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  1. James DiEugenio said of the long-lived attack on the USPS by the Republican Party: "For the life of me I don't know why the Dems do not seize on this as an issue." The target of the attack is the largest public-sector union there is. Republicans would destroy the USPS to get at it. The Democrats could have made restoring reasonable management of the USPS a priority after, what, 2006? 2008? It's crippled by a wholly unjustified requirement to fully fund future retirement today. Services could be added, not dropped. Services like rural banking. Democrats being AWOL on this for so long is a feature, not a bug.
  2. Thanks. No date set for release. I feel it can't come soon enough.
  3. I wouldn't know, Micah. I tend to avoid psych, holding a view not too different maybe from yours. (Except, Psych on TV was big fun.) But, it's another great question. Was it James Reston who first framed the Kennedy hit in terms of big vs. small? The horror, the horror. I need to re-read Gibson's book on the cover-up.
  4. There, Denny, you've flipped the premise of the disdain on its head, well done, well said, and I agree. About that and the rest you wrote. To hold a prominent position in media has required people to toe the line, or be silenced. And for decades, thinking of Dorothy Kilgallen, Mort Sahl, and others. Amazing that Jefferson Morley still gets published in major media from time to time. For regular folks to hold a question-authority mind-set hasn't been much of a priority for awhile in America. We started stepping on that around the First World War. I was lucky. Not just because I had good teachers, in high school and college. My mom would forever quote Emerson to me: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." My dad, much more laconic, would only tell me, a quarter-century on from his release from captivity as a German P.O.W., that he had little trust in any national government anywhere on the globe to do right by its people.
  5. Yow, too bad, agreed, deal-breaker. Since I only get "basic cable," I already do without the guy.
  6. George...the article, my post, or both? Just curious. Also, again just curious. Your take on LBJ? Do you think he had or may have had anything at all to do with the JFK assassination? Or the cover-up? Do you think LBJ was as corrupt as many have claimed? Joe, I was referring to the Nelson article Douglas posted, to do with Johnson's behavior up to and including 1967 and 1968. As far as what I think about Johnson and JFK's horrific removal from office, I'm still a learner. I was out to lunch... for a few decades. I read a "Johnson was in on it" book, probably in the eighties, probably from the library. I'm aware people here I respect think he at least knew to duck. In terms of "who benefits," he definitely has to stand out.
  7. Timed to drive down his book sales, *and* prepare people to disregard the documentary film when it comes out. Seems to me. Rowr bozz fozz won't work....
  8. Well, thank you, Barry, for that remembrance. It's painful to think how much effort so many have put into divining what Vincent Salandria called the "false mystery." So much of which is apparently dust in the wind. I wonder if materials Ronan was working on could still be made available to Oliver Stone, and his current, nearing-completion, JFK documentary.
  9. So, if you want to read a hit piece on Oliver Stone's film, JFK, then, out of the blue, and timed to match his memoir, the Telegraph will let you read its new article for free. And Yahoo will republish it, also for free. However, the Independent's take on Stone and his career in cinema is behind a paywall. https://www.independent.co.uk/independentpremium/culture/oliver-stone-chasing-the-light-memoir-platoon-wall-street-midnight-express-a9620221.html
  10. I didn't have to create a Telegraph account. In fact I came across it reprinted by Yahoo. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/why-oliver-stone-jfk-greatest-094033716.html
  11. "Duped." Michel J. Gagné was "duped" when he went to see Oliver Stone's "JFK" in 1991. “People my age just took the film as fact – hook, line and sinker,” he said. In 1991 I was not focused on JFK's life or his death, and Oliver Stone's film came and went without me noticing. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/films/0/oliver-stones-jfk-greatest-lie-hollywood-ever-told/
  12. Considering how I regard Pelosi these days, from way left of her, this Pelosi-and-JFK picture bugs the heck out of me.
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