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  1. I have met people who thought the Socialist Party were impractical in seeking a new workers' party based on the trade unions. They took the more practical step of voting Liberal Democrat to keep the Tories out." Well it's a free country. Ask not what the working classes can do for the Labour fakers Ask the Labour fakers to get off their asses and represent the working classes. Have a nice day. The Socialist Party stood in 16 out of the six hundred and forty six seats contested. So who did they advise folk to vote for in the 630 constituencies that didn't have that luxury? And who will
  2. I used to work with Alan Hardman (it is my one claim to fame!) Some of his cartoons are here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QKcE4VGSwQ
  3. Martin Powell-Davies' article in this week's Socialist Union leaders out of touch with teachers' discontent The conference demonstrated just how many different attacks teachers and education face under New Labour. Workload, teacher stress, the public-sector pay freeze, performance-related pay, management monitoring of staff, academies and privatisation were some of the issues under discussion. The key debates centred on the need for the union to take national strike action. An emergency motion from the union's executive, calling for a ballot for a national one-day strike against Gordon Brow
  4. http://socialistteachers.org.uk/bulletin2007.htm You can read the bulletin online. Articles on Slavery: the truth Supply Teaching Workload Academies Testing Young Teachers Performance Pay Defending Reps Professional Unity SEN and Privatisation Early Years Building Schools for the Future Political Fund Classroom Observations Pupil Behaviour Salaries Fringe Meeting National Action Read before you judge!
  5. The BBC have lost their coverage of 9/11 http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theeditors/2007...conspiracy.html The head of BBC news claims on the BBC website that is a cock-up not a conspiracy. If it is a cock-up it is a monumental one. The phrase "heads will roll" springs to mind. When they refer to Richard Porter as the head of news...it is still attached to his body is it?
  6. Thank you Dawn. Merry Christmas to all members, super or otherwise. :D
  7. "The devil can quote scripture to his purpose." The church has been a consistent agent of conservatism, "rendering unto Caesar" and incidentally lining its own pockets. And at the same time Christians have been on the other side of the barricades, tending to the poor, comforting the sick, fighting for social justice, and using the words of Jesus to support their position.
  8. "I am telling you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. "If someone slaps you on the cheek, offer your other cheek as well. If anyone grabs your coat, let him have your shirt as well. "Give to anyone who asks, and if someone takes away your belongings, do not ask to have them back." Has anyone put this point of view to millionaire George Bush and his church? "Turning the other cheek" is conveniently enjoined upon the exploited and the poor. A rather convenient morality for your slaves to practise so long as it does not apply to their masters.
  9. In the past “Virtual Learning Environments” were regarded with suspicion by teachers as a sci fi concept in which teachers are replaced with computers. After attending Moodlemoot ’06 at the Open University, I can honestly say that Moodle is actually whatever the teacher wants it to be. The course seminars included teachers from diverse disciplines from Science to English to Music and of course ICT who all used Moodle to teach in the way which suited them. Although the system is based on a social constructivist model of education, teachers frequently start out using it to replicate traditiona
  10. I received this suggested letter to MPs from the Save Omar campaign. This is a campaign which calls for Omar Deghayes, a British resident whose family still live in Brighton, to be either tried or released. He has been held without charge or trial and tortured at Guantanamo Bay. It was reported on Saturday that three men, two Saudi nationals and a Yemeni, being held at Camp 1 at Guantanamo Bay committed suicide on Friday 9 June 2006 by tying bed sheets together and then hanging themselves. The US military, which was tardy in releasing information about the identity of the three men, was quick
  11. They could close Guantanamo in a fanfare of publicity and carry on with torture by "extraordinary rendition" with a wink and a nod from their puppets Blair and Brown. And the war against terrorism? The US supports terrorists like Posada when it suits them, they financed and trained Al Quaeda and have never tried to deny it. Guantanamo is a huge recruiting aid for terrorism - giving the lie to all the fine talk about democracy and luring people into the blind alley of terrorism. Until 9/11, Cubana Flight 455 was the worst act of terrorism aboard a commercial airline in the Americas. One of th
  12. When three inmates at Guantanamo committed suicide, the BBC covered the story quite seriously, getting responses from Washington correspondents and reactions from other countries. I turned over to ITN. They had ten minutes of World Cup trivia including extensive coverage with commentary of a family watching the football on the television. They then had about ten seconds on the Guantanamo story. In what way is the World Cup "news" rather than "sports news" which used to be a separate entity? Did the American authorities think it a good day to bury bad news?
  13. I agree twilight sessions are not as romantic as the name implies.
  14. OMG Chris Evans. That puts paid to any idea of listening to Radio 2. I will stick with Capital Gold or Aimee Mann tapes I think. I like Wogan's commentary on the Eurovision contest but agree he needs more new jokes.
  15. The ones I am talking about are twilight sessions in term time. About 10000 people have done the NUT ICT basic course and the intermediate courses are being "rolled out" now.
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