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  1. The Lane broadcast was on June 4th, Tuesday evening, before RFK was "shot" just after midnight.
  2. In the film clip at the above link, Fritz says; "Rode a cab home and changed his clothing and started to the picture show where he encountered the officer that he killed" Where did Fritz get that info from? Oswald? It should have been obvious to Fritz that the killer was walking in the opposite direction, and therefore had no intention of going to the picture show
  3. The white car you see on the inset picture is driving on Stemmons Freeway. Whatever that white figure is that appears on the last 2 frames of the above gif, is moving behind the triple underpass
  4. On 10th May 1967, when Lane stated that RFK would launch his own investigation, Garrison was right there with him before the Grand Jury
  5. I've been looking for it, no luck yet! I bet it crossed Lane's mind that he said something he shouldn't of.
  6. I just added more to the first post from the article;
  7. Bennington Banner (Vermont) pp2 - 11th June 68
  8. Mark Lane in 1967; Mark Lane in 1968; Then check out what Lane revealed publicly .... then 6 hours later, RFK was dead;
  9. Invision's offer of $45 per month is a good deal. It sounds like they are willing to allow more than the maximum 65 members/guests for a 15 minute period. The negative for a subscription set-up, could be less activity on the forum.
  10. The "fantasy art" pictures were posted so you could see where the signs are. One of those pictures represents Altgens 6, and the other picture is the same scene viewed from the east. This was done by some guys via a software program. The scene was created for pivoting around Altgens 6 only, that's why there's no railway workers etc. The other montage comprises Altgens 6 over a photo taken just days after the assassination Click HERE to see the base photo and to zoom in close
  11. And for a more complete description of the shirt; The suspect, as I will refer to him, who ran down the grassy knoll was wearing faded blue trousers and a long sleeved work shirt made of some type of grainy material. The above is from Craig's manuscript. So we have a light tan long sleeved work shirt. Plus; Mr. BELIN - I hand you Exhibit No. 150. Have you ever seen a shirt like this before? Does this look familiar to the shirt that the suspect might have been wearing when you saw him, or this man running toward the station wagon? Mr. CRAIG - It's the same type of shirt. Mr. BELIN - I believe you used the phrase, "light shirt". Would Exhibit 150 be darker than the shirt he was wearing? Mr. CRAIG - Uh--it looks darker in here--yes, uh-huh. According to Craig's testimony, the shirt he saw was the same type as CE150 but he thought it may have been lighter CE151 anyone?
  12. Yep, just showing where the signs are outside the Altgens photo, like this;
  13. Stemmons sign to the right; Thornton sign to the left; All signs seen together;
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