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  1. That only works if you have credibility. Unfortunately for Biden, if he says that (assuming he remembers it) he will be crushed on the race issue, probably will be anyway.
  2. It must be said that some of these tests are questionable. The common pcr "test" was never meant to be used as a diagnostic tool, it was a manufacturing tool. You basically take a molecule and multiply it millions of times so you can take a look at what is there. Kary Mullis invented PCR and hated the way it ended up being used in regards to HIV/AIDS. He would probably feel the same about COVID. A recent peer reviewed paper out of China suggested up to 80% of pcr COVID tests were false positives. That paper was withdrawn and when asked why, a team member allegedly said something along the lines of "its complicated and political". http://aidswiki.net/index.php?title=Document:Farber_interviews_Mullis
  3. Hear, hear! This is especially obvious with the democratic (and republican) non reaction to the real election interference by Israel. It is now and always was a veneer. Until Seth Rich's murder is solved at least...
  4. https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/fbi-documents-mention-israel-link-donald-trumps-campaign-2016 I think the conversation is changing from Russia to Israel. I haven't read about this in depth, but prima facie it is easier to swallow than Russagate and actually includes some very direct details. I assume a full Senate investigation into Israeli covert operations will be launched and aid temporarily halted with possible economic sanctions to follow.
  5. Nice strawman there David. It completely neglects so much I have to wonder if your ignorant or purposefully wasting our time. Garrison and Stone, more than anyone, are responsible for presenting the "wider view" to the public. Garrison in particular is worthy of unending praise, the case would be nowhere without him. Fingering Clay Shaw 3-4 years after the hit is even more amazing today with all we know. The fact you discount this in comparison to your estimation of your own work's importance is telling. A 1960's trial of a planner or cut-out to the planners of the assassination isn't as important as your alteration theory in 1980? Jim DiEugenio's work on JFK's foreign policies and how they were changed is some of the most important work on this case as it really destroys the biggest argument for the MSM to control a "neutral" viewer, mainly that nothing changed between JFK and LBJ and therefore no motive for a "deep state" kill. Not all of it is his work either, but he isn't pushing a lifetime pet project, but he's collating and adding the best information in the case without a preconceived destination, to our benefit. Not to mention his excellent critical reviews of good and bad and his Garrison work... Compare that to a theory that the President's body was altered. Even if that is true (being nice here), it pales in historical importance to the above mentioned items. It certainly did not "casts doubt on the legitimacy of Johnson's accession to the Oval Office". That was done by Garrison long before 1980 and its overly self-indulgent to even say that. I'm sorry David, but when autopsy photos have been staged and so much other medical evidence has been proven questionable, what difference does it make if Allen Dulles himself altered JFK's body at this point in history? It was a covert operation and they did whatever they had to in terms of the technical side of things. Interesting? Maybe to some. Important in 2020? Hardly. Divisive and pushed by someone who lashes out whenever questioned? Harmful to the "movement" at best.
  6. Agreed W. That is simply not a credible assertion for so many reasons. Mexico City alone is enough to make me laugh at this. Theories aside, Lifton's conduct in this thread has been embarrassing and weird. First, I am not too well versed (compared to most jfk researchers) in medical evidence in the JFK case, I decided long ago to largely neglect that area because the condition of the evidence is so bad as to support almost any theory one wishes. David's demeanor towards anyone who questions him is overly emotional and wild. In and of itself, that is discrediting in my view. Besides that, I don't see how anyone can believe all shots came from the front. The back wound went in at a downward angle and stopped a few inches in. How does that come from the front? The Bennet statement, the Tippit location, etc... maybe he changed his mind on this now, I don't know. The point is, I don't trust that Lifton actually uses the scientific method. If he discovered something that went against his theory, I suspect he would cover it up or else lose his imagined place in history. For someone who has spent their life on a very particular topic, I imagine that is a relatively normal human thing to do. Ron Bulmans post on page 7 provides good links if your looking for information that could be considered contrary to Lifton. I don't see Dylan's song as proof that he read and agrees with best evidence, and the attempt to insert oneself into culture in this way is off putting. These two paragraphs describe what this thread is about to me. Feeling proud is one thing, getting aggressive and slanderous points to something else. “I feel proud,” I replied, and I did (and still do). The late Pat Lambert, who played a major role in editing Best Evidence, used to say, “David, your work will seep slowly into the culture.” She didn’t have any prediction as to when that would occur, just the certainty that eventually it would. I hoped she was right. And maybe now it has, but in a way I would never have expected. Best Evidence was published in January 1981. After years of isolation, I was proud when it was selected Book of the Month Selection (Sept 1980, approx), was on the New York Times best-seller list (for about 3 months, starting in February 1981); and (to my considerable surprise), was briefly number 1 on the wire service lists (Feb - April, 1981).
  7. I believe the particular chart (rock digital) Dylan is leading does not include streaming. In my experience, the casual music listener of the younger generation uses a streaming service exclusively. This chart is all about digital sales, not many millennials actually pay for individual music albums or songs. Last year Tool had all top 10 slots on the rock digital chart, impressive, but still an older group.
  8. Thats awful, i hope he recovers. Along the lines if this thread, if you havent heard Prines cover of “Thats how Every Empire Falls”, I recommend it. Very moving version. ”There’s a slow train coming”
  9. I would have to disagree on this point. The USPS is an American icon and is proof that we don't need privatization, its also necessary during a time when the public is staying at their house more than ever. The key issue with the USPS was a republican bill in 2006. As explained by Bloomberg.com (emphasis my own) "Then there is the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (PAEA), which some have taken to calling "the most insane law" ever passed by Congress. The law requires the Postal Service, which receives no taxpayer subsidies, to prefund its retirees' health benefits up to the year 2056. This is a $5 billion per year cost; it is a requirement that no other entity, private or public, has to make. If that doesn't meet the definition of insanity, I don't know what does. Without this obligation, the Post Office actually turns a profit. Some have called this a "manufactured crisis." It's also significant that lots of companies benefit from a burden that makes the USPS less competitive; these same companies might also would benefit from full USPS privatization, a goal that has been pushed by several conservative think tanks for years. Also, according to theHill, the big sticking point right now is increased funding for SNAP. If that is true, then the Republicans really are crazy. Those other provisions are somewhat important if this goes into November as well. Regardless, Trump has delayed his response to this crisis because of a fear of wall street/oligarch opinion. That is a fail and he should be fired. POTUS does not equal CEO. Relying on the "private sector" is an Austrian school wet dream. We should rely on the private sector for defense and save $750 billion a year in taxes. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/489272-pelosi-house-not-prepared-to-vote-remotely
  10. Here we go. Well, Id have to agree Robert, I mean, they killed him, that was the solution. I think JFK put them in a critical situation where the future was literally at stake. I dont see how thats a fantastic extrapolation at all.
  11. I was reading the headlines from CNN this morning and actually said this to someone. The article was comparing Cuomo to Trump immediately elevating him in the conversation for the masses. Whatever it takes to split this party I guess at this point is good. I hope this is enough.
  12. Maybe not. If this story is true and has more behind the scenes, Biden could really damage trump on this. The Kushner’s look pretty bad here, like little adolescent-fascists (ode to Cliff). https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/guess-who-previously-owned-health-insurance-co-operating-coronavirus-testing-website/ar-BB11kwPT
  13. There's a lot of chatter about different sequencing of the virus for Iran and Italy. I don't know if that's true, but it would certainly push the narrative towards man made. The whole Charles Lieber story is ugly at best too. Additionally, the latest consortium news article by Escobar certainly doesn't discount the possibility of it being man made. Regardless, trumps response was pathetic and inadequate. His responsibility to the nation was deferred because he couldn't get past himself. He seems to understand that to some degree now at least.
  14. Your defensive credentialing war aside, what is your source that Putin told trump to bungle his virus response? I bet it’s absolutely nothing. Several world leaders reacted slowly to this, was that Putin too? Of course intel agencies are monitoring the situation here, that’s their job Doug. Did Putin advise trump to assassinate a leader of Iran? Did he advise him to pander to everything Israel wants? Did he tell trump to give the us military even more money than before? How about the $1000 handout plan? Putin there too? See the problem with this? Hopefully Putin next advises trump that paying for 11 obsolete carrier groups is a waste of taxpayer money.
  15. Is this what passes for analysis on this forum now? Between constant lengthy cut and pasting, and comments like this... Theres nothing close to obvious about that Doug. On the other hand, Trump let big pharma secure all intellectual property from public tax coronovirus money, just like the big military contractors and DAARPAs of the world do every year. It might not be an invented Russian fantasy, but still.
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