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  1. Lance, half of a typical comment from you is ad hominem. 'Conspiracy Game', and everything else is ad hom. The reason for this is it covers you from having to answer the question. You were challenged by Greg Parker from ROK recently, and you completely avoided the points of his comments, and instead used it for more disparaging comments directed towards CTer's. You should have been banned a long time ago. But again, if you want to address the comments here with dignity, I'm sure all will agree you should stay,
  2. Lance was leading us down the primrose path, not the rabbit hole. Same with that lawyer in Paris, France, I forget his name. The rabbit hole is when you dig further and further for the truth, taking the 'red pill'. When you get there, as you so succinctly stated before, you find that 'up is down, and down is up.' That's where I'm at, and no matter what I say to anyone, they feel that they're up, and I'm down. That's sad, when most of the info can be found on the internet, or at least enough to get someone started. You can even make a living with the truth in the options markets if you know the plan. There's the proof right there that I'm on the right track. You can also lead a relaxing life like I do, knowing that there's nothing you can do about anything, so just sit back and relax, and try and determine the plan so you can profit from it. Lance is a trained critical thinker, as all lawyers are, and law school is the only institution that teaches people to question everything, and to learn how to present evidence. (You don't think the Nutwork is going to provide us slaves with the tools to overthrow them, do you?) Like I said, he knows the WC report is nothing but hogwash, he's just defending a faction that he may or may not be a member. You guys pull your hair out discussing/arguing things with him and other LNers, when you should only be exposing them. I exposed Lance, and he left, although I really wish he would stay. He's an upstanding pillar of his community. All my life I've been treated with disrespect from the people I was trying to help.
  3. Lance knows the evidence better than most do. He, along with other LNers are apologists for whatever private society they belong to. There's no way a person could be so dumb as to not see the contradictions of the WC report. Anytime someone says that there is absolutely not one shred of evidence to contradict the WC report or the FBI, then that's your tipoff that they're apologists for the group that did the assassination. DVP is another. Oh, and we know what Vincent Bugliosi was. I'm just teasing him, as he knows I know the deal. All he has is adhom, playing dumb with the evidence, and ridiculing and goading us. Same with DVP, and same with VB. Most will never see what I'm talking about, I'm just a guy that went too far down the rabbit hole. I could mention some names and specifics, but these guys are so connected that they can ruin my life, so I'm keeping my mouth shut. If you lived here in Colombia, you'd see what I mean.
  4. Lance, don't leave, I downloaded Bill Turners' book, and so far only read the Foreword. You owe it to me to point out what's not true in the book. The Lone Nut Game needs support. Same ol, Same ol, 'shape shifting reptilians', playing dumb by not answering the previous comments, you represent the Laws of Disinformation very well. Those LN sites are private, and a new person can't get in. I could see if I can get you in? The owner is a member here but never writes anything. The religion is over Lance, it's too messy taking out a President JFK/Nixon style, so today they have the 'take-out mechanism' built into the Presidency. If Obama ever stepped off the reservation they had the phony birth certificate, and he'd be gone in 48 hours. Trump has some phony, illegal loans out there, and should he think that he's President, then he's gone in 48 hours. What about the President Carter assassination attempt? The time two lead actors, Raymond Lee Harvey and Oswaldo Espinoza Artiz came onto the scene and tried to take out Carter. Let's look at those names again, Raymond Lee Harvey and Oswaldo Espinoza Artiz. Carter got the message, and quit acting like a President, but they still took him out with the hostage crisis. The Trump assassination attempt in Las Vegas was absolutely fascinating. A patsy with loads of mysterious money, and a new secret society from Scotland that I never heard of. Fascinating. Lance, you gotta get the religion. And what about those 'shape shifting reptilians' you talk about? Have you ever viewed the Pope's Audience Hall in Vatican City? Look at the shape of the roof, the window/eye on the side, the scales on the roof. https://ibb.co/z2scW6V now compare the slope and angles with the head of a snake: https://ibb.co/0qxhTSh now we go inside, ....eyes, and fangs: https://ibb.co/qkqCwtJ now a little closer, and looking head-on, the Satanic baby Jesus: https://ibb.co/MM46MrP from looking directly in the front, you see the Satanic baby Jesus, but if you go to the extreme right or left, you see one of those reptilians you were talking about, Lance. https://ibb.co/6NJbWcp Nice sculpture for the Pope, right Lance? See, you were right all along about those reptilians. bwahahah Don't leave, I'll try and get through the Turner book as quickly as possible.
  5. There was Regis Kennedy of the FBI, who died of a heart attack on the day before he was to testify. I believe he was being called back to answer questions about 'the babushka lady film' that was confiscated and never shown. But as a result of the other FBI thread going on right now, something I never thought about, was J Edgar Hoover's death a part of the mysterious deaths? This is long before the HSCA, but I don't think there was an autopsy, and he was embalmed within hours. I can't even imagine how many people would want to kill him or remove him from office, so there's plenty of motive. He supposedly died of a heart attack, but his doctor said he didn't have any heart problems and only mild hypertension. Was there anyone in Hoover's presence when he died? If not, then I can't believe there was no autopsy.
  6. Lance, being that the WC report never stood the test of cross-examination, why don't you set up a group of serious, mainstream, scholarly, peer-reviewed investigators, and critically examine the WC report?
  7. I have to admit that when I wrote that, I was thinking many years ago when Edmonds was fired by the FBI for whistle blowing. Lately, she's mostly writing on her Gladio series, and I don't have time to keep up with her. I also only deal with secret societies, so when I read about Turkey, I want to know what the Donmeh are doing. They're said to be disbanded, but they are alive and well, and running Turkey as well as being closely allied with the Jesuits. Paul, I don't know if you're familiar with this picture of John McCain with the leader of ISIS, but if true, it goes further than just operatives. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/01/25/epic-tulsi-gabbard-calls-adam-kinzinger-john-mccain-and-evan-mcmullin-terrorist-enablers/ BTW, McCain always denied that he met with Abu Bkr al-Baghdadi, but many people, including Tulsi Gabbard believe that''s Baghdadi.
  8. I'm sorry if I gave the impression that I was whitewashing the work of LNer's. I did tell a pretty nasty personal story there about FBI crookedness, and it really bothers me that I have to keep quiet about it. Most judges, cops, lawyers belong to some kind of private/secret society, and they use their powers to abuse people, but certainly not all. The Nutwork must have thought there may have been some honest FBI agents, as three days before 911, they moved all agents to the West Coast. Sibil Edmonds is one honest former FBI employee, Ted Gunderson was another. JFK said: “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings” Taylor Caldwells' statement: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” yea, LNer's are dangerous.
  9. Lance, So what's the complaint with Bill Turner? He was a whistle blower, and J Edgar "Mafia Doesn't Exist" Hoover did not like whistle blowers. He's a hero as far as I'm concerned. What's wrong with being against illegal wiretapping? Turner was also working on a story about the Charles Urschel kidnapping frame-up of the woman the FBI accused of writing the ransom note. Lance, she did 26 years in prison for a crime she didn't commit. Btw, thanks for that link to 'The FBI Encyclopedia', all kinds of info in there about FBI misconduct, and abuse of employees by Hoover. Also thanks for Turners' book, 'Hoovers FBI', I downloaded it from archive.org. This is the 4th book on Hoover I've read since May, and I'm sick of Hoover. I don't see anything in your links that would eliminate Turner as a JFK witness, in fact, an anti-Hoover witness is just what we need. Your quote above about Turner not being an acceptable witness is hilarious, if he's a bad witness, then WHAT ABOUT HOOVER? Believe it or not, your links make Turner look good, that is if they're not cherry picked. Here's a fuller statement: https://ibb.co/Smj0SgD
  10. Open comment to the group. I've mentioned before that I've spent my life studying who runs the world, and how they do it. Secret Societies run the world, and JFK even warned everyone about this. These groups are everywhere, from big, dynastic European cities, all the way down to the middle of nowhere like Navajo County, Arizona. They're protecting their turf, and it's my belief that all of these serious LNers are in one way or another, connected to these societies. No one can be that dumb as to think there's nothing wrong with the FBI or the WCR. Most of the comments from LNers involve ad hominem type arguments, or playing dumb so that any and all arguments are ignored, or antagonizing/goading posters like the much esteemed Jim DiEugenio. That's all they can do. My father was a Mason, and he was the most hardworking, honest, selfless, generous person I've ever known. I embarassed him with my Pearl Harbor Hoax work, as well as my JFK work, and he never once took me to one of his meetings. If you belonged to a Secret Society, would you take me to one of your meetings?? You'd be kicked out. I want to tell you that Lance Payette is one man of character, and a pillar in his community. He's done all kinds of free work for people throughout his career, and always pitched in with the most whenever a job was to be done. He's a good, solid man. But let's get real, the U.S. Federal Govt can easily be described with one word......corrupt, through and through. I mentioned before that I'm aware of a very serious crime committed by a federal agent, and others here in Colombia that I would like to report to headquarters in Washington, in hopes of having him convicted, and maybe lose his pension. But I've been warned to keep my mouth shut by a lawyer in Miami as the FBI will commit any crime they can to protect this federal cop. So I'm going to keep my mouth shut in the Howard Brennan, and Domingo Benevidez style because I have to protect my family. If I was single, this would end in an entirely different way. One of the perps brags right out in the open about how his masonic brothers protect him from jail time in the many felonies he's been convicted. It wouldn't take much to make me 'snap'. These private societies really bug me. So don't get mad at these LNers, they're in control, and I mean really in control. There's nothing you can do to change anything except to make the best deal for yourself.
  11. Lance, this is an example of not dealing with the evidence, and avoiding discussion of the evidence. It also has your signature with the prime rule of disinfo.......ridicule, and ad hom. Then to top it all off, in your very next comment, you accuse the poster of doing exactly what you're guilty of, which is, 'This is the sort of thing Conspiracy Game enthusiasts say when they have no substantive response.'
  12. Lance, that's Bill Turner from Jesuit Canisius College. bwhahaha
  13. Lance, that's Knight of Malta William F Buckley Jr. He should be on my list.
  14. I used to give out Rise of the Fourth Reich as a gift to friends and family that wanted to go deeper into the study of the Nutwork. It's a basic start, it covers complex subjects briefly, and it's all true, but you can go much, much further down the rabbit hole. So far in fact, that it might be better to not go there, as I will be leaving this world a sad, and bitter man. The world doesn't have to be this way, and they're being too harsh on us slaves living on a tax plantation. The poverty here in Colombia is something the average North American cannot comprehend. There was one man in my lifetime that knew who the Nutwork was and tried to stop them, and his name was President John F Kennedy. You haven't heard any other President giving a Secret Societies speech, have you? On the other hand, a person can make a damn nice living in the options markets if they know 'the plan.' It's tax-free income, too. The problem is everywhere you look you'll see the deviousness of the Nutwork, whether it's a weather weapon named Dorian, a pedophile worth $600 million, 700 metric tons of the Queens' coke shipped out of Colombia, or some crybaby elites that lost a court case involving extracting oil out of Brazil, and now are burning the place down. Be careful with how many of those books you read, it may make you sick someday.
  15. Let’s play the Lone Nut Game. This is where hard evidence is called ‘innuendo and speculation.’ It’s a mechanism used to discredit conspiracy reality. Lance, there are plenty of facts and hard evidence that show the FBI under J Edgar “Mafia Doesn’t Exist” Hoover was a criminal. Every book written about him, and especially books by his employees, assassinate his character. In my view, he was a psychopath as he was enraged by slights made against him and his FBI. There’s more than speculation here: In the Urschel kidnapping, handwriting analysis in the hands of the FBI, proving the woman who was accused of writing the ransom note was never revealed until years later, and she did 26 years in prison as an innocent person. So we know that he’s capable of framing a patsy. Five men, and Lewis Rosenstiel’s fourth wife claim that Hoover was a cross dresser, and us CTers are wackos? Google the Martin Luther King letter from the FBI. Hoover stated in 1960 that he thought LHO was being impersonated. Three FBI agents were severely punished for helping the U.S. Attorney in a prosecution of Hoovers’ friend, Roy Cohn. FBI agents are paid to help the U. S. Attorney, that’s their job. Chief FBI Polygraph Examiner Bell Herndon freely admits in his own Warren Commission testimony that his examination of Jack Ruby was a fraud. FBI agent Regis Kennedy who was to testify before the HSCA on the ‘lost’ home movies of the assassination suddenly dies on the day of his testimony. Where are those movies, Lance? Johnny and Clyde go to the track on Saturday during the biggest case of their career. They would not have known that fast if there was any Russian involvement in the assassination, especially since the day before, they didn’t even know who they had as LHO was using the Hidell ID. On Sunday, Hoover declares that the Oswald investigation is dead, and the American people must be made to believe that LHO was the assassin. This is a cover-up Lance, and you know better. FBI solves the case in two hours? Mysterious death of William C Sullivan, 3rd in command after Johnny and Clyde. Robert Novak said that Sullivan had warned him that if he dies, it wouldn’t be an accident. If true, then that’s murder, Lance. It was the FBI that investigated Sullivan’s death. Nice. Sullivan had his doubts about LHO being the shooter in his posthumous bio. Kellerman had his doubts about there being one shooter. The law stated that all JFK documents were to be released in Oct 2017, so why are they still hidden? Where’s the file on George Joannides after a federal judge ordered it to be released? If something is being covered up, then it means there is something to hide, and you know that Lance. But like I say, this comment is not about the evidence in the assassination, it’s about playing the Lone Nut Game, and why you refuse to be a critical thinker in this matter when you are probably one of the best critical thinkers we have. _______________________________________________________________________________ That’s why I side tracked with the Roman Catholic route, or maybe the Masonic, or some Secret Society route. No one can be that dumb as to think that there’s not some kind of a conspiracy reality in the JFK assasination. There must be something else. J. Edgar Hoover was Jesuit trained and educated at multiple Jesuit institutions, he was personally given by the Jesuits, a Sword of Ignatius Loyola, the highest award a Jesuit can be bestowed . . . Besides already being a devout Roman Catholic, and lay-Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, he was indeed, a fourth-vow Jesuit himself, and 33rd degree Shriner Freemason. Francis Spellman, Jesuit Cardinal,…. Spelly’s War, the main reason for JFK’s death. Gerald Ford, 33rd degree Shriner Freemason George H Bush, Jesuit controlled Skull and Bones Charles Bonaparte, Jesuit Knight of Malta, created forerunner of the FBI Joe Kennedy Sr, Jesuit Knight of Malta, had disobedient son. Fidel Castro, Fourth Vow Jesuit Coadjutor…..big communist, died a billionaire. John McAdams from Jesuit Marquette Univ. Gerald Posner from Jesuit Loyola Univ James Jesus Angleton, Jesuit Knight of Malta Allen Dulles, Jesuit Knight of Malta, John Foster Dulles, Jesuit Knight of Malta, Son Avery was a Jesuit Cardinal John McCloy, Jesuit Knight of Malta David Rockefeller, Jesuit Knight of Malta Nelson Rockefeller, Jesuit Knight of Malta G Gordon Liddy, Jesuit Fordham Univ, ...ghostwriter for J Edgar Hoover LBJ, screened at Georgetown Univ (Jesuit Political Headquarters, Americas) John McCone, Jesuit Knight of Malta Cartha DeLoach, Jesuit Knight of Malta, LBJ’s man in the FBI Lee Iacocca, Jesuit Knight of Malta, Ford exec took control of SS-100-X after the FBI Francis Flanagan, Jesuit Knight of Malta, ITT exec, phones cutoff in Washington after murder James M Moroney, Jesuit Knight of Malta, , Dallas Morning News, controlled the news in Dallas that weekend Thomas Gorman, Jesuit Priest and Bishop, Knight of Malta, Cardinal Spelly’s right hand man in Dallas. Henry Luce, Jesuit Knight of Malta, Time-Life, media Robert Maheu, Jesuit Georgetown, Holy Cross Harry Connick Jr, Loyola, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, Garrison opponent, escorted Fincke to witness stand Dr James C Humes, Jesuit St Josephs Prep, Jesuit St Josephs Univ Lee Harvey Oswald, lecturer at Jesuit Spring Hill College, didn’t shoot anybody Eugene Murret, cousin of LHO, and student at Jesuit House of Studies G Robert Blakey, Jesuit Univ of Notre Dame Henry B Gonzalez, St Marys George Joannides, St Johns Richard McSorley, JFK’s Jesuit, Georgetown Univ Kenneth O’Donnell, Jesuit Boston College, Appt Secy, booked Dallas, drank himself to death Tip O’Neill, Jesuit Boston College, conflicting testimony about shots fired Joseph Califano, Jesuit Holy Cross Alexander Haig, Multiple Jesuit Institutions, Knight of Malta, ‘he really was in charge’ Henry Wade, former boss was J Edgar Hoover Hugh Aynesworth, worked for Knight of Malta, James Moroney at Dallas Morning News. Garrison, Lane critic Univ of Pennsylvania is a Jesuit front, study it. many in attendance there, Arlen Spector. others Donald Trump, Jesuit Fordham, Jesuit Univ of Penn, covered up the release of JFK documents in 2017…son, two daughters, Jesuit Georgetown Univ Obama, Clinton, Jesuit Georgetown. “To see what is in front of one’s nose requires a constant struggle.” —George Orwell Disclaimer: I see we have more than one person on this site being a graduate of a Jesuit institution. Just because a person went to a Jesuit school doesn’t mean they’re part of some cabal of insiders running the world. They may just want a Catholic education, and know nothing about anything. BTW, there’s no way to change anything. The Nutwork is so strong that it’s basically impossible to stop them. We have television to thank for that. The only thing you can do is make the best deal for yourself. I tell the rebellious youth of today to not do anything stupid, as you can’t win, the greatest President we ever had, JFK, found that out the hard way. So Lance, I guess you’re off the hook about being a Catholic, but I still don’t know about any other secret society connections you may have. I know, I’m playing straight man here. Lance, what’s so hard to believe about a coup d’etat? Jesuits almost got Jackson, they did poison Harrison, and Taylor, nearly poisoned Buchanan, but he was able to quickly tell his doctors that he was given arsenic so was saved, but sadly, they got Lincoln, and he predicted who was going to get him. Cardinal Spelly’s war killed JFK.
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