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  1. Lol is that from the video of him singing Jefferson airplane? The one where it looks like he has a body wrapped up in the back seat
  2. Did it fail? 1. LBJ becomes Pres and avoids jail 2. Assassination is covered up 54yrs and counting 3. CIA isnt splintered into 1000 pieces 4. Cold war went on another 27 years 5. Vietnam 6. RFK is assassinated 7. Nixon and his crew 8. Ford 9. Reagan 10. Both Bushes I could list another 20 things that probably wouldn't have happened if JFK wasn't murdered. These are just the big ones. All in all I think it was a huge success for the perpetrators.
  3. I just bought both of his books on Dorthy Killgallen. Is The Reporter Who Knew Too Much worth the read or will it be a waste of time? Was looking forward to reading them after listening to a few interviews with Shaw.
  4. I'm not familiar with the sewer system in DP but I really never bought into the shooter in the sewer. Unless the police were in on it 100% I think it would be too risky to put someone down there. Especially someone who isnt the patsy.
  5. I figured that but if a shot was seen couldnt they just radio for officers to go down into the sewers and cut the shooter off at some point?
  6. I'm with you on that. Plus id think if a police officer had seen the shooter they could have had him cornered with nowhere to go.
  7. If you got an hour this is a good video.
  8. It amazes me that with all the people involved with the autopsy and transportation of the body from Dallas to Bethesda that people can still question the wounds. I mean how can LNers say that everyone was lying or totally wrong when so many people seen the back of his head blown out? How many people said they were able to see the cerebellum? That's only possible if the lower back of his head was damaged.
  9. Are there any pro CTers down there that give tours that you know off? Will be in Texas next month for the 1st time. Was planning on going to DP but would also like to take a look at the route Oswald walked.
  10. I'd be suprised if they were welded shut. Would make it a hassle for matinence.
  11. Sounds like they're saying lack of detail prevents them from determining the make of the rifle.
  12. Ive read Harvey & Lee. Was just wondering if any new info has come of it since then. Do you know if Armstrong has elaborated on that at all since the book was released?
  13. I was listening to a podcast today and was reminded of the story of a man who was arrested and taken out of the back of the Texas Theater the same time Oswald was taken out the front. I was wondering if anyone has info on what went on in the back alley behind the TT. I've read in the past a man who worked a few doors down witnessed the arrest and didnt realize Oswald was taken out the front until years later while watching or reading about it.
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