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  1. I call the Secret Service and tell them someone is going to shoot JFK in Dealey Plaza.
  2. David- I think so... there's some intriguing stuff there; the birth date is within a year of what Diaz-Garcia's supposedly was. The civilian education level of only 3 was interesting. And obviously the idea that he was alive in 1968. I was unaware until last night that Diaz-Garcia was the killer of a politician at the Cuban consulate in Mexico City in 1948. That led to other things I never knew, such as how incredibly violent Cuban politics were before Fidel Castro was even a gleam in anyone's eyes. Edit: His designation, CH, is for chaplain... so I don't know where this goes lol. Edit 2: upon further research, I don't think it's our guy. This fellow was likely a chaplain at Fort Bliss, Texas.
  3. Bringing this over here instead of the DeTorres thread. Probably nothing, but this is from the US Army register from 1968:
  4. I believe it. I've always personally held the belief that Hoover investigated the case until he knew what happened. I doubt any of that stuff would have been released by the ARRB though, I'm sure Hoover would have kept it segregated.
  5. It seem there's a pretty good physical match. Tony Cuesta was a rather tall guy, definitely above 6 feet, so the Commandos L photo with Cuesta, Font, Romero and Diaz-Garcia might be making the others look short. But that photo is also from 1963, which helps, as Diaz-Garcia's face looks the pudgiest of all his photos.
  6. Leopoldo was always the one I focused on, but yes, it would definitely be good to know more about Angel.
  7. "He told my son he had a calling to kill a President" Taking a statement from someone like this at face value and considering it evidence is pretty much my whole issue with the H & L theory. I feel like I run into a lot of stuff like this.
  8. Hi Pamela- I'm familiar with Dr. Greer. But my opinion stands. I believe it is all secret military tech until they come out with something to prove otherwise.
  9. They've been teasing disclosure a lot the past couple years. If in another year we still have nothing concrete from them, then my suspicion that all of this is to cover up the current intense hi-tech arms race is going to be solidified.
  10. I apologize for calling you Steve; I am mixing up my Boylans... I'm not familiar with anyone looking like Morales in the Pizzo film, but in the color footage of Oswald's dustup with Bringuier on the corner of Canal and St Charles St, there is a guy with his back to the camera that is scratching his neck and some have suggested it could be Morales. The man with the bald spot in front of him is not DeTorres, as his face is visible earlier in the footage.
  11. Steve- are you referring to the Pizzo film, or the Bringuier incident of which there is color footage?
  12. The photo of DeTorres that David Boylan posted is from the mid to late 50s. I hope someday we will find out officially that Odio IDd DeTorres as Leopoldo, as I believe she privately did to Gaeton Fonzi. Fonzi did his best to ID Leopoldo as Bernardo DeTorres in his book, without coming right out and saying it. At the time of publication, DeTorres was still very much alive, engaged in nefarious activities, and not someone that anyone would want to anger. If you carefully re-read the pertinent sections regarding Leopoldo, you'll come to the same conclusion as I did back when his book was first published in the early 90s.
  13. Michael Paine said that Oswald loved watching football games on the weekend, which I always found to be an amusing anecdote.
  14. In the years after the assassination, Thornley gives all the appearances of someone you would think the intelligence agencies used to infiltrate leftist and anti-war groups in the late '60s and early '70s.
  15. Once the missiles were removed, I don't think LBJ had any interest in Cuba; as in, I think he thought it was a waste of time and more trouble than it was worth. And he certainly had no affection or bond with the CIA, with their old-boy, upper crust Eastern establishment vibe. I think LBJ thought the safest thing for him to do was to get cozy with the military brass, the JCS, and roll with their projects, and ignore the CIA whenever possible.
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