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  1. I think we all want most of those things Kathy (light at the end of the tunnel) but, just remember, the media chooses what to cover, you choose how much so called news to watch or read. I would suggest for anyone working busily or indulging in their passions for the past 4 years that they may not have seen much of Donald at all. In contrast if you sit glued to CNN all day every day, or FOX, you'd probably be close to insanity right but, I don't think Biden's cognitive decline is related to that, he's one step away from going out for a walk and forgetting his way home. As covered above, picking
  2. You're right, we'll see. But, perhaps we'd kid ourselves there is democracy. Was it Mark Twain who said; "If voting made a difference, they wouldn't let you do it" or something like that. 🙂
  3. I can't argue with those words David, as you're seeing it as it is. I think we all would like change for the better. I just think those thinking Biden/Harris are here to do that will be sat in 4 years seeing no change of course. From across the Atlantic this rioting, looting and lawlessness seems appalling and at least from where I am standing I can't blame that on Trump, I sure can point the finger at the political left. It's a a dangerous game thats been played.
  4. Ahh the time excuse, well i'm off fishing, i'll fire off a quick one before I go. Do you think it's going to be one? I think you're in for a surprise, Kirk. So, you acknowledge Biden's onset of dementia, which Trump is showing much less of of any. Cool. Trump globalist, hmm, thats a big topic, he might be, more so than Biden? More so than the hierarchy of the Democratic party? I'd heard both terms, I don't like to get my news from one place like some, otherwise you just get one narrative fed to you. Fascist? So the Bushes weren't? I note Trump hasn't spent is presidency rapin
  5. Well Joe, are you outraged by politicians breaking promises? Every single one of them does. Where is Obama's hope and change, it got about as far as the promise stage and then evaporated. You could look at every candidate both sides of the divide and pick at broken promises, because they are salesman trying to get in office or stay in office. In regard to tax returns too, I don't think it would have been to his advantage making them pubic. The reason is, wealthy people in the USA have good accountants, they use debt to ensure they pay as little in taxes as possible. That's not illegal, it's pe
  6. That's true, I am a Brit, how could I really know anything. 🙂 Anyway, that aside, I am pro Brexit Brit, not an anti-Brexit Brit, though I didn't actually vote (was away as I am a non-domicile). My certainty on what? The election in the US? I wouldn't say I have a level of certainty or ever had have, I had a look at bookmakers odds. If I am to go with history being cyclical and repeating itself, then on past form from the last 4 years, I would say it's highly probable the Dems have done something corrupt and, on the same past form its likely the Republicans probably have too. Or did you t
  7. What percentage of the US population (328.2m approximately) are 'neo-poopoo' or 'White Superemicists' ? Also, it's a nonsense in many respects to suggest Trump is part of the deep state, without acknowledging that the Dems are equally or more so. It's the Dems that seem to be pushing us more toward a one world government (new world order). It amazes me people sat their thinking the election was good vs evil or heroes and villains. There are only crooks and villains.
  8. Like Britain's proportional representation system, it's almost completely redundant. The USA is the most powerful country on earth and every other country is watching and thinking, this all looks so corrupt.
  9. I couldn't agree more. So much can be explained in psychology and analysis of the persons and their behaviours. We have Prouty, a guy who is either a masterful actor who comes across as completely genuine, he is potentially risking a lot speaking out and knowing how the machinations of power work, for what, his book sales? Living is always going to be far more valuable than those sales and revenue generated, as is not going through destruction of ones reputation, so you draw a conclusion that his motive must be different. Truth telling and guilt is a strong motivator, those of us with Judaeo C
  10. Is it possible Trump has won? If you use your sharp analytical minds that have yielded so much solid research on here, put passions and loyalties aside, put Fox & CNN aside, what are your eyes and mind telling you?
  11. It's on Youtube, I think it's after his surgery and filmed in the hospital whilst he is in recovery but, one of the others in the car could have reported that earlier whilst he was incapacitated.
  12. Sutherland is brilliant in that scene, it's a very convincing monologue. Movies have the opportunity to tell or retell history, in a way that's even more impactful than the any fudged and contrived school history textbooks or wiki page. A good example is Braveheart, a couple of decades on you had a country asking for a referendum. I'd imagine the big challenge for Stone was making it all fit into a palatable timescale for cinema, today it would be a series on Netflix, I think he did a very good job with all considered and has undoubtably suffered for taking on this issue that we are all passio
  13. "He was a good pilot of prop-driven aircraft, but had such a heavy dose of paranoia about CIA when he was on my staff that I kicked him back to the Air Force. He was one of those who thought I was secretly running the Agency from the Pentagon, despite all the proof otherwise." That's a pretty standard deflection.
  14. Looks like he is ready for a confession.
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