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  1. I'm sure plausible deniability insulated GWB for the 9/11 attacks.
  2. The Secret Service washed the blood stains and cleaned the Presidential Limo outside of Parkland Hospital, instead of preserving it for a crime scene investigation. The car was later that day flown back to Washington DC. There the car was further cleaned with bullet fragments found. There was much discussion of a “clean bullet hole” through the windshield. One Secret Service witness stated that the hole went clear through, wide enough to push a pencil through. There was also mention of chrome damage around the upper side of the windshield, plus the fact that the rearview mirror had been twisted during the shooting. George Whitaker Sr., was a senior manager at the Ford Motor Company back in 1993, and gave an interview telling that upon reporting for work on the Monday after the JFK Assassination ,that he was to report to the glass lab immediately. The door to the lab was locked, which was very unusual, so Whitaker had to be let in by one of the two lab assistants. To Whitaker’s surprise, the windshield to the JFK assassination limo was in the lab, with instructions to use it as a template to build a new windshield. Whitaker examined the windshield carefully, and saw a clean hole in the lower left area. Upon studying the hole further, he could determine the glass had been penetrated by the outside inward. This was made evident by the glass chipping away on the inside, much like a small BB hole would blast away glass on the backside. His subordinates upon making a new windshield, shattered the JFK windshield, as had been ordered The Presidential Limo was completely up dated, new engine installed for the extra weight because armor plating. Over an inch thick side windows that didn’t roll down, and a permanent top of the car. The original thought was to get a new limousine, till officials were told that it would take years. LBJ had to use FBI Director Hoover’s armored car in the interim. President Johnson wasn’t pleased with the thought of using his predecessor's assassination limo, and shocked that it came back to him with the same midnight blue color. “Paint it black,” LBJ demanded. The assassination limo continued into service with President Carter being the last to ride in it. It was retired out of service in 1978. Now it sits in the Henry Ford Museum. Why Ford? Because the US Government never owned the Limo, they just leased it. UP DATE The limo cost less than $8,000 new. It was extended a little more than 30 inches, the roof was raised to accommodate Top Hats, and rear seats could be raised ten inches for the President to be better seen. These were just a few of the modifications, including a “parade speed transmission.” This work was subbed out for $190,000. After the assassination, heavier armor, non roll down bullet proof side windows, et al, total improvements: nearly $500,000.
  3. Let's just say I'm watching him VERY carefully and we'll leave it at that.
  4. And the story we were fed that Osama had been shot once and then given a burial at sea according to Muslim law is false. All accounts from the Navy Seals who killed Bin Laden said he was full of holes like Swiss Cheese. They shot him into oblivion leaving OBAMA to make-up a reason to dump his body in the ocean. But Obama lied when asked to see pictures of Osama when he said, "We don't spike the ball". What a complete crock of horse xxxx.
  5. The book is called 9/11 The Simple Facts: Why the Official Story Can't Possibly Be True. It's part of The Real Story Series of a now defunct Soft Skull Press.
  6. And it's interesting to note that well before this book was written a criminal by the name of James Files sat in prison claiming that Giancana, Roselli and Traficanti all played a role in the murder of JFK. FIles claims to have been a driver for Roselli but offers no proof for that statement. And the mob's empire was in the billions back then, not merely the millions. It was enormous to the point you that off of just one casino in Vegas, a mobster could feed his family and all of his relatives from what the mob took in only one month of skimming the profits at this particular casino.
  7. I'm not being snarky here...I like the change to "Classic Oswald and The Decoy". For some reason, my brain kept getting jumbled when I was reading how it was being presented in the past. I would like to add that the name Lee Harvey Oswald was used several times by more than one person. The CIA maintained a 201 file on Oswald and that he was trained by the CIA. He was also on the payroll of the CIA. In addition, LHO was an informant for the FBI too. It may sound strange that the CIA and the FBI both had Oswald on the payroll however it is important to believe the CIA and the FBI didn't have much respect for each other and didn't share information with each other either.
  8. Good question. In fact, I just finished reading a book that shows 9/11 was a conspiracy. It's very well written and it's difficult to argue with the facts presented in the book. Since WWII, the United States has been in either some sort of military conflict or open war. War is money as they say. With the war on terror, it provides something other wars could not produce. 1. It's a never ending war. Terrorism has been around for a very, long time and it's not going to stop. So the war on terror is a never ending war. 2. The enemy changes. The war on terrorism is interesting in that the enemy keeps changing and there's no clear cut enemy wearing a particularly colored uniform we can focus on. The enemy is everywhere, outside and inside the US. 3. 9/11 isn't the only false flag the US has conducted or dreamed up. Operation Northwoods is an excellent example of a false flag operation designed to get us into war with another country.
  9. But Hunt himself refers to himself as a bench warmer, not one of the main characters in the operational side of the assassination.
  10. I'm a former CIA "officer", not an agent. I've explained that in previous posts. There are significant differences between the two. As for James Files, I'll also add that when he claims he was in Dallas on 11/22/63 telephone records show he was actually in Chicago on that day. https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKfiles.htm
  11. Files is a fraud. His warden in prison said there were books on JFK in the prison library, which Files checked-out and read. One key aspect is that Files did own a Fireball XP-100 but the serial number places that gun past the date of the assassination. In addition, there were two bullet casings found in Dealey Plaza (Files claimed he only shot once) and the head stamp on both show the bullets were manufactured after 1972 so obviously the were planted later to bluster File's story. Files is out of prison and yet he's never given any interviews or posted anything on social media. He won't talk to anyone now that he's out. He's simply selling his prison artwork on eBay. http://www.manuscriptservice.com/Headstamp/
  12. So far, in this new book I'm reading, I'm at the part where the CIA approaches Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselii to assassinate Castro. What does this have to do with JFK? Well, James Files, a criminal with ties to the mob claims he delivered the fatal head shot to JFK. He mentions Sam Gianana and Johhny Roselli as part of the plan to kill JFK.
  13. Absolutely not. I'm here out of my own desire to learn as much as I can about the JFK assassination. You guys are the experts and in several cases, have been doing this for a very long time. I'm just a passenger on a train that I hope never stops until everything is revealed. I'm counting on people like you to make that happen because I wouldn't even pretend to know as much as you guys do.
  14. I've personally not known of the CIA to recruit or develop "kids" as assets. In Russia, however they do take very young people (sometimes kids) and train them for future intelligence purposes. There is a famous picture with Reagan shaking hands with a boy in Russia. Next to the boy, is a young man with a camera who by all accounts is Vladimir Putin. I'm unable to post the picture but here's the link. https://timeline.com/reagan-putin-tourist-meeting-souza-photo-6be236997c65
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