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  1. Well, Ms. Beckett, I see from your "interests" that you like "...all things Disney..." Guess that means you like Walt Disney's anti-Semitism too, eh? Or Walt Disney's firing of Tommy Kirk for being a homosexual? Or Walt Disney's multiple racist depictions of ethnic minorities in cinema? Or Walt Disney's N A Z I sympathies and far-right political leanings? Here is a great picture of Walt Disney with Schutzstaffel-Sturmbannführer Wernher von Braun (showing off some technology he perfected using slave-labor and human guinea pigs...) I am sorry factual history i
  2. Uhh, does anyone know how I can contact the administrators?! Mr. DiEugenio? Mr. Hancock? Mr. Brancato? Mr. Simpich? ANYBODY?! I just tried to type the word "N A Z I" in my last post, and the word "poopoo" showed up! What kind of stupidity is that all about?! I think I have the right to type the word "N A Z I", since I had nine great-uncles who kicked the living S H I T out of them during World War II! I demand to know why the word "N A Z I" is being banned on this forum! If this is not resolved within seventy-two hours, I am going to quit the forum altogether
  3. Not that I want to get in the middle of this conflagration, but the United States Department of Defense has had a military intelligence presence in Afghanistan since 1949. As a point of fact, when then Vice President Richard Nixon (a Captain in the United States Navy Reserve) visited Afghanistan in 1953, a battalion-level contingency of the newly formed Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) was sent with Nixon to oversee the construction of a pro-United States, anti-communist infrastructure in the Helmand Valley with engineers on loan from the United States Foreign Operations Administ
  4. A brilliant exposé, Mr. Hancock! However, if I dare interject, I have always felt that any thoughts, statements or writings attributed to Lee Harvey Oswald (or his many doubles), are a well-structured narrative, in of itself. That is to state, quite plainly, the man was an agent provocateur of the worst order, and the bulk of what is attributed to Oswald is suspect to being scripted. Just my two rubles, no harm intended...
  5. Modern quantum dynamics and astrophysics indicate that the concept of eternity is a factual thing. Modern thermal dynamics indicate that energy can never be destroyed, only transmuted. That means the energy I am made of has always been here and will only get transmuted into something else. This existence of flesh and blood is only temporary, and I want my energy to be transmuted into a state of existence without pain. I believe in Hell, because I have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with persons worthy of it, just as I was. I and my family would be willing to die, not to escape from an et
  6. Before my twentieth birthday, I survived one-hundred and nineteen indirect fire attacks (mortars, rockets, recoilless rifles, RPGs) and a two-thousand pound VBIED suicide attack while I was deployed to Afghanistan and the commander-in-chief is too much of a wimp to take an effectual stance on the side of humanity?! If President Obama really said that and believed it, damn him for his cowardice, and damn him for paving the way for Trump. If I were President, I'd be packing heat and would return fire at assassins, like Warren Oates at the end of "The Wild Bunch"...
  7. I imagine Biden, Trump, Obama, "Dubya", Clinton, GHWB, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, & LBJ all fit into the following categories: 1. They are compromised: They have multiple esoteric scandals in their pasts (financial frauds, sexual improprieties, falsified records, etc.) that allow a certain militant coterie to weaponize said hidden scandal to the powerbroker's advantage & agenda. 2. They are willing assets: They have no qualms with selling out the rest of the world, on a moral, ethical, spiritual or materialistic sense, and if they give the appearance of caring, well, that i
  8. You hit the nail on the head, Mr. DiEugenio, neither of those persons will ever be in a position to reveal the facts surrounding the murder of President Kennedy. The simple fact is that a military coup d'état took place and the institutions of democracy in the Western Hemisphere have been slowly eroded and demolished over the past fifty-seven years. When one realizes that the same forces that overthrew legitimate democracy in the United States on 22 November 1963 also murdered Prime Minister Patrice Émery Lumumba, Prime Minister Abd al-Karim Qasim, President Ngô Đình Diệm, all within
  9. Groovy! I love the band "Suicide"! Here are some more funky "No Wave"-era punk tunes, Mr. Varnell:
  10. Hank Albarelli's book "Coup in Dallas: Who Killed JFK and Why" got pushed back another three months, literally later than the publication date of his other book "Wormwood Exposed: The Truth About Frank Olson and Other Terrible Mistakes". So much for me being the bad guy, eh?
  11. I have not heard what RFK Jr. has had to say lately, Mr. Brancato. I have been quite busy with college and setting up a new studio for my art. What we have today is far more sinister, we have behavior modification that is based off of personalized meta-data, and human beings are targeted by a highly advanced artificial intelligence. Nothing is said on the mass-media unless the AI wills it so. And nothing you see in mass-media is a product of pure human engineering. The machine is alive and directing your senses and ideals without your consent. Why do you think
  12. QUOTE — "...There has been much discussion of a report by a third party that Michael Paine said to Ruth over the phone that Lee killed JFK but "we both know who is responsible." I don't think this story came from a wiretap - rather, I think that this story was entirely made up by an intelligence operative. This operative - who either was a telephone repairman or gave the story to the repairman - passed on this planted story to Irving police chief Paul Barger with the hope of linking Oswald to the Communist menace and instigating an attack on Cuba..." "...Furthermore, I think the whole sto
  13. At the time a 2nd Year medical student, Dr. Evalea Glanges (a woman who had been firing rifles since she was a young child) stated, with clarity, that she saw three things on 22 November 1963: 1. A bullet hole in the windshield of SS-100-X, with physical indications that signaled to her experienced eyesight that the bullet had traveled from the front to the back. 2. No cracks anywhere in the windshield of SS-100-X, indicating, once again to her experienced senses, that the warhead was from a high-velocity rifle. 3. An unidentified "...security officer..." frantically jumped in S
  14. An international, stateless, cellularized group of eugenics-minded, crypto-fascist, authoritarians (mostly men) used the mechanisms of military intelligence and corporate solidarist structuring to cause a nation (United States) to believe everything the corporate media told them to believe, by using a deadly mixture of ignorance, arrogance, propaganda, self-deception, corporate astroturfing, groupthink, doublespeak, culpable indifference, belligerent nationalism and pious patriotism. This behavior modification (mind control) allowed this same group to murder the President of the United St
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