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  1. This makes no sense. After JFK was killed, who had a more legitimate claim to the presidency than LBJ as Vice President? How would that have made any difference to the Constitution in regards to ascension? Only if it could have been immediately proven that LBJ was involved in the scheme, which is still debated to this day so it's not relevant to the point.
  2. Don't forget the MSM telling us that Trump made it all up over and over again. The "evidence" presented against the vote fraud is various memes and anti-Trump rhetoric, not sure how that explains 120 year old voters. With Biden's latest appointment of Neera Tanden (who literally punched someone for asking Hillary about her Iraq war support, and a huge aipac supporter), I really am amazed that the "left" has been so effectively neutered by not understanding the covid 19 political operation and a MSM driven emotional reaction to Donald Trumps personality. Now they cheer censor
  3. I also remember reading that the owner of Burr's pistol was none other than David Rockefeller. What a nice show piece for a traitor to have? I wonder who has it now? Regarding Larouche, something happened when he was arrested. Several people left his group claiming he was somehow compromised afterwards. I forget the details now unfortunately. Webster Tarpley was one of the ones who left. I used to speak with Anton Chaikin on occasion who he co-wrote the Bush book with and is still in the Larouche group. They are no longer friends. He recently changed as well after he was sued
  4. Well because that's the "side" that is important regarding the election isn't it? Considering the Biden position that is repeated by most Democrats is essentially the exact same as the corporate MSM position, to me, that's a red flag in and of itself. It is very easy for a person who dislikes Trump to dismiss any allegation he makes based only on that emotion. I understand Trump doesn't deserve trust and respect in the eyes of most, but those people should take extra precautions regarding their judgements, not less, especially when they are in lockstep agreement with corporate narratives.
  5. If I was a Trump partisan, yes, but as I've mentioned many times, I have not and do not support Trump Cliff. It's just my attempt at an objection observation, I'm sorry I failed to meet your standards again.
  6. No. But he certainly irked them with some things he has done and said whether on purpose or by accident. I really hope that is the case, honestly. I didn't mean to "attack" you Cliff style, just making an overdue point via your comment, my apologies for the perceived offense. However, I can't help but reflect on how much that statement reminds me of McAdams. The idea that BigPharma knowledge is necessary to appropriately assess today's politics. To the forum.
  7. It's becoming increasingly obvious that many on this forum have yet to undertake a study of BigPharma and its stunning tentacles. I would submit that it is critical to the understanding of the US political situation right now. Obviously, no one article can provide understanding to someone who is psychologically conditioned against it (same with JFK case), but here's one for those that dare from a Kennedy website. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/globalist-technocrats-great-reset-plan/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=7567c856-e5e4-4025-b60c-c8c7485fa5d7
  8. Cliff, your hilarious. Your "question" was phrased in such a way that it was clearly more of ad hominem attack than a question. For example, have you ever met a story from the MSM you didn't like? No one on this forum needs or wants to read our responses to that kind of stuff. If you really want to know my every thought on Trump, message me, I'll be glad to go over it with you. I know I am agreeing with another Trump talking point here, but I agree with Robert and fail to see an honest explanation for these vertical lines. Assuming the data is correct, it absolutely needs to be
  9. Questioning social media censorship and Russia gate equals blind agreement with everything Trump said or did? Poor form ole boy.
  10. W, I am not able to post a credible source. It appears that any social media documentation of the supposed "all Biden votes" overnight event have been taken down. The media is even spreading false claims about Trumps legal case, attempting to weaken his support I assume. Look at this page for instance, every single twitter post about the vertical lines for the Biden tally have been removed! I'm not saying that makes their claims credible, but it certainly smells bad to me. Twitter never censored flat earthers, but this potentially critical information is censored? Even from the POTUS
  11. I believe Roberts contention is that the Biden vote count In PA jumped over 100k while trump (and other candidates I think) received zero. IF that was the case, it's hard to imagine a plausible non-criminal scenario for that, at least I haven't heard one yet offered.
  12. A bit brash, but a fair point. Too many people are emotionally charged against Trump objective analysis is long gone. It is perhaps worth keeping in mind that all of these election scenarios have been "war gamed" quite thoroughly and this current "chaos" has at least been well anticipated, if not more. Just read this Whitney Webb article of September, some of the names involved in groups like the Transition Integrity Project gives one the scope of the forces aligned against Trump. https://unlimitedhangout.com/2020/09/investigative-reports/bipartisan-washington-insiders-reveal-the
  13. lol Jeff, maybe Cliff is starting to sense you were right about Russia Gate after all and this is his first step in coming to terms with it? I agree with all of your points, especially number 4. This BigTech/BigPharma Medusa that has increased so much in power under the "liberal" pressure as you say, is to me the real long term threat here. The reality that the Biden faction is completely in step with that is stronger evidence of fascism than most of what Trump is accused of. Even FoxNews appears to be not providing Trump supporters with what they believe is the correc
  14. First, stop watching CNN. I have to agree with Robert about the reliance of this forum on the MSM. To me, it is a grave mistake in analysis to view the MSM narratives about major political events as anything other than propaganda. This stance has been vindicated time and time again and shouldn't require an explanation. Additionally, I believe it is a mistake to view Trump as the sole fascist. American fascism cannot work on the German/Italian model with a strong leader. Here, it would have to be a puppet ruling with oligarchical support because corporate power is too strong to allo
  15. I personally do not believe the big media companies have any sense of patriotic duty and reject that notion wholeheartedly. The complete emotional rage against Trump and subsequent corporate "rally/censorship" around Joe seems very dangerous to me. Just about anything could be done now and as long as our media interprets it as somehow against Trump (or his supporters), the "left" will go along. This has already happened with freedom of speech, yet Biden didn't seem to have a problem with it and looks set to possibly install some of these nightmares in his government. Next, it could easily be t
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