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  1. My parents moved us from Massachusetts to New Hampshire in '63, in large part, because they had become avid skiers. Every weekend, us kids would spend the day at the local ski slope, which cost $.50 for the day. It was a large hill that had, in small portions, every degree of difficulty. On one side of the rope tow was the main slope that everyone used. The other side, we simply called "Suicide". I quit skiing in the early eighties because it had become way too expensive and way too crowded!
  2. It might have been within this forum (I'm not sure where I read it) that someone suggested that the phone lines didn't actually cease to work, it was just that the lights on the phones went out. I don't remember how phones were designed in '63, but the idea was that the lights on the phone were powered by house current but the actual communication was powered by the telephone company. So Geneva Hines may not have been able to take incoming calls.
  3. It's in the article linked to above. There were some number of witnesses to an altercation that happened at 10th and Marsallis. Three men and a woman attacked a man who was then whisked away in a blue car just a few minutes before Tippit was killed. This is supposedly what drew Tippit to the area, according to some researchers.
  4. This is a great interview Joseph. What a difficult thing it must be to try to convince listeners , in fifteen minutes, that there was a conspiracy involving the highest echelon of the United States government. It took me years to fathom the depth of this conspiracy. You showed terrific discipline. Thank you for having kept at this for so long. You stated that you'd interviewed Senator Yarborough and, among other things, he said that during the limo stop Secret Service agents swarmed the car. I'd never heard that before. It means the Z film was altered much more than I previously imagined. Could you say a little more about what he told you about that?
  5. I thought so too. They're going way over my head and loosing me in a hurry. Glad I'm not the only one. I've not read the book's they speak of. On behalf of Ron and me, thank you gentlemen . There just isn't time, in life, to read everything needed to understand CIA shenanigans over the past 5 decades, sheesh.
  6. I though Mark Felt was Deep Throat. It was revealed 10 to 15 years ago--I forget how long its been. Is this not true?
  7. Pamela, where do you stand now? Are you saying there was no through and through bullet hole in the windshield? Or are you just pointing out that the evidence is fuzzy? I'm very convinced that there was, by virtue of citizen witness testimony (definitely not FBI or SS testimony), the Altgens pictures (as well as one picture I've seen when the limo was at Parkland), and analyses by valued researchers.
  8. Surely you jest...:-) No Pamela, I was serious. I can google it, but I just hoped you'd be able to point to a specific link or two were Whitaker's lying was exposed so I wouldn't have to do a lot of searching about that one topic. I put the word lie in quotations to indicate that it was specifically what I was looking for rather than putting it in quotes to indicate that I was dubious. I thought you might point me to something freely available on the net rather than my needing to buy something, but if your book covers this in detail, I'll buy it :>). BTW, thank you for responding to my questions. Most people on this forum have already dug deep into the weeds on all this stuff. I've done a good deal of reading about a few aspects of this case, but I don't have a well rounded education. I always found the evidence for a limousine trip to the Ford plant in the first few days after the assassination very intriguing, but I wasn't aware that it had been debunked.
  9. You're great Chris! I appreciate that.
  10. Thanks Pamela. Are you able to point me to some online reading where I can learn more about the "lie"?
  11. Yes. Thank you Pamela. Do you happen to know if Doug Horne now endorses this view? Just curious--you've been at this for some time.
  12. Thank you very much Chris! Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but would you do one at half speed? It does seem to be human movement.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7A-_eU6vxw This is a high-def (6 k) Zap copy. In the comments section, someone speculates that it's a high-def copy of what's in the National Archives. I must've downloaded it from YouTube, because I have this copy in my JFK files. Also in the comments section, posted 6 mos. ago, someone noticed the same thing you did Craig: Dale Lee6 months ago (edited) Between frames 483 - 485, if you keep your eyes fixed at the top of the grassy knoll fence about 6 feet from corner of the fence towards the triple underpass, you can clearly see the back of a man’s head duck down behind the fence as the limo reaches the triple underpass. I found that if I dragged the video cursor back a few seconds from the end of the film in order to repeat viewing this section of the film multiple times, it becomes easier to see this person’s movement behind the fence. In older versions of the Zapruder film, it was impossible to see this person’s movement due to the level of darkness that existed in this area of the film’s previous lower quality versions. It would great if someone could isolate this section of the film, zoom in on it, and set up a loop in order to possibly reveal more detail. Can someone create a .gif of the frames in question from this copy? Are you able to Craig?
  14. Thanks, Kirk, for that thorough review! I had to laugh though: This is exactly why I voted for her --both times :>) She's brilliant at it! And there isn't a politician alive who is any different. And, since I agree with her stated values, I want her in my tent pissing out. I don't think that total transparency is even possible for a politician in these polarized times. It leaves too much grist for the spin mills. I had hoped that Obama would be different, but he was faced with a reality he had to deal with. For me, Hillary's consummate, calculating mind would have been overwhelmingly preferable to what we have now!
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