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  1. Your post is misleading and disrespectful. First, if you were to read my book, you would note that I do not accuse O'Toole of anything. I specifically state that O'Toole's analysis could have been the result of incompetence (because he only took a three-day PSE orientation course) or that he just plain made mistakes (because he is human). The fact that he is passed away is moot as many researchers have now passed, and their research is still subject to peer review whether living or not. O'Toole passed away in 2001 and I did not start the research for this book until early 2018. I tried to contact his wife and family members many times with negative results. I contacted Dektor and asked for any other material or documentation they may still have from O'Toole; they stated they had none. All of this documentation is in my book. Nobody in the JFK case has ever taken the initiative and conducted a CVSA on Oswald or anyone else related to this case. Most have taken O'Toole at his word and the analysis in "The Assassination Tapes" as final without educating themselves first. My book merely shows that O'Toole's analysis, and thus his conclusions, are flawed. I had several world-renowned experts check my CVSA results who verified and agreed with my results. That documentation is also in my book. So it's not the result of "low-hanging fruit" but meticulous, detailed and documented research. If my conclusions fly in the face of "hundreds of intrepid researchers," then it is what it is. That speaks more of their research, not mine. Send me your email address so I can gift you the ebook version of my book. Read it and check my sources and look at my documentation. Then come back on here and post your conclusions instead of you and others mocking what you haven't even researched or understand.
  2. Jim, I am aware of that article. However, there is no teeth to it. My book "Malcontent" proved that O'Toole's analysis was fraudulent, although any intentionality by O'Toole is known only to him. The PSE has two modes...modes 1 and 2. Mode 1 is for male voices, mode 2 is for female voices. The gentleman who did my CVSA for Oswald works for the man who created the CVSA. Moreover, that person worked with O'Toole back in the 70's. When he was shown O'Toole's chart of "I didn't shoot anybody, no sir" from "The Assassination Tapes," he immediately recognized what O'Toole did. He saw on the chart where O'Toole changed the speed from mode 1 to mode 2, thus skewing the results. The old PSE machines do not work. My investigation revealed no surplus parts, and the PSEs in existence are missing paper, stylus', etc. The closest thing to duplicating O'Toole's charts is to run them on the CVSA in mode 2. "Malcontent" has the O'Toole chart and the CVSA mode 2 chart that are almost identical to each other, proving that O'Toole used the wrong mode when analyzing Oswald's statement. Moreover, O'Toole only took a 3-day PSE orientation course, then went around doing his analysis. I used a law enforcement veteran who created the questions to be asked sex offenders for CVSA examination. They were also checked by the creator of the CVSA, who is one of three Master CVSA examiners in the world, one of which is deceased. They all agreed O'Toole changed the speed of the PSE during his analysis. This type of deception is exactly why the CVSA mode cannot be changed during examination. ALL of my documentation accrued during my investigation was published in "Malcontent". O'Toole did not publish his other Oswald charts nor any of the documentation from those alleged to have confirmed his results. It stands to reason that if the O'Toole Oswald chart is wrong, the others are wrong too, as "Malcontent" proved the unreliability and erroneous nature of his analysis.
  3. That's a funny interview. Even though I believe Oswald was solely responsible, I don't believe Helms in another interview when he stated that the CIA did not have a surveillance photo of Oswald leaving the embassy in Mexico City, or that they did not debrief him after he returned from the Soviet Union. We all know Helms was a CIA apologist and the effort to distance themselves from innocuous connections to Oswald backfired and only made them look more guilty than they were...
  4. Thank you Joe and Rich! Rich, let me know if you have any comments or concerns. I'm always open to suggestions. Thanks!
  5. Good morning Rich...your concerns about Oswald's post-assassination behavior is the thesis for my recent book "Malcontent: Lee Harvey Oswald's Confession By Conduct". Most of the Oswald Computer Voice Stress Analysis charts can be found on my website seandegrilla.com. I hope you like it; email me with any questions. Thanks! https://www.amazon.com/MALCONTENT-Harvey-Oswalds-Confession-Conduct/dp/1733029206
  6. Joe and David I agree. The CVSA for Oswald was expensive, so I only did the Oswald New Orleans and Dallas audio captures. I also duplicated George O'Toole's results in his book "The Assassination Tapes" and proved that he used the wrong Mode on the PSE and skewed his results (O'Toole used Mode 2 for female voices instead of Mode 1 for male voices). I explain this in more detail, including providing all documentation, in "Malcontent". I am currently researching and writing my second book on Oswald, but my long-term goal is to write another book that includes CVSAs for various witnesses and participants. I'm getting many questions about Buell Frazier, so he will be first on my list when I undertake that project.
  7. My examiner informed me that the CVSA can be applied to any recordings; all that's needed is a qualified examiner. In fact, he used the CVSA on one of the Michael Jackson accusers by analyzing a deposition recording. Very interesting, but frightening.
  8. Here is one from his New Orleans radio interview. He was nervous, but replied truthfully "Yes" to the question by Bill Stuckey of "Are you a Marxist?"
  9. I can't upload the charts...they can be found at seandegrilla.com. Take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Denny for your reply. The CVSA is an investigative tool and has been used in selected civil and criminal cases, but is generally not admissible - just an investigative tool. As articulated in my book, the stress levels of a subject have nothing to do with the results. I have attached two more CVSA graphs from my book. Oswald told the truth, and the CVSA measured No Deception Indicated, when Oswald said "A policeman hit me." Another graph I attached shows that stress played no part, and that the only time Deception Indicated registered was when Oswald was lying. I have taken a CVSA for law enforcement employment, and I was extremely nervous. My results were not skewed due to my nervousness. Moreover, alcohol and barbiturate use does not skew the results either. Not only do I have personal experience with the CVSA, I had an expert with decades of experience conduct these tests. My book also provides such documentation, including that the CVSA has a 98 percent accuracy rate and is used by more than 2000 law enforcement agencies worldwide. My next post will include the CVSA results for "I'm just a patsy," which clearly show he is being deceptive. Examination of Oswald's statement reveals he was not a fall guy or was set up for something he didn't do, but rather "they have taken me in because of the fact that I lived in the Soviet Union." He was a patsy because he had attempted defection to the Soviet Union and the world was in the throes of the Cold War. This is similar today of a U.S. serviceman attempting defection to Iraq. *I just tried to upload the charts but it's saying the file is too large. Still working on it. Some charts can be found at seandegrilla.com*
  11. Hello everyone...I recently published a book containing, among other things, the first CVSA of Lee Harvey Oswald. Additionally, I used my extensive law enforcement experience to analyze Oswald's post-assassination behavior via the spectrum of consciousness of guilt. Michael Paine's unpublished manuscript on LHO was also included in my book, as well as Detective Leavelle's unpublished notes. More of LHO's CVSA graphs are on my website @ seandegrilla.com.
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