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  1. 'What's her name, Virginia Plain.' Roxy Music 'Wear your hair long babe you can't go wrong' Marc Bolan 'Any way the wind blows' Queen 'With a love like that, you know you should be glad.' Beatles My current issue regarding whether I remain in teaching or try something else reminds me of this line: 'Should I stay or should I go?' Clash
  2. Hi, my name is Tom Gascoigne. I teach GCSE English, AS and A2 English Literature, AS and A2 English Lang-Lit, Basic Skills adult literacy and in my new job that I start in September, I will be introducing Media studies to the curriculum. I am a keen guitarist. I love to get on stage and do my stuff at incredible volume. I am very concerned with teaching as a profession and am seriously considering throwing in the towel unless this new job gives me job satisfaction. I have been in catering as a head chef, in the building trade as a carpenter, now a teacher for the last 8 years. Unless the new job gives me a reason to stay in the 'trade', I can see me looking for something else. Maybe just focus on Adult literacy. Who knows. So, this is a plea to all who read this. Give me a good reason to stay as a teacher. Tom Gascoigne
  3. Don't go there, that is an understatement. Great resource for A-Level Language as well. If I had known this was available when teaching the Lang-Lit course I would have made ful use of it then. Never mind. Anyway, back to the mundane marking of coursework. But I think I shal leave the site on to go back to it when I've had enough. Tom Gascoigne
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