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  1. Cliff, I appreciate and respect that you know what you like and what you don't like. Regarding McGowan, I actually like Programmed to Kill more than Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. I know he has made some incorrect statements of fact about Nikolas Schreck, and I have some issues with saying "This person's parent is X, so the kid is X." Military intel, for example, which is one of the cornerstones of Scenes. And I'm sure everyone has a similar list of "Things That Make You Go (cranky)" to paraphrase C&C Music Factory. And I'm sure we'll touch some of the for everyone. But I hope people can still appreciate what we are doing overall. We are trying to get all of these into schools by building a team of high school and college educators that we stream information, articles, an curriculum to as an alternative, a supplement. So, yes, we want the various truth communities to like the magazine, absolutely. But one of our main goals is to build a team of 200+ educators who are using it by the middle of 2020. Stephanie, thanks so much! Please let me know what you think. Letters to the Editor always appreciated.
  2. I hear your points. I do. And I think Caitlin is a great writer, just outstanding. You'd probably like her essay from issue 001. I hope we can keep the readers satisfied with a majority of what we do, but Ive said from day one... if someone likes every perspective in the magazine, we've probably done something wrong. I don't want to be Hannity or Maddow. Those roads are too easy to take. I want to have good writers involved, whether they be left, right, middle, far left, or far right. I want to present subjects that are historically recognizable, yet different from what will be in a school textbook or a typical History Channel treatment. I basically wrote this in the opening essay of issue 001, but I hope I disagree with something in every issue. I hope the writers disagree with another writer in every issue. And I hope readers disagree with something. But I hope everyone learns a lot, thinks a lot, and allows us a little bit of their time. I hope we challenge ourselves and our deepest beliefs, but an even harder task is to challenge what we WANT to believe. Truly, thank you for the kind words. I do appreciate it, and I hope you'll stay with us, I hope you'll like 90% of what we do, and I hope there is one article in each issue that just gets you cranky. But hopefully just one.
  3. Looking forward to reading The Echo. Thanks, Bart!
  4. The standard paperback version of garrison is 8.5 x 11. The font is 11pt Cheltenham. I am surprised that the font looks as large as it does, to be honest. I almost used 12, which would have been way too large. I could actually go down to 10 and it would look normal, but I won't as I've had a few comments from readers saying they appreciate the readable font size. This is definitely not small print, and I think you could read it without straining. Thank you for the question.
  5. Caitlin is absolutely NOT a Trump fan AT ALL. She describes herself as a "bogan socialist." She has just believed that, since day one, progressives and socialists were wasting their time chasing this dream that Russians caused Trump's victory in 2016 by placing Facebook ads. But no, she is absolutely not an administration apologist, as you would see in almost every article she's written. But I also thank you for saying the rest is a must read. The writers we have are amazing, and I appreciate their work so much.
  6. I will ask Nikolas when he'll be in the US. Ive had him on twice, both times in October, so we will do out annual show, yes. We've already discussed needing to do it. He'll actually be in L.A. I will definitely ask him about Chaos, and I think he and I will probably go through much f the literature this time. other than McGowan and Bugliosi, we haven't really done a historiography o the case, so that sounds like a great idea. I'm also asking him to write for garrison, probably in issue 004 or 005. I'd like to see him do a treatment specifically about the truths, myths, and legends of the girls specifically (especially in light of the Diane Lake book and the rel;ease of Lynette Fromme's autobio being released - we touched on both in out 2nd episode, but we will delve some more). I'll email you, Jim. He wants to make contact with you.
  7. Has anyone read the Jeff Guinn book on Manson? I was wondering if it was, in essence, Helter Skelter II? Guinn's Jim Jones book had some problems of omission, but he has done some decent work elsewhere. Anyone?
  8. Oh, okay. Yes, but it should have every one back to episode 27 when hitting "available episodes." Should. But Im learning tonight that it only apparently holds so many episodes. So, theres that. But yes, the website has everything. Thanks.
  9. Ive listened to many of them, almost all of them, on Apple and Ive never heard it cut anything. Not saying it doesn't or couldn't happen, but Ive never had that happen. YouTube, however, does cut anything they think is copyrighted, including many clips and some music that isn't. So, Ive tried to limit the YouTube use for the show. But Ive, personally, never had an issue with Apple cutting anything. They can also be downloaded on the website if you want to use your favorite music player, which some people also do. Thank you.
  10. Oh, youre right. they do. Ive never noticed that before. I guess there is some episode limit or something. The 2nd Schreck episode, number 089, should still be on both. But yes, everything is on the website for free. Thanks.
  11. The Apple podcast app and Stitcher should both go back far enough. On the Apple app - which I use - you, for some reason have to scroll down and click "available episodes." Then they should all pop up. I wish Apple didnt make you go through this step to see all episodes... but they do. Its my understanding that Stitcher has something similar, but I havent used it in a while.
  12. The print and e-book versions of issue 002 of garrison: The Journal of History & Deep Politics are available now at our LuLu page: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/MidnightWriterNews The cover story is by author Ray Locker, who did a brilliant story on General Alexander Haig and the military spy ring that eventually brought down a president. This 128-page issue also includes: Randolph Benson, "JFK, Oswald, & the Raleigh Connection" Edgar F. Tatro, "JFK: Assassination & Predestination" Kenn Thomas & John Judge, "The 9/11 Interview (Part 2)" Jim Hougan, "Carl Shoffler, Robert Merritt, and the Scandal That Dare Not Speak Its Name" Joseph E. Green, "Kennedy, Nixon, and Chappaquiddick (Part 2)" Keith Harmon Snow, "Tutsi Hegemony: Genocide in Rwanda (Part 2)" Caitlin Johnstone, "The Illusory Truth Effect: How Millions Were Duped by Russiagate" Richard Bartholomew, "True Believers" Prof. David Denton, "New Docs Reveal Extreme CIA Sabotage Proposals that Paralleled Operation Northwoods" Malcolm Blunt, "Memories: A Tribute to Ian Griggs" Becca Bledsoe, "Monsanto Loses in Court" Walt Brown, PhD, "Warren Omission: Part II - Semantics" Robert Groden, "How Gerald Ford Sold Out the Country and the Memory of President Kennedy" Larry Rivera, "Fifteen Finds of the JFK Files" Ralph Epperson, "Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and the Rise of the Trilateral Commission (Part 1)" Caitlin Johnstone, "The First Democratic Debate: Summarized" .... and more!
  13. Where Schreck differs from Chaos, Mae Brussell, Dave McGowan, and some of the other anti-Bugliosi alternatives, as well, is that Schreck doesn't believe Manson was CIA or Process Church, either. I'm oversimplifying it here - and really shouldn't since his book is over a thousand pages - but he makes a compelling case that the Tate-Labianca murders were a part of a drug deal gone bad. The Straight Satan biker gang ties into that also. Schreck deals with all of this in the shows and in the book. He is going to be in L.A. for the anniversary. He'll be showing the documentary and speaking on the case. I'm personally hoping the book will be re-released then, as well.
  14. This remains one of my favorite episodes of the show, ever, and yet, to be honest, it doesn't get the respect it deserves in download/listen numbers. But it's definitely in my personal top ten. MWN Episode 027: The Unsolved Murders of Jack the Ripper https://midnightwriternews.com/mwn-episode-027-the-unsolved-murders-of-jack-the-ripper/
  15. I've had Nikolas Schreck on the show twice. He's done the 1000+ page The Manson File, and he was the director of the documentary Charles Manson Superstar. He absolutely shreds Bugliosi's myth-making regarding the Manson case. What I like most is that he also shreds the myths regarding who the girls really were (especially Van Houten, who the MSM has always portrayed as the most palatable). Both episodes are over three hours, I believe, but they are worth it. Nikolas was excellent. MWN Episode 013: Charles Manson and the Myth of Helter Skelter https://midnightwriternews.com/mwn-episode-026-charles-manson-and-the-myth-of-helter-skelter/ MWN Episode 089: The Legacy of Charles Manson (* recorded shortly after the battle over the estate occurred *) https://midnightwriternews.com/mwn-episode-026-charles-manson-and-the-myth-of-helter-skelter/ Note: Nikolas Schreck also covers the shared characters in the Manson and JFK cases. He does that in episode 013. Edit: Another note, The Manson File is very expensive on Amazon right now, but this fall he is re-releasing an updated version with the death, estate, and anniversary information in it.
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