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  1. I have listened to the Black Op Radio podcast #963, October 31, 2019, twice regarding John Armstrong’s essay Escape from the 6th Floor and studied the essay for a good 3 hours. Although I am not in the construction business as John is I am an attorney and in that regard I pay close attention to evidence. I am intrigued by John’s escape theory via the passenger elevator, but there are some weak spots. One regards the the egress logistics, John writes: The elevator cabin had to be stopped in place on the 4th floor, waiting for the men on the 6th floor. As the Presidential parade was driving west on Main St., the passenger elevator was on the 1st floor. An accomplice could push the 4th floor call button on the inside of the elevator, which would send the elevator to the 4th floor. When the elevator reached the 4th floor the floor indicator light read "4," and the accomplice would know the elevator was in place. The accomplice, still standing in front of the elevator on the 1st floor, could signal his accomplice--standing 60 feet away by the electrical panels--to turn off the electricity. When I study the floor diagrams provided in John’s essay, the passenger elevator is in the FRONT of the building but the electrical panels are next to the freight elevators in the BACK of the building. They didn't have cellphones in those days. QUESTION: How exactly did that signaling take place?
  2. Greetings I am a former New York attorney currently living in Greece. I have been reading and following the JFK research community since 2011. I attended the Lancer and COPA conferences in Dallas in 2013. I look forward to belonging to this forum.
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