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  1. I consider Rob a friend, as I know Bart does, as well. Rob and I differ a lot on the idea of conferences/gatherings/events etc., but I understand everything Rob is saying, and I understand where he is coming from. There is much good and bad that can be said of gathering. One thing that he absolutely nailed were the numbers. Rob's show and my show have comparable numbers. Yet, Rob is correct, we'll have speakers say "no" to coming on the show (where they'll get heard by thousands of people in the first 4-6 weeks), yet they'll jump at the chance to speak to 150 people in Dallas. And I think he's correct that demographics have a lot to do with that. Older researchers see conference invitations at the top of the research food chain. Younger researchers are more apt to understand the numbers of podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. But numbers are numbers. He's also correct that books are overpriced at the conferences (and by a lot). I discounted the magazines I took to Dallas. I wanted to get it out there. Did I hand them out for free? No. I had to buy them; but I discounted them, and I didn't raise the price for conferences. Rob is correct in a lot of this episode. It's a good one by him, and I say that as someone who finds a lot of value in the conferences.
  2. Its my understanding from those interviewed that the interviews for the doc were done a few months ago. The JVB isnt in the project. From what Ive been told, there was never plans to have her in. This seems like a non-issue, the possibility of her being involved. She isn't. I still contend that the appearance was good-natured PR to the other half of the community-at-large. In that hallway, there were at least 50 people watching closely, maybe 75. Stone knew he was being watched the entire time. And everyone was snapping pics. I'm sure there was an understanding that every movement was being recorded by someone - to be posted on Facebook later. Whether many here like it or not, that half of the community is a chunk of the core audience. If Stone believes her - and maybe he does, maybe he doesn't - this is an honest move. If he doesnt believe her but thinks these years-long bloodsport battles over Baker, Files, Z-film alteration, Doorway man, etc., are just dividers and not uniters (which would be a typical big picture Hollywood view), then he was just looking to do some uniting in preparation for the doc. I knew when it happened that this would be a huge event in the community (for lack of a better word), one that causes both an overreaction of elation, while also driving some to a near-nervous breakdown. I just dont think Stone saw it that way. He may not understand the daily squabbles within this field, and for his sanity, that's probably a good thing. I still think he saw this as a good gesture, good PR, and no big deal. I think Jim is on the right side on a LOT of issues. He and I have some of the same enemies right now (some who have been banned from here). But, in his defense, I dont think he needs to be a part of this story. These were Oliver's decisions. Jim did nothing wrong here. For the record, The JVB has asked multiple times to be on the show. She asks me why I don't want to ever ask her any questions and why her story hasn't been a part of the magazine. The truth is that, for personal reasons and beliefs, I can't do a support show with softballs. But I also detest feeling like I'm doing an intentional hit piece. I hate feeling like there are enemies within. Granted, I KNOW there are. But we have so much work to do to fight the mainstream media, the historical establishment, and the textbook conglomerates.... I hate always feeling like the internal is attacking itself as the external sits back, smiles, and smokes a cigar. Maybe this is the cowardly response. And if it is, I'm sorry.
  3. Jim, I saw you deliver this live at CAPA. I absolutely thought it was a highlight of the weekend. Congratulations. You hit a home run.
  4. I concur. I am not a star-struck person at all, though I would like to meet Cheryl Ladd, Jaclyn Smith, and Kate Jackson. LOL. That said, I was happier to meet Jim DiEugenio after working with him on the magazine. It was great to do so, and in fact, I believe Jim delivered the best speech I saw all weekend. It was fantastic. It was great to meet him. He was very nice and his sense of humor is much like mine.
  5. Oh, I don't doubt that at all. I never believed she would be a part of the doc. I was saying that the whole scene could be a bit of good-hearted PR. From what I have heard she was not a part of the interviews, nor would I ever expect her to be. I've never read her book and am pretty ambiguous on the story. There are certain angles of this case that have always interested me most, and her story hasn't been one of them. I just did NOT want anyone here to think that my reportage of what happened was in any way praising it or projecting some elation about it. At this moment, I am without opinion on it. Some of my best friends in the field were speakers at her conference. That's why I attended on Thursday and Saturday, to see them.
  6. I went to both conferences this weekend and I was in the hallway when the meeting took place. I was in back and couldn't hear the words, but then I went to two separate people (and then Peter Battani later in the evening) who were up close. I asked them (not at the same time and not when they were beside one another) what he said at the end. All three answered, "He said 'I believe you.'" I wanted to confirm that for the Dallas conference review episode that I'll be doing for the show. Edit added: I thought the purpose of the surprise visit was to mend fences in prep for the new doc.
  7. https://midnightwriternews.com/mwn-episode-134-walt-brown-on-conference-history-turncoats-and-yankees/ Thanks!
  8. Thanks, Bart. Looking forward to reading that. Novell is an "interesting" character. I have a radio program where Novell calls in. Posting that as an episode soon.
  9. Interesting Twitter analysis from Aaron Mate of The Nation: "Roger Stone was found guilty on charges stemming from his false claim of a Wikileaks backchannel. In reality, he had none. Let that sink in: the top proponents of Trump-Russia-Wikileaks 'collusion' are now pretending that this verdict doesn't undermine their conspiracy theory."
  10. I agree. What Nikolas and I have tentatively agreed to do is to set up a series of episodes after The Manson File is released. The plan (so far) is to take a few chapters of the book, per episode, and just discuss those chapter, allowing us to really zoom in on the various chapters. That's the tentative plan. But I'll once again ask for EF questions for each chapter range for those who get the book. I'd like to do this collaboratively. Everyone's questions were very good, and I know Nikolas thought so, as well.
  11. https://midnightwriternews.com/mwn-episode-133-nikolas-schreck-on-charles-manson-and-the-tate-labianca-murders-50-years-later/ Education Forum questions included. Thanks, everyone.
  12. Just finished up with Nikolas. I asked the questions from David, Jim, Cliff, and Dennis directly. Ron, he answered your questions throughout a bulk of the interview, so I felt it had been answered, which is good. Thanks, everyone. You helped make it a great interview. It will be up and posted here in a few days, maybe sooner.
  13. Nikolas's annual appearance on The Midnight Writer News Show is tomorrow, and we have decided to do something different and take questions. Being the 50th anniversary, there has been a spotlight on the Tate-Labianca murders this year, especially in light of Tom O'Neill's Chaos. I already plan on asking him about Chaos, but we will be happy to take other questions. Please list them here and we will get to whatever we can (which may or may not be all of them, depending on number). Thanks, everyone.
  14. Malcolm is great. His tribute to Ian Griggs in issue 002 was very touching. Well done. Next year, there will be one UK-centric issue of the magazine. It will be made up of UK and American writers writing about UK issues and/or UK writers writing about American history. I'm assuming Malcolm and Bart will write about something related to the Kennedy assassination. If they are both still on board to do it - and they were months ago when we discussed it - Malcolm and Bart Kamp will serve as co-asst editors for the issue. That's probably late spring / early summer 2020. We'll be looking for/at pieces on Diana, Jack the Ripper (by Richard Jones), Brexit, diamonds in Africa, Cecil Rhodes, Titanic, and much more. it should be a good issue.
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