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  1. When San Toy May Mining Corp. merged with Apollo Steel and American Nut & Bolt In 1958 to form NUMEC, it was barely a mining company anymore. It’s only asset, aside from some tax loss carry forwards, was four mines leased to ASARCO, with only two years left until lease expiration. ASARCO, formerly American Smelting, was one of the largest companies in the World at the time. It was formed by William Avery Rockefeller to emulate the Trust Structure of Standard Oil in the early 1900s. The Rockefellers eventually lost majority control of ANSARCO to the Rothschilds backed Guggenheim family, but still maintained a sizable stake until only a few years ago. To summarize, the Rockefellers and Guggenheims owned ASARCO. ASARCO was the only source of income of San Toy (ASARCO paid rent to San Toy.) San Toy was sold to a bunch of Pittsburgh based pro-Israel entrepreneurs who merged it with two other companies to form NUMEC. NUMEC was used to smuggle HEU from Its Apollo PA plant to Israel. Sometime between about 1958 and 1965, enough HEU had left NUMEC for Israel to build six or seven nuclear bombs. One can almost say that Rockefeller and Rothschild interests sold Israel the Bomb.
  2. Re: General Flynn. "Prosecutors’ filed a 33-page sentencing memorandum today in Federal District Court of the District of Columbia." Link to Summary write-up (also links to original filings.) So, Mueller throws the book at Flynn. The pro Trump Twittersphere screams "witch hunt" against Flynn for 3 years. Mueller recommends no Jail. Now the prosecution is looking for Jail. This is a good thing. What do the "experts" think?
  3. I like reading about history. Ancient history, the history of the middle ages, 20th Century. You get the idea. When I was younger, WW2 history was pretty fascinating. As a kid, the battles and personal on the ground stories or depictions were the most interesting. After a while, one kind of becomes interested in the "bigger picture" type history. The politics behind the start of WW2, or the preceding events, like WWI, interwar treaties, propaganda, supposed states of mind, a lot of ephemeral considerations and possible precedents. It is mostly academic, but many, like myself, find it fascinating. If one falls down the WW2 rabbit hole, once you have exhausted all of the actual War year's information (or just want a deeper understanding of Hitler's origins, or the decision of the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor), you pretty quickly get into pre-WWI history, and then into the Russo-Japanese War, Otto von Bismarck, the Revolutions of 1848, and then further into the past if you like. Maybe after exhausting the WW2 origin literature, say you stopped with Bismarck, you start to look at how WW2 shaped history going forward. The Cold War, the Post War Baby Booms that shaped the Economic structure, the Culture, Politics, etc. If one starts with an interest in "D"-Day because you saw a movie with lots of explosions and cool airplanes and heroic personal stories, you can easily develop an understanding of how the Revolutions of 1848 led to the decision to blow up Sulamani the other day. Most of the effort and suppositions made between the events of 1848 and 2020 is academic and personal. It is just interesting and not intended to foment an argument or win a debate. My interest in the JFK Assassination runs a similar course. The events of November 22, 1963 are interesting on their own. The questions about who pulled the trigger? where was Oswald? was there a bullet in the windshield? are all relevant and interesting questions. Like WW2, the JFK assassination was not a single isolated event. It had its origins in preceding events, and looking at those preceding events is part of the mostly academic effort to understand what happened on that specific day in 1963. Maybe the preceding events only extend back a few months. Maybe the preceding events extend back decades. I'm not saying a Cabal planned, in 1939, to kill any Kennedy that eventually became President, however, maybe in 1939 or 1919 or whenever, it was desirable for some to not have a Kennedy Type President. Any President, from some point in the past, that did not meet the general criteria of some philosophy as to how the world should work, would have to go. Just like one is able to have better understanding of WW2, by looking at post-WW2 history, one can have a better understanding of JFK Assassination by looking at the post assassination history. Is it really that radical of an idea to examine the origins of WW1 by considering the persona of Bismarck or 1848? Is it really that radical of an idea to examine the origins of WW2 by considering the Treaty of Versailles? Does something arising out of WW2 provide better context and understanding as to why JFK was killed? A few of you seem to want to argue that the Assassination of JFK has no relevance to historical events after November 1963. At a very basic and surface level examination, this is idiotic because his brother was killed only 4 years later. Well documented, but not well publicized, the events surrounding Watergate have been shown to be relevant to the JFK Assassination. I know it does not help the "Impeach Trump" narrative a few of you are holding on to when your efforts are considered in a larger historical context. The implications easily rewrite history for the vast majority of Americans whose understanding of history is limited to high-school text books. Lots of things look different, including some horrific events that many people still easily remember.
  4. JFK to 9/11 Some of the same names (if not individual names, then family names) show up time and again in these type of historical events. WWI - Hector Prudhomme Sr.* - Belgian Banker who ran the "Rape of Belgium" narrative to persuade the US populace to join he War. (Co-investor in Belgian American Coke Co. with George Herbert Walker** and Thomas Fortune Ryan***.) 1953 Iran Coup - Hector Prudhomme Jr. - Worldbank - instrumental in the Coup. Hector Jrs. brother in law was Richard Bissell (enough said.) Bissell's cousin was Bob Mueller's first Cousin once removed (hired to be FBI director shortly before 9/11.) *Jeanette Prudhomme the RFK witness. California born & bred. She did move to Bar Harbor, Maine though. Just a curiosity for now, but guess where the Hector's Prudhomme of Connecticut use to summer. **Wirt Walker the 3rd (relative of GHW) investigated for insider trading in companies connected to 9/11. (He bought a large number of "puts" before 9/11.) (Related to the President's Bush of course.) *** Son - Clendenon Ryan. I believe Mr. Caddy was room mates or had some connection to Clendenon Jr. (their is a thread in this forum somewhere.) TF Ryan was worth about $2.3 billion in 2019 dollars in 1928. - American Tobacco Money.)
  5. Way to go Niederhut. We're on the same page here. https://www.foxnews.com/world/helicopter-crash-in-afghanistan-reportedly-kills-members-of-seal-team-6 Dead men tell no tales as the saying goes.
  6. For the same reason LHO didn’t make it out of the basement. Osama wasn’t going to tell his handlers something they didn’t already know and he just might say something to someone other than his handlers. Maybe he did. https://www.foxnews.com/world/helicopter-crash-in-afghanistan-reportedly-kills-members-of-seal-team-6
  7. Good one Jeff. As the only actual Trump Supporter, I was disappointed not to be named in the list with you, Dennis and Jim. Clearly Cliff has made up a word for people who like the "truth" but do not necessarily support Trump. "Trumpenlink" is apparently the best he can come up with. Like Truth & Support Trump = Me ("Trumparians?", "Trumpites?" {what's the 70's sitcom reference Cliff? anyone?}) Like Truth & Do not Support Trump = The "Trumpenlinks" Hate Truth & Support Trump = The imaginary people Cliff thinks he's arguing with. Hate Truth & Do not Support Trump = The real people we are arguing with. Most of the people in the last bullet point still seem pretty intelligent and are certainly articulate. It is hard to believe the high level of cognitive dissonance, they usually show, is congenital.
  8. Just a reminder about UFOs in general as far their use as a way to distract from a non-sanctioned narrative. When the First and largest batches of the JFK files were released in the Fall of 2017 over a few weeks, the day after the final “drop”, The NY Times ran its first ever serious article about UFOs. The WAPO followed up a day or two after that. The point is that the MSM has their UFO news on standby with each drop just in case something earth shattering came out of the JFK archives. When nothing Earth shattering came out, The NY Times released their UFO story. FYI - I’m not against the possibility of UFOs, I just think a UFO disclosure story in the Paper of Record is about the only thing that could distract the public from a major disclosure about who killed JFK. They played the UFO card and lost.
  9. Obviously I am referring to Mr. Caddy in the first bullet point. I have done so numerous times on this everlasting thread and others.
  10. The Kerry Family, Selling US Atomic Secrets since 1959. https://www.wilsoncenter.org/publication/the-us-discovery-israels-secret-nuclear-project The June 1959 Israel-Norway secret agreement providing for the sale of Norwegian heavy water to Israel (through UK) transmitted by Oslo Embassy political officer Richard Kerry (father of John Kerry).
  11. Obviously they have a lot to do with JFK. Why else would the E. Howard Hunt Alien Presence gentleman be so vested in sliding constructive comments with 10 month old USA Today columns? Why, on a JFK Assassination discussion forum of all places, are their participants that believe it is necessary to protect the reputation of a CIA lawyer who on more than one occasion attended actual JFK conferences to spread disinformation? Why does Mr. Depleted Uranium disappear for a few days when nuclear metals are mentioned? Why is it so upsetting to some when I mention that the Muellers, Bissells and Cabels are all related? It just seems like the posts have nothing to do with JFK.
  12. Ultimately, if the DNC/FBI/MSM Russian Narrative is exposed as the hoax it actually is, then the DNC emails were not hacked, they were leaked. If they were leaked, and the suspected leaker was murdered, then some important people have some serious problems. FISA rules and normal processes be damned, there is a murder that needs to remain unsolved.
  13. At the very least, Comey was fired for incompetence. According to Comey himself. The Russians were attempting to infiltrate the Trump Campaign as early as late July 2016. Instead of warning the Trump campaign, Comey and McCabe decide to spy on; the Trump campaign, and then; while Trump was President elect, and then; after Trump was inaugurated. (see timeline and link below.) But according to Niederhut, Comey was fired because General Flynn violated the Logan Act, even though the last indictment under the Logan Act was in 1852, and the only other previous indictment was in 1803. Meanwhile the only people who wish Pelosi would deliver her dreaded article of impeachment are the President and his supporters. I know I'm looking forward to it. What could be taking so long?
  14. As long as we're slingin' dirt. Investigations swirling around Adam Schiff and the arrested Democrat donor Ed Buck! Do you suppose we will get closer to a certain port? Long Beach or even the Standard Hotel? Schiff Territory! ...
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