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  1. Hi I would argue that it's extremely unlikely that Corso's book was part of any disinformation operation. My reasons for suggesting that are that when you look back at the history of all this, pretty much all the 'perception management' efforts by the US government and its close allies have been in the opposite direction, towards downplaying the issue and reducing attention on it. Some examples of that include the policies that evolved around press releases in the early period (with much trial and error) but settling by the mid 50's on an approach of only putting out any detail on ca
  2. ps. I read Corso's book years ago. After checking it out I threw it away.
  3. Hi I think Larry Hancock's suggested reading list is a very good start. I'll try to give a few recommendations for the different parts of the subject. a) The Historical context Larry Hancock's 'Unidentified' probably gives the best sense of how the problem was perceived by the military and intelligence community in the USA in the early period 'UFO's and Government' by Michael Swords, Robert Powell et. al. also gives a very good overview of the policy context although many of the case studies presented are really open to conventional explanations In terms of recent deve
  4. Hi I shall probably not be popular with this, but... One of the things that was quite striking when I first began to study this subject was how none of the theories presented up to that point in time (more than 10 years ago now) worked fully across the full range of data. Quite a few worked for the evidence presented, but hit some awkward little facts when considered more broadly. This was challenging as I thought the physical evidence would be the area that would play to my strengths. Then came Dr D B Thomas 2014 seminal work ‘Hear no Evil’ which is a staggeringly impressiv
  5. Hi David Could I play a 'devil's advocate' role here? In reality I am in no way decided on these visa applications, one way or the other. I should be clear that I have no expertise in questioned document analysis so I am just going to ask a few questions and hopefully we can see where it goes... My starting assumptions are that Duran made two copies of the visa application, a top copy that went off to Cuba and a carbon copy that was retained in the Consulate files. She stapled a seperate passport sized photo of the applicant to each copy and got the applicant to sign both copies indi
  6. Hi David J Thanks for the info...it's taking me a while to go through and I'm still trying to get my head around it. Can I just check I've got this right? In the post I've quoted above the visa application image on the right is from a photograph taken by HSCA investigators in Cuba from a Cuban government source and has the staple in the photo and fairly genuine looking signature and a Cuban stamp. The one of the left (which looks older???) is the one the WC had and that has the faded photo with no obvious staple, the odd signature and no Cuban stamp?? Is that the right way aroun
  7. Hi David It is a really interesting question and your work has made me change my mind (from our previous conversation) from assuming Oswald was physically there for at least some of it to being very undecided about it to say the least. Perhaps the key piece of evidence that keeps me agnostic on it is that Cuban visa application photo. That is clearly LHO and I can’t think of a scenario in which Duran wouldn’t spot that wasn’t the person in front of her and hard to see how either the USA could fake it without Cuba leaking the real version at some point in the last half century plus.
  8. Hi Greg If you don't mind I'd prefer not to go too far away from the focus on the original paper at the moment. You raise many interesting topics but they are slightly outside my main focus at the moment and in many cases open to various interpretations...we could end up producing a small (or, well, actually quite a large) book on all that. One very specific point. My take on the sequence of events after 22/11 is basically that apparent links to Castro and to the Russians scared the administration into closing down a serious investigation very quickly, and in the process missing the links
  9. Hi Greg. I don’t want to get too drawn into pre-62 stuff as that’s not been a recent focus for me, but a few thoughts... I think we can all agree that O’s proficiency in Russian followed a trajectory of roughly: 1957 - next to nothing late 1959 - low to moderate. Early 1961 - good enough to pass as someone from the Baltic states on first meeting Marina. 1963 (and so probably by mid ‘62) - good enough to be a translator, or recommended as such.. In that context it seems clear he must have had plenty of practice speaking Russian, which is not evenly remotely su
  10. Hi Greg At the moment I’m more inclined to the view that the author of the 1964 chronology got muddled up. We know that Duran phoned the Russian embassy late on the 27th during ‘Oswsld’s’ third visit that day (probably 5pm to 6pm) to check his claim that the Russians had granted him a visa. I think the 28th Sept date for the caller in broken Russian talking about his address seems fairly well established. Yes, the consulate was close and the broken Russian is to me the most significant issue as the real Oswald was fluent. Feinglass is indeed a psyeudonym for Boris Tarasoff. If y
  11. Hi again Bill The question of if concern over the security of LIENVOY lay behind the 'marked cards' of the 10th October was how I originally got interested in digging into Mexico City as I have always had difficulty with that hypothesis from a practical operational perspective. Let's consider the practicalities... If I were a KGB officer in Mexico City in 1963 I would be working on a standard assumption for all embassies that we could be being bugged at any time, so a desire to test out that possibility is perfectly reasonable. You are right to highlight how sensitive Langley was to
  12. Morning, Bill Thanks for your very helpful challenges...it's important to test these things out really thoroughly. It is very much appreciated. In terms of the Tilton anti-FPCC op, it is probably fair to say we are reading these memos somewhat differently. The key things to me is the timeline and the physical activity itself. In terms of the timeline, by the time Papich drafted this memo on the 18th September Oswald had already obtained his Mexican visa and yet the memo is clear that the CIA are giving consideration to plans against the FPCC rather than actually running an opera
  13. Hi Greg In terms of the question as to if the real Oswald was ever in Mexico City physically and then if he did the various visits to the Cuban consulate and Russian embassy, I am just agnostic at the moment. There seems to be quite a reasonable case that can be made for several scenarios and no obvious way at the moment of decisively differentiating between, at least not one I can think of just now! This is a significant open question. In terms of the phone calls though I would argue the situation is much clearer. The original transcripts and Tarasoff's 1978 HSCA testimony makes it
  14. Thanks Steve I took it to probably mean the local diplomatic staff in the embassy. The other crypts in the same paragraph refer to the FBI, navy and INS so it’s the same group of organisations but now locally. Typically this means I’ve noticed a minor error in the paper...the two descriptions 0f Oswald were of course shared with each agency..one locally in Mexico City and the other at national level..it was the other info that wasn’t shared. I’ll amend that when I get chance but it doesn’t alter the analysis. Mea culpa. cheers Anthony
  15. Thanks Steve could you point me in the right direction for where you saw the PELIDE crypt please...I hadn’t noticed it. Anthony
  16. Hi all I've been taking a detailed look at Mexico City for some time now and below is my current interpretation of what was going on. It incorporates and builds on (including some re-interpretation) previous posts and articles on Mexico City on this forum. I've attached a Word document at the end if that easier, but in case it doesn't play nicely I've copied and pasted the text below. Any thoughts or additional pieces of evidence would be appreciated. Mexico City: A Possible Interpretation of the ‘Little Incident in Mexico City’ as a Counter-Intelligence Operation
  17. Hi Larry Yes, I suspect, there may have been several strands of activity going on in parralel. As you know I think the main ‘official’ set of reactions after 1st October to the phone intercept have a strong CI focus, of which more later as it is taking me ages to put it together properly, in and amongst... It is quite feasible that someone piggybacked into that operation a very effective piece of sheep dipping of Oswald in the manner you describe...possibly too effective for their purposes in the end, if this was the group from the anti-Castro Cubans or possibly very cleverly if a hi
  18. Morning Bill I suspect we’ll just have to cordially agree to disagree in our interpretations of this memo and the subsequent sequence of communications within the FBI. I understand the significance of the word ‘also’ in there but I do read it as being very much about producing deceptive written materials to create dissension within the FPCC, in a similar manner as, if memory serves, was done a little earlier within the USA with provocative disinformation to create tension between different groups in the FPCC (think they were targeting SWP and CPUSA in that earlier FBI led op). T
  19. Bill Just to briefly add... I think you may well be right that LHO’s activities in New Orleans highlighted an ‘administrative discrepancy’ leading the removal of his security flash. I’m inclined to think he may have been working with the FBI and others for a while before that, but the discrepancy could well have been noticed at that time in the manner you describe. Unfortunate timing to say the least! thanks again Anthony
  20. Thanks Bill, very helpful. For the moment just a couple of quick thoughts. Specifically on the Tilton anti-FPCC op, the key point is on the timings. The materials weren’t sourced until late October and he gave assurances they wouldn’t do anything without discussing it further. I just can’t see how that particular operation could possibly be anything to do with LHO in Mexico. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t targeting the Cubans or FPCC, just not as part of that specific op...but that’s a much longer discussion! I’ll come back on the other parts later... thanks again
  21. Thanks Bill Yes, the routing makes sense for Oswald. Can I ask if you have a link for the routing slip within the CIA CI Division for Hosty's 10th September memo on LHO? It's the one where it is dated as recieved by the CIA on the 23rd September 1963 and originally filed in the FPCC file and then that is crossed out and his 201 file number added. Been driving myself crackers trying to find it again with no success over the last few days... Sorry to ask, probably me being daft with my search terms... Thanks
  22. Thanks Bill Yes it does look like quite a deliberate stripping out of the 201 to fit into what was then written in the 10th October memos. That 23rd September date stamp on the Hosty report might be very significant if we can reasonably conclude that was the start of that process, which seems reasonable at first sight. Do you know if the passport unit at State would have been cc’d into the 10th October memo...they did have dealings with Oswald over his passport so that might be a possibility? I’m tending to take the LCIMPROVE aspect of all this activity a bit more literally at t
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