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  1. Hello all, In direct competition to Susan's thread on another text option for this module, I'd like to ask for and share any resources for teaching Harry Potter and Tom Brown's Schooldays. I've found some notes from the excellent litnotes.co.uk site. Haven't read Tom Brown yet. There should be loads to write on 'values and attitudes' I expect/hope. Yours, Allan Clare.
  2. Hi Susan, Against some of my instincts we're going for the Harry Potter couplet! The other teacher is more experienced than me and agrees. Our intake won't be the brightest of the bunch and, a couple of chapters away from finishing 'The Scarlet Letter' (slow but sure!) I really am not enthralled by it at all. That annoying little sprite, Pearl ! (Worse than Alice in her Wonderland..) Yours, Allan.
  3. Hello all, a good site I've just found relating to lots of notes for Scarlett Letter. http://www.freebooknotes.com It gives you a list of other sites with summaries and analysis. On a different note, I'll be team teaching AQA B Lit/Lang and we've decided to not do The Scarlet Letter/Color Purple. Reasons? Too difficult / long.. Mabe this is a cop out - but I'm halfway through the Scarlet Letter and I'm finding it very melodramatic and the lexis very difficult for a year 12 class - well, for the year 12 class that we're expecting anway.. Allan.
  4. Hello all, I'm an NQT English teacher at the moment, teaching 11 - 18 year olds at a school in Bristol. Literature is more my 'thing' so I was horrified to learn I was teaching A level language, and A level lang/lit combined. It's been a learning process for all concerned! Resources I find on the internet are a major help. I'm fairly dull, so that's all for now..! Allan.
  5. Thanks for your reply, Susan. It really made me realise there's a lot more in-depth study that I need to do for next year! (I'll be in my second year of teaching next year, so should have the whole thing down to a tee...) (!) Allan.
  6. I can't believe the recent exam on 'changing language of literature' for The BFG and Alice. I team-taught it and only took Dahl's BFG. They included an extract from the BFG right at the start of the book where the BFG doesn't even speak. I haven't seen the exam yet but a score of students have enlightened me (with disgruntled expressions..) So, all that teaching on malapropism, neologism, idiolect, etc, etc, gone down the tubes! Any thoughts? Allan.
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