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  1. Anybody who has seen builders demolishing apartment buildings knew in an instant... what a world we live in.
  2. Did you watch The Corbett Report doc on this? Very interesting ....
  3. Great video and commentary from Oliver Stone that I hadn't seen before. Thanks for sharing guys. I really enjoyed Oliver Stone's PodCast on Joe Rogan a few months back, he seems so grounded about things, comes across as caring.
  4. I was referring to later, those 4 are givens, all threats to the establishment. Bay of Tonkin, Oklahoma City, 9/11. A bloke released a book last year about Manson and pointed out the barrel that the government had Vincent Bugliosa over, due to an incident in his past. I don't know enough about Lennon or even Reagan's shooter, who seemed to know know the VP GHW Bush's and family well. We're perpetually expected to believe in coincidence and ignore mathematical probability. Almost every one of these events, when you take a close look, is very shady. All of this was forewarned by JFK and RFK in s
  5. He was excellent, his cameo in True Romance was pretty epic too as the drug dealer/pimp. There aren't many who can immerse themselves in characters like that, Daniel Day Lewis, Joachim Phoenix, to name a couple of others, it's an exceptional talent. About the impacting careers, I think it's bigger than people imagine, I don't think it's just colleagues and directors turning their nose up because 'oh he's a conspiracy theorist', it's more than that. How many pro military movies are made, pro-security apparatus films with the hero saving the world or America, who funds them? I look at Amer
  6. This pic never gets old... I would add captions if I could work out how to size pics for this forum, they are a silly small size.
  7. RFK was 35 when is brother named him Attorney General of the USA. If he'd named him VP, things would have been quite different. You can't put a price on loyalty.
  8. Who does pay taxes when earning over a certain amount? You goto a decent accountant and he shows you how to be tax efficient, how to offset it, whilst working inside the law. You'd be mad to do it any other way.
  9. All I read was that back then, the tapping of phones was a very manual process, someone had to go in there. Could have been just trying to straight bug the property. Whatever we say will be a theory. Yeh he was too long in the tooth and he suspected the CIA, so why wouldn't they use he tools on him that he had access to as AG. So much shady stuff, I knew nothing about that Knoxville thing either. Makes you wonder how much of JFK's mindset was fatalist, I mean adoring Lincoln, his favourite poem etc Rendezvous with Death. Maybe he was just that guy who thought illness will take him and knowi
  10. The Rampart scandal is referenced in the book, whats more important is that the LAPD was completely corrupt from the 50's to 90's. Planting evidence to get convictions. The book leaves you with no doubt as to the lack of credibility of the LAPD in the RFK assassination. It was every bit as bad as JFK's killing, if not worse.
  11. He's brilliant, as is Kostner in the movie, the courtroom scene is brilliant "Do not forget your dying king...". The Mr X scene with Sutherland is also excellent. The bottom line is with celebs, most of them know the score, that speaking out can cut their capacity to earn, whether its JFK, child trafficking, 9/11 or whatever, life is good, don't rock the boat. Thats why those who do are that much more admirable.
  12. It's great isn't it. I knew the autopsy stuff and loosely assumed the security guy Thane Eugene Cesar was the killer but, this book connects up why there were so many holes, there probably was a third person at it. It's quite clever the similar looking people, the chaos of gunfire in a confined space, you can see why witnesses had so many different opinions but, what Lisa does is connect the common opinions and subtlety of the linguistics used in their interviews/statements/interrogations. The whole audio of Serrano being pressured like that is just as damning as the autopsy. Ruthless America.
  13. Trump definitely knows what went down in 1963 and 2001, he keeps his own private security, doesn't trust the SS.
  14. This certainly makes Biden look half decent, and Trump. There was a bunch of stuff like this in Roger Stones LBJ/JKF assasination book. Getting is manhood out in front of strangers and sat with the loo door open, having a sit down. An absolutely repulsive man, a disgrace that he led the Dems or the USA. Are there any worse ones? Probably not. Everyone would have condoned it if RFK had chinned him.
  15. I reckon just about anything can, he made the jump that it had been booby trapped or something. Could well have been an accident that meant she had to look like she died somewhere else. The trouble with a lot of these theories, many seem over-elaborate. I mean, take the RFK situation thats being discussed on another thread at the moment (which sounds very plausible in Lisa’s book), wouldn’t it have been easier to have RFK’s plane crash with the cause being mechanical failure. Couldn’t JFK have just got a dodgey injection from Dr Max Jacobsen and it all being made to look like he was a dying
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