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  1. Why dont you have the mods ban Robert Wheeler ,after all he correctly called you dumb.

  2. https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1057/9781137491374_2 Giuseppe Mazzini's Mafia in New Orleans
  3. I agree and the one under examined parallel thread between both attacks on the United States is our long term historical enemy the British. So again how did I hijack this thread? By the way I think you're suggesting the US Military Industrial Complex murdered our 35th President and committed the 911 mass killings. Just a statistic that points to some of the real degenerate changes adopted by our population in the years after the JFK murder. During the 1980s' for every year of that decade Americans spent more money each in year on illicit drugs than the entire 10 year cost of the Vietnam war. And this is measured in constant dollars. So from 1980-1989 Americans spent more each year of the 1980's than the cost of the Vietnam War from 1965-1975. So much for the military industrial complex.
  4. Did you read my 2004 comment about Oglesby? Otherwise whats the point ? By the way Dave you're not defending the Weatherman and their murdering ways are you? Can I use the phrase "murdering ways"? Will it get me banned? You can never be too careful, isn't that right Senator?
  5. I read nothing in your post there fella that backs up your claim.
  6. The linked 1964 FBI memo reports on the 1962-1963 investigation of NY Assemblyman Mark Lane by Queens NY District Attorney Bernard Patter. It seems among the many issues Mark Lane had he also has this terrible problem that ironically he shared with the likes of Clay Shaw, and David Ferrie, he is a "masochist". And this type of psycho sexual habit is famously common among the British aristocracy like Lord Bertrand Russell, Loyd Boyd Orr, and Sir Hugh Trevor Roper all who were patrons of Mark Lane and his rise to become an anti US Government conspiracy theorist and hero who allegedly authored a book from London England titled "Rush to Judgement" which became a NYT's best seller. Years later It was alleged by Executive Intelligence Review Editors in 1978 that Lane a former Air Force Intelligence officer was also a lower level FBI "Division Five" operative deployed by JFK killers to obfuscate the truth about the assassination which would include taking part in the British intelligence operation and committee headed by Lord Russell titled "Who Killed Kennedy". Later during his career as a magpie and provocateur for the British Mark Lane would travel in style with a Carolyn Mugar the daughter of a wealthy Boston Brahmin family. Mugar would end up with promoting dope fiend Willie Nelson in the Farm Aid front operation of the 1980's. Anyway back to the story. The two women in question according to the Queens NY DA were Phyllis Golden and Lee Stephenson. The authorities believed what was really going on was a Profumo type operation inside Tammany Hall where they would use these women (and others) to get information from these influential NYC politicians. They also wanted to compromise the politicians as in black mail. Mark Lane was a part of this. In all the years Lane appeared to be a thorn in the side of the nasty US Government, this scandal about his personal life was never leaked by the major media. It was never leaked by the FBI or the Queens DA's office or used by the major networks even when Mark Lane looked mighty suspicious in the middle of the Jonestown Massacre that resulted in the murder of a US Congressman and hundreds of Jonestown members. Who was protecting Mark Lane all those many years? As far as Phyllis Golden I believe she is the same Phyllis Golden Gottlieb that became a whistle blower against CBS giant Les Moonves. https://www.cnn.com/videos/cnnmoney/2018/09/10/les-moonves-accuser-phyllis-golden-gottlieb-ronan-farrow-newday-sot-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/top-news-videos/elements/ui/footer-wrapper/footer-wrapper.component.jsx FBI March 1964 report on the Queens NY District Attorney investigation of Mark Lane https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32312113.pdf
  7. I haven't derailed this thread. Besides you "researchers" have been fiddling your faddle for nearly 60 years in the JFK murder so what makes you think you're going to solve 911? You lack the method to get you to the truth in either case and when I provide it to you you whine like babies that I am ruining your fun.
  8. For Douglas Caddy Jeff Steinberg Anatomy of a corporate Murder part 1 https://larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1983/eirv10n10-19830315/eirv10n10-19830315_013-the_anatomy_of_a_corporate_murde.pdf Anatomy of a Corporate Murder part 2 https://larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1983/eirv10n13-19830405/eirv10n13-19830405_061-part_ii_the_anatomy_of_a_corpora.pdf
  9. Not bad Ron, you got 3 brits. Donald Sutherland was a Canadian and his wife Shirley Douglas came from a high ranking aristocratic family. Here is what Wikipedia says about Sutherland's wife and her involvement with terrorism in the USA during 1969. The Black Panthers---which London created as the American "mau mau" movement, was on the move in Los Angeles and Oakland to create violence against the Empire's #1 opposition the United States. They had killed the Kennedy's and King and now the time was ripe for some good old terrorism. Some good old fashion riots in the streets (much like you're witnessing in Hong Kong right now. Same sponsor and for the same reasons as the 1960's American mayhem.) Donald Sutherland and his wife Shirley Douglas both agents of a hostile foreign power would help this violence come to fruition. Shirley Douglas moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1967 after marrying actor Donald Sutherland. She became involved in the American Civil Rights Movement, the campaign against the Vietnam War, and later on behalf of immigrants and women. She helped establish the fundraising group "Friends of the Black Panthers". In 1969, she was arrested in Los Angeles, for Conspiracy to Possess Unregistered Explosives, after she allegedly attempted to purchase hand grenades for the Black Panthers. She claimed that the FBI was trying to frame her and spent five days in jail.[1] Subsequently, the U.S. government denied her a work permit based on this incident. Douglas, by then divorced from Sutherland, was forced to leave the U.S. in 1977. She and her three children moved to Toronto. As the daughter of Tommy Douglas, who brought Medicare to Canada, she has also been one of Canada's most prominent activists in favour of the publicly funded health care system over privatized care. In the 2006 Canadian federal election, Douglas campaigned on behalf of the federal New Democratic Party. In 2012, she supported Brian Topp for that party's leadership.
  10. Why don't you find out? House of Lords report 2018 https://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/LLN-2018-0005#fullreport
  11. They produced fake intelligence that resulted in the FISA warrants. Let's see what comes out of your mouth when all the records are declassified. Going back further in our history they (British intelligence) along with their cohorts in Justice (like Bruce Ohr was partnered with Christopher Steele) likely wrote the phoney dossier known as the Warren Commission. British ask Trump not to declassify documents. https://www.newsweek.com/russia-investigation-donald-trump-warned-british-mi6-declassifying-documents-1237226
  12. I think there is also the story of SS agent Floyd Boring and the accusation that LHO was in Washington DC in September 1963 and his escapades had something to do with this same Orville Lothrop Freeman .
  13. You may make great points I don't know. What I do know is Tony and the LL movement were mobilized in the mid 1990's by the British orchestrated attacks on then President Clinton through the Hollinger Corporation , Lord Rees Moggs and Ambrose Evans Pritchard (which by the way the last issue of George Magazine while Junior was alive had the following quote to Ambrose Evans Pritchard "Cheerio ole chump" as they had driven him back to England) and as a result they re issue a lot of their work on Permindex.
  14. None that I see. You see it boils down to a conflict between two different conceptions of man. The British believe man is just another animal to be culled like cattle at their whim while the republican forces that constituted this nation (in direct opposition to the British Empire by the way, There was no other fight other than with the British Empire) see mankind as being made in the image of the creator. You can see this irreconcilable difference in "subject" vs "citizen". That is not some arbitrary designation but goes to the axiomatic assumptions between the British system of usury, slavery, and genocide versus the USA of the development of their citizenry. But JFK buffs also forget that Joseph Kennedy Sr. was a patron of these same British oligarchical powers with Joe even marrying his daughter Kathleen into the powerful Cecil family. And the Cecil's by the way got into power in England through Venice, they were Venetian. Playwrights like Marlowe and Shakespeare even write above the Venetian take over of England. But the Kennedy's are just a branch of the Cecil Tribe even to this day. I read recently about this 20 year old Kennedy great grand daughter of RFK died of drug overdose purchased in Hyannis Port at a home owned by the Shrivers. They were running a drug operation out of the Shriver home in Hyannis Port ! And the dead girls father was this radical IRA terrorist in the mid 1970's likely playing on both sides but with alliance to the Empire. And let's not forget Maria Shriver married a dye in the wool nazi who became Governor of California, Today thanks to the Governors policies they have 60,000 homeless in Los Angeles sitting in their own shiat. That's not what America was under JFK. American's miss what politically the Kennedy family is really all about. They represent the enemy.
  15. No Brancato this is complete crap. Only someone with confetti for brains could be attracted to such an obvious front group. The Christic Institute was a public interest law firm founded in 1980 by Daniel Sheehan, his wife Sara Nelson, and their partner, William J. Davis, a Jesuit priest, after the successful conclusion of their work on the Silkwood case. Based on the ecumenical teachings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and on the lessons they learned from their experience in the Silkwood fight, the Christic Institute combined investigation, litigation, education and organizing into a unique model for social reform in the United States. In 1992 the firm lost its non-profit status after having a federal case dismissed by the court in 1988 and being penalized for filing a "frivolous lawsuit". The IRS said that the Christic Institute had acted for political reasons. The case was related to journalists injured in relation to the Iran–Contra Affair. The group was succeeded by a new firm, the Romero Institute. Christic notably represented victims of the nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island; they prosecuted KKK and American Nazi Party members for killing communist workers party demonstrators in the 1979 Greensboro Massacre, as well as police and federal agents whom they said had known about potential violence and had not adequately protected the victims; and they defended Catholic workers providing sanctuary to Salvadoran refugees (American Sanctuary Movement). Its headquarters were in Washington, D.C., with offices in several other major United States cities. The Institute received funding from a nationwide network of grassroots donors, as well as organizations like the New World Foundation. Writing for the Columbia Journalism Review, Chip Berlet described the Christic Institute as "something of a rarity among advocacy groups: starting out on the left of the political spectrum, over the years it was drawn into the conspiracy theories woven by the radical right."[1]
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