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  1. Even though I do not subscribe to the idea of extraterrestrials, or their technology for that matter, being in the hands of United States military (lord knows I sure could have used ET technology in Afghanistan when CIA-trained Haqqani commandos were lobbing 120mm mortars at me), just for the sake of argument, why tell Richard Milhous Nixon about it? I mean, Nixon was a man of such moral and ethical malleability that he had no problem advocating the use of nuclear weapons in Indochina to protect the retreat of the imperialist French forces at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu under the auspices
  2. Thank you Mr. DiEugenio, a genuine pleasure to be of service! I was completely stupefied to research and learn the military backgrounds of the CIA men who briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I personally absolutely refuse to believe for a second that they thought 1,500 revanchist, narco-terrorists and gangsters, could fight 30,000 ideologically pure, Cuban Revolutionary Army soldiers, in a swamp, no less. Absolutely nonsensical. And using piston-driven prop-aircraft that were outdated when they entered combat during World War II (let's face facts, the Imperial Japanese and the N
  3. To drive the point of the Central Intelligence Agency not allowing the Joint Chiefs of Staff see any of the planning elements on paper, and only verbally relaying information in the vaguest terminology, in regards to the invasion task force at Zapata landing, the following is a direct quote from the 01 January 1961 Memorandum for the Record about the very JCS meeting that Mr. Hancock makes reference to (the author of the memorandum was CIA focal-point officer and Chief of Western Hemisphere, Cuban Operations Branch, United States Army Col. Richard Dale Drain, a veteran of the CIA's "Project Gr
  4. Sorry about the memories, sir, I have trouble with dealing with my military experience every day... And yes, I heartily agree with you, the best way to incapacitate a moving vehicle is to use a combination of grenadier or sapper personnel, along with a heavy machine gun fireteam, however, it is obvious that the fireteams who murdered President Kennedy were ordered only to kill the occupants on the right side of the vehicle (based on the firing sequence and shot groups) and not to incapacitate the vehicle itself. Yeah, I have been looking at military tactics that Otto Skorzeny had a h
  5. That is exactly what happened, a highly modified, "L-Shaped" ambush! When I attended the rifle familiarity course at Fort Sill (about the third week of basic training), I was taught by at least one United States Army combat-hardened sniper, who just so happened to be a junior Drill Sergeant in my platoon. One of the first lessons he taught us about was how to ambush an unarmored, vehicle, with enemy personnel in it, from a fixed position. He said your best bet for neutralizing all enemy personnel was to set up an ambush where the vehicle had to make a slow, wide turn and use a m
  6. In the Judeo-Islamic-Christian sphere of luminary-divination, and related semantic etymology, thoughts, practices, i.e. the Abrahamic religions, there are two Gods, my dear Mr. Thomas. There is Yahweh-Yeshua Ha-mashiach, a redeeming focal, unstoppable fiery force of star-like illumination and salvation who will do battle against slavery, corruption and lies and ultimately defeat death itself. Then there is Temeluchus Ba'al Zabul-Satan, who means to act as a fowler, or a spiritual birdcatcher if you will, who will cast all who follow him into a bottomless pit of darkness, blood, excre
  7. Hah! I'm sorry I got off topic, it's just a lot of information and heat is put on personalities like Westbrook and the DPD (which is great, don't get me wrong), but I do not believe for a second that the firearms found in sixth floor of the Sexton Building (and yes, multiple rifles were found), were ever in Lee Harvey Oswald's possession. What needs to be understood is the rifles that were found were placed there as a diversionary tactic by covert operators trained in counterintelligence. And Oswald did not shoot Tippit. Period. And the real assassins were, in all likeli
  8. Another man who was whisked away to Southeast Asia from Dallas, Texas in late 1963 was Federal Bureau of Narcotics Agent Bowman Taylor. FBN agent Taylor was placed in charge of the newly created Bangkok FBN regional commander center and against David Dean Rusk's personal intervention, he busted the commander of the CIA-backed Forces Armées Neutralistes de l'Armée Secrète, Major General Vang Pao, for smuggling and selling 50 kilograms of pure Morphine base! As a result, FBN Agent Taylor was kicked out of Southeast Asian operations and sent to New York. And CIA-controlled Maj. Gen
  9. Someone in military intelligence. Potentially James W. Powell of the 4th Army's 112th Military Intelligence Group. The Director of the U.S. Strike Command Joint Test and Evaluation Task Force General William Bradford Rosson may have been the man who transmitted the identification of Oswald over continuity of government communication networks run by 488th Military Intelligence Detachment commander Col. John “Jack” Alston Crichton, who ran the Dallas Civil Defense, Office Of Emergency Planning communications.
  10. Certainly not the same rifleman, however, Jack Ruby was a Federal Bureau of Narcotics informant to an OSS commando named George Hunter White as early as 1946 (right around the same time Jack Ruby was illegally smuggling weapons off of military bases while Ruby was serving in the United States Army Air Force). Fast-forward sixteen years later, George Hunter White is one of the CIA's top contacts with the criminal underworld, in terms of assassinations. Two of Jack Ruby's contacts with Mafia assassination teams are Hanna Yazbeck and Harold “Happy” Meltzer. Yazbeck and Meltzer are also
  11. Thank you Mr. Hargrove, Mr. Josephs, gentlemen, your responses were both concise and prompt. I have long suspected United States Army Reserve Lt. Col. Robert Trumbull "The Crow" Crowley as being the man in the "Angleton Camp" (to borrow your phase, Mr. Josephs) who was in charge of running a "body double" operation, as his position for nearly thirty years was Deputy Director of the Clandestine Operations Division and was the CIA's senior liaison to the Counterintelligence Branch. Lt. Col. Crowley was in a prime position to oversee a joint Directorate of Plans-Counterintelligence oper
  12. I have a question for everyone who believes the "...two Oswalds..." senario: who planned that covert caper? I would imagine elements involved in covert action within US military intelligence, Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Office of Policy Coordination and Central Intelligence Agency had something to do with it (maybe even Jean Valentin Grombach's "The Pond" organization, Jack Young Canon's "Z-Unit" or Charles Andrew Willoughby's "Field Operations Intelligence"). But who? Better yet, what was the original purpose to have such an operation, a body d
  13. I see, it was Chauncey Marvin Holt who made those claims about the trains being filled with TNT. Well, I would trust Mr. Holt as far as I could spit at him, but he may have hid some kernel of truth in his statements, like "Jerry" Hemming did. But I always thought the "...old tramp..." was a Wackenhut Corporation electronic warfare expert named Fred Lee Crisman, himself an anti-Castro, far-right extremist and perverted coprophilic/sadomasochist, just like his friend, Clay LaVerne Shaw, was. Apparently, Clay Shaw's defense lawyers, Irvin Dymond, Salvatore Panzeca, Edward F. Wegman
  14. I hope this anti-fascist momentum never ends. It's now or never, everything is on the line. Our literal biosphere is going to collapse if we as a species do not evolve over and above this reprobate condition of capital gain at the expense of human misery. It's either true freedom of mind, body and soul or slavery and a fiery holocaust. Revolution and revelation are at hand. And we have such precious time to do it.
  15. I seem to have heard a story somewhere that the train car that the infamous "...three tramps..." were captured in was filled with shipping boxes of DuPont manufactured trinitrotoluene (TNT). The trains go over the parade route. I have often wondered if, by some miracle, President Kennedy survived the volley-fire from the independent shooter teams, was there a contingency to blow up the Triple Underpass? Certainly, if Orlando Bosch “Dr. Death” Ávila or his friend Luis “El Bambi” Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles “AMCLEVE-15” were present anywhere near the kill zone of Elm Stree
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