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  1. The use of digital video as both a teaching tool and learning resource is becoming ever more common in the UK and worldwide. This workshop will enable participants to gain a clearer understanding of how history teachers are using digital video in their teaching to develop historical skills, ideas and concepts. It will share the latest research findings relating to the impact of digital video on learners produced on behalf of Becta by the co-ordinator of this workshop(Becta Digital Assets project 2003-2004). This will be a practical workshop which will introduce participants to the basic skills and principles of editing digital video for use as a learning and/or teaching resource. Groups of participants (2/3) will work collaboratively to develop the skills associated with digital video editing and to understand some of the possibilities for using this medium as a tool to encourage higher level order thinking and the construction of knowledge by pupils. Participants will need no prior knowledge of digital video although basic IT skills (e.g. mouse control/file management, etc) would be useful.
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