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  1. Will do, sir! I just read it. Absolutely fascinating. I have long suspected that the commanders of seven offices in the CIA, the Office of Security under Brig. Gen. Paul Francis Gaynor, the Domestic Operations Division under Charles Tracy Barnes, the Domestic Contacts Division under E. M. Ashcraft, the Directorate of Plans-Counterintelligence Staff Support Branch under Robert Trumbull Crowley, the Counterintelligence Staff under James Jesus Angleton, the Western Hemisphere Division under Col. Joseph Caldwell King and the Soviet Russian Division (SR6) Research Component under Rudy Balaban (the latter who, in all likelihood, put Oswald in contact with anti-Soviet émigré fanatic Spas Todorov Raikin) Each of these department heads appear to have had a great deal of knowledge of the dealings and operational uses of Lee Harvey Oswald before the murder of President Kennedy, and many other pawns just like him (including the vast array of persons who were impersonating him).
  2. Mr. Hancock the following link shows that in 1963, the CIA's Domestic Contacts Division, the Cover and Commercial Staff, the Domestic Division of the Air Proprietaries of DPD, Civil Air Transport and Fairways Corporation all came under the control of the CIA's Domestic Operations Division: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2018/104-10118-10427.pdf That means the Domestic Contacts Division came under the responsibility of Hans V. Tofte, Charles Tracy Barnes and Everette “Eduardo” Howard Hunt.
  3. Well, then, I stand corrected again. My apologies, again Mr. Thorne. If I come off as agitated, I just pulled a seventeen hour shift at the Cannabis production facility that I work at, and I'm a little tired.
  4. Well, on that note, I stand corrected. My sincere apologies, Mr. Thorne. However, in the future, perhaps you can redirect your grips to me personally, with a message on my profile. As I stated, for the third time now, I do not want my posts to be cluttered with personal nuances and innuendo. Just stick to the topic, which is stay-behind armies and the murder of the President, not whether or not Professor Bale is fabricating evidence because you have not personally seen it, or his inability to translate French, which is ridiculous because Professor Bale liaisons with the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center at Monterey, California. Jesus, I gotta smoke a joint, drink a beer and get some head...
  5. On that note, it should be noted that J. Edgar Hoover was a revanchist anti-communist to the extant that he helped US Army Counterintelligence (Hoover was a G-2 Staff US Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel before WWII) capture and protect tens of thousands of European fascists after WWII and repatriate them in the Western Hemisphere. Now, how Director Hoover did this is long and drawn out history, but two factors were central to this: J. Edgar Hoover was the chief FBI liaison officer to INTERPOL from 1930 to 1941. This is the same time period that INTERPOL was under the control of Schutzstaffel. Specifically, FBI Director and US Army Lt. Col. Hoover was working in direct communication with the Directors of INTERPOL at the time, who were all Generals in the SS, including SS-Oberführer Otto Steinhäusl, SS-Obergruppenführer Ernst Kaltenbrunner, SS-Gruppenführer Arthur Nebe and SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, all chief executives to the future mass murder of thirty-million civilian men, women and children during the Nazis’ “Blood And Soil” campaign, later known as “The Final Solution”. Because of this decade-long relationship with the leaders of the Nazi security and intelligence apparatus, FBI Director Hoover knew the identities of thousands of Nazi industrial security personal, which would later help the US State Department and the CIA in their “Operation Paperclip” and “Operation Bloodstone” programs. And if a few million peons were massacred in Central Europe, it did not matter to Mr. Hoover, they were Jews and Communists. FBI Director Hoover was the commander of US Military intelligence in Central and South American during WWII (let that sink in). The FBI had a secret organization run out of the War Department (now called the Department of Defense) called the “Special Intelligence Service” and it was tasked by the president Roosevelt, thru the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs Chief, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller with ferreting out Axis spies. Director Hoover and Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs Rockefeller did no such thing. Instead, all throughout (and well after WWII), Mr. Hoover and Mr. Rockefeller oversaw the movement of Nazi funds, industrial hardware and technical data into Central and South American, away from the hands of the advancing Red Army. The program to transfer the Nazi financial bulk and weapons data was called “Project SAFEHAVEN”. The five men in charge of coordinating “Project SAFEHAVEN” were OSS Commander Allen Welsh Dulles, OSS US Navy Lt. William Joseph "Bill" Casey, US Army Col. James Hardesty Critchfield, Col. William Wilson "Buffalo Bill" Quinn and OSS US Navy Lt. Richard McGarrah Helms (Helms, Dulles and Casey would later become Directors of the CIA, Quinn would become Director of the Strategic Services Unit and Defense Intelligence Agency and Critchfield would become the top CIA expert on Near East intelligence affairs). It should also be noted that all eight-hundred FBI Special Intelligence Service agents who were working in Central and South America were later absorbed into the Central Intelligence Agency. In fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s liaison to the Central Intelligence Agency on Warren Commission day-to-day matters was Sam J. Papich, a former FBI Special Intelligence Service agent during World War II (let that sink in).
  6. Professor Bale does not tackle it at all. He plays it real safe, and does not delve into those connections. However, he does present the fascist connections of Al Taqwa Bank and François Genoud to Saudi Investment Company and Baudoin Dunant and only infers connections to "Kontrgerilla" (the Turkish branch of Operation Gladio), the "Ülkü Ocakları" and CIA connections to the assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II. As for World Trade Center 7 and the Bin Laden family's movements on 9/11 I suggest Mr. Brancato, you look into Michael Springmann, head US consular official in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and what he had to say about CIA interference in his office and Indira Singh's revelations about a little company called "PTECH".
  7. Organically speaking, the "far-right", Mafia, Army Intelligence, Dallas Police, they are all at some level, infiltrated by CIA, specifically the Domestic Operation Division, Mr. Brancato. It's not that these organizations are a synthetic "whole", but a stove-piped, cellular, highly compartmentalized monstrosity. I mean, it appears that Paul M. Rothermel Jr., who was Nelson Bunker Hunt's chief of security, was a full-fledged Central Intelligence Agency operative for decades. Clinton Williams "Clint" Murchison Sr. sat on the board of directors of the Empire Trust Company, a front company/ money laundering operation for CIA. David Harold "Dry Hole" Byrd sat on the board of directors of Nafco Oil and Gas Inc. while Col. John Alston “Jack” Crichton, a lifelong CIA operative, was president. Since it is an established fact that Hunt, Murchison, and Byrd were backing the “John Birch Society”, “Alpha 66”, “Omega 7”, the “California Rangers”, the “Minutemen”, the “Ku Klux Klan”, the “Christian Knights of the Invisible Empire”, “United Christian Posse Association”, the “Defenders of the American Constitution”, "Conservatism U.S.A.", the "Young Americans For Freedom", the “National States' Rights Party”, the “Constitution Party” and the “White Citizens' Councils”, then it must be stated once and for all, that the Central Intelligence Agency was funding these right-wing paramilitary organizations, using Hunt, Murchison, Byrd and about a three dozen other businessmen as literal dummy fronts. I am directing my energies currently in researching two sister organizations known respectively as “Foreign Intelligence Digest” and the “International Committee For The Defense Of Christian Culture”. These two organizations were being fully funded by the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Allen Welsh Dulles personally! The man who received these funds personally from the CIA director was none other than the founder of the CIA’s Special Activities Division (which was known at its inception as the United States Army “Field Operations Intelligence”), former commander of Army Intelligence in the Pacific, Maj. Gen. Charles Andrew Willoughby. And it should be noted that one of Maj. Gen. Willoughby’s closest confidants was Lt. Gen. Pedro Augusto del Valle, who was one of the founders of “Operation Gladio” with Allen Dulles. I would go a step further and say all of the right-wing paramilitary groups that were spawned out of the era of “McCarthyism” were an extension of Operation Gladio in the Western Hemisphere. A domestic "Gladio" operation. That is what the "far-right" in the United States was in 1963. A domestic "Gladio" operation. Maj. Gen. Willoughby was personal friends with Allen Dulles and Nelson Bunker Hunt. The intersection of fascist power that these three men could wield was enough to murder the president of the United States. Lyndon Baines Johnson was a pimp. Maj. Gen. Willoughby owned the streets. Thanks for the link to the Lobster review, Mr. Andrews. Both books are a brilliant anti-fascist tour de force, in my humble opinion. Though, as Mr. Brancato pointed out, they are not for the person who likes to skim a book. Heavily annotated, with native language text used throughout.
  8. Before moving on with the other "Stay-behind" elements connected to characters surrounding the murder of President Kennedy, I would like to continue just for a moment with William Frank Buckley Jr. and a very revealing answer he gave to Attorney Mark Lane, when asked who he believed murdered JFK. The following is a direct transcribed quote from the 01 December 1966 broadcast of the television show "Firing Line". The episode is titled, "The Warren Report: Fact or Fiction?" and can be found at the following link: https://digitalcollections.hoover.org/objects/5973 Quoting now, Mr. Buckley's response to the question of who he believed murdered President Kennedy: QUOTE — "…it seems to me, that uh it would just be absolutely divine, if it could be proved that ah, ahh, Mr. Oswald was subsidized by H.L. Hunt, and the John Birch Society, the Minutemen, given a little moral support by National Review, ahh, that ah, Goldwater cleared it, uh, that, that would be sort of the, the um, the um, ne plus ultra, in causing delight, in many quarters of the United States…" — END QUOTE. With this one statement, former CIA covert action operative William F. Buckley Jr. is, in my considered opinion, planting the idea in the minds of the viewers of the broadcast, like a well-trained psychological warfare specialist, that the named persons and organizations are above suspicion, because he mentioned them in a whimsical, almost comedic manner. He "defused" the idea the far-right had anything to do the assassination on a structural level, in the minds of his viewers. Bear in mind, E. Howard Hunt was editing William F. Buckley's notes for his broadcasts and articles: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2018/104-10119-10085.pdf
  9. Mr. Thorne, I requested specifically not to use my posts as a battleground to fire volleys across another person's proverbial bow, especially if they are ignorant of attacks on their professionalism (what are we, pubescent teddy-boys, picking a beef in the dark?) If you have a problem with the formatting of Professor Bale's work, perhaps you should contact him directly. He is a professor in the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies Program at the renowned Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, California. Professor Bale's office on campus is McGowan Building MG200D, his work telephone is (831) 647-6603 and his work email is jbale@miis.edu Mr. Thorne, I am sure, if you reach out in a professional manner, Professor Bale will provide you with the information you seek. I should note, as an aside, that members of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command utilize Professor Jeffrey M. Bale's published work as basis for anti-terrorism operations in combat, as well as work published by Professor Peter Dale Scott, author and activist Martin A. Lee, Los Angeles Police Department narcotics detective Michael Craig Ruppert, historian Daniele Ganser, investigative journalist and author Kevin J. Coogan and neo-conceptual artist Mark Lombardi. I know this to be a fact, because I was an intelligence and combat support operative for the United States Army Field Artillery Branch and I saw their publications used extensively in rear-echelon teaching environments and to deadly effect in real-world combat operations. And before we argue the merits of why the United States is engaged in wars in the Near East, I will state parenthetically, that I am a victim of what is colloquially called "Poverty Draft." Simply put, I had no choice, either I joined the military and ate three meals a day, or I joined a gang on the Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians Reservation, where I grew up the hard way. I liked my odds of survival in Afghanistan.
  10. William Frank Buckley Jr.'s "Young Americans for Freedom", specifically it’s incarnation in 1963, astounds me to no end how many overt, thru and thru fascists occupy the highest levels of its organizational structure. I consider the fact that Y.A.F. was behind the "Welcome To Dallas, Mr. Kennedy" ads a manifestation of psychological warfare meant to terrorize and intimidate. Very similar to the stay-behind operations conducted by Yves Guillou's "Ordem Central e Tradição"... And in continuing with the purpose of this post, expounding on the international "Stay-behind" army connections to the elements marching against President Kennedy in 1963, let us examine the Mr. William F. Buckley’s connection’s to those elements. The following quotes are from Professor Jeffery M. Bale’s mind-bending book “The Darkest Sides Of Politics I: Postwar Fascism, Covert Operations And Terrorism” The following quote can be found on page 207, in the notes section of Chapter 3 titled “Postwar “Neo-Fascist” Internationals, Part II: Aginter Presse and the “strategy of tension” in Italy” QUOTE — "...Parvulesco’s involvement in international anti-communist networks is also revealed in his own correspondence. For example, in a 10 May 1962 letter to James Burnham, the former American Trotskyist turned anti-communist who thereafter became involved in many covert projects during the Cold War, Parvulesco identified himself as the chief of the “external apparatus” of a Europe- and Latin American-based organization called the Organization de l’Armée Secrète “Charlemagne,” which (according to that same organization’s 23 April 1962 intelligence report, also sent to Burnham by Parvulesco) claimed to represent the “European, Catholic, and social revolutionary current” within the OAS, the current opposed to the Salan/Gardy faction. In his letter, Parvulesco suggested that Burnham collaborate with the OAS Charlemagne group and urged the American to meet him in Madrid – where Parvulesco then lived – the next time he was in Europe. After meeting with an American recommended by Burnham in Spain, Robert Minelli, Parvulesco (using the pseudonym “Pierre-André Manda”) wrote Burnham another letter on 2 June 1962, in which he revealed that the OAS Charlemagne group was only the “visible tip” of another secret organization whose highest echelon was known as AMSAR, the very group later identified by Giannettini. AMSAR itself comprised an external apparatus, an internal apparatus, and an intelligence apparatus called the Direction Générale de la Conjoncture Atlantique (DGCA: Directorate General of the Atlantic Conjuncture), a name which clearly reveals its Atlanticist geopolitical orientation. Indeed, Parvulesco argued in this second letter that a united Atlantic Community was alone capable of saving the West at this moment of crisis. AMSAR therefore hoped to undertake intelligence and other types operations in cooperation with NATO, including operations beyond the Iron Curtain. Finally, in a 3 June 1962 letter written to William F. Buckley Jr., editor of The National Review, “Manda” indicated that Giannettini was his organization’s chief in Italy and that the Italian would henceforth be contacting Buckley using the pseudonym “Marjorie Levin.” All of these French-language documents can be found in the Hoover Institution Archives, James Burnham collection, Box 10, folder (Subject File) 5: OAS “Charlemagne.” — END QUOTE. I just want to say I nearly fell out of my seat when I read the above information for the first time. I mean, this is proof positive that William F. Buckley Jr. was in the 1962-1963 time period, in direct contact with Jean Parvulesco, the chief of all covert operations for an anti-Salan/Gardy, pro-Catholic faction of the French terrorist group “Organization de l’Armée Secrète”, code-named “Charlemagne”, operating in Italy and its primary commander of all operations was Guido Giannettini, working under the umbrella of an even more covert organization called “Directorate General of the Atlantic Conjuncture”, which was the intelligence gathering arm of AMSAR! I should note that William F. Buckley Jr. was an operational CIA agent in Mexico City in the 1950’s, his immediate supervisor was Everette “Eduardo” Howard Hunt Jr., the CIA’s Domestic Operations Division Chief Of Covert Action in 1963! Not to mention the connections of James Burnham, himself a founder of far-right "National Review" magazine and apparently a central player when it comes to the creation of "stay-behind" forces in Western Eurasia, which he did while he was the commander of the "Political and Psychological Warfare" division of the Office of Policy Coordination in 1948. Mr. Burnham also co-founded the audacious CIA controlled money-laundering front organization, called the "Congress for Cultural Freedom" with CIA Covert Action Chief Thomas Wardell Braden! Of course James Burnham's counterpart on the Psychological Strategy Board and Operations Coordinating Board, US Army General Charles Douglas Jackson, is the very man who acquirers the infamous "Zapruder Film" for another CIA controlled front, "Time-Life" magazine. And C.D. Jackson was a member of the infamous "Bilderberg Group", an organization, as I shall soon demonstrate, that was founded by "Axis Powers" WWII war criminals and CIA controlled "stay-behind" revolutionaries. I will continue soon with the forces behind "AMSAR", “Organization de l’Armee Secrete-Charlemagne” and "Bilderberg Group" Stay tuned!
  11. Before moving on, I should note, the CIA cryptonym "BG/SAMURAI" that provides evidence of OPC Tokyo Covert Action Chief E. Howard Hunt and Gen'yōsha chieftain Yoshio Kodama working together can be found at the following link: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2018/104-10119-10143.pdf Here is a link also showing that the Japanese Communist Party knew E. Howard Hunt was CIA: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2018/104-10119-10142.pdf Here is another "BG/SAMURAI" CIA document from around the time E. Howard Hunt was the Tokyo, Japan Covert Action Chief, concerning the use of Taketora Ogata, the former President of the Intelligence Bureau under the brutal Kuniaki Koiso controlled ultranationalist Sakura Kai government: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/OGATA, TAKETORA VOL. 4_0008.pdf Here is a document identifying E. Howard Hunt's CIA asset Taketora Ogata as a "...wanted as a war criminal..." and "...member of the Black Dragon Society..." and apparently controlling all media outlets in post-war Japan: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/OGATA, TAKETORA VOL. 1_0001.pdf
  12. Well, that's the second time every single hard copy of one of Greg Poulgrain's books goes out of print in less than 24 hours. Not even the English department head at the college I attend can find a physical copy of "The Incubus of Intervention: Conflicting Indonesia Strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles" for me. Who do I gotta be a patsy for to finally be able to read one of his books?! What a bummer... Well, to quote Duane Ramsdell "Dewey" Clarridge of "Iran-Contra" infamy, "...there's never been a conspiracy in this country..." Prime Minister Castro and President Sukarno in Havana, Cuba, 1960. Both targets of the Central Intelligence Agency's wrath...
  13. Mr. Simpich, in examining Lt. Col. Philip James Corso's activities, I have noted that Lt. Col. Corso's actions appear to be that of a massive counter-intelligence "disinformation" campaign pitting the FBI, the State Department, and the CIA against each other, by strategically claiming each of those had hired Lee Harvey Oswald either as an informant or an active agent. Consider for a moment that Lt. Col. Corso's job during the Korean War was the Chief of the Special Projects branch of the Intelligence Division, Far East Command under Maj. Gen. Charles Andrew Willoughby. Lt. Col. Corso was in charge of all Chinese and Korean prisoner of war movements and interrogations. High-value targets within the POW community that Lt. Col. Corso oversaw were transferred to Atsugi Air Force Base, where highly exotic torture-interrogation sessions were conducted under the tutelage of Hans V. Tofte, the Office of Policy Coordination's Chief of Station in Tokyo, Japan. E. Howard Hunt was the Office of Policy Coordination's Chief of Covert Action in Tokyo, Japan around this same time period and appears to be Gen'yōsha chieftain Yoshio Kodama's (co-founder of the Asian People's Anti-Communist League) case officer under a covert CIA program with the cryptonym "BGSAMURAI". Hans V. Tofte would later be Charles Tracy Barnes liaison within the CIA's Domestic Operations Division. Again, "Operation 40" comptroller E. Howard Hunt was the Chief of Covert Action for the CIA's Domestic Operations Division. Perhaps Lt. Col. Corso was aware of this relationship and exploited it, pointing the finger anywhere and everywhere, so as to muck up the works, in terms of a viable investigation into who was really behind the murder of President Kennedy?
  14. I just would like to note that I have read all I can stomach of John Bevilaqua's ramblings about hidden ciphers found in books written a full decade before President Kennedy was murdered, as have many other members of this forum. HOWEVER, I personally (and so did my late friend Hank Albarelli) believe his research into the "far-right" of U.S. politics in the late 1950's and early 1960's is spot on. Especially the fascist connections surrounding the Governor Ross Robert Barnett's "Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission", Maj. Gen. Charles Andrew Willoughby's "Comité International de Défense de la Civilisation Chrétienne" (the International Committee for the Defense of Christian Culture)", Robert John Morris's "Defenders of American Liberties", Frank Voelker Jr.'s "Louisiana State Sovereignty Commission", Wickliffe Preston Draper's "Pioneer Fund", Maj. Gen. Barry Morris Goldwater's "1964 Presidential Campaign" (which I personally believe was some type of counterintelligence operation to upset the 64' election in LBJ's favor and splinter the Republican Party into the crypto-fascist mockery it is today) and William Frank Buckley Jr.'s "Young Americans for Freedom" organization (which in 1963, was being used as some sort of intelligence front for domestic fascists like Fulton Lewis Jr., Hans F. Sennholz, Ronald Wilson Reagan, James Strom Thurmond Sr., Larrie Schmidt and Joe Grinnan). The purpose of this post is to expound on the international "Stay-behind" army connections to the elements marching against President Kennedy in 1963. And since the above organizations are domestic in nature, it would be prudent to prove at least a working relationship with the CIA's Domestic Operations Division, which would be William F. Buckley Jr.'s former boss, the Office of Policy Coordination's Chief of Station in Mexico City and "Operation 40" assassin, Everette “Eduardo” Howard Hunt Jr. I should note before moving forward, that when E. Howard Hunt was the Office of Policy Coordination's Chief of Covert Action in Tokyo, Japan, where he was intimately involved in a Central Intelligence Agency program that hired "Yakuza" thugs to infiltrate leftist organizations, code-named "BGSAMURAI". E. Howard Hunt's liaison to the Japanese Mafia underworld was Gen'yōsha chieftain Yoshio Kodama (co-founder of the Asian People's Anti-Communist League). Mr. Kodama was saved from the hangman after WWII by Maj. Gen. Charles Andrew Willoughby's personal intervention. Kodama's mafia army was integrated into US Army Col. Joseph "Jack" Young Canon's "Z-Unit", an interim intelligence force that conducted kidnappings, torture and assassinations against social-democratic organizations in post-war Japan, of which the later "Field Operations Intelligence" organization would recruit heavily from (Richard Case Nagell, the man hired to "shadow" Lee Harvey Oswald's movements in late 1963 was a Field Operations Intelligence officer). Lt. Col. Canon was the leader of "stay-behind" commando forces in pre-revolutionary Cuba and effectively penatrated Fidel Castro's "Movimiento 26 de Julio" organization. E. Howard Hunt's boss in Tokyo was Hans V. Tofte, Charles Tracy Barnes liaison between the Domestic Operations Division and Richard McGarrah Helms' Directorate of Operations. Mr. Tofte was commanding "Stay-behind" commando raids into North Korea using Atsugi Air Force Base (where Lee Harvey Oswald was deployed) as a forward operating base to train anti-communist insurgents and interrogate and torture POWs. Hans V. Tofte's adjutants were OSS commandos Colwell E. Beers (who was then United States Army Air Corps Capt. E. Howard Hunt's OSS handler during WWII), and Maj. John Kirk Singlaub, future commander of Maj. Gen. Edward Geary Lansdale's "OPLAN-34A" program and president of the World Anti-Communist League. The commander in charge of POW interrogation activities was Lt. Col. Philip James Corso, who would later be involved in a massive counter-intelligence "disinformation" campaign pitting the FBI, the State Department, and the CIA against each other, claiming that each of them had hired Lee Harvey Oswald at some point in his life. Lt. Col. Corso was also in charge of a "Stay-behind" army called "The Volunteer Freedom Corps". Hans V. Tofte was, during World War II, Maj. Gen. Charles Andrew Willoughby's chief of crypto-linguistic intelligence in the Philippines. During the Korean War (while he was chief of the State Department's Office of Policy Coordination's covert action in that theater) Mr. Tofte's counterpart in the CIA's Office of Special Operations was George E. Aurell. George E. Aurell was later, not only Maj. Gen. Edward Geary Lansdale's liaison during Hukbalahap revolution (of which Lee Harvey Oswald was purportedly involved with), but according to Mr. Bill Simpich, he was Dorothe Kerans Matlack's of the Interagency Defector Committee's personal liaison to Richard Helms' Directorate of Operations. Ms. Matlack was a Assistant Chief of Staff of Intelligence for Army Intelligence liaison to "Operation 40" assassin David “El Indio” Sánchez Morales' Caribbean Action Center at JM/WAVE. BUT I DIGRESS...
  15. I'll get on that as soon as possible, like I said, It'll take some doing, but I'm quite sure they were the personal notes of Richard Schweiker or Gary Hart. I think it was Schweiker's personal notes that contain a flow chart of Souètre, Banister, Harvey and Dinkin.
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