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  1. How in the 28 years since Oliver Stones 1991 film JFK was this peanut the only person to find a man called Clay Bertrand that had lived in Louisiana from 1962 until 2019?
  2. Over the years i have often wondered how the lawyers selected to represent/assist the Warren Commission in finding the truth in the JFK assassination lived with themselves after the report was published. Especially after their colleagues had time to dissected the report and saw how they interviewed the witnesses and chose to neglect there task of finding the answers to many burning questions by the way they chose their lines of questioning. I know David Lifton had close contact with professor Liebeler who seemed to encourage David in his research efforts but this clip from 1967 shows that Leibeler was still defending the report to the world and taking shots at Jim Garrison in the process, when he must have known that the Warren Reports findings were a house of cards. Why would he do this in 67 then a few years later write to J Lee Rankin and Earl Warren and Gerald Ford and others when Lifton found so called "new evidence" (i dont think it was new to these assistant counsels at all) My personal feelings towards Leibeler, Rankin, Ball and Belin is that they chose to actively pervert the course of justice and betrayed the American people. And for what, what did they gain in the long run. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Wesley+J.+Liebeler+&&view=detail&mid=F35C75C2FBD0BE4754A6F35C75C2FBD0BE4754A6&&FORM=VRDGAR David, if you see this i hope you have the time to express your thoughts I'm sure you respected and admired professor Leibeler, he appears to me to be the only one involved in the commission that showed any desire to improve its findings....... Adam
  3. Wow i wonder how LBJ reacted to these gags about him??? https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=YouTube+Vaughn+Meader&&view=detail&mid=E1912620D1CCF796B524E1912620D1CCF796B524&rvsmid=147A4A80DEE269355959147A4A80DEE269355959&FORM=VDQVAP
  4. This was pretty funny.....in parts https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Poor+Vaughn+Meader&&view=detail&mid=612B6C65079ABC6B360D612B6C65079ABC6B360D&rvsmid=8E4C78A413CE369350798E4C78A413CE36935079&FORM=VDQVAP
  5. Yep thats the spot Robin, But in Nov 63 both those tree trunks where very young and thin....one was bent out and upwards like an elbow .....however at the time of the assassination both trunks were in shadow by the tree further down the knoll towards the footpath and the section of fencing that bends back towards the TSBD was in full sunlight.... So why any dark section appears in this fully lit 8 to 10 feet of picket fencing is unusual..........this was the very first section of picket fencing perhaps 8 to 10 feet long that is the straight line grassy knoll fence running back up towards the pergola........It is also the fist spot concealed from view of anyone standing on the triple overpass......my thinking is that one or two of those pickets were loosened at the bottom cross beam that holds the pickets in place and a gap allowing vision and line of sight back up Elm st was created by pushing them out slightly and to the side. I dont think someone was in the storm drain behind the fence, but it is possible that they could have been laying down prone on the ground looking thru a gap to the left of the drain. I've stood, sat and laid down in this spot several times for different lengths of time and as a shooter myself other then inside the Daltex building its the only outside firing position that you could ask me to personally place myself if i had to agree to attempt to take a single shot at the president. There was enough space to fire behind or in front of those two thin tree trunks back in 1963.....the prone firing position i have marked in the second image is behind the concrete section which can be seen in the first image......If you look at the Canncellare photo from that day you can see the large tree that shades the two smaller ones which are right behind the large trees trunk in that image.......you can also grasp the distance back to the underpass fence line point where people have run to and are looking over the fence at the railway yard. In the Bell film several times a black line appears in this section of fence line that is in bright sunlight.....its not a shadow cast by the two small tree trunks and its not the trunks themselves...so logically the fence pickets or a picket must be ajar to create the black line....well thats my speculation and why i believe Harry Cabluck's photo had a box covering this fence section for 40 years. Regards, Adam.
  6. Thanks Robin, I have visited your amazing site hundreds of times over the years....thanks for all your effort in compiling and maintaining the site. This is by far the cleanest single frame pics of the bell film i have seen anywhere.....I have been interested in the area i have highlighted below for almost 20 years now.....i even was in contact with Harry Cabluck regarding his pics from the press bus as it rolled by that day......one in particular that had a square section of the fence line covered over in the only images available of this fence area for many years like 1990 to 2010, later after writing too him several times he told me a university had all his negatives and a reader of Robert Harris forum went and found them...which has resulted in a super clean clear image of that piece of fence line with no square section covered up....why the covered section image showed up in every available photo for the first 40 plus years prior has always troubled me.... I know it may be a lot to ask, but is there any way you could put together a moving frame by frame Gif that shows this area from your bell film copy?????i know its a lot to ask but my computer skills are non existent when it comes to such things.....many thanks once again, Adam..
  7. Hi Andrej, Do you think that the right wrist area of prayer man is covered by a watch/leather band or some type of jewellery or is it just shaded/out of sunlight????
  8. Thanks Robin, Is there any chance you can do a gif that includes the area where the concrete overpass meets the picket fence line of the knoll.....im pretty sure it appears for a few frames prior to where this one starts and it also shows up as bell starts back up elm street after ss car disappears into shade. Many Thanks Adam.
  9. Wow Chris, Thats the cleanest copy of bell film i have seen......could you please post the whole thing......if not a section that shows the overpass just as limo goes thru tunnel......many thanks. Adam
  10. This guy looked a bit like Oswald in 1963.
  11. Hi Jim, The image is CE350 from warren commission exhibits Vol XVI.
  12. Found some CIA-Cuba crypto nam
  13. Part 3 puts some faces and voices to a few well known names.
  14. Truly and Baker discuss their actions after the shooting on film. Starts around 2:25.
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