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  1. I wonder what Leo Ryan thought... do we have any quotes or papers stating his view? You know, this would be a good book for someone to do... a Quotes for Conspiracy or something... some kind of large-scale gathering of quotes about the case from other politicians, celebs, etc.
  2. Didn't Sorenson and Salinger also highly suggest conspiracy? They're certainly not tin foil hat types.
  3. Mal Hyman was published under Trine Day, and that's a fine work. The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant is valuable. Whitney Webb's newest book, her only book, is Trine Day. Bullyocracy by Donald Jeffries is the best work Ive seen of its kind. Of course Palamara's work is worthy - the books on the Secret Service in my view. Doug Caddy's book is one I enjoyed thoroughly. Daniel Estulin is a good read, even if you aren't with him on everything. Whatever you think of Phil Nelson (I know opinions here differ), his book on the USS Liberty attack is solid. New Wo
  4. It was never on the roster, Steve (and "everyone here"). Rob offered me the show and I passed. As I said, I'm not really trying to give the mainstream more coverage. Rob is a great host. He hosts or co-hosts two of the best podcasts around. He's kind enough to do a quarterly guest host spot on MWN. He offered me the Litwin episode, I passed, and he gave MWN another one instead. I explained the reasons above. I assure you that it was never on the roster at all. Rob can attest to this. I like to give time to the alternatives. I respect everyone's right to a belief, whether I agree or not, but I
  5. Thank you for acknowledging that, Steve. I have never pulled an interview from the website. Once it's posted, it's there. I had one guest who shall remain nameless who was incredibly rude to me off-air. I still have their episode posted. I don't have a personal vendetta against the "Oswald-Acted-Alone" people, though I believe they are wrong. I just usually don't have them on the show because it seems like they have the entire mainstream media as their outlet already. I can't see conceding the independent/alternative media to them also. I also haven't had anyone on who believes John Dean is th
  6. There is something about the psychology of LNers that has always puzzled me. But to the point... I understand the psychology of challenging the establishment. I don't get what drives people for decades to defend establishment narratives to the point where you hold a sword outside the gates of the MSM castle, defending it more actively than they do. Inside the castle are people sipping Brandy Alexanders as you put everything on the line outside the castle just to protect them. Why? For example, and without getting into a discussion about the merits, there is no reason to be carrying water
  7. Bill, seems I can't message you on here. Id like to reprint the article in garrison, if you would allow. TheGarrisonJournal@gmail.com Thank you. S.T. Patrick
  8. In America's Secret History by Steve Harris, the author argues that Garfield's assassination was the first American coup.
  9. The journal garrison received permission from Vince, through Dave Ratliff, to print the entire False Mystery book in the journal. It's not linear, so we may be doing the chapters out of order, but we began with this current issue. It was so kind of Vince to allow it, as both he and Dave like what's being done in the journal. I'll be forever grateful. He was a legend in the field - and widely respected in a field that can often eat its own.
  10. Hopefully we don't see a lot of delays.... but the USPS right now.... yikes. The good women and men are there doing what they can do. But thanks, Mr. Niederhut. I think it's a good issue, but I am biased. The next issue (November?) will have a distinct UK flavor. Very excited about that!
  11. Thanks, Ron. Truth be told, we had a few Covid-related snags with some of the contributors and readers. 2020 got the best of us, as it has many publications, people, and businesses. But no, we did not fold. We are now looking forward to issue 006, which will have a decidedly UK flavor. It was a pleasure to work with you, Ron, and I'm hoping we can get more Edu Forum men and women involved now, as well.
  12. From your mouth to God's ears, my friend Thank you so much, Doug. You've always been very kind and very helpful in my efforts.
  13. Buy it here in PRINT or on E-BOOK: https://www.lulu.com/spotlight/MidnightWriterNews 204 pages. In the fifth issue of garrison.: The Journal of History & Deep Politics, Whitney Webb looks at the company that will profit most from a COVID cure. In current events, Richard Bartholomew spotlights the "Deep Political Realities" of the 2016 and 2020 elections, Deep Throat attorney John O'Connor examines the modern -Gate theories in comparison with Watergate, Douglas Horne assesses the departure of Chris Matthews from MSNBC, and Gary Schoener pays tribute to late researcher Jerry Policoff. J
  14. Patterson's questionable decisions can be traced back even further. He does the Jeffrey Epstein book Filthy Rich in 2016 and then teams with Bill Clinton in 2018 for The President is Missing. No author with any tie to Clinton (or yes, Trump) can do an honest job on Epstein and no author doing an honest job on Epstein can then perpetuate a tie or friendship with Clinton (or yes, Trump). We can always take morsels from books we despise or discount. It's rare that every page is a waste, but with so many books yet to read, I wouldn't spend one precious evening on Patterson's work. There is a point
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