for you and everyone else...applies to this debate about 150 posts ago Regards, Adam
  7. Thanks Larry for your reply, Just on another tangent with the CIA men of Staff D and Counter Intelligence and the deputy Director and the Director of the CIA at the time of the assassination... How financially wealthy were these guys at the conclusion of their working careers and then into retirement until there deaths. Has anyone ever looked into them or their immediate family members wealth??? My thinking is that these guys were the best and the brightest, they thought and lived lives on another level from ordinary people...BUT they also required money to protect their families and themselves should the need arise......survival and information was the name of the game they played. If they decided to remove Kennedy, they would have attempted to profit from the course of action they were going to take. They would have known the Mob, the Cubans the Anti Castro Cubans, the Texas oil men, the Israeli's, the Federal Reserve bankers all would profit from Kennedy's death. They (the CIA guys) would have been crazy not too have profited from the executive action that ended up being taken. Please ....no need to reply they weren't in it for the money it was a sense of duty. Regards, Adam
  8. Adam Johnson

    James C Jenkins - JFK Autopsy Pathologist

    Capt (Ret) James Morningstar Young MC, USN One of JFK's three white house doctors gives an oral history account of his service career and the role he played in the aftermath of the president's assassination. Great read, some amazing stuff in report, here is the link https://whowhatwhy.org/2017/10/06/navy-doctor-bullet-found-jfks-limousine-never-reported/ Here is a link to just the oral history pdf.......take half an hour to read it you wont be disappointed: https://whowhatwhy.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Capt_James_Young_Interview.pdf
  9. Interesting stuff, Skorzeny had an amazing career/life. Bottom line still remains though...Who gave Staff D (W.K.Harvey) the order for executive action to be taken? Or did Harvey decide to say to Skorzeny he received orders from above and green lit the plan when no actual order was given to him (was he even still in charge of Staff D section when banished to Italy?). Effectively who would have had the authority other then the president himself to activate a Staff D operation? The VP, The Joint Chiefs, The Sec of Defense, The Deputy Director of the CIA , The Director of the CIA, The Head of the Secret Service, A half dozen or a dozen senators knocking on Harvey's door one day???
  10. Adam Johnson

    Bush in Dallas photo

    In my opinion the high receding hair line of GHW Bush shown in this image taken in June 1964, just 8 months after the assassination in Dallas and visible in many other photos taken over the next 55 years rules him out as the man photographed in front of the TSBD on Nov 22nd 1963.
  11. Adam Johnson

    James C Jenkins - JFK Autopsy Pathologist

    From memory it was listed as approximately 1400 grams which is what the average weight of a fully intact male 40-45 year old brain should be. Therefore they are saying it had little to no significant tissue loss or was basically intact.