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  1. I think Veciana has had everyone bluffed for years and was possibly part of an assassination team or even organised one team.
  2. You just outlined it Joe, There is plenty of evidence out there that JR purchased Guns, Ammo and Equipment and sold it to Cubans. There is evidence that he was known to FBI and CIA and was untouched thru the late 50's and early 60's why.... who knows unless they were monitoring him or using him. Plus there is plenty of evidence he knew and interacted with Dallas mob, Chicago and New Orleans mob. Now comes 11/22/63 and LHO survives and is in DPD custody. Jack is told to take action or his sister's life is over. All his debts will be forgiven, He must use his access to DPD to eliminate LHO. If Jack succeeds and keeps his mouth shut, his family members stay alive and maybe even get a little cash....He may have even thought or been told, No body is gunna hurt you Jack for doing what 90% of Americans would have loved to do to LHO two days after the assassination. Jack got thousands of support letters and donations for his defense very early in the piece. I think that's why he continued to believe he would be taken care of and nothing sinister would happen to him.
  3. Great to see he got regular annual salary increases of approx. $15 per week extra in 1964,65,66.
  4. Hi Steve, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dallas_County_Courthouse_(Texas)
  5. Also found this recently... http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/7e17c15be2cac3ef19ed8caa427d87f8
  6. These were interesting to look at........JFK then and Now mash up images from 2013......even has a Back Yard Photo from West Neely Street. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2509799/JFK-brought-life-photo-trickery.html
  7. Hello Mr. Caddy, Any chance we can ever hear from former Detective Jim Rothstein what was in the contents of Sturgis 22 page letter?????? Pretty sure everyone in it would be dead now. Pretty amazing man from all i have read. Regards, Adam
  8. Hi Jim, My interest with Paul Rothermel was the statements regarding purchasing a copy of the Z film for H.L. Hunt on the assassination night of Nov 22nd,1963. Those statements were made way back before 1992 and 1993 before Harry got involved. In fact i am positive i read about them prior to Oliver Stones movie being released in 1991 when i was living in London. To back that purchase up, many well to do people in Dallas circles had stated they had seen the Z film at Hunt private dinners and parties way before 1975. H.L. Hunt had the resources and inclination to desire a copy of any film showing a man he believed to be a communist sympathizer meeting an end in his backyard.It was the story/event of the century and he wanted to see it. A couple of other things back up my belief Rothermel paid Zapruder for a copy(most likely) or the original of the Z film that night....Zapruder not getting home until after 11:15 pm that night but having left his office after 7pm, his excuse was he just drove around Dallas for 4 hours. I believe that was when he met with Rothermel. The second thing was that Zapruder donated $25,000 to Mrs Tippit and announced that to the world within 72 hours of the shooting:. Zapruder wasn't poor but i don't think he had $25k sitting in the bank doing nothing. He got paid by H.L.Hunt for a copy of his film and he got paid within the first 24 hours. He received $25k from Life in December 63 another $25 in January 64 and then 4 more payments of $25k in January of 65, 66, 67 and 1968. Yet before he got a cent, he declared he would give away $25,000 to the Tippit family. Perhaps to ease his conscience a little for taking Hunts money (my belief). The rest of Rothermels statements to Livingstone who knows. They (the files Bart links) make great reading and its not up to me to verify any of the statements he made 27 years ago to Harry. Rothermel passed away in 2002, but went into service as a public lawyer and judge after leaving the Hunts employ. We know he was former FBI but i've never seen a CIA file attributed to him or listing him by name as supplying info to another CIA agent for reporting to higher ups. Just my thoughts on an interesting man of the times who had great access to powerful people around Dallas in 1963/64.
  9. Amazing read, Thanks for posting the links Bart.
  10. Hi Rich, I guess a woman has never ever made you do anything you really didn't want too by the power of suggestion either. Congrats on growing up unaffected by physical and emotional trauma whilst young.....I do have two words for you when considering the outcome of children that suffer trauma and what type of person they grow into...."Bell Curve". P.S amazing TV program.
  11. Unfortunately will not let me download in Australia .....VLC media format crashes
  12. Google maps shows the place is still there Tony??? https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/214+W+Neely+St,+Dallas,+TX+75208,+USA/@32.7505917,-96.8281096,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x864e9984ebdc3dcd:0x6381e3c7f353cb2b!8m2!3d32.7505917!4d-96.8259209?hl=en
  13. That shrub, if still there needs to be water boarded until it talks.
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