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  1. Thanks Tracy. Two Fred Litwins in Toronto is too much.
  2. I'll take you up on it. You are the guy that claimed "punk rock" is music instead of comparing punk rock to a baby screaming to get it's mother to change it's xxxxty diaper.
  3. W. cant you analyze Dane Rudhyar's career as a brainwasher? Your buddy Kirk Gallaway is said to have studied under him. is Kirk Gallaway the "ZODIAC"? Does Kirk know Colonel Michael Aquino of Presidio? C'mon W. what's the problem were you the 12th shrink on the John Hinkley MK Ultra team in Colorado in 1980/1981 ? Kirk Gallaway has been an astrologer for 40 years. He studied the humanistic approach to astrology under Dane Rudhyar, considered by many to be the most important and influential astrological writer of the 20th century. Gallaway then studied a psychological appro
  4. Ground breaking? Seriously Cliff you cannot be serious. No wonder Jimmy D put you on invisible.
  5. No i am not joking Mr. Cohen,. Didnt you read the article?
  6. Is this Fred Litwin the book writer? https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20060124006204/en/Polyair-Inter-Pack-Announces-CEO-Resignation if so his company's President Henry Schnurbach was the head of the B'nai B'rith of Canada. https://www.apollo.io/people/Henry/Schnurbach/54a440df7468693b8cc19638 And the B'nai B'rith was long ago implicated in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and JFK murder suspects abound in Canada from Bloomfield, to Shaw and Ferrie not to mention it is rumored LHO was in Montreal in 1962 for a Lord Bertrand Russell "Ban the bomb" march. T
  7. What does milieu mean? surroundings, especially of a social or cultural nature:
  8. ‘Every Tree in the Forest Will Fall’ Oct. 7 (EIRNS)—On July 27, 2017, the LaRouche Political Action Committee published a report under the title “Every Tree in the Forest Will Fall.” The occasion was the release of the forensic proof issued by William Binney, former Technical Director of the NSA, that the supposed Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee emails and the deliverance of those emails to Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, was a hoax. Binney showed that there had been no hack at all, but that, in fact, it was an inside job, likely by a Democrat who was furious that the DNC had
  9. W. Can you do me a favor and analyze the back ground of the late Dr. Dane Rudhyar (sp?). Wiki states he was influenced by Frederick Nietzsche (as was Hitler) and it also states he was trained or influenced by another famous shrink Carl Jung" who has also been accused of being a Nazi. Later Wiki goes through his time in San Francisco preaching the Age of Aquarius to the hippies, maybe even to members of the Manson family . It is this group of social planners like Rudhyar that brings us the killer Manson cult, the Zodiac, the California Night Stalker and Kamala Harris's political back
  10. Harley Schlanger an old friend and foe of Doug Caddy gives us a break from FAKE NEWS and demonstrates once again what is behind the ongoing coup of Donald Trump. And as a post script Piers Morgan is a Brit and for some reason they think we are still their colony. Their MI 6 agent Christopher Steele along with Halpern and Sir Richard Dearlove may al get caught before this is over. Harley titles his briefing "Under Cover of Strategic Chaos, Bankers move to Consolidate Power"
  11. An interesting side bar into Shaw's life was his connections and friendship with high society as well as Hollywood types. He was said to have exchanged X Mas cards with father of Fake News CNN host Anderson Cooper, Wyatt Cooper known as Mr. Gloria Vanderbilt, playwright Tennessee Williams who purchased a Shaw home and Rod McKuen the popular poet of the 1970's. To quote McKuen "Clay Shaw was a gentleman and a gentle man. Alas, we are in all too short supply of men of his caliber. ... In his passing he was not the victim -- those of us remaining are, for it will be some time, if ever
  12. I read an article in a Science Journal back about 1992 and the author was debunking popular stories of Aliens and UFO's. What I recall most is the author stated any advanced life form would come from another galaxy and to get to our galaxy would require "superluminary" travel and if these aliens had mastered this form of travel that would mean they would be far advanced of the human beings living on earth. He stated that if such an advanced culture ever landed on earth they would be colonizing the planet within 15 minutes of their arrival. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/super
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