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  1. Donald Mann, the father of Warren's husband Bruce Hartling Mann founded Zero Population Growth Inc. in 1972. The organization is an embarrassment to anyone who thinks sterilization programs, forced migration and genocide are bad ideas. The Internet gate keepers have done a good job of obscuring the identity of Donald Mann. They have have even gone so far as to claim he is still living at the age of 97, even though he has been dead since 2007. https://dstate-analytics.blogspot.com/2019/10/the-father-in-law-of-elizabeth-warren.html?m=1
  2. On a general basis, I subscribe to the Fletcher Prouty assertion that the CIA places it own people in other US Agencies, Bureaus, Service Branches, etc. So, there are mostly secret CIA agents in the FAA, Pentagon, NRC, FBI, etc. (ie. Oswald worked for the CIA as a US Marine.) John Solomon said the following (below) about August 18, 2019 and the article uses the term "Western Intelligence", which is implied to be CIA. (Have also seen MI6 mentioned. Mifsud was a contractor or free-lancer [no official position in any official Intelligence agency]) Whoever he worked for in the West, the important distinction was that he was not working for Russia, which goes against the official MSM narrative and assumptions in the Mueller Report. I mention Prouty because many of the upper management executives at the FBI are either CIA or worked very closely with the CIA. McCabe & Strzok & Page knew Mifsud was not a Russian agent but they did necessarily tell the lower level FBI field agents looking into Mifsud. Also, don't forget that Stefan Halper was on the Trump Take Down Team making introductions between Mifsud, George Pap, Carter Page. Halper (Ray Cline's former son-in-law) involvement in CIA "skullduggery" goes back to Watergate, then the October Surprise, and he played important roles in Iran/Conta. As far as McCabe, Strzok, Page and many others, working for the CIA while at the FBI, you start to scratch the surface of the business motivations of the Deep State. To over-simplify, the Deep State (Power Elite, etc.) exports weapons and imports drugs; always and still. Human Trafficking is also an important source of revenue. That Weapons, Drugs and People are the main business lines of the Deep State is not a new revelation to JFK researchers. That JFK's intentions and efforts to shut down these "rat lines" are pretty much the same as Trumps 55 years later, has mostly been incomprehensible. The Presidential Administrations of JFK and Trump were/are a severe threat to the Weapons/Drugs franchise so they both had to, or have to, be eliminated. Trump of course has the benefit of hindsight that JFK did not have so Trump is much harder to kill. Instead we have the Russia Hoax, and now this Ukranian nonsense. I can write about this for hours, but if you look into McCabe, you'll find his clandestine efforts go back to pushing the Italian Mafia out of NY drug markets to make room for the Russian Mob. Strzok (born in Iran) and Page (mother born in Iran) are both Farsi speakers. They were on the Trump Takedown Team to keep the pipeline of centrifuges and refined Uranium from Piketon, Ohio to Iran open. (Strzok's father worked for Bell Helicopter in Iran up until the Revolution. There are all kinds of suspicious relatives in the Strzok family tree.) Briefly, the Awan brothers were part of a CIA spy effort to keep tabs on, and compromise members of Congress. It started under Chuck Schumer and then Anthony Weiner was put in charge. When Anthony left, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was put in charge. Hillary likely saw the opportunity to use secure Crowd Strike configured State Department Blackberry's to control the Super-Delegates and had Schultz have the Awan brothers hand them out and manage the syncing processes. Essentially Hillary's hubris exposed the secret communications system that the CIA/State Department was using to move weapons, drugs, and people for her own personal election purposes. The Deep State is not happy with Hillary. She did not win (thus preserving the status quo) and she exposed the methods and means of making millions from weapons, drugs and people. That is why you saw Mueller, a real Deep State heavy weight pulled in. He could care less about Hillary. He was needed to protect the franchise and preserve their version of the historical record. Mueller failed and now you are watching them eat their own. Biden, overboard. A secret "impeachment." The push for Warren. Wait till you find out why the MSM wants Warren so bad (and pretending Sanders and Gabbard do not exist.) Hint, they don't care about getting Warren in the White House, they care about getting her husband in.
  3. Many of us are salivating for an official impeachment hearing. You can bet that Trump is looking forward to his impeachment on at least one level, and most likely two. Level One: What we have now is an unofficial impeachment inquiry. It is not a "thing", and Trump does not get to present his defense and avail himself of his rights, with the benefit of live feed testimony, not filtered by the MSM. Schiff, Pelosi and the gang have instead cooked up this "Impeachment inquiry" under the correct assumption that 90% of the American public will just hear the word "Impeachment" and assume Trump is being impeached. The MSM is of course going out its way to encourage the public's perception that an important impeachment of Trump is in process, even though it is not. As far as Team Trump is concerned, a real impeachment beats a fake impeachment any day, with 70% of the public (or whatever %) believing the current fake effort is real. Level Two: Trump gets to present his case in an official impeachment. Do you think Team Trump knows a few things? The things that I know are bad. Imagine what Team Trump knows. A real impeachment opens up a can of worms that Pelosi has been trying to keep closed for months now. Unfortunately for her though, the Schiff's, Ted Lieu's, Wasserman-Schultzs and another roughly 30+ Democrats who carried around Awan brother's Blackberry's have no choice but to move forward with the fake impeachment. (Trump could have video and audio of Schiff injecting crystal meth into the necks of black teenagers with Ed Buck laughing in the background; or arraigning for the payment from George Clooney to a helicopter mechanic that can arrange an "accident" that kills the General Manager of the Standard Hotel because it was being used by pedophiles in the entertainment industry and Epstein style compromise, but Trump would be accused of obstructing the impeachment, even though it is fake.) As mentioned above, the Awan brother's were handing out special Blackberry's (highly secure and custom configured) to roughly 30 congressman on the Democrat side of the aisle. ("Coincidentally" (#sarcasm) those 30 were also super-delegates for Hillary.) The Awan's did not actually configure the Blackberries, they just made sure they surreptitiously synced to the laptops they carried in their backpacks when ever they visited the office of the Congress person to do normal IT maintenance. Obviously, the information on the lap tops was pretty valuable and it's not like CrowdStrike was going to do the actual configuration for free. Always the entrepreneur, Hillary was able to offset the CrowdStrike expense by selling the information to whatever foreign intel. agency was willing to find a straw donor to funnel cash into the Clinton Foundation. The President looks like he is "chomping at the bit" to get an official impeachment underway. He mentioned the CrowdStrike server eight times yesterday; At this point though, he probably doesn't care all that much about the Awan's congressional Blackberries, and what classified and personal information ended up on the CrowdStrike server. The compromised congress people obviously care, so that faction is making Pelosi continue the impeachment charade despite her better judgement. Brennan, Clapper, Obama and a host of other "conspirators" must be feeling backed up against the wall, or else they would not have thrown Biden under the bus wheels over his Ukraine issues. Everyone in DC knows Hunter Biden is a malcontent (who gets thrown out of the Navy for smoking crack these days?), and Pelosi certainly wouldn't let the "impeachment" inquiry go on if the Biden's stupidity didn't threaten a closer look into Paul Pelosi Jrs. own connections to a Ukrainian energy company. To be clear, Brennan, Clapper, Obama, HRC know they are safe as long as a fake impeachment (a "real" one opens the worm can) prevents Trump from dropping the hammer, which the MSM would spin as politically motivated. Hence, the CIA "whistle-blower" inadvertently (sarcasm) exposes Biden's corruption, which is not new news, but conveniently exposes potential problems for the Pelosi family, forcing her to get on the fake impeachment bandwagon. Does anyone know that Trump met with Nixon over a long weekend back in 1987? What do you think they talked about? Who killed JFK? That Watergate was an internal coup and always view transition team volunteers suspiciously? Addendum: It's embarrassing when a CIA operative posing as a Russian Intelligence agent looses his Crowdstrike Blackberry and Attorney General Barr and  US Attorney John Durham travel all the way to Italy to retrieve it.
  4. You mean Bolton, the most despised War Hawk and Fan Boy for dubious foreign excursions the Progressive wing of North America would never say a nice thing about in a million years? Unless he had dirt on Trump? Making him an instant candidate for the Nobel Peace prize. No. Another name you might run across is Mark Ciarmella. NSC Director for Ukraine (Obama holdover and likely left Trump Admin. three years ago.) Ciarmella is suspected by some non-MSM Anti-Deep State reporters (journalists). He might be involved but is probably more of a "dangle." Fiona Hill is the second whistleblower. At the 50,000 foot level, this whole Ukraine thing is a component of Iran/Contra 2 (Clinton, W. Bush, Obama), which is a continuation of Iran/Contra 1 (Reagan, Bush.) This is much bigger than the Bidens.
  5. This is the Internet, not a court room. Watching you consistently fall back on your lawyer laurels instead of engaging in some constructive counter speculation convinces me you have nothing to say. This is an Internet conspiracy forum; the absence or lack of evidence is implied.
  6. ...and use some HTML in your post profile, the mess you have there stretches the thread unnecessarily.
  7. I never made that claim. There are many Liberal Episcopalians. It's fine Cliff. Just disregard. The joke I made at your expense was apparently too subtle. Go back to calling people Fascists.
  8. Thurston Howell the 3rd has never voted for a Democrat in his life! You still don’t know. Jims interaction with Zaid was certainly new news.
  9. The remaining records are Trump’s dead man switch, whether they say who killed JFK or not.
  10. Said the guy who doesn't know the difference between an Evangelical and an Episcopalian. The Zaid info is news to me.
  11. Here is my most recent pet theory. The CIA/"Powers that Be"/Illuminati/Deep State/etc. controls the MSM through Pharmaceutical commercials. Think of the variety of commercials their used to be on TV. Breakfast cereal, Airlines, Coke & Pepsi wars, Beer jingles. Now it is all Pharmaceuticals for very specific people (those with whatever problem the pill being sold helps.) The commercials are not entertaining (not that most of the older ones were), they are just a long list of symptoms. Who does the scaring though? Who (what) made "conspiracy" a word to describe tin-foil hat wearers. Robert Booker Baer, the "ex" CIA operative who hosts "Hunting Hitler" and "Tracking Oswald" and has written a number of books did a whole show about Oswald being a KGB plant from his days in Russia, and the entire context of the show and KGB theory were premised on an assertion (not a theory) that LHO was the guilty loan nut. It is one thing to dismiss CTer's as tin-foil types at this point and not give them airtime, but why actively promote the loan nut idea this late in the game? (No need to answer, just throwing out the idea.) As for the Bush Family, the fuzzy picture of a guy who is probably not George HW Bush in Dallas in '63 and the Hoover Memo is the least of the evidence (though who else would Hoover be writing about?) The Bush families pre-'63 affiliations and the father & son affiliations after '63 are more suspicious than the Memo (or at least strengthens the memo's veracity.) As noted, the JFK assassination was not the first time the Bush family was accused of being involved in a history changing crime. Their involvement in WWI war profiteering is well known, but their is a decent amount of literature that suggests the Bush/Walkers, Rockefellers, Mellons, Bissells, Symingtons and maybe 30 or 40 more families, pushed the US into the war though false flags (Lusitania), propaganda (the Rape of Belgium) and getting Wilson into the White House in the first place (their guy to push around.) The post JFK Bushes had guys like Shackley, Halper (Ray Clines son in law) on the White House pay roll and used others for Iran/Contra crimes that are suspected to have also played a roll in '63, like Barry Seal and some of the Cubans. George W. had a few JFK era names in his administration. Here is Christina Bagley Rocca (Ex CIA and United States Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs from 2001 to 2006.) It would be hard to come up with a more CIA name than Bagley Rocca.
  12. As I mentioned in the PM, there are a few links to the CIA Nazi vault and in the other thread. Arrowsmith was corresponding with Rechenberg while Rechenberg was corresponding with Skorzeny, among other infamous Nazis. This was early ‘62. Arrowsmith has $30 million in the bank when he died in the 1980s. His family came from Old New York money. Their are some Lipsenards and Bleekers in the Family Tree. Also, related to Dunn & Bradstreet families. The most interesting angle to Arrowsmith and his pal George Lincoln Rockwell is the possibility the whole Neo Nazi revival was a school play. That is, Arrowsmith (and a Hooker before that) were asked to fund this new Nazi movement to parry the organic progress of the civil rights objectives. The anti-Jewish focus of the neo Nazis may also point to another motive besides typical KKK type mayhem. The same year that Arrowsmith started funding Rockwell (1958) is also when Salman Zapiro got NUMEC up and running with the merger of Apollo Steel and San Toy Mining. The AEC was likely looking the other way when the HEU went out the Apollo plants back door. It would have a good plan B to take out Zapiro and contract out the hit to some Neo Nazis or just blame them. Sounds like a Bissell idea.
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