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  1. Alexander Haig passed away earlier this year. In case you were wondering.
  2. I appreciate knowing, Steve, thanks!
  3. My loved one gave me books by R. Sikoryak recently, Constitution Illustrated and The Unquotable Trump. The latter pairs actual T**** quotes with comics and comic books going back decades. When I hear that T**** is saying Biden wants to "hurt God" and is "against God" and wants to "hurt the Bible," I imagine something like this, from Sikoryak. This file is too big, I am going to downsample it and re-upload once I delete this post.
  4. Ah, yes. I've heard about the prize given to those who promote "noble peace." As is the case with noble gases in physics, the "noble peace" is very, very stable.
  5. Great call, Bill. I had quite forgotten! Who's got their favorite song about Brookline, Massachusetts?
  6. Lulu is offering a discount on printed-copy orders through August 28th — my order for "garrison" 005 is in — love it when a plan comes together.
  7. I received my annual statement from Social Security Administration in the mail just recently. Kind of a big deal piece of mail, wouldn't you say? It came with two other pieces of junk mail, or marketing pieces from firms I have dealt with. And all three had on them yellow, adhesive, bar-coded stickers that read, "UNABLE TO FORWARD/REVIEW." Unsettling for multiple reasons, not least, I placed no forwarding order, no hold on my mail, no instruction to USPS at all. I'm still gonna order my dead-tree copy of garrison 005. Better get on that. I love reading away from computer.
  8. Oy. Notre Dame made news by getting off to a good start with it's in-person instruction. Tested twelve thousand students. But has now cancelled in-person teaching for at least two weeks. You folks probably already know: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/coronavirus-covid-19-why-6-feet-may-not-be-enough-social-distance Did we say, "stay six feet apart"? We meant sixteen! So sorry!
  9. Richard Price, thanks for your insights regarding USPS, and it's up-until-now, don't spare the horses efforts in aid of ballot-by-mail. Day in and day out, and from the beginning, USPS has been a big part of what made us one country. People are gathering around DeJoy's homes in D.C. and in Greensboro in protest. I was afraid that would happen. It's over the line. https://www.ibtimes.com/protesters-gather-front-postmaster-general-louis-dejoys-home-amid-voter-suppression-3028957
  10. Trump's postmaster general lives close by. Friends of mine are sending him mail in support of the Post Office. Postcards are best; they are processed quicker, and are read all along the way. LOUIS DEJOY 806 Country Club Drive Greensboro, NC 27408
  11. James DiEugenio said of the long-lived attack on the USPS by the Republican Party: "For the life of me I don't know why the Dems do not seize on this as an issue." The target of the attack is the largest public-sector union there is. Republicans would destroy the USPS to get at it. The Democrats could have made restoring reasonable management of the USPS a priority after, what, 2006? 2008? It's crippled by a wholly unjustified requirement to fully fund future retirement today. Services could be added, not dropped. Services like rural banking. Democrats being AWOL on this for so long
  12. Thanks. No date set for release. I feel it can't come soon enough.
  13. I wouldn't know, Micah. I tend to avoid psych, holding a view not too different maybe from yours. (Except, Psych on TV was big fun.) But, it's another great question. Was it James Reston who first framed the Kennedy hit in terms of big vs. small? The horror, the horror. I need to re-read Gibson's book on the cover-up.
  14. There, Denny, you've flipped the premise of the disdain on its head, well done, well said, and I agree. About that and the rest you wrote. To hold a prominent position in media has required people to toe the line, or be silenced. And for decades, thinking of Dorothy Kilgallen, Mort Sahl, and others. Amazing that Jefferson Morley still gets published in major media from time to time. For regular folks to hold a question-authority mind-set hasn't been much of a priority for awhile in America. We started stepping on that around the First World War. I was lucky. Not just because I had good te
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