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  1. I'm here and keen to chat. I am actually finding the same problems with my own forum which I started for this very reason. Being a computer and internet enthusiast, I wanted a place to discuss everything and anything to do with education with my colleagues so I began the process of learning web development and with a bit of help from my fiance (a computer programmer) I created AusTeachers (and specifically, AusTeachers Discussion Forums with the hope that there'd be many other young teachers particularly, like me, who wanted to share what they'd learnt and gain more information. I even had t
  2. I'm completely in agreeance there I know Tasmania is close enough to that cold barren land below, but I have a feeling that you'll find very few members posting from Antarctica. But in any case, add me to the Oceania section
  3. Hi, I'm Donna. I'm 26, mum to an 8yo boy, and a beginning teacher in Tasmania, Australia. This is my third year since graduating with the University of Tasmania with Bachelor of Education, with Honours. This is the first year I've taught full time, but my experiences have included relief teaching (casual, fill in teaching), grade 1/2 class part time, literacy specialist for grades 1/2, part time teacher in a grade 5/6 (10-11yos) all male class in a very tough school and I'm currently in a grade 2 mixed class at the same school - very difficult population of students. My honours research foc
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