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    Now it can be told: Dag Hammarskjold

    Doesn’t some of George D’s travels make more sense if he is working to procure, and/or monitor potential sources of Uranium? (Rather than or in addition to oil exploration.) Georges visits to West Africa, Haiti & DR, Venezuela, Mexico, and Yugoslavia might have been for Uranium exploration. They are not all U producers now, but in the 40s and 50s, any indication of U reserves would have prompted interest. A quick google shows even Haiti had potential as a U producer. More compelling is GDs third wife Wynne Sharples. 1951 to 1956. Sharples family from Philly made (still makes) centrifuges. He mentioned this in his WC testimony. George’s movements might make more sense, and at a higher level of secrecy if he is tasked with Uranium missions instead of Oil exploration or developing sisal farms.
  2. Robert Wheeler

    Allen Dulles

    The Cabells themselves are old money from Virginia. Big family with lots of branches that connect to New England families. Ann Cabell Standish married Robert Swan Mueller III. (She was distantly related to Charles Pearre Cabell & Earle.) RSM3 is first cousin once removed to Richard Bissell (fired along with Dulles & Charles that same day in ‘61.) Charles and Earle Cabell had a brother Benjamin. He died in March 1964. I don’t know how he died or if it was suspicious (age about 65.) I’m still looking for an Obit.
  3. Robert Wheeler

    The Latest on Permindex/CMC

    From the link: Metta’s research links many members of CMC to Mussolini’s old fascist guard and neo-fascists associated with the “Strategy of Tension.” All in my Opinion, on the surface, the CIA connections that Mr. Metta makes to Nagy, Permindex, CMC and the Strategy of Tension, look opportunistic from the standpoint of the Americans having an interest in curtailing the growth of communism in post-war Italy. That is, to the extent Communism represented a threat in Italy after the War, the utilization of the remnants of an anti-communist infrastructure and network of pro-Mussolini (pro-Facist) types, seems like a logical step the OSS and then the CIA, would take. In that case, a post-war working relationship between the CIA and pre-war and war-time Mussolini supporters looks like more of an Anti-Communist effort than a Pro-Fascist effort. A Post-War Anti-Communist alliance (whether in Italy, or Hungary or Vietnam) would certainly be an easier sell in the USA than a Pro-Facist one. Nevertheless, pre-War Facist supporters of the Mussolini strain (more corporate control, less anti-Semitism) remained influential in certain circles in the United States after the war. Franklin Roosevelt’s pre-War “Braintrust” certainly had some sympathy for the type of Fascism that Mussolini practiced before World War II. Adolf Berle, whom Mae Brussell had a real “bee in her bonnet” for, was one of FDR’s original Brain-Trusters. Berle’s economic ideas, which leaned towards the state control of large corporations, were popular during the Depression and it is likely that his writings and academic research had more of an influence on Mussolini than the other way around. Another member of the Brain-Trust was Rexford Tugwell. He was a little more blatant in his support of Mussolini and said (pre-War) about Mussolini’s plan to modernize the Italian Economy, "It's the cleanest … most efficiently operating piece of social machinery I've ever seen. It makes me envious." (In Phillip K. Dicks book “The Man in the High Castle”, some of the characters read a book called “The Grasshopper Lies Heavy.” In that fictional book (within The Man in the High Castle) Rexford Tugwell becomes President in 1940.) Berle and more so Tugwell, remained influential after World War 2, with Tugwell being the primary contributor to a 10 year effort to develop an alternative US Constitution (New States Constitution), via the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. The effort was taken pretty seriously. "After the completion of the proposed New States Constitution (1974), Nelson Rockefeller, then president of the U.S. Senate, engineered the introduction of HCR 28 calling for an unlimited Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) in 1976. Public opposition defeated this effort so the convention backers then went to the states promoting a "limited convention" for the ostensible purpose of adding a balanced budget amendment. As I mentioned in Part 1 of this article, we defeated this effort as well." As mentioned up top, any connection between Permindex and the CIA might have developed independently to fight Communism in post-War Italy. That being said, some pre-War, mostly academic fascination with the Mussolini brand of Fascism, survived until well after the War with Tugwell’s efforts highlighted here.
  4. Actually, those are not my words at all. Please look at the post again. Page 11.
  5. Robert Wheeler

    Is public interest in the JFK assassination declining?

    If you Google "jfk assassination" (no quotes), and hit the Videos Tab, your top 5 results are videos from: 1. WAPO; 2. NY Times; 3. NY Times; 4. WAPO; 5. Biography.com. None of these videos is longer than 3:17 (3 min, 17 seconds) If you use Bing and search term "jfk assassination" (no quotes), and hit the Videos Tab (and set Date filter to "all") you get 5 youtube videos. 4 of the videos are between 40 and 50 minutes in length. 1 video, an enhanced version of the Zapruder film is 2 min. 48 seconds. If you are someone looking for a good primer about the JFK Assassination, you get much better results on Bing. As shown below, no one uses Bing, or any other search engine. Search Engine Market Share Worldwide - January 2019 Google = 92.86% bing= 2.41% Yahoo! =1.82% Baidu =0.89% YANDEX RU= 0.59% DuckDuckGo=0.41%
  6. Thank you for your thoughtful response. There was nothing on Dulles CV or any evidence in his actions at the time that prevented him from heading the Warren Commission. I'm sure (in a good way) as you said, "the intelligence and law enforcement people of today are largely a different breed of cat than of yesteryear." The Rank and File are no doubt mostly honorable people just doing their jobs. These are the Executive Level Departures at the FBI since Trump has been President. To be clear, except for maybe Comey, the names under the FBI Heading of Departure or Demotions was prompted by the FBI's Office of the Inspector General, which is headed by Michael E. Horowitz (Appointed by Obama and confirmed by Senate 2012.) Also, these are not normal change of administration exits. FBI Departures/Demotions: James Comey, Director – FIRED Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director - FIRED Jim Rybicki, Chief of Staff and Senior Counselor – FIRED James Baker, General Counsel – FIRED Bill Priestap, Director of Counterintelligence (Strzok’s boss) – Cooperating witness [power removed] Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence – FIRED Lisa Page, Office of General Counsel – FIRED/FORCED Mike Kortan, Assistant Director for Public Affairs – FIRED Josh Campbell, Special Assistant to Comey – FIRED The Official OIG summaries of the investigations are currently breaking. OIG Release January 29, 2019. OIG Release Feb. 5, 2019 (today) DOJ Departures/Demotions: David Laufman, Chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section [NAT SEC - HRC email invest] - FIRED/FORCE John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General – Head of DOJ’s National Security Division - FIRED/FORCED Sally Yates, Deputy Attorney General & Acting Attorney General - FIRED Mary McCord, Acting Assistant Attorney General – Acting Head of DOJ’s National Security Division - FIRED/FORCED Bruce Ohr, Associate Deputy Attorney General – Demoted 2x - cooperating witness [power removed] - Since I may have derailed the discussion, which started out about Roger Stone, I'll bring it back to Stone. Andrew A. Weismann works for Team Mueller. The night before 29 agents showed up to arrest Roger Stone last week, Weismann sent a Draft Copy of the Sealed Indictment to CNN. This was before Roger or his attorney received the document and before it was made available to the public on Pacer. FYI - Prosecutors are not supposed to show the press or anyone an indictment until the defense has received a copy. Link to Stone Lawyer Complaint.
  7. Up until only after the last election, I was indifferent, or accepted, that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. After the last election, the actions by the FBI and DOJ led me to believe the Mainstream Media narrative regarding the Wikileaks release of the DNC emails was at best woefully incomplete and at worst, criminally misleading. Subsequently, in no particular order, the FBI and DOJ dropped investigations into Hillary's private server, which held classified information. there was no investigation into the meeting between Loretta Lynch (AG) and Bill Clinton. Admiral Rogers told Trump the Trump Tower offices were bugged, prompting the move to Bedminster. Bruce Ohr of the DOJ told his colleagues in official memorandums that the Steeler Dossier was opposition research commissioned and paid for. The DOJ did not tell the FISA court the Dossier was opposition research when the FISA warrants were sought and obtained. Not satisfied that professionals at the DOJ and FBI were capable of subverting the normal processes, or just outright breaking the law, without subjecting themselves to meaningful inquiry by the MSM or eventual prosecution, I started to look for instances of other institutional corruption at the highest levels of government. The JFK assassination and subsequent cover-up clearly indicates institutional corruption at the highest levels of government is possible, if not the norm. I am no longer indifferent, nor do I accept, that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK by himself (or was even in on the plot, except for being the patsy.) As a lifelong Republican & "Better Dead than Red Type", I am even questioning my past assumptions and willingness to go along and wholeheartedly rally around all US attempts to extinguish any Red Menace, anywhere, at anytime. (ie. Are we really trying to liberate oppressed peoples or is that only the official narrative for the Public, when the actual intent is to preserve or increase the financial and/or political power of an infinitesimally small fraction of the 1%?) Anyone here can continue to hate Trump all they want, but with the foreknowledge, from a study of the JFK Assassination, that many of our institutions are endemically corrupt, any assertion of Mueller's bonafides, from a cursory acceptance of the Main Stream Media narrative, is naive at best.
  8. The East Coast Establishment Financial "conspiracy" is probably pretty mundane. Not a lot of black robes and incantations, just a function of who they knew. The East Coast Families sent their sons to Ivy League schools. When World War II broke out, the Ivy League types ended up in Military Intelligence Units (OSS, ONI, etc.) rather than being dispersed over the globe in Infantry units or submarines. The Ivy League types were highly educated, well traveled, probably exposed to, or spoke, other languages. The Intelligence branches were probably the best fit for Ivy League Educated soldiers, given their skill set. There missions or actions or networks they built during and after the war is what bound them in various types of secrecy. Some forged the papers of German Rocket scientists and did so with no nefarious intent (better to have the scientist working for the US than the USSR), other's forged the papers of SS Colonels because the Colonel provided a map to a cache of gold fillings. Some of these intelligence guys stuck with it after the war and formed the CIA. Others went into private industry. I bet most turned out to be decent citizens and would never consider leveraging their secrets for personal or political gain. It seems like there are a few that did though. Guys like Angleton or Dulles. Bissell had an interesting job during the war. He was not, at least on the surface, an Intelligence agent. Those United Fruit Boats he was in charge of probably held some interesting cargo on the return trip from Algiers. Trump was an outsider. His outsider status meant the Bush family and the CIA had a limited ability to control him. Mueller's ultimate goal was originally to get rid of Trump. Mueller was chosen because he has played well for the Bush/CIA team. East Coast Family Connections (Bissells, Cabels, Cushings (Julia Child married into Cushings - FYI.) Bush Jr. picked him as FBI Director. (Does anyone want to bet Bush picked Mueller to be FBI chief because he was finally going to bring the CIA to justice for running drugs in prior decades?) Saudi links to 9/11 were kept quiet under Mueller's FBI tenure. It's not the DNA similarities between Mueller & Bissell that make the conspiracy, it's the lack of media inquisitiveness. (Mueller has been around for 2 years now. On a JFK forum, where Bissell is likely one of the top suspects, my mention of the relationship was the first?) If Bissell had something to do with the JFK assassination, and George HW Bush really was CIA in 1963, is it not fair to wonder if Mueller's appointment to be FBI director was more than coincidence. One theory is that Mueller’s goal, at this point, is to just obfuscate and rally the media against Trump. He is not going to be impeached, but he can be distracted. Another theory is more far fetched. You would give even less credence to it than I do. It does not involve aliens.
  9. Yes, Mr. Caddy. I have heard some of his interviews, including the UFO ones. I think the 11/30/2017 show Mr. Caddy did on Dark Journalist about E. Howard Hunt and how JFK was killed because he wanted to open the UFO files is the one I caught. The Fall of 2017 was a big time for all sorts of Disclosures. The bulk of the JFK files, starting 10/26/2017, and final one for the year on 12/15/2017. Then the NY Times Pentagon UFO disclosures on 12/16/2017. Anyway, here are a bunch of Mueller related family trees. Family Trees & Associated Connections of Robert Swan Mueller III. Mueller / Bissell - https://imgur.com/gallery/1K2NegI Mueller / Standish Branch - https://imgur.com/gallery/nfjpIw6 Mueller / Standish Branch – Tree & Standard Oil Affiliations - https://imgur.com/gallery/cQuRxBl Mueller / Swan / Freeman – Expanded Tree - https://imgur.com/gallery/qVMEDyk Mueller / Swan – Multi Generation (Swans) - https://imgur.com/gallery/0afnLEX Mueller / Cabell (St. Louis) to Cabell (Texas) – https://imgur.com/gallery/lfTV6MS Texas Cabell Brother Tree – Ben Death Note (March ’64) - https://imgur.com/gallery/2ROF1C8
  10. Not necessarily guilt by association. Just interesting with respect to some of the theories I have seen posted here or read elsewhere about who ultimately provided the authority for the assassin to pull the trigger on November 22, 1963. The ultimate authority may well have come from some Mob bosses or some rogue mid-level CIA operatives. If that's the case, then Oswald's one or two degree separation from the Forbes family is at best an interesting coincidence. Oswald's association with Clay Shaw is also then an interesting coincidence in the context of Oswald being a poor kid from New Orleans, who would never in a million years have even a remote connection to Eastern Establishment families. Nevertheless, despite Oswald's unrefined pedigree, he is only separated by one degree, via Clay Shaw, from Permindex. Whatever Permindex was used for, Ferenc Nagy seemed to attract the attention of the Euro elite (Seligman) some Italian Royalty (for whatever that is worth) and David Rockefeller. (David modeled the NYC WTC off the Rome CMC, apparently.) In any event, Oswald's close associates in his final year, seemed to know some important people in high places, not to mention the George de Mohrenschildt connections. As noted, Mueller is not necessarily guilty by association, nevertheless, pointing out the relation between Mueller and Bissell seems to raise a few eyebrows among those that know who Bissell was, even if they prefer to see Trump go sooner rather than waiting for the end of his scheduled term. To that end, like the JFK assassination, and to a lesser extent Watergate, the evidence for a conspiracy to deliberately remove a President from office before his term ends, becomes more apparent from the efforts to cover-up the conspiracy, versus the actual forensic evidence left at the crime scene. (ie. Why does it take 55 years to release documents if Oswald was just a lone nut? Similarly how do you get supposedly independent media types to rarely ask the types of questions the Researchers on this Forum have been asking for years?) If the actual crime does not seem all that coordinated from a high level, I doubt many people on this forum would be here if they did not think the subsequent cover-ups has some level of coordination. In my opinion, the coordination has probably required a lot of financial resources, threats, deaths, and compromises. The infrastructure for the coordination efforts and resources are still in place, 55 years after the crime. If the Mainstream Media were asking the types of questions JFK researchers are still asking, Mueller’s efforts with respect to Trump would be less suspect. Still, no one in the MSM has ever mentioned the Mueller pedigree, even if it is just a curiosity. Mueller himself may well be the well intentioned public servant the media portrays. I would believe that more if there was an MSM effort to dig a little deeper into the characters that were involved in procuring the “Steele” dossier, those that have been indicted, and those that are on his staff. One would think the name Stefan Halper would throw up some red flags. The guy is CIA all the way. He was knee deep in Iran/Contra and the October Surprise (1980 edition.) A bio of his father in law Ray Cline (CIA) can be found on Spartacus. (One of the characters in The Manchurian Candidate is supposed to be Ray Cline.) Since I am mostly convinced the MSM has played an important part in the JFK assassination, and are still doing so to this day, it is not much of a stretch for to believe the filters they continue to apply up to the present, for a murder that occurred 55 years ago, remain available for other information the public is not supposed to know. Pointing out that Stefan Halper has been involved in CIA/Bush Skullduggery does not advance the MSM’s narrative that Mueller is a good guy, and it may even cause a greater percentage of the public to wonder if his pursuit of Trump is because he is looking out for the best interests of US citizens, but rather because he is looking out for a narrower sliver of the populace consisting of his friends, family and their business interests. The organizational and financial infrastructure that supported the JFK cover-up is still in place and it seems to be bigger than ever.
  11. I found this forum a month or two ago to read up on General Charles Cabell. A few websites have claimed Charles and Earl were uncles of Robert Swan Mueller III (RSM3) They are not. They are distant relatives of his wife, Ann Cabell Standish Mueller. Although Charles & Earl are distantly related by marriage to RSM3, it turns out, RSM3 and Richard Bissell are first cousins once removed. (RSM3’s mother was Alice Truesdale. Alices Aunt was Marie Truesdale. Marie’s married Richard Bissell Sr.. Their son was Richard Bissell Jr.) Is any of this relevant to this forum, or this thread? I kind of think so. Mueller is not just some career Government Lawyer who through grit and hard work eventually became head of the FBI. He is as Eastern Establishment as the Dulles, or Bushes, or Forbes, or Bissells, or Cabells. A branch or two of RSM3’s extended family even intertwine with the Rockefeller’s. (The Standish Clans petroleum & coal barge companies in Pittsburgh were once part of Standard Oil.) RSM 1 & 2 are interesting in their own right. The grandfather (RSM1) seems to have run in the same St. Louis Society circles, circa WW1, as Herbert Walker. RSM2, landed a nice Job with DuPont after graduating from Princeton in 1938 and his WW2 service. From what can be gleaned so far, he brokered rare metals for Dupont’s nascient War & Post war nuclear projects. Uranium seems to be in the Mueller blood. First the father after WW2 and then the son only a few years ago as a Uranium One Bagman. RSM3 and his relatives travelled in some pretty elite family circles. It's quite the Rabbit hole once you dig a little and that’s all I’ve done. Any of this is only relevant to JFK if you think Oswald did not act alone. It becomes more relevant if you have some level of suspicion the CIA provided the operational expertise, but not necessarily the ultimate authority to act. Someone posted that the Mueller Investigation is like Watergate on Steroids. It is, but it is not Bob Woodward’s version of Watergate, it is the Len Colodny version.
  12. Robert Wheeler

    Abraham Bolden reports on his pardon petition

    "After having been denied a pardon under Presidents Nixon and President Clinton." • ⁠President Clinton was given the opportunity to have praise and accolades thrown in his direction by the appreciative and likely mostly African American family and friends of Abraham Bolden. • ⁠President Clinton takes a pass on scoring the political points presented by the opportunity. • ⁠There is no deep state. • ⁠Oswald acted alone.
  13. Submitted for speculation. 1. This announcement was originally scheduled for April 4, 2018. The 50th anniversary of the MLK assassination. One of the possible key conspirators of MLK, JFK and RFK was still alive though in April. That guy died on Nov. 30, so the announcement was moved up to MLKs birthday. And/or 2. There is another guy in the news every day. The Mainstream Media loves him. The same MSM that refuses to question the assertions of the WC treats him like some sort of savior. The relevance to the WC and The JFK assassination to current events and the MSMs hero, is the premise that the confirmation, on the part of the MSM, of a conspiracy hypothesis with respect to the WC/JFK murder, also confirms the existence of a Deep State. The MSM can’t rally behind their hero, or agitate against the nemesis if the Deep State’s existence is perceived to be real by the masses. If the public becomes cognizant that the Deep State killed JFK, MLK, RFK, then the Deep State franchise, which exists Today is lost. The MSM hero of today is then just the successor to the retired or dead leaders of the same Cabal that murdered the Kennedys and King. The MSM loves Robert Mueller. They will continue to as long as the public perceives Mueller as a public servant beyond reproach. The public will sour on him though. His mother’s first cousin is Richard Bissel (once removed to Robert FYI). His wife’s maiden name is Cabell (not close to being first or second to Charles and Earl, but related nonetheless.) Maybe JFK researchers will not subscribe too much to Mueller’s family connections. Maybe those that don’t see a relevant connection are correct. Correct or not, public awareness of Mueller’s family tree will allow for the expansion of a public base that does not simply deny the existence of a Deep State. Robert Muellers mother was Alice Truesdale Alice Truesdale’s Aunt Marie married Richard Bissell Senior. Their son is Richard Bissell Jr.
  14. Robert Wheeler

    JFK Assassination Index

    Instead of starting another thread, I'll piggyback on this thread. I came across this list of convenient deaths the other day. https://www.jfk-assassination.eu/articles/deaths.php Separately, I was looking at the Cabell Family Tree and noticed that Earle (Mayor) and Charles (General) had an older brother name Benjamin Elias Cabell Jr. In any event, Benjamin died March 9, 1964. He was 64 at the time. I have not been able to find an on-line obituary. I was wondering if anyone has seen an obituary, I would be curious if his death was out of the ordinary. (His name is not on the "convenient list of deaths.)
  15. Robert Wheeler

    Introduce yourself here

    I am 48 years old and work in the finance industry. I own my own small firm and primarily provide financial advisory services to small and medium sized companies. I stumbled upon the Education Forum about a year ago when I wanted to find more information about Doug Caddy and Googled up his name. (He had said some interesting things on a few different podcasts and Youtube videos.) Up until about 2017 I had little, if any interest in JFK assassination theories, debates, etc. After perusing the Education Forums about Doug Caddy, then JFK, Watergate, and related Topics, I have become interested in what the Forum has to say about those topics.