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  1. Cliff, Prove to me that evidence produced within 11 hours of the assassination by people with access to the body and clothing worn by JFK is fraudulent because unless you can do that your irrelevant. By the way, you dont know me, we have never met, but i was in San Fran last Sept and i recommend you dont accuse people you dont know of lying.
  2. You'll have a tough battle Cliff. I spent about 8 hours over a 4 to 5 week period with two forensic scientists from the Victorian Police Department in 2012 showing them the evidence that i was able to collect from the internet and from books i had gathered since 1991. My quest was to get their (not my) verdict on whether a single bullet could cause the damage to JFK's clothing as shown in the Photos in the FBI supplementary report dated Jan 64 and which matched the measurements in the FBI memo from Nov 63. Secondly could that same bullet also traverse the body leaving the wounds we have from autopsy reports, doctors statements and images of JFK's body. The third thing i wanted to get from them was the angle of trajectory a bullet would need to be travelling at to make the two above groups of evidence plausible. Im not an author, or a journalist. I did all this to satisfy my own curiosity. Similarly the two trips i have made to Dealey Plaza and the hours i have spent walking the north and south sides of the plaza. The time ive spent on the overpass and behind the picket fence on the knoll. I even got into two offices in the Daltex Building over looking the plaza. All of this was done to satisfy my own curiosity. On top of that ive been a sports/hunting shooter since my teens. Ive seen bullets do some crazy things when they hit animals and everyday objects. Bottom line, my final take is that from the jacket,shirt and tie we have plausible back to front bullet trajectory thru the body. From the back wound and throat wound locations we have evidence of a possible path for the bullet thru the body. I believe that path thru the body was not a perfect straight line, the bullet was deflected thru the body. The casing and lead portions of the bullet may have even completely seperated leaving a downward bullet track thru JFK's body bruising the plura and top of the right lung. The mostly lead portion of the bullet exited at the throat went thru the shirt and tie then wizzed passed John Connelly's left shoulder and ear striking the inside of the limousine windscreen. So knock yourself out trying to convince me otherwise. Mr. Johnson
  3. There is an FBI memo written around midnight 11-22-63 to 1am on the 11-23-63, i have posted that memo on this forum back in 2013/2014 in another thread. It clearly gives the measurements and locations in the clothing that the bullet hole made to the jacket and shirt. Photos prior to section being taken for metallurgy analysis where made, i have posted those photos before, they are in an FBI supplementary report dated Jan 1964. Fibrous breaks made by the projectile shows back to front trajectory in the jacket, shirt and tie in all the earliest photos taken of the clothing. The tie clearly showed that in all the warren commission images taken months later. An american chiropractor or radiographer made a short film in the 90's and posted it to youtube, i have posted a link to it on this forum in other threads a few years ago. He takes a subject JFK's height 180cm and weight 170lbs (which is not easy JFK was tall and thin with not a huge amount of muscle mass), the Dr takes a metallic disk places it on the location of the bullet hole on JFK's shirt glues it in place. The subject puts on the shirt then a suit jacket and the doctor takes a series of x-rays of the subjected seated(like in the limo) he gets subject to place his right arm out and resting on limo door/window frame, he gets subject to wave with right arm. Long story short the x-rays all show that the metal disc rides up the back of JFK has he raises his arm, further up again as he raises and waves his arm. This xxxxs not rocket science its common sense, you can do the same test on your own business shirt and with the help of a marker pen, mirror and a friend/husband/wife. Unfortunately due to covid-19 i cant get to my home computer where all these images and youtube link details are but they will be on threads here regarding the clothing from the past. I have taken a leaf out of david liftons research since 1991 when i started doing my own investigation into the assassination, best evidence is the earliest images, statements and photography...a memo about the clothing with detailed measurements and image's taken the evening of the assassination of the clothing prior to analysis. No bullxxxx cover story is in operation at the time that memo is written or those photos were taken. Regards Mr. Johnson.
  4. You are all looking at a shirt laying flat...peoples torso's/shoulders are not flat ( ) Therefore the bullet hole in the shirt rides up the body when the shirt is worn. Moving that wound location higher on the body. Its never in what i would call the neck area, but i believe its also above C3 and 1 and a 1/2 inches right of centre(spinal column).
  5. So Mr. Caddy, Watergate happened because John Dean was able to convince Nixon, Halderman and Erlichman that with $1 million he could go after the people on Nixons enemys list? Dean then used some of that money and G.Liddy to find out if the woman he was engaged too or maried too at that time "Mo" had been or still was a mob run "Call Girl"?
  6. How has this guy never been considered as DCM Nestor "Tony" Izquierdo
  7. What troubles me from reading this lead and search story over again is that it always seems to be Dallas Police Officers who are labelled as the ones who try to intimidate witnesses, reporters or researchers looking to uncover the truth. Even in this case when it is years and years after the assassination Mr. Glaze states nearly 20 dpd officers pull up outside his home and start pointing weapons at his windows. Within hours of his interviewing one of the two female clerks someone has put the fear of god into them and they pack up and leave Dallas. Only someone in a law enforcement uniform/organisation telling me to get out of town now or else could have that effect...anyone else and you would contact law enforcement for help. So what does this mean as far as the assassination theories go.....why are the dallas pd involved in intimidation and threats 1,2,4,5,6,7,8 10 years after the assassination??? Or is their some collective group of men with access to dpd vehicles, clothing and id's rolling around dallas from late 1963 to 1976 who pulled off the world's greatest coup d'etat?
  8. Thank you for the reply, i have read Best Evidence a couple of times several years apart. The closeness of your relationship with Prof. Leibeler and his encouragement of your early investigations intrigued me. With the new information you discovered from your interviews as you progressed it seemed to me from reading your book, that in his mind he always thought someday someone would come along to tear down the warren report and bring light to its many failings. I think he may of taken some pride from the fact that you were the one to get the bolder rolling in 1965/66. What did surprise me was why he took part as special counsel and agreed to conduct hearings of witness and experts, but in those interviews he chose to lead witnesees or failed to ask obvious questions that could reveal many truths about what happened on the 22nd of November. His career didnt seem to blossom as a result of taking part in the W.C. He clearly was one of the few involved that tried unsuccessfully years later to get the report re-investigated. Did you ever ask him why he stayed on board the creation of a presidential report, he must of discovered was clearly being guided to one finding and one finding only? Thank you again for your earlier reply.
  9. Dear Mr.Lifton, Did Professor Liebeler ever reveal to you his thoughts on what he believed really happend on Nov 22nd 1963 after his work for the Warren Commission? P.S Sorry for the loss of your friend W.L in the plane crash.
  10. Cannot believe this ridiculous theory has 4 pages of comments. Colm find anyone who is a shooter, hunter and try and run your idea by them. If your able to find a former military sniper to talk too, run your idea by them. I believe they will allow you to move on with your life rather quickly and you can then put this silly theory behind you. Good luck sir.
  11. Great article, One continuous common trend it seems of men in power within the intelligence/investigative fields of the United States during the 50's 60's 70's and perhaps we will find out of the 80's and beyond is "that even though they are government employees and whatever work or files or information they produce during their careers of government service this body of work/files/information belongs to the US government and the people of the United States, they all believe it is their right to destroy that information when they leave office". To me the destruction of these materials is criminal. When someone in such a position is fired or retired all of their personal files should be confiscated before that employees departure. If that person has destroyed or removed files before they leave office, pension benefits can be reduced or totally withheld in extreme cases. That information and records of service belongs to the country not the individual.
  12. How in the 28 years since Oliver Stones 1991 film JFK was this peanut the only person to find a man called Clay Bertrand that had lived in Louisiana from 1962 until 2019?
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