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  1. Congratulations!!! Any idea when this might premiere?
  2. He’ll be back. Keep an eye out for a new user with an exotic sounding name using the photo of a telenovela actor.
  3. Like I said he just throws every wacky theory he finds at the wall and sees what sticks. You’d figure he would’ve learned after being banned the 1st time. I just hope people new to the forum who come here and see his claims of being CIA and having insider info don’t take him seriously. To me it lumps him in with the serious researchers and hurts their credibility. That’s just my opinion but I wish @James R Gordon and @Kathy Beckett would make him attempt to show some sort of evidence if he’s going to make these claims.
  4. That link isn’t working. When you get a chance could you fix it please.
  5. Do you have any credible evidence to back up the claims you make everyday? All your theories are pushed by Roger Stone, John Davis, Barr McClellan etc. People who’s work has been discredited years ago or questionable at best. You constantly post this crap and when asked for evidence you ignore the request. Why not just post your evidence so everyone can take a look at it? To me and a few others it seems like you just Google “JFK conspiracy”, find a theory and state that as fact. There’s never any evidence to back it up, ever. Just like the WATS system claims you’ve been making. How do you expect to be taken as credible without actually being able to prove a word you say?
  6. I don’t think that’s Garrison
  7. What kind of lock is on it? Is it a built in lock in n the plate or just a pad lock? Do you have any idea if it was kept locked in ‘63.
  8. He doesn’t know. He throws all these theories out and sees what sticks. Wasn’t he banned a few months back for doing the same thing he’s doing now? I come here to learn from the people who post here. Him constantly posting his BS with absolutely no evidence to back it up and claiming he has connections to intelligence agencies that he gets his info from is a joke. It’s a slap in the face to the people that post here who do this stuff for a living. Whenever he’s asked to provide evidence he just moves on to the next theory and ignores the request.
  9. Then his house was broken into and the box of evidence was stolen. Not sure if you caught that part or not. It was an expected twist to the story.
  10. I was talking about Douglas not you. Wouldn’t put it past you though
  11. That site is about as credible as the Warren Commission
  12. I’d take the word of these couple people over the Amazon reviewers. Seems like the guy is a forger of documents and a disinformation specialist
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