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    I am an independent French researcher fully involved in the JFK assassination for the last 40 years. My personal research started in 1966 with my first reading: "Rush to judgment" by Mark Lane, and I am still interested in the search of the whole truth.<br />Currently, I am running a website http://www.jfk-assassinat.com<br />which was considered as the best one on the case in the French Language by HISTORIA magazine (November 2003).<br />I wrote 2 books (in French): <br />- JFK retour sur l'assassinat in 2005<br />- Lee Harvey Oswald, pour une place dans l'Histoire (2008)
  1. Aubrey Rike

    I remember him at the NID 2008 in Dallas... What a wonderful person he was. My best thoughts to his family!
  2. Point 1: No evidence whatsoever., except Marina's statement on the cover allegedly containing the MC. Not convincing. Point 2: Except Frazier and his sister at Irving and Frazier seeing Oswald carrying a package, nobody saw Oswald entering the TSBD with it. However, I do not think that Frazier lied on that point. Perhaps the content of the package was different Point 3: No evidence as the pass of the bullet was not traced in the course of the autopsy. Incredible but true!! Point 4: Just evidence of purchasing sheets under the alias "Hiddell" written by Oswald (authentified by the HSCA). Point 5: Once more, no evidence! Point 6: Ibid. Point 7: Good point! However, the way CE399 came to the surface precluded all possibilities to collect evidence because of no respect of "the chain of posession of the evidence". Point 8: I suspect "erosion" because of drier conditions in Texas compared to Illinois . Ok, I am partly joking. Nonetheless, as I lived in French Guiana (a very humid country) I bought some wooden items there. Coming back to France 2 years later, some of them became shorter. The reason was that the humidity inside them had disappeared under drier conditions. Point 9: No shot of the paperback, as Studebaker missed it. The reason was that this paperback never was in the vicinity of Southeast corner on the Sixth Floor.
  3. Earl Warren allegedly said: "Never in our lifetimes would we know the entire truth of what happened in Dallas." When did he make this statement. Can it be read on a specific document (except quote on Jim Marrs's "Crossfire book")? If true, did he mean the findings were not quite conclusive? Thank you.
  4. Oswald and Ruby: The Transcript

    Whether this transcript of an alleged conversation between Ruby and Oswald is a fake or not, the simple fact that this document has been concealed for decades is puzzling, to say the list. If the transcript was purely fictional and written for a movie to come, why to have kept it concealed. After that, it is quite obvious to think that more relevant and true documents still remain classified.
  5. David Talbot: Meeting in London

    I'll attend the meeting, may be the lone "Frenchie" living in England.