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    I'm interested in EVERYTHING! But there isn't enough time for it all, so for now I'm sticking with the fascinating topics which we're covering for A level. Still newish to teaching and relishing the challenge.
  1. Anyone found any resources for teaching 'The World's Wife'? The teacher who has tackled this module in our college has struggled to find published work on this collection. Only a few references seem to be made to the poems, either separately or as a whole. Anyone else had any luck?
  2. I'm Jo Soliva and I currently work at Abbey College, Manchester, where I'm Head of English. I studied at Manchester University and developed a big interest in Old English and Middle English. Nowadays I have a big interest in anything at all to do with English Language or Literature. I've realised that I'm addicted to steep learning curves! Some of my other interests (climbing and mountain biking) reflect this desire to defy gravity!!
  3. As I only know of one other English teacher who is teaching this text for Lit Spec A, I was wondering if there were others, and if so, whether they would like to share resources. I have several handouts (not brilliant but a start) and would be happy to share. Also, I'm looking for a chance to get students together for discussions. Attempts this year have fallen flat - we're all overworked! Lastly, the exam this summer was spot on for my students - what did anyone else think? Jo Soliva Abbey College, Manchester
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