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  1. Mr. Davy, Thanks for the response and taking time to be here and answer questions because I have another one. In the chapter on PERMINDEX, you say that a French newspaper by the name of Les Échos may have ran a series of articles regarding PERMINDEX's possible connections to assassination attempts on Charles deGaulle's life. However, because you never saw the articles, you can't testify to their existence or veracity. In a footnote, you urge readers with any access to French newspaper archives to look for these articles. Since then, have you been able to locate or verify these articles? Thanks!
  2. Mr. Davy, Were you aware that Dave Reitzes wrote a rebuttal to your response of his review (I don't know if that made sense, this back-and-forth thing is confusing). Do you have any intention of writing another response? Here is Dave's response. http://www.jfk-online.com/davy1.html If you do choose to respond to him, good luck trying to make him understand sense.
  3. Prof. Mellen, I have a question regarding the Habighorst controversy. There is one thing about that whole incident that still bothers me. Why would Clay Shaw so stupidly admit that he had an alias, completely contrary to the advice of his lawyers who told him not to admit nor say anything? Thanks!
  4. Of Slings & Swivels

    This add has erroneously led many to the wrong clonclusions, which it would appear was intentional. Check the order form reportedly completed by LHO. It called for the "CT" on the numbers, which was for the 36 inch Carbine, and for which Kleins reportedly had received. The Warren Commission described the rifle like this: "The rifle...was a bolt-action, clip-fed, military rifle, 40.2 inches long and 8 pounds in weight."
  5. Beyond Conspiracy

    Do you know where I can find Richard Smith's analysis of the program?
  6. Gary Mack and the Sixth Floor Museum

    If Gary Mack's agenda is not to push a "pet theory," why is "Case Closed" in stock? If he wants to eliminate conspiracy books because he claims they promote an agenda, he must be made aware that that rule applies to lone guman books as well.
  7. Beyond Conspiracy

    Peter Jennings propaganda "Beyond Conspiracy" is on The History Channel. http://www.historychannel.com/global/listi...4&page=listings EDIT: Well, I guess you can watch half of it... I came to it right in the middle and didn't realize that it was two hours long.
  8. Official J.D. Tippit Website

    Officer J.M. Poe testified to marking the shells and his superior Sergeant Gerald Hill also testified that he told Poe to make "sure" that he marked the shells. In addition, Hill, when examining the shells determined that they were from a .38 automatic. It is difficult to claim that Hill was mistaken because .38 automatic shells are marked .38 AUTO at the bottom of them.
  9. 1965 Indonesian massacre and the CIA

    We can add to the list of killed the hundreds of thousands killed by Suharto in his genocidal campaign against East Timor. Suharto's rise to power was a direct result of the 1965 Coup.
  10. Secret Government?

    I believe the the "secret government" referred to by this person is more along the lines of the "Shadow Government" discussed in this article: The Shadow Government