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  1. David, K&K is a testament to tireless investigation and have used it many times to further my understanding as I’m sure thousands of others have worldwide. When asking for directions to your M.C. theory I thought an E.forum thread was being recommended and no doubt came across as an JFK Assassinoobie who’s seen Orville Stone’s JFK three times and nearly finished Crossfire..d’oh! Joking aside, I’ve never really got my head round the M.C. episode, there’s a lot of jiggery pokery and conflicting witness testimony. Sometimes you need someone else’s theory to buy into to smooth t
  2. Larry, Have recently finished SWHT and thrilled to have you respond. What a riveting read, I can’t imagine the research hours needed to complete such an in depth book, definitely for parties wishing to delve deeper into the mire! Pictures and diagrams in research books are always a bonus, the portrait pics in SWHT really let you put a face to a name. Eugenia Martinez’ eyes are saying “ I...will...keel...you...” and any pic of Silvia Odio puts a shine on my day. So......if Oswald is Prayerman, he is on a loose leash that day (if on a leash at all?) and in the close vicinity of the TS
  3. Still not sure why Oswald was allowed to be on the front steps.....if he is Prayerman...
  4. Yes..yes..then they drop in on Silvia Odio on the way back? Where can I find David Joseph’s bus trip theory? Not read it. many thanks
  5. Bart, it’s an honour to be corrected by yourself, I love your work and read it often! Fantastic. Her desk was right by the window tho....she was still at her post?
  6. Sandy, I’m with you on the SW window Mauser causing all GJC’s wounds while he’s squirming around in his little jump seat trying his best to turn to see what’s going on behind him, and surely the MC must have been fired out the window, it was destined to be the accused’s personal rifle? Not sure it hit anything but tarmac or cement tho.. By “two of Oswald’s buddies” do you mean Cubans? I always imagined him to be alone and out of the loop, the unsuspecting scapegoat. Interesting.
  7. Again, admiration for a simple outlook, Cliff. Although....the plotters couldn’t count on ALL eyes being glued to the parade, Geneva Hines didn’t seem all that bothered and stayed at her desk. Jack Dougherty was also inside the building not waving at the president. Mind you, his testimonies are sketchy at best, so he may not count.
  8. Mmm...I admire your simplistic outlook...doesn’t really convince me, but good argument to my problem tho
  9. Hi all, long time stalker, first time contributor and excited to be on the best JFK Assassination site with the biggest names in the business. Prayerman. Its got to be Oswald right? The hair, the height with BWF, the shirt, the t-shirt, the awkward stance, "standing out front," holding a Coke? Everything adds up.....Then there's the superb Prayerman thread where Sean Murphy et al expertly pick through the available evidence, misinformation, buffoonery and lies to emerge with a credible scenario, a possible game changer! If only they'd give us the film... But...if it is Oswald, what i
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