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  1. This photo might help you understand it a bit more. J.F.K's head is marked by the red dot, roughly just after the 100 point on the ruler the 6th floor window is the yellow circle at just before the 155 point and the tower in the blue was positioned roughly at the 165 mark. The trajectory for the Tower location and the 6th floor window are both the same
  2. I would like to add myself Colm Stephen Byrne for my exceptional theory of the shot being fired from the tower which once was on top of the Dal-Tex roof, and the bullets following the same trajectory , as that established by the W.C via the TSBD 6th floor window.
  3. The tower which was on the Dal-Tex roof during the shooting was quite a big structure, which would have allowed a perfect covered elevation, for any would be assassins to see directly through the TSBD. I wonder was the interior ever photographed or would drawings of it, be available anywhere? It beggars belief why it was not included in the 3D model made by the F.B.I, considering it was more or less the highest platform in the area at the time. Having the exact measurement of it's height etc would be most useful in helping to check this theory out to the best standard, as the drone would need to fly and record the exact view which would have been available from up there, or if a scaffold is to be erected it would need to replicate it in detail as well
  4. This large photo of the area, looks to be roughly from a similar view on the scale model, it might be easier to line up for a possibility, the tower does look like it was a massive enough addition to the height on the roof, I think it was a clear view right down through the TSBD onto Elm from both it and the roof, but I do tend to side with you about the roof being a good vantage point, judging by this close up of the SN window the roof does look to be perfect, and almost within arms reach from the the far side. I have applied for permission to get the ball rolling on at least flying a drone up, and over the same trajectory on this theory. I would be expecting a lot of obstacles, because I can hardly see those in charge wanting anyone coming over and challenging their conclusion again All I might be able to prove is that their investigation into the alleged firing at Oswalds window might not have came from there but simply passed through it instead. Everything else stays the same, the medical evidence etc, due to the same line of fire, except now something else exists which suggest the accused might not have even heard the shots It is going to be tricky trick shot to uncover, but if the bullet paths line up, others can take it from there, and fill in the other minor details.
  5. Hello David Thanks again for your further input, it is a theory very well worth pursuing until it is either proven as a possibility or debunked as a complete no no, the lack of a muzzle flash and the ear witness total confusion to the sound of the gunfire, show that the alleged SN was not the firing point, then if we add the need for the real shooters to escape and frame Oswald at the same time, a lot seems to fit together, when considering this scenario Shooting from the Dal-Tex roof or tower above it certainly does seem to line up to my eye, I do however think the water tower would have been the firing point of choice, due to the need for cover to hide the shooter from any overhead obstacles which might have had SS agents looking down on it from the air or from any taller building in the distance. Here is a link about the 3-D scale model I am not sure when it was created but it looks like was made by the F.B.I and is now held in the TSBD museum, and yes it is strange for them to leave an important piece of landscape out of it, ie the tower on the Dal-Tex roof perhaps they were trying to hide it out of the picture, and this might also be the reason why the structure was removed from the roof in real life as well, it would be interesting to know was the tower removed before the model was created. https://www.cnet.com/pictures/in-dallas-jkfs-memory-still-haunts-pictures/
  6. This is a view any sniper would have from the top right window, of the Dal-tex Oswalds window has a portion visible through it, and while any shot onto Elm street where the limo was at Z313 is not possible, I still feel that it is worth checking what view would be available from the roof which has still a good few feet for manoeuvre. If after an on site inspection, and it don't line up, the theory is debunked, then I will have no choice other than to let it slide.
  7. Thanks again Chris it is confusing enough trying to figure out where we are in this without any accurate diagram, although I can not say how precise this is but when you look at this make up of the elevated view from the DT down onto the TSBD, it sure does look like the trajectory is very close. Can you calculate if possible does any firing point down on the lower floors in the DT have a view onto Elm through the TSBD windows? If we dropped down ten feet we would be on the 7th floor of the DT, which according to my calculations would be roughly in a level position with the 6th floor of the TSBD Key to this theory would be knowing the measurements of the tower structure which once stood on the roof of the DT. I still feel it is very possible and workable, with Greers help, along with a lookout or two in the TSBD, to move a few items around, make hand signals through the window facing the DT or radio communication , it would explain what the witnesses on the 5th experienced as well. the bullets were practically passing through the building
  8. I can't thank you guys enough for taking the time to read into this theory, it sure will save me a lot of time, effort, and money, if the possibility can be fully determined before moving onto the next stages, of actual on site visits To the eye it looks very possible at least for the 2nd & 3rd shots, and even from this photo of an area model, with the roof water tower omitted, but I suppose without going up there we are not going to be accurate to exact precision. If field of view is only out by 2 feet, in these off site judgments then perhaps taking the real on site calculations might be worth the shot. What are your opinions on me taking this chance please? does the line of fire seem to be off? and if it is indeed a possibility, we then only have another massive coincidence, in a case already full of them, but this said it would in actual fact contradict the official findings of the alleged 6th floor window as being the only scenario for the trajectories .
  9. The line on this photo is way straighter that any produced by me so far 🙂 thanks, for posting it, I wonder would the alleged 2nd shot have been possible if fired directly down from that tower, without going via the TSBD. I did watch that video of the reenactment, they were very adamant that the 6th floor alleged SN was the firing point, so how in the world am I going to be able to convince anyone of this theory, even if the shot turns out to be possible, they will just write it off as another coincidence, and even though the odds of it all lining up in reality would have massive odds stacked against it, without Greers involvement. I will keep the thread updated on progress regarding the drone etc, as I do feel it is at least worth looking into.
  10. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/27/entertainment/bob-dylan-new-song-scli-intl/index.html?fbclid=IwAR1PwC9Fc4LtdSzim6rMexzzdHDP4rCH9An5kADbugwzSjkXJiysAr2Iygs
  11. If they refuse to move them for the test, the drone would be a 2nd option, I think only about 3 or 4 from the back pile facing the Daltex would block the lazer They might not like the publicity, of non compliance with helping to find out if another important piece of the jigsaw is missing, which can be completed, with or without their help. This theory still includes the alleged Oswald window, and does not deny a bullet, or bullets passing through the museums 6th floor, so they can just alter the story, according to the new found facts, and it would still exist as a tourist attraction, perhaps if the theory is proven that the firing point really was on the old tower of the Daltex roof then maybe they can build a replica of it, and put it on display in the building as well. I.M.O General Walker trained his sniper in to take this shot, by having him practice out at his house, with firing in through the window, in a very similar fashion, to this theory, he then took a flight on 22.11.63 to have an alibi lined up. https://www.tpaak.com/walker-allegations Mr. LIEBELER. I show you a copy of a picture that has been marked as Commission Exhibit No. 1007, and ask you if you can recognize what is shown in that picture. General WATTS. Can we go off the record a minute? Mr. LIEBELER. Certainly. (Discussion off the record.) General WALKER. Yes; I can identify this picture. Mr. LIEBELER. What is it, generally? General WALKER. It is an outside picture taken looking into the house, taken from the west. The camera pointed east and took the house, and it shows the shot and the broken glass in the window. Mr. LIEBELER. The window of your home? General WALKER. The window of my home at 4011 Turtle Creek Boulevard. Mr. LIEBELER. That is the window through which the shot was fired at you on April 10, 1963? General WALKER. That is correct. Mr. LIEBELER. Is it possible to see your desk? General WALKER. Yes; you can see the chair. Let's go off the record a minute. Mr. LIEBELER. Let's stay on the record. It is all right. General WALKER. All right, what I had mixed up, I never knew anybody got a picture of me pointing at anything, and that looks like my hand. I didn't know this photographer was outside at the time. I was thinking the picture was taken from the inside, but I see it perfectly now and it is from the outside. This looks like there is a table here, from this window, and in the corner running that way. Mr. LIEBELER. Just inside the window? General WALKER. Just inside the window. Then there is a space between that and the desk. Then the desk is here at an angle across this corner, and that looks like the chair. No; I ,am not sure. I did have a chair in between me and the table, which may be that chair. It is possible that you are not seeing the desk chair. There are two windows in this wall, but those are too close to be the windows. That is one of those panels, I suspect, like the flower panel. The window is still further back here. Mr. LIEBELER. So it is not possible to see your desk from that picture? General WALKER. That picture is taken at this angle, see. Mr. LIEBELER. So you can't really see your desk? General WALKER. I would say my desk is back in that corner. Mr. LIEBELER. But it would be directly, if you stood at the window and looked straight through the window, you would be able to see your desk across the room? General WALKER. That is correct. Mr. LIEBELER. Was your desk directly across the room from the window, or was it sitting catercornered? General WALKER. It was sitting catercornered in the corner on the opposite side of the room. I was facing out over the desk toward the center of the room. Mr. LIEBELER. When the shot was fired? General WALKER. That is correct. Mr. LIEBELER. So that you were almost facing the window at the time the shot was fired; is that correct? Looking sideways? General WALKER. No; I was looking to the center of the room. Mr. LIEBELER. Sideways to the window? I am trying to drive at what kind of shot the man had at you. Was he shooting at you from the side, from the back, or from the front? I think it would be from the side. General WALKER. More from the side than the front. Definitely from the side but a little at an angle, because I was facing the center of the room. Mr. LIEBELER. Right. I show you a copy of a photograph that has been marked Commission Exhibit No. 1006, and ask you if this is not also a picture of the window through which the shot was fired showing where the shot had apparently hit the sash at one point? General WALKER. That looks like the window and where the shot was fired through the window into the room. It certainly must be the same shot. Mr. LIEBELER. It purports to be a photograph that was turned over to the Commission by the police department and it purports to be a picture of that window. General WALKER. That is the same shot then. Mr. LIEBELER. The bullet apparently actually hit a portion of the window frame before it went through. Does that accord with your recollection? General WALKER. The bullet went through the screen frame. Then it went through a portion of the window frame, and a portion of the glass. Mr. LIEBELER. I show you a copy of a photograph that has been marked Commission Exhibit No. 1009, and ask you if this is not in fact a picture of the next room. General WALKER. To closer identify that further, the screen frame has a crosspiece in the center also, and the bullet went through the crosspiece in the screen and then hit both the window frame and the glass.
  12. Now that is a great idea, it still would be good maybe at a later stage to see it from the firing point though, I wonder would City hall have any old maps of that tower? I better cancel my requisition for now regarding the drone.
  13. Thanks guys it's great to get a bit of help, with such things like finding and posting this photo, also even the slightest suggestion, can guide, to taking it to the next level I have taken advice, as mentioned here, and have asked for permission to Dallas city for flying a drone above the Dal Tex roof, perhaps I might not need the TSBD to get this theory verified just yet, as precise calculations probably can be taken without looking through the windows for the exact field of fire view. The window being closed at 1pm does not change the possibility of the theory, by the time those cops got on scene anyone could have replaced a glass pane with a couple of tacks or a bit of putty, or even closed the whole frame in a split second, as a lot of fixers were around the building laying the floors. If I can get some filming of the area, from a height where that old tower on the roof was, then this would be a good start, initially it should not require any traffic disruption in the area, but perhaps if it went well, it could be repeated with another camera or two working together. The project might not ever change the overall belief that Oswald fired from the alleged SN window, but it will certainly bring into disrepute the W.C testing and naming it as the only viable firing point, it should open it up to serious debate for the future. Thanks again to all contributors on the thread and please continue to express opinions, be they for or against the possibility of the theory.
  14. Thanks for this post!! It is supportive I appreciate all opinions/suggestions this is just what the theory needs, and I personally am not out to try make money or to get my name in print, I am interested in History/Geo politics truth and justice and a few other topics. but I would be willing to help in the progression of putting this to the test, and whatever this would entail, be it in writing or on film What I ment by lets get real about it, is that the theory is not a stupid one, it does have connections to a lot other aspects of happenings on the day, and as researchers with interest we should take it more seriously, I did see that other thread regarding the fire escape object, and as you say if that can get so many posts, then I feel this one deserves a similar approach if not more. I did say If the theory is proven, and we are a long way from that, at the moment, I do have military skills and was a very good shot during my service, this would be a major factor in how I came up with the theory, when coupled with other pieces of evidence, I feel it is a very realistic scenario, although it can cause confusion to those who are not up to matters other than whats inside of the box. James Taque could well have been hit by a bit of concrete, from one of the bricks inside of the TSBD just to the left beside the alleged snipers nest window, maybe caused by the first shot, this also might explain the debri landing onto the guys head below on the 5th floor, would a bit of concrete travel such a distance to the underpass? I did see an old photo, where a few of these bricks were missing around the frame area of the window, but all of this additional detail might fall into place, if we can prove the theory as having a 100% possibility. I would need considerable help to find this out, so if any researchers who are on the ground in the Dallas area, read this, please get in touch I would be delighted to discuss it. Both yourself & Chris Bristow have raised some very interesting avenues for further thinking/testing, I think we should just stick to the ballistics aspect of the scenario and the possibility of finding it to being a fact, I could go on all day as to why it was so important to frame Oswald and cover up who really done it. I wonder would sending a drone up to a level above the Daltex roof, to roughly where the water tower once stood, and would it be able to give us the same view as the naked eye? if possible this would save a lot of bother with having to set up a scaffold platform, we might not need any access to the building at all, but the TSBD windows in question would need to be clear of all objects for the purpose, so the drone could film down onto Elm to look for X at Z313
  15. The only thing which makes the shot difficult is the need to have the limo stop in the correct view of fire, otherwise the shot would be the exact same, as any for the distance in question, which was only roughly 230 feet or so, not too far at all. If someone other than Greer was driving I might not suspect him as being in on it, but given his loyalist back round, he would have had more motive than most, to help with taking J.F.K out If it is proven that from the old water tower which once stood on the Daltex roof, the view through both windows onto Elm had the limo in sight at Z313 then this must be concrete evidence of conspiracy, as the odds of this happening by chance are just too high. Come on guys lets get real about this.
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