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  1. I reckon just about anything can, he made the jump that it had been booby trapped or something. Could well have been an accident that meant she had to look like she died somewhere else. The trouble with a lot of these theories, many seem over-elaborate. I mean, take the RFK situation thats being discussed on another thread at the moment (which sounds very plausible in Lisa’s book), wouldn’t it have been easier to have RFK’s plane crash with the cause being mechanical failure. Couldn’t JFK have just got a dodgey injection from Dr Max Jacobsen and it all being made to look like he was a dying
  2. We are actually dreaming aren't we? If we think some release of documents tells us who pulled the trigger or was the mastermind of it. The glimmer of hope is that the government aren't thorough enough with redactions or destroying relevant detail that could give further things away. What's with redactions? Everyone is dead, that says it all, it's just the continuing attempt to pervert history.
  3. Oh god, what a gem this is, he is awful. Imagine him on a witness stand.
  4. Thanks a lot for sharing this Ron, I am on page 5 and a great read so far.
  5. I realise this is an RFK topic and in most ways it should occupy that section of the forum but, there are a couple JFK things that were mentioned. FYI I haven’t read Gaeton Fonzi’s - The Last Investigation, so some of this stuff may be more detailed in that (I have just downloaded it). The book is an excellent read, flows well and makes a very compelling case for conspiracy, in fact by the half way point you are in no doubt of there being a conspiracy but, its toward the end where things get very juicy. What interested me was the chap arrested just after the assas
  6. Seemed a horrific death and for whatever reason, they had to cover it up and do the usual posthumous character assassination afterwards. If it was an accident. they could have dealt with it so many other ways.
  7. About Mary Sherman or, just weaponising cancer in New Orleans? I thought the book was pretty interesting and easy reading. Whatever happened to her was very shady indeed.
  8. Great analysis, looks like more than 4ft from windshield hole to the neck it is the model out of scale. Just looking at JFK’s thigh, can’t quite make out the measurements on the diagram.
  9. I guess the only way the right rear blowout is explained is by a simultaneous grassy knoll shot or is that far fetched. The problem is, the angle he is facing and where the hole is described the size of a grapefruit in the back of JFK’s head. Was that Occipital bone fragment also to the right rear of the limo on the grass or left rear? Is there some kind of Zapruder film tampering thats misled us? Watching those vids the angle is plausible. I have never been to Dealey Plaza, I am certain walking around gave you some ideas and put things in perspective. p.s. Thats the very odd thing,
  10. Indeed - both the vids are worth a watch if you have time. They cover both with the theory that one South Knoll shooter fired twice inflicting two wounds, one through the windshield and another through a gap that opened up. Its interesting when you consider the angle of the car, the cars position and where JFK is positioned/facing. Its like the Zapruder film plays a mind trick on you.
  11. Wasn’t that one of the things JFK was taking (amphetamine salts) which Dr Max Jacobsen prescribed? Is Adderrall largely comprised of those salts?
  12. So you don’t think bringing jobs home or not sending americas young lads to war are virtuous. I think most would profoundly disagree with you. This virtuous founding fathers are the same ones that Democrats are pointing out kept slaves and were racists, whipping up race hate for votes. Who will you vote for? Those who support the founding fathers and look upon them as virtuous or the Democrats of 2020?
  13. Well, as president you are elected to serve the people in the highest capacity. If someone was attempting to bring jobs home that had been outsourced by previous governments (for the benefit of corporations profiteering), as someone who is a patriot, or someone who loves their country, they may regard that as a moral virtue. Not dragging the country into wars at the cost of its tax paying citizens, at the cost of young american mens lives, and for the benefit of private companies profiteering could be seen as a moral virtue by the electorate. Are they not virtues? i could easily make
  14. I am 2/3 of the way through Lisa Pease book “A lie too big to fail” about the assassination of Robert F Kennedy, and in many ways I find it more corrupt than the JFK killing, easy to prove conspiracy in court. If Kamala Harris has refused to reopen this case, she is an establishment criminal of the highest order.
  15. What if your opposition is espousing rhetoric that is close to madness? Should you point it out or stay silent?
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