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  1. Speaking as someone who * took French (a much easier to learn language than Russian) in High School and College passing all courses with a C or better grade - 4 years in total * is married to a French speaker * worked in France w French companies for 5 years * was exposed to the French language living in France for 13 years & more importantly while raising a child bilingually learning more French by osmosis over the last 20 years It seems to me that you are totally overestimating the level of conversational understanding that a US serviceman could achieve in 2 yea
  2. For all practical purposes, Obama was an outsider in the 2008 primaries running against the chosen inevitable nominee.
  3. Ok -- thanks for that. I'm under the impression that the FBI test subjects NAA turned out positive from the above site:
  4. No -- the paraffin test from his cheek, chemical spectroscopy and NAA tests on the paraffin were all negative. Evidence for not firing a rifle.... leading to the FBI 7 agent NAA test firings ... their NAA tests on their paraffin samples were all were positive. The issue here is whether or not a false negative result for GSR has a high probability. From what I've read it doesn't although I've never found ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Separately, the false positives are on the hand paraffin. The NAA on the paraffin from his hands was
  5. I think people look at this the wrong way by looking at false positive rates. It may be more interesting to look at false negative rates of tests for GSR. As I understand it: LHO's paraffin test results were negative for the presence of gunshot residue. The FBI then ran chemical spectroscopy tests, a more sensitive test, on the paraffin which were also negative for the presence of GSR. The FBI then took the paraffin, sent it to Oak Ridge Labs for Neutron Activation Analysis tests, an even more sensitive test. Again the results were negative. At this point, the prob
  6. Lots of luck with that. Russian is probably one of the hardest languages for an adult to learn. A serviceman of age 19+ is well beyond the age where it's easy to learn another language which is anytime less than 9 years old.
  7. Could it be the signal for HALT for the driver to react to?
  8. Yep... and there's no bus driver, passenger or passer-by who noticed him and recognized him on TV a week or two later (Nov 22-24) that I am aware of.
  9. Thanks.... surely the ever-vigilant Ruth Paine or Marina would have noticed Oswald's 3-5 hour absence from the house since he would have had to walk or take the bus.
  10. Aside: That's a long way from Ruth Paine's house - 6.9 miles - to go shoot.
  11. I agree. I had been waiting quite a while for the US to release the mortality stats covering the CV pandemic. The best estimate for total CV related deaths would be the difference between the observed deaths and the expected (average) deaths over the time frame. CV can cause death directly or indirectly by using health-care resources like ICUs. The results are not good: source: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/08/12/us/covid-deaths-us.html "Across the United States, at least 200,000 more people have died than usual since March, according to a New York Times a
  12. If you really wanted the experiment(s) to be accurate shouldn't requirements include but not be limited to something like: * test shooters would have to be ex Marines with roughly LHO's rifle range scores * test shooters should only have fired a rifle since leaving the marines in roughly the same time frames LHO is absolutely known to have practiced * test shooters get 1 attempt of 3 shots to make it a more accurate test.
  13. Yes, I agree w you... sorry. I was just trying to say that LHO was not a professional assassin so would have had lower probability of success as you said.
  14. Yeah..... we're not talking about an anti-Castro Cuban trained to assassinate Fidel, or a mafia hit man, or an assassin for hire from Marseille, or a military trained assassin, etc. but a hypothesized guy with a junk weapon and no experience or training other than Marine basic training (assumption). So, I agree his probability was probably lower, but the above is a conservative estimate w/o that assumption. btw - the prob(success) on the deformed bullets should have been total successes, likewise on the prob(failure) .... sorry about that.
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