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  1. This is all pretty simple. Right now, my local board of education is trying to come up with a plan for kids in September. On mostly one side, are the parents who would like to see the school return to normal in September. (Parents that have jobs to go back to, especially if they have younger kids, are particularly concerned about September plans.) On the other side is the State (NJ) Dept. of Education and the NJEA (teachers union.) These groups want to either stick with video "learning" or have 50% attendance, masks, plastic sheets, etc. The teachers are not especially in a hurry to get back in the classroom. They get paid either way. The DOE does what the boss (Gov. Murphy) tells them to do. The wealthier suburban districts are throwing a monkey wrench into the States/Unions plans. They are threatening to pull their kids out of the district all together. The thinking is, if my child is going to be home schooled (video lessons), then I don't need a public school teacher (or associated resources from the district.) In my district, we need two more eighth graders to bring the "quit the district" rate to 25%. That means the school will only need 3 eighth grade teachers instead of 4. If the other grades follow suit (grades 5,6,7 and 8 as mentioned), instead of 20 teachers, we will only need 16. Quite the predicament for the NJEA, and its only mid-July. https://data.cdc.gov/NCHS/Provisional-COVID-19-Death-Counts-by-Sex-Age-and-W/vsak-wrfu
  2. I'm not up to speed on the Joe Kennedy was a Nazi appeaser narrative, but I'm at least somewhat skeptical given the propensity to "dirty-up" the family subsequent to the assassination. Considering the amount of effort since 1963 to convince the public that Oswald was the only person involved, and because we know that is not the case, a concerted effort at character assassination wouldn't be all that surprising. The more the public buys into the idea that JFK was a drug-addled womanizer whose father had Nazi sympathies, the easier it should be for conspirators and cover-uppers to resist calls for investigations, document dumps and answering uncomfortable questions. There is a "hypothesis" that the "Paper Clipped" Nazi's were just the tip of the ice-berg and as scientist with some presumably useful skill-sets, represent the official (authorized) Nazi quota. The unofficial count is suspected to be much larger and would include a lot of bad actors in the Gehlen network, non-German Nazis (Polish, Ukranian, Romanians, etc.) some of which could be classified as "bad-guys" (spies, interrogators) and useful (pilots.) John O'loughlin (youtube channel - McDuff: Kennedy's Man to Smash the CIA) has been looking into his father's work for the FBI (also on the Joint Chiefs staff) in the 50s and 60s. One of his father's assignments was to go through about 68,000 files dropped on his desk by Hoover, to vet for Nazis. The thinking is that many of the files were of Eastern European Nazi's who had spent the first 10 years after the war going through a Nazi rinse. The Otto Otepka case may be related to these efforts. While RFK is kind of painted as trying to "railroad" Otepka; the RFK agents that were actually doing the investigation need a deeper look. One of the staffers was a guy named Charles W. Lyons who looks like he might have been recruited by the CIA by a guy named Edward Pierpont Morgan. Morgan later went on to become a lawyer for Maheau. Who was Edward Pierpont Morgan? Was Charles W. Lyons a CIA Cut Out? Did Otepka run across a Nazi Rat Line? In short, there is some evidence that JFK would or should have know about the official Paper Clip program (limited number of Nazi Scientists) but was looking into a broader CIA effort to bring in a lot more Nazi under the nose of Hoover and State Department types like Otepka, who was trying to prevent the CIA's efforts.
  3. Like the kind of Stuff the MSM will never mention? How about the proximity of Biden’s Bothers Island (Water Island) to Epstein Island. About 10 minutes by boat. Did Water Island actually have submarine pens from WW2 like nearby St. Thomas? Some Sources say yes. Why did Ghislane need a submariners license? When did the diplomatic embassy art exchange program start? Who started it? What else can you ship in a diplomatic container besides art? Drugs? kids? Weapons? Iran/Contra ^3
  4. Now we're making some progress Doug. If true about your SS issues, then I guess we are in the same boat (flying saucer?) As far as Trump's twisted Alien conspiracy is concerned, it sounds like a plan concocted by the same cabal that E. Howard Hunt relayed to you. I don't see how a fake Alien Invasion can work at this point, since the Alt-Media, the Twitter-verse have already "memed" the imaginary threat to millions. After the Russiagate Hoax, Covid over-reach, Antifa looting, and Murder Hornets, people's BS antennae are too highly tuned. Maybe this can be your moment. Do you trust "the Media" and "key persons"? What if the media has already surrendered all credibility? What if the key persons are already in Honduras?
  5. Maybe the Klingon Flag Doug. Or how about the Rebel Alliance? Any Alien flag should do.
  6. I have Cliff on ignore. So do a few others. You can try to articulate your own ogent counter argument instead of echoing Cliff’s talking points or just go back to not participating in this discussion; you have a lot more to contribute that way. Ask Cliff why he doesn’t put me on ignore. He knows why. I know why.
  7. Put your personal disdain for Trump away for a minute. Also put you your personal disdain or admiration away for, Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, and Bush 1. You are assuming the world looks like this: Republicans: Bush 1, Bush 2, Trump Democrats: Clinton, Obama, Biden The World Actually Looks Like this: "Members of the Club you are not in" (aka the Establishment, the Deep State, the Military/Industrial Complex Protectors, the Shadow Gov't etc.) Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, and Bush 1 Not a member of the Club Trump (for historical reference, we can definitively say that JFK was not a member of the Club, because the Club killed him. After JFK, possibly Carter and Reagan fall in the "Not a Member" category initially, but were probably forced to Join early in their admins. I would argue that Nixon was likely a Member of the Club, but was kicked out for breaking Club Rules. Johnson and Ford are obvious Club members.) The members of the Club all have had the same agenda. The "differences" in actual policy are magnified by a "kept" media to keep the charade going for the masses that they are either voting for a Republican or a Democrat. If the "Rs" are arguing for a 10% tax rate and the "Ds" are arguing for a 30% tax rate, the "impasse" is exaggerated; "nothing gets done in DC"; the "economy will tank" if the "R"/"D" tax bill passes depending on the politics of the pundit. Maxwell is not dead because the Club, for the first time since 1988 (or even 1981 if we want to say Bush was in charge of many parts of the government after the assassination attempt on Reagan), have not had the means to get to her. The normal Club infrastructure that would ordinarily be used to "get" to Maxwell has been bypassed. In all likelihood, the bulk of the FBI/DOJ, State Department, CIA, has been taken off the job of rounding up Club Members, because they have mostly been protecting Club Members (or eliminating threats to the Club.) The conventional thought (among us anti-Deep Staters) is that certain branches (units) of the Military are running the operations against the Club. Not the entire Military. Certainly not NATO units who are at best marginally under control of the President at anytime, and certainly not the Navies "Fat Leonard" Admirals. At some level, Trump is just another figure head President. However, unlike the past four Presidents, he is not answering to CIA interests run by entrenched legacy CIA/OSS families, or the latest generation of the same Military Industrial Complex that got Gulf Wars 1 & 2, and the Vietnam War started (likely WW1, and possibly WW2, as well; that's a longer story.) Basically, Trump is not answering to the sons and daughters of the Club members that killed JFK. The proof is in the "bipartisan" (Club Member) attempts to get rid of Trump from the day after he won in 2016, until today. If anyone looks at "Russiagate" and the Flynn case objectively, it is impossible to argue there was not a Coup Attempt. The same could be said for "Ukrainegate." Trump did not successfully push back against these attempts all by himself. He did not accidentally stumble his way towards avoiding the fate of Nixon or JFK out of sheer luck. The core members of the "Anti-Club" forces have existed since long before Trump got the Republican nomination. General Flynn for one, Admiral Rogers for another. Many believe the NSA is aligned against the CIA led intelligence operations of the Deep State because Snowden was a CIA operation to infiltrate the NSA. The Space Force was not just created to battle fake Alien invaders, but to establish a Military branch with a chain of command that has not been infected by corrupt Brass, or beholden to contractors that have promised them seven figure salaries when they take leave of the Navy, or that have visited Epstein Island or met Ghislane Maxwell's teen aged "friends" at Epstein's New Mexico Ranch.
  8. That’s the kind of request that I’ve been waiting for since I joined this forum. Unfortunately, I have kids to pick up and I’m on a phone anyway. That being said, Epstein’s primary business was illicit weapons sales. The Lolita Express and young girls were a side business to keep CEOs, Admirals, Generals and High Level Govt officials honest. DC has been panic for months and with Maxwells arrest, the Panic level is up to 11. The weapons transfers go back to WW1. That’s why the Walker/Bush family never seems to run out of money. After WW2, nuke technology became extremely valuable. Look into Donald Barr’s work in related Atomic fields. (I have some stuff; tomorrow.) Bob Muellers father & uncle, DuPont and nuclear navy, respectively. Bill Taylor of Ukrainegate, another Son of an early nuclear family. Bezos grandfather, LP Gise, AEC executive, potential connections via marriage and south east Texas mineral rights to Lady Bird Johnson. Most of us who support Trump are very suspicious of Barr. His pedigree screams Deep State. Barr is not even Scottish, bagpipes notwithstanding. He’s Ukrainian. The apparent need to obscure family origins is never a good sign. Then again, Epstein and Maxwell have likely been pimping young girls since Bush #1. That they have finally been arrested is encouraging, same with Prince Andrews apparent public humiliation, and the seemingly first time ever Presidential focus on eliminating the intelligence communities reliance on 14 year old girls to compromise VIPs. Most of us are not going to be happy until Wexler is perp walked. Epstein and Maxwell know where all the bodies are buried. They are important, but not the ultimate shot callers.
  9. Related: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_atomic_bomb_project
  10. Who says Epstein is dead? In any case, this guy, who monitors Military and Gov. Agency Aircraft Flights posted the following on his blog on June 28. Some of you might find it interesting as far as the type of information that is out there. The rest of you might want to stay indoors until the Coronavirus passes after election day. Now, there has been activity today with MAGMA89 heading to Haiti. I will report on that one next week; but wanted to point out that the last time we started seeing a similar flight pattern was a week before Epstein didn’t kill himself (rendition flights). I don’t want to put out false hope; but we may have a big fish on the line again and we are “taking their circle for a ride” so to speak to shake loose any pertinent data. Stay tuned as we will continue to chase these two in and out of the Caribbean as long as they are willing to broadcast. Monkey out. Here is his blog post. https://www.monkeywerxus.com/blog/the-magma-report-we-62820 You need to scroll down a little to see what he wrote (there is some extra white space on my browser and I did not scroll down far enough the first time I looked.) If you like looking at aircraft traffic in general, this is a good free site. https://tar1090.adsbexchange.com/ You can filter out commercial flights so that the map only shows military flights (at least the military aircraft that have their transponders on.)
  11. Before the nabobs cut and paste their talking points, the narrative that will try to spun from the Maxwell arrest is that; Berman wanted to arrest Maxwell. Barr did not want to Berman to make the arrest. Barr fired Berman to protect Trump. Audrey Strauss (interim AG) is such a stand up guy, he resisted the political heat from Barr and arrested Maxwell anyway. Give it a go guys, those are your orders. Here’s a secret, Berman was fired because he was dragging his feet on Maxwell and, separately, Biden.
  12. Ghislane Maxwell Indictment (It's not loading for me, maybe someone will have better luck.) https://www.scribd.com/document/467743344/Ghislaine-Maxwell-Indictment Summary according to a Twitter thread. The Ghislaine Maxwell indictment - charges include: 1) Conspiracy to entice minors to engage in illegal sex acts 2) Conspiracy to transport minors to engage in illegal sex acts 3) Transportation of a minor to engage in illegal sex acts 4) Perjury
  13. Jeffrey Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested, Sources Say
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